Horse (2nd version) by CountryMouse


Probably the first BP story I wrote. This was a recent attempt to revise and finish it.

Horse by CountryMouse

Revenge can be sweet.

The Brazilian beauty stepped out of the car, adjusting her black mini dress. She flashed Julio a glance, he had not taken his eyes off her the whole night. He would shower her with compliments, but no matter how extravagant his promises became he never once turned away his gaze or even blinked. She felt a blush all the way to her shoulders and scolded his behavior.

Still, she kissed him lightly, which he was thankful for, and stood on the curb watching him drive to the intersection and waited for the traffic light to turn green. She blew Julio a kiss as he turned the corner and disappeared into the night. 

Adriana turned finally to go to her apartment dreaming of another romantic night with Julio she hoped to have in the future. She decided then, that he was going to get a special surprise from her the next time they met. She giggled and blushed again despite herself.

So distracted was she, that she only saw the men a split second before she came upon them. Three men, all enormous, were loitering just outside the door of her apartment building. Adriana felt uneasy, it was odd enough to have strange men hanging outside your home at two in the morning in a city, but these men leered at her.

One guy, smoking a cheap cigarette, eyed her carefully. "Damn!" He said through a puff, "Julio is doing well for himself... really well." He stood up and moved towards her, stopping just inches away from her. He was the smallest of the three, but still huge, and his air of confidence made him all that more imposing.

"You..." the girl stammered, "You know Julio?" She noticed now that he had something in his hand.

The man grinned, a jaw full of gold teeth. "Yeah, we know him." Without warning he stepped in a little closer, the movement startled her and she let out a yelp that gave away her fear. This would turn out to be the least of the night's problems, as the man made a fist and shot an uppercut into the soft flesh of the girl's belly.

The model's size one frame gave, she grunted a small "ULF!", and folded over his hand. The man was amazed at how soft she was, her waist could only be 19 inches at best, he'd seen pictures she'd done in bikinis and underwear and her six-pack was visible. Apparently, she got her figure through dieting and good genes, because her abs gave immediately. He didn't even need the brass knuckles he brought, the blow met her stomach and nearly went through the other side with no protest. She was like punching a feather pillow.

None of these thoughts were shared by Adriana, as she hung on his arm eyes gently closed. After a long moment of silence, the waifish girl inhaled shortly, violently, and let out a deep, "AWWWWWWOUPPHHHH!". Her pretty face was now contorted and strained, she clamped her eyes shut, scrunched her nose, and let her mouth hang open to catch as much air as she could.

"Heh," chuckled the merciless thug, "Check out the lungs on this one."

Adrianna didn't really hear the joke. The man's punch had rocked her world. She clawed at his chest trying to stay standing but her nine-mile legs wouldn't cooperate. Her belly needed to figure things out, and she was in no position to argue. The model fell to her knees and laid her stomach on her thighs. 

"OMYGOD!" she heard herself say through the buzzing in her ears. "OMYGOD it hurts... it hurts so much."

The lead man held the cigarette in his hand and used it as a pointer to direct the two other guys. "Okay, you two get her into that alley over there. We don't need any unwanted attention, this chick is going to be making some noise before we're through with her."

Adrianna knew she had to fight but her little body wasn't cooperating. They got a hold of her arms and put her on her feet. She instinctively wrapped her hands around her slight waist and couldn't quite stand straight. She whimpered as a pair of hands, one not belonging to the other, grabbed her ass and twisted hard bringing her to her toes.

In this manner she hopped over to the alley where she was roughly thrown into the side of a large dumpster. This pain was not enough to acknowledge as there was still a bowling ball lodged in her belly. Without the assistance of the two goons, she was free to curl back into the fetal position to hold onto her gut for dear life. 

She forced her eyes open. She had walked down this alley hundreds of times during the day, but it was not a place she wanted to be at night. The thugs were working their hands into fists, as the leader caught up to them. He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her to her feet. 

The Brazilian model started sobbing, "You want this to end chica?"

Adrianna murmured something throaty and unintelligible. 

"Well it's not going to end until you do something for us, and you can thank your gambling, money borrowing, deadbeat, ******* boyfriend for tonight's games by the way."

He patted her suffering stomach. "You ever played HORSE?"

When Adrianna didn't answer right away, the man pounded another brutal fist into her stomach. The olive-skinned girl furrowed her brow and pursed her lips releasing a desperate "UGN!" as she was ripped in half. He picked the ragdoll up again pulling her head back so he could talk menacingly into her ear. "Now those were freebies little one. From now on your going to earn them.

Adrianna just shook her head, not really understanding. "No not now," the man continued, "See we're going to pass you around like a nice five-foot ten joint, and honestly, we're going to beat the snot out of you, but you have to spell 'Horse'. Nice and slow, just one letter at a time."

The man shoved her headlong at one of the goons. "Now here's the fun part," he flinched slightly as the big thug lost his fist in the thin lady's stomach making an audible 'WUMP' on contact, "You have to say the letter before you go down." Adrianna was coughing and gagging for air as the third man brought her to her feet.

