In Company of Spies (part) 1 by Nerveexplosion


In Company of Spies (part) 1 by Nerveexplosion

Russian KGB prison facility three weeks after attempted breakout.......

Natasha lay in the fetal position next to the wall in the furthermost corner of her dark cell. She listened carefully and stared into the darkness, looking for something she couldn't possibly hope to see, drowsiness slowly taking over her through the process. She knew something was wrong, something was different. It had been this way for a week now. Usually, the sounds of the prison could be heard even in solitary where she was being kept. For some reason, the screams of protest from fellow prisoners, the banging of doors, and even the daily interrogations had all stopped. The only thing that remained as normal were the sounds of the guards who stood outside of the small window on the door of her cell and told crude jokes. The smell of smoke as they fought back the harsh Russian winter with nicotine, and vodka, the gun oil in their rarely cleaned ak47.

Natasha had no idea how long she had been there, minutes turned to hours, hours turned to days, days and nights blurred together into what could have been weeks or months. Since the day of her capture, they had only tried to interrogate her twice, without success. After those initial interrogations, no one approached her cell other than the guards keeping watch over her. Keeping watch over their prized procession, another turncoat ex KGB spy, working for an unknown country, working for an unknown cause. But, they figured, soon enough they would know exactly who she was working for and what it was she knew.

She awoke to find a small stream of light entering her cell. After pondering over the situation for several hours she decided to try to take a peek through the window on the heavy iron door to check if she could see anything. Usually the lid on the tiny window was kept shut, total darkness could do wonders to the human psyche. Yet for some reason she found the lid open, She figured, mabey they were relocating and marked the sudden lack of activity as her chance to escape. Even though she wasn't sure if she could pull it off in her current condition she couldn't survive in her cell for much longer.

Rolling over unto her stomach she pushed herself off of the floor gingerly, making sure to not put to much stress on her already bruised ribs. She walked silently towards the door then pressed flat against it.

As she stood tiptoed and peered at the scene she was taken aback by what she saw. Several of the larger cells, which had been filled with 4 to 6 prisoners at a time, were vacant. The bodies of several guards and inmates littered the hallway, blood smeared on the walls and floor.

"Can this be real," she thought, "or is this just another hallucination?" She rubbed her eyes and looked again only to see the same thing. She could smell freshly lit cigarettes so she knew there still had to be guards watching the door but what could have happened, and why hadn't anyone cleaned up the mess? Then all the other inexplicable things that had happened came to her mind former German Kommando Spezial Kraefte's working with former Russian Spetnatz, computer technology projects that were thought to have been cancelled years ago were still in progress, the list went on.

She crawled under the window space and to the other side of her cell to get a look at the other side. She counted just two guards, she was in luck, and normally there were four. Mabey they were fuc-king with her, an added torture to the solitary.

There was no way to know either way so she set all her thoughts on trying to escape. She made her way back to the other corner of her cell where a small tin bucket had been placed to act as a toilet. She picked up the bucket then threw the contents unto the floor. Disregarding the pool on the floor of the festering overflow, most of it ending up outside, and prepared for the inevitable. It came soon enough as she heard one of the guards, "Gottfluch es säuberte ich gerade diese fuc-king Aufladungens!" German, must be the SpezialKraefte's turn to watch her cell she thought to her self, she was glad he had just cleaned his boots it's served him well to be covered in **** water. Soon enough he'd be laying in it.

She braced her self as one of the guards rifled through the keys, "You're going take a beating for that!" he screamed with a heavy German accent just before the door finally swung open. At first the light blinded her, after being in solitary for so long her eyes had to adjust to it. Just as one of the guards was about to reach her, they had cleared up enough for her to launch a kick directly to his face. Before his friend knew what was going Natasha quickly continued her momentum and swung her other leg just as the other guard hit the floor. THWAK, the blow landed just below his temple. Had she been in better health it the fight would have ended then, but with her heavily favoring her left side her kicks had lost much of their power. Mustering up every shred of anger, resentment and fury she had left, she kneeled down and wrenched the first guard's head as far to the left as she could. She was rewarded for her efforts with a loud CRUNCH in return. Followed by another moments later as she finished up the second guard.

She kneeled down and un-strapped an ak47 from one of the guards as well as taking the clip out of the other gun. She figured that even if they only had two guards at her cell, a whole mess of them had to be concentrated some where else so she knew she had to be decently armed to have any chance of escape if she was noticed again. With her weapon ready she quickly turned the corner of her cell and aimed, but to her surprise there was nothing there. All the cells were silent. Some were empty; some had the bodies of dead men and women still lying in them as well as several bodies on the floor. She held onto the gun and moved into the hallway and towards one of the dead guard's bodies. His hand still had an iron grip yet another ak47 rifle. She tore it from his grip, grabbed the clip, and disposed of the weapon.

She now turned to the task of securing clothing. His uniform, although too large, was far more suited to her purposes than the jet-black body suit that clung to her like another skin. So she stripped him of his shoes, jacket and pants. She noticed on the right shoulder of the jacket the insignia of a Spetnatz Lieutenant. Turning him over she noted the strange looking wound from something that seemed to have cut clear through his abdomen. This perplexed her, being unlike any weapon she had ever encountered. She reached down and fingered the wound, which indeed seemed to be charred. Whatever occurred here wasn't done by anyone or thing she'd ever encountered before.

Dressed in her newly donned, somewhat charred and baggy uniform she made some adjustments, slung the gun over her shoulder, pulled the hood over her head, and headed towards the most logical exit. Fuelled by the fact that something had finally gone right for her she made her way to the end of the prison cells and through and open door that lead to a stairway and another hallway.

She didn't remember much of where they had taken her when first captured so she just instinctively she took the stairs two at a time despite the pain from her protesting body. She continued along a corridor to the foyer of the building, sidestepping bodies, which were strewn everywhere. What ever had happened had obviously caught these men by surprise for there to be so many casualties. Every couple of yards lay another body. Finally after climbing up more stairs than she could count she made it to the top of the stairway when suddenly she heard to voices in the distance. She tip toed her way to the very edge of the hall way connecting the stairs to the next hall way and began to listen steadily holding her weapon prepared to fire at any moment.

"Olga, bekamen Sie die Informationen aus dem anderen Amerikaner?"

"Selbstverständlich, mußte ich einiges eher tun, wie ich setzte es, unterschiedliche Sachen, um ihn zu veranlassen zu knacken. Aber es funktionierte und das ist, was ist wichtig."

"So dann, können wir wie vorgesehen weitergehen?"

"Ja, ist die aktuelle Drohung und die anderen auf transportiert werden neutralisiert worden, während wir sprechen. Sie kennen nicht eine Sache, bis sie ist zu spät"

What she heard stunned her so that she didn't notice her grip had loosened on her gun until the loud clank of metal on metal caught her attention. "S**T!" she screamed to herself. "Berichten Sie mich Soldaten, was so lang nahmen, um ob letzte Zelle zu prüfen und wo ist Ihr Freund? "

Natasha finished making her way around the corner and replied, "War nichts dort, was Zangief anbetrifft ein Pipi nehmen mußte. "

Natasha than began to make her way towards the next set of stairs when Olga suddenly grabbed her by the shoulder and blurted with a thick German accent "For a Spetnatz you speak very good German. Just thought I'd let you know because you're the only Spetnatz here who does."

Natasha turned around just as the last word came out of the German's mouth but she was too slow. Olga quickly snatched the ak47 out of Natasha's hands, breaking the strap. She tried to reach for it to no avail; Olga tossed the AK across the room just as quickly as she had snatched it

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