In Detention with Miss Pye: Part 1 by Pie Punk


In Detention with Miss Pye Part 1 by Pie Punk

Nina was 18 years old and felt like an adult in every sense of the word, but Wamsthorpe Sixth Form College treated her like a child. Lessons were compulsory, teachers were ‘sir’ and ‘miss’, and discipline was commonplace. It was a very traditional place that only took on the elite, and the college’s attitude was that if you didn’t like the way they did things, you could go elsewhere and somebody else would happily take your place.


Students at the college were about half boys and half girls, and Nina had started to become very aware of her ********* in this mixed setting. She liked the boys, but she’d started having thoughts about some of the girls too. Even the teachers, both male, and female had become the subjects of her fantasies.


Nina always dressed as sexily as she could get away with. She twisted her dark brown hair into pigtails on either side of her beautiful face. Her low-cut top would hug her well-formed breasts tightly, and she loved to show off a bit of cleavage. Her skirt didn’t go as far down as her knees, and she pulled her stockings up high with a pair of black kitten heels on her feet.


On Thursday afternoon, Nina had double geography with Miss Pye, who was an attractive blond twenty-something but was known to be particularly strict. She would insist on silence in her lessons. The problem was that Kevin was at the desk next to her and Nina really fancied him. He was hosting a party the following night and a few lads and girls in the classroom were chatting happily away about it. Nina was by no means the only one talking but, as Miss Pye turned her head away from the blackboard, hers happened to be the first chattering face she clapped eyes on.


“Cartwright!” she barked. It was such an old-fashioned college that students were addressed by their surnames. “Your name is going on the board. One more interruption from you and you’ll be back in this room after school tomorrow.”


“I’m sorry miss,” said Nina, as the teacher scratched her surname onto the board in block capitals. She had better shut up now, she thought to herself. The last thing she wanted tomorrow was detention because she wanted plenty of time to doll herself up for Kevin’s party. 


The excitement of the Friday night was still getting to the class though and, with murmurings of there being tons of alcohol, hundreds of people there, and a huge house to party in while Kevin’s rich parents were away, it wasn’t long before Nina found herself nattering again, and of course, the teacher heard.


“Right, Cartwright! You’ll be back here at 4 o’clock tomorrow,” Miss Pye seethed. “You were warned!”


Nina sank her head into her hands. Why did detentions always have to be on Fridays?




Nina slogged through the Friday with her mind on the party all day. It had got to 4 o’clock and now, as her friends all went home and got ready for the big night, she had to report to Miss Pye.

She was furious – not so much with the teacher, but with herself for not just keeping quiet during the lesson. She was pissed off about the detention rather than nervous, she suspected all Miss Pye would get her to do was crack on with her homework or clean the desks or something, and there would probably be others on detention who had either got behind with their work or disrupted lessons as she had. It was an inconvenience rather than something to be feared.


When she got to the Geography Room, however, things were not as she had foreseen. Miss Pye was sat on her desk alone, looking out the window. She looked pretty ****, thought Nina, and had let down her long, curly, blonde hair. It seemed that nobody else was in detention and, weirdest of all, there was just one desk in the middle of the room.


“Ah, Cartwright!” said the teacher. “Sit at your desk!”


Gingerly, Nina took her seat right in the center of the room. She sat behind the desk, crossed her long legs under the chair, and looked her teacher in the eye. Suddenly, she felt very nervous.


Miss Pye closed the door of the room and Nina heard a turn and a click. Surely she hadn’t just locked the door, had she? Nina’s heart was in her mouth, and this was, even more, the case when she started closing all the blinds on the windows. Why did she not want anybody to see inside the room?


As Nina remained seated, scared stiff, Miss Pye started to slowly pace around her in circles. Her high heels were making loud echoing clip-clop noises against the wooden floor, adding further to the tension.


“Do you think it’s acceptable, Cartwright?” she suddenly snapped, “to chat away during my lesson? To distract your fellow students? To show such disrespect to me?”


“I…er…no, I’m really sorry, miss!” Nina spluttered, feeling goosebumps on her arms.


Miss Pye was now holding a roll of black tape in her hand. She pulled out about ten feet of the roll and bit the tape to disconnect it. “Well,” she said “you will have to be disciplined. That’s what I do to unruly students!”


Miss Pye wrapped the duct tape several times around Nina’s chest, strapping her to the chair. She then pulled both Nina’s hands behind her back and tied them together behind the chair.