“If you don't say it fast enough," The model grunted loudly as the man's punch took her clear off the ground and her limbs flailed wildly she dropped like a rock, "We're going to hit you again."

It was his turn again and the model willed herself to look her attacker in the eye. "horse..."

He found himself gawking at her, she had nice lips, "Well you're hot," he let the words hang, and before he continued he fired another brass-knuckled fist into her abdomen, "but let's see if you can follow instructions better than that from now okay?"

Adrianna let out an uncontrolled sigh, more of a pathetic rattle to exhale what was left in her lungs. The leader spun her around and launched her at the next guy in line.

The thug wasted no time hammering a fist into her guts that took the girl off her feet. "Ouuuph!"

She dropped limply into Thing #2s arms, but the Cigarette smoking man held up a hand to pause the assault. "Hold on Manny, let her catch her breath for a second, we're not going to have much of a game if she's just coughing."

"Ah C'mon boss!"

Adrianna found herself thanking her attacker now. Before now she hadn't known such pain could exist in the human body. Her abdomen was in a knot that tightened painfully whenever she tried to inhale. She was more comfortable with short, quick breaths. The tall beauty sat on her knees laying her stomach on her thighs and her head on the ground. Her rear stuck out behind her and she shook it despite her efforts to keep still and ride out the pain.

Adrianna gulped a real breath for the first time in what seemed like hours. She started to crawl away but it just left her belly open for one of the thugs to get a running start and slam his boot into her side.

"OOOOOUUUUUPPH!" The girl was lifted off the ground, anchored only by her hands and feet. She resumed the fetal position gasping for precious air.

The man was near her face and speaking to her again. Why wouldn't he just shut up? "How are you feeling little one? Does it hurt? I think it probably does. Do you want it to stop? Sure you do. But it's not going to stop, not until you play our game."

Hands were on her again, lifting her not so gently and slamming her into the brick wall of the alley. Adrianna looked up to see the ugly face of the bigger of the two thugs before he buried his big fist into her belly.

"OOF! Ohhhhh..." The exotic model began to slide down the wall whimpering with pain. She was starting to comprehend the lead attacker's words and tried to turn herself to keep standing. If she kept standing and spelled their word they would stop hurting her belly and leave her alone.

"a... a... a.. H..." 

The leader was near her again smiling. "That wasn't so hard, was it? All you have to now is 'orse' and you're done." He pulled her around and lost his elbow in her belly. Before she dropped she managed a weak "...o".

"Boss?" Complained the slightly smaller thug, "You said we were gonna see her nekkid."

“Yeah”, said the Leader thoughtfully, “I wouldn't mind seeing that at all. She protested feebly as the man attacked her little black dress. Yanking down so hard it ripped from seem to and tore off completely.

"Wow!" said Manny. Adrianna wore underwear and bikini's in her shoots, but it was nothing like seeing her goods in person. Worse for her was that the dress she had chosen had built-in support, so she hadn't worn a bra tonight. The model stood, bare-breasted, with only ******* and stockings to cover herself.

"Looks like Julio was going to get some tonight if he played his cards better." 

The lead man grabbed her wrists and pinned her against the wall above her head and slammed his brass-knuckled fist into her now bare stomach. Adrianna choked out an "Oof!" as her guts were smashed, she jerked her head forward but her body wouldn't follow. 

It was Manny's turn and the lead man shoved the girl towards him. He stopped the half-naked woman in her tracks with a hard uppercut into her belly. She grabbed and groped at him so she wouldn't land hard on her head. She managed to say "s" this time and lost her bra for her efforts.

The biggest of the thugs was handling her again, he slammed her bared stomach with a sharp bony knee, so hard that she was brought off her feet again. "Uhhhhhhhhhh!"

Adrianna crawled hacking and drooling trying to get anywhere but here. The leader loomed over her grinding the brass-knuckled hand into the other.

The model held her hands up. "Jeezus already!" She managed between coughs, "e!" 

Adrianna screamed as the lead man puts his hands to her waistline pulling at her *******. Her struggles only helped him and she squirmed out of her own clothing.

The Brazilian model was brought to her feet where she staggered a bit coughing and hacking. She made a vain attempt to cover her body, but her arms were pulled away as the big thugs picked her up.

"Damn!" griped the leader, sounding legitimately upset, "I don't think you'll be able to finish our game."

"Oh well, I guess I'll just have to finish you old school."

Adrianna whimpered as her head was tilted up and her pelvis pushed forward. Her attacker proceeded to ball his fists and slam one after the other into her belly.

"I..." UGH! "REALLY..." OOF "HATE IT..." HUFF! "WHEN..." UGN! "I..." HOOF! "CAN'T..." OOF! UFF! Ooooohh... "FINISH..." OHF! OUPH! "THE GAME..."

On his last words, he adjusted the brass knucks on his hand crouched a little then punched her with all his strength. His fist got buried somewhere deep in the pit of the girl's belly. The thugs had to let go as she doubled over and groaned OOOOOOUUUUUUPPPPPHHHHHHHH!

Adrianna didn't know if they hit her after that, though she did hear a camera go off, and the men talking about showing Julio the pictures. He would pay now, or she would be paying again.

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