In Company of Spies (part 2) by Nerveexplosion


In Company of Spies (part 2) by Nerveexplosion

Natasha swung first; a quick right-handed chop aimed directly at Olga's throat. Though Natasha was quick, Olga was quicker. She stepped in front of Natasha with amazing speed, reached forward pulled the hood from her face, and revealed her true identity. Then, swung her right arm backward before delivering a devastating uppercut into the middle of Natasha's sick pack abs. Natasha groaned and doubled forward, but she was prepared for this blow and was not winded by it. From her doubled-over position Natasha unleashed an uppercut of her own striking Olga under the chin, she then followed it up with a left, right combination to Olga's ribs sending her stumbling into one of the walls.

With Olga just standing Natasha went for the finishing blow and attempted a roundhouse kick to the head. "AAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!" she screamed as a searing pain traveled down from her ribs and all the way down to her left leg. It barely glanced off of the side of Olga's head knocking her to the floor but not really hurting her. It was the only mistake Olga needed.

While Natasha leaned on the wall for support while clutching her aching ribs, she hadn't noticed by how much she missed her kick. Olga slowly got up and then rammed a fist into Natasha's unsuspecting kidneys. Followed by another left and then a right into Natasha's lower back. Natasha's response was immediate; the jolts of pain made her arch back, while she was flattened against the wall she had been leaning on, her hands clutching at her back. Olga had noticed that Natasha was favoring her ribs when she fell down after the weak kick so she spun the stunned spy around to make sure she knew. Natasha's body was a wide-open target for the blonde to pummel since she was still clutching at her back, and she took full advantage of that by shoving a solid fist into the her smoothly-muscled belly.

Natasha hadn't been ready for this--she was kneading the aching muscles in her back as she had just brought her attention back to Olga her fist sunk into the smooth, yet firm muscles of her belly, just below the navel. Olga's fist seemed to be sucked into the spy's midriff, and Natasha froze in surprised "OOOOHHHH!" as her body folded around the big blonde's driving fist.

Olga leaned forward and yanked her upright by the hair. With her arms hanging limply at her sides, Natasha was vulnerable to further attack, and Olga did not miss the opportunity. Still yanking on Natasha's hair to hold her erect, Olga then lifted her knee into the heroine's gut. "GOOOOOFF" moaned Natasha as she doubled over in pain. Olga then rammed her knee first into Natasha's right side then her injured left side, crushing her already injured ribs and sending shock waves of pain though her.

Olga stood over her, cupping Natasha's chin in the palm of her left hand before striking her once again with a powerful punch. Natasha's head fell backward but she remained upright, her body beginning to sway slightly. Olga then reached for her with both arms, wrapping the fingers of her left hand around Natasha's throat while undoing the Spetnatz jacket she was wearing. "What do we have under here?" she asked herself exposing Natasha's bodysuit and revealing her tight figure.

Being a spy wasn't easy work, so Natasha was very fit, no huge muscle or anything more like a fitness model. Feminine curves, tight abs, strong firm legs, and just the right mix of strength and flexibility defined her tall (5'10) lithe body. Olga admired the woman in front of her for a few seconds before she squeezed tightly, strangling the breath out of Natasha whose gurgling became loud and animated. But Olga did not let up, Natasha stood on her tiptoes as Olga continued to choke her, shaking her violently.

Finally, Olga released the choke, though she remained on her feet her shoulders slouched severely, her head falling lifelessly in front of her, her arms again falling to her sides, helplessly. But Olga was not done with her yet. She was going to have some fun with this one before her eventual interrogation. Moving forward, Olga lifted Natasha's limp arm and draped it over her own shoulder. She then lowered her head and allowed Natasha's chin to come to rest on the back of her own shoulder. Cocking her right arm, she then began to deliver a series of powerful, methodical uppercuts into Natasha's ribs and abdomen.


The painful grunts were heard through the room as each blow caused Natasha's body to lift from the force, before slumping down, only to be struck once again. Each fist driving deeper and deeper into her now sore stomach. One blow to the ribs, the next to the middle of her stomach sank in almost to the wrist, the next shot again went to the ribs, then two deep punches to her soft lower belly had Natasha on the edge of consciousness. Finally, Olga backed away, allowing Natasha to fall down on one knee, her body wavering, her eyes vacant. Suddenly with what little strength she had left, Natasha reached for the blade in strapped to her boot....

Before Olga knew what hit her she felt a sharp pain in her leg, looking down she saw Natasha yanking the blade out and preparing for a higher, deadly strike......but it never got there. Olga reared back and kneed Natasha square in the face sending her sprawling unto her back, the knife now several yards away. "Sie fuc-king Weibchen, Sie verdammten Amerikaner gerade geben nicht oben tun SIE! < You fuc-king b###h, you damned Americans just don't give up do YOU!> "and to think, I was going to finish you early"

With that she jumped up and landed knees first high on Natasha's stomach..UUUUUUUUUUUNNNNNGGGG... not only driving the air out of her, but also further injuring her ribs as well. Natasha's arms and legs flopped off of the floor as all the air was forced from her body. Olga leaned to the side placing one know on the floor while driving the other deeper into Natasha's guts. Her destroyed abs gave way s if they were jelly inviting Olga's knee nearly deep enough to touch her spine. She brought her knee up, then again slammed it down into Natasha's battered belly. OOOOOUUUUFFF, AAAAAAUUUUGGGHHHHH, huuuuuuuuhh, and then nothing for the last 3 blows that rocked her abs.

Olga then stood up and watched Natasha's suffering. She could barely move as she lay on the floor trying to remember how to breathe again. She clutched desperately at her stomach while rocking from side to side, then dry heaved twice but nothing came out. She'd been in solitary for 2 weeks, living on 2 sticks of jerky and a small bowl of water a day so there was really nothing to come up. She dry heaved a couple more times before she was able to take some raspy breaths.

She managed to roll onto her stomach when Olga decided it was time to finish her off. Natasha had managed to get to all fours as Olga approached but she was in no condition to resist. Olga grabbed her by the hair and flipped her back unto her hair. She then lifted her up by her bodysuit wrapped her legs across her ribs then squeezed for all she was worth. Olga began squeezing Natasha lifeless, she was determined to finish it like this.

Olga looked as if possessed her eyes shut tight and white teeth grinding together as she threw her redhead back and put even more pressure on Natasha's ribs. Below her, Natasha gagged and gasped for air, air that wasn't getting her tortured lungs, her arms clutching at Olga's legs to no avail as her face turned beet red. Natasha's breath exhaled in harsh, ragged gasps, as she grew more and more lightheaded. She stared up to see Natasha's head thrown back, her body using all its strength to squeeze the life out of Natasha's supple frame. Soon Natasha's arms went limp and fell to her sides, her hands barely touching the ground. The German's legs were squeezing harder than ever, and saliva frothed from the corners of Natasha's lips as she began to lose conciseness.

Finally, the last bit of air was forced from her as her body spasmed and shook violently. Natasha's arms were akimbo, her body contracting and convulsing beneath the redhead "Urkkk ... uuuhuh ... unnhh was the only sound Natasha could make as she tried one last time to beg for mercy. *CRACK* Then with her body stiffening one last time, silver saliva dripping from the edges of her lips, then she was still. Olga released her hold and let Natasha drop to the floor. "Broke another rib, good," she taunted, looking at the lifeless body of the beautiful ******* the floor. Olga kneeled down and checked for a heartbeat, "I didn't kill her, good," she thought to herself when after a couple of seconds she heard the weak beating of Natasha's heart, "I still have to find out everything she knows.

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