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Football Season Stomach Games by Football Fan


It's still the same. It was in jr. high, sr., high, college, and even now. Many girls/women get a temporary interest in football at the beginning of the football season. My current girlfriend is one of them. She wanted me to show her some things about football last weekend. I just wanted to sit around and watch football all weekend but she stayed after me. So finally I agreed to take her out to the backyard and throw the football around with her and teach her a few things about the game.


I warned her that it was a rough sport and she could get hurt. But she assured me she could take it. Well, me being a guy who would take advantage of any opportunity to hurt a pretty girl in the stomach, I knew what I was going to do. As soon as we got outside I threw the football to her when she wasn't ready for it. It was a normal pass with not too much zip on it, but it hit her right where I aimed - on the stomach! And she immediately grunted, doubled over, and fell to the ground holding her stomach.


She was hurt and I ran over and pretended I was so sorry and thought she knew it was coming. I was so turned on by seeing her holding her stomach like that. She knows nothing of my fetish for hurting girls in the stomach, though I always playfully hit her in the stomach. She is really soft there but it's rather flat and just pouts some in the belly. I helped her up and she said she was okay. So I told her I'd show her how they play the run game and teach her to take hand-offs. I told her that the quarterback had to really stuff it into the runner's stomach hard so he knew he had it and wouldn't drop it.


Of course, when I handed off to her I didn't do it normally, I used the tip of the football instead of the side like normal and I jammed it into her stomach as hard as I could and she grunted from deep in her guts and crumpled to the ground clutching the football that was then buried deep in her stomach and grimacing in agony with all the breath knocked out of her.


She dropped the football finally and clutched her stomach and doubled up in pain. I tried to help her up but she couldn't get up for about 10 minutes. I was hard seeing her like that knowing she was hurting in the stomach. When I was finally able to help her up she said she'd had enough and that the sport was too rough for her and she'd just learn from watching the game.


We didn't see much football that weekend because I was so ******** stimulated by hurting her stomach with the football and more so by her reactions, as she took the football hard in her soft stomach we were too busy with other things, starting with me comforting her hurting and bruised stomach which led to a weekend of intense ****** activities. I have been doing this for a long time now, it started when I played football in jr. high and all thru school. Soft girl stomach and hard footballs go well together, for me anyway.

April 5, 2022 2:30 PM