Nina had seen the torture scene from Reservoir Dogs and started to feel very frightened. She was sure things weren’t going to go that far but, with the doors locked, the curtains closed and her tied helplessly to a chair, she was obviously about to be subjected to something Miss Pye didn’t want anyone to see. This was surely wrong, but at Wamsthorpe it just wasn’t the done thing to speak out. Here, the teacher was always right, and the likes of Nina were to be seen and not heard.


Nina then noticed several red and white boxes behind Miss Pye, which were like the sort of boxes people would take with them in the car if they wanted to have a picnic. The teacher opened one of the boxes and fished about in it.


“So,” she said, “have you ever wondered why they call me Miss Pye?” She had a large, creamy pie in each hand and a menacing grin on her face. Nina suddenly realized what was about to happen to her as the teacher lurched forward.


“Oh my…” Nina gasped, but her sentence was stifled as Miss Pye smashed a whipped cream pie right into her face. Nina sat perfectly still and allowed the teacher to rub the crust all over her cute face. 


A second pieing followed, as a generously topped offering was slammed hard into her face. Nina got a mouthful of that one and could tell it was a delicious chocolate cream pie.


“That’s right,” Miss Pye continued. “It’s because students who mess with me get the ‘Pye’ in the face treatment. Ha ha ha!”


“I see, miss,” replied Nina from behind her face full of gooey, creamy pie. She blinked a couple of times to allow some of the cream to fall onto her lap. As she sat there having taken a couple of pies in the face, she started having a range of thoughts about what was happening to her.


The first, she had to admit, was a relief. Unless you’ve been ******* in a room with the doors locked and the windows blocked out, it’s hard to explain how nerve-wracking it is to be completely at somebody’s mercy like that. Pies in the face are silly and a tad humiliating, but pretty harmless.


However, Nina still felt shocked and was sure Miss Pye shouldn’t be doing this. She was in no position to complain right now, but surely this sort of thing wouldn’t be accepted if word got out about it? Then, however, she thought about it a little harder and thought “so what?”. 


Nina knew she shouldn’t have talked through the lesson, and knew she deserved to be punished. Her teacher had found a way to show her who was boss and make her look and feel silly. The pieing served her right, she decided – go, Miss Pye!


That way of thinking brought on another feeling – that this was actually a pretty ***** experience. She had no choice but to be submissive as her hot teacher pelted her with the pies. This was actually fun and strangely **** for Nina.


“Face up!” said Miss Pye, snapping Nina out of her thoughts and gently pushing her chin up. Obediently, Nina looked directly up and felt a pie plunge powerfully down into her face. Gooey custard enveloped her head and hair. Miss Pye immediately followed this up by placing a hand behind Nina’s head and grinding a pink strawberry cream pie into the face.


Nina licked her lips. She wanted to laugh and smile, but that would’ve been seen as insolent in what was supposed to be a punishment. She just had to keep doing her best to look stern and sorrowful, even though she was happy and aroused to be on the receiving end of this messy session.


Next, Miss Pye grabbed Nina’s legs and lifted them up onto the desk in front of her. ‘What is she doing now?’, Nina thought. She couldn’t really see due to the extent of her pie facial, but she felt her left shoe being pulled off, followed by her right. Miss Pye then grabbed Nina’s left stocking at the top and started to peel it off her foot, before doing the same to her right. Now barefooted, Nina felt another piece of duct tape being applied to her ankles, strapping them together.


Nina liked having her shoes and socks off and had had a pedicure a few days ago from which her feet were still shiny and soft. Again though, it seemed like odd behavior from a teacher, but Nina was quickly realizing that Miss Pye was no ordinary teacher and she might as well just continue enjoying playing the submissive detainee. She wiggled her toes, flexed her feet, and awaited the next step.


“Alright,” said Miss Pye, “time to crank the torture up a notch, I think!” Nina heard a buzzing noise, and then a tickling sensation just under the balls of her left foot. It made her giggle, and then she felt the same on the sole of her right foot at the same time. Miss Pye was tickling her feet with two electric toothbrushes!


“Ha ha ha! Heeheeheeheehee hahaha! Oh please stop, hahahahaha!” cried the helpless Nina. The toothbrushes were covering every inch of her feet, from the heels to the tips of her toes. This was getting more and more slapstick by the minute.


“Well, it’s one thing to chatter your way through my lesson, but another to giggle your way through detention,” said Miss Pye with comedy anger, throwing the brushes to the floor. “Another dose of the pies for you coming up for you, Cartwright!”


Miss Pye held a coconut cream pie in her right hand and dunked Nina’s face into it with her left. She pushed it in firmly, then lifted her out by her hair.


