Humiliation at the Beach by Caroline


Humiliation at the Beach by Caroline 

This is a true story I witnessed at a local Florida beach last summer. The quiet and calm of a hot South Florida Day was disrupted by 2 girls arguing over what I was to find out later was some guy they both liked. Both girls were beautiful, I am a straight female but I found this situation to be very ****** and ****. One of the girls was a tall brunette about 5'10",135 pounds and about 19 and the other girl was a blonde about 5'2", 105 pounds and about 17. 

I assumed the tall dark-haired girl was going to hurt the smaller blonde very badly when they started to push each other and throw punches. A big crowd was starting to gather to watch these 2 **** bikini-clad girls fighting. After about 2 minutes of pushing and slapping, the petite blonde named Audrey landed a very hard punch right in the belly of the taller brunette named Vivian. 

Vivian let out an agonizing scream and doubled over in pain holding her hands over her sore belly. The crowd cheered wildly urging Audrey on to hit the big girl some more and boy did she. Audrey pulled Vivian's hands away from protecting her belly and threw a hard uppercut right above her bellybutton that knocked all the breath out of the older, bigger girl. 

I could not believe how excited I was watching this spectacle. Just as it looked like Vivian would fall, Audrey grabbed her by her long dark hair and sank about 3 more hard punches right into Vivian's **** muscular stomach. 

Poor Vivian was crying like a baby and trying to breathe at the same time. Audrey was still holding her up by her hair and now was taunting her calling her all kinds of insulting names and slapping her across her face. Each slap made her sob more hysterically. Vivian was begging Audrey to let her go and was apologizing like crazy. 

Audrey smiled and slugged the big brunette again very hard right in her belly again and Vivian collapsed to the sand in the fetal position clutching her belly and screaming like a baby at the top of her lungs.

Audrey then began to stick her **** little bare feet in Vivian's face and told her she must kiss and lick both feet from her hands and knees before she could leave. Unbelievably the bigger, older girl did exactly as she was told and began licking Audrey's feet as everybody roared with laughter. 

After about 2 minutes of feet licking, Audrey told Vivian to get up and leave the beach. When Vivian struggled to her feet, Audrey pulled her bikini top off and put it around her neck, when Vivian tried to reach for it, Audrey gave her the hardest punch yet in her red belly sending Vivian crashing back to the sand and wailing like a 2-year-old. 

Audrey kicked some sand into her crying mouth until Vivian began to choke and at that point, some people stepped in to stop the fight. I'll be honest, I was so excited, my bikini bottoms were soaked, and I wanted to meet Audrey, but that's another story.

February 19, 2022 8:46 PM