“I imagine you won’t be talking next time we have a lesson?” the teacher asked, dumping the remnants of the pie on top of her head.


“No miss,” replied Nina, before taking a blackcurrant pie to the face. As the crust and purple slop were smeared and smushed all over her face, though, she started thinking “too right I will if this is your idea of punishment, it’s more like a reward!”


“OK, it’s target practice time!” announced Miss Pie. From about fifteen feet away, she hurled a banana cream pie, which flew over Nina’s toes (her feet were still on the desk) and exploded into her face.


“I’m a good shot, aren’t I?” she said, gloatingly.


“Yes miss,” replied Nina. “Right in my face!” She then got hit in the chops with a gooey cream pie topped with sticky golden syrup. It took ages for the crust to fall from her face, and she spent some time blinking, shaking her head, and licking her lips to minimize the mess.


“Can you guess what a pie sandwich is, Cartwright?” the teacher asked.


“I don’t know, miss,” she replied sweetly. “Could you show me?”


She had an idea what it would be, and she wasn’t disappointed. Miss Pye seized two runny, gungy custard pies and smashed them into either side of her head simultaneously. Nina groaned as the two pies were rubbed and ground into her hair and face.


“Thank you miss!” she said. She’d enjoyed the pies, but she was still acting in a way fitting to being punished, though at the same time aware that the punishment was for her own good and she should be grateful to Miss Pye for subjecting her to it. Crust and cream were all over her face, her hair, her shoulders, and even down her cleavage. It felt good, especially because it was a warm day and the pies were nice and cool.


Miss Pye slowly ran her fingers just under Nina’s toes, causing her to titter again. “Now, there’s one more messy forfeit to complete the ordeal,” said Miss Pye, who was starting to let through a light-hearted side herself. “The school cook told me that dessert didn’t sell well today, so I thought it would be a shame to waste it!”


Nina still couldn’t see well, but she could tell she was going to get a bucket of slop of some sort dumped on her. As it started to rain down on her, it felt thick, lumpy, and stodgy, and tasted sweet. It was cold too, and Nina gasped in a high-pitched voice as she felt it drip down her back and between her ****. Miss Pye pushed Nina’s chin up so that the contents of the bucket splattered into her face.


“Oh yes! Rice pudding in the face!” the teacher taunted, confirming what the mess was, “and you deserve every bit of it!”


Nina continued to look up into the pudding as it continued to tumble out of the bucket, sticking her tongue out and catching some of the tasty gloops in her mouth. When it was finally empty, she looked ahead again and took a few deep but quick breaths to regain her composure.


“Ok, time to get you cleaned up, I think!” said Miss Pye, but even that was done in a dominant, punishing way, with cold buckets over the head and sopping wet sponges in the face. Finally, she could see in front of her face, although all she could really see was her own bare feet, decorated with dark red toenail polish and still tied together on the desk.


“Right then, Cartwright. What have we learned from this?” asked the teacher.


“Not to talk during class, miss,” replied the clean but soaking wet Nina.


“And what will happen if you do?” she prompted.


“I’ll get *******, tickled, pied in the face, and covered in rice pudding, miss,” Nina answered.


“That’s correct!” said Miss Pye, finally releasing the tape around Nina’s chest, hands, and ankles. She helped Nina to her feet, then gave her a gentle but firm slap on the arse, “now get your shoes and socks back on and get out of my sight!”


Nina did just that and walked home wringing wet, struggling to take in what had just happened. Luckily, she only lived over the road from the college, and it was raining anyway so it wouldn’t arouse too much suspicion. And anyway, it was party time now!




The incident with Miss Pye was on Nina’s mind all weekend, and she still found herself thinking about it on Monday morning. She hadn’t told anybody about it. She enjoyed it, but it was wrong, and her next lesson with Miss Pye was going to be a very awkward one.


However, when Nina opened her locker that morning, there was a handwritten note in it. It read:



I want to apologize for what I put you through on Friday afternoon. I went too far. I wanted to punish you, but I shouldn’t have humiliated you like that. I’d really appreciate it if what went on could stay between you and me. I’m sorry.

If it makes you feel better, I’ll be in the Geography Room at 4 pm tonight. You’re welcome to get your own back and put me through exactly the same punishment that you endured.

I’ll leave it up to you.

Miss Pye


Nina stared at the letter for a while, raised her eyebrows, scrunched the paper in her hands, and smirked.


“Oh, you’re really gonna get it now, Miss Pye!” she said out loud.

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