Home Alone: The Gunge Version by Creamtart


Home Alone: The Gunge Version by Creamtart


The scene:  a sprawling mansion on a large estate. Up the driveway come two odd-looking characters, the one on the left is dressed from head to toe in a black leather catsuit, with over-the-knee black high-heeled boots. The one on the right is (strangely) dressed in a French maids uniform complete with fishnet stockings and is wearing knee-high boots.



“Tara, it’s not my fault I picked up the wrong bag!!” says the catsuited one, “Humph!! Whatever,” replies Tara. “We’ll be done in 10 minutes don’t worry,” says Tanya patting Tara on the back.


Up ahead in the mansion is a wily policeman waiting for his elaborate trap to take effect (OK, I ripped the idea from “Home Alone”)


Eyeing up a ground floor window Tanya gently raises the window and pushes it up, setting herself she leaps up at the window grabbing to the ledge, her tight leather clad bum wiggling as she slides her body through the window, there’s a strange smell of cooking oil, then suddenly SMACK the window slides down trapping Tanya squealing and kicking her legs frantically. 


Tara comes to her aid raising the window, Tanya slides into the room landing in a crumpled heap, Tara follows, frantically the two thieves get to their feet, Tara reaches for the light switch…ZZZAAAAPPP!! Her hair and uniform are singed she staggers forward blindly SMACK the loose floorboard catching her in the face. Tanya grabs Tara and points to the staircase as she heads towards the kitchen.


The policeman from his control room continues to watch with glee, Tanya walks into the kitchen her boot steps onto a banana peel…WWWHHOooaahhh! Crash, slowly clambering back to her feet, bent over with surprise, she catches her breath staring straight at the open laundry chute, realizing too late she hears a twang and two darts land on each of her tightly wrapped bum cheeks squealing and unsteady in her boots she topples forward down the laundry chute and lands with a huge SPLASH in the laundry cart full of soapy water and foamy bubbles. 


Tara heads up the stairs still dazed from the electric shock, reaching the top of the stairs she places her hand on the wooden knob on the top of the handrail, a sliding noise follows and Tara’s booted feet disappear from beneath her as the staircase turns into a slide. Squealing and with her uniform up around her waist revealing a **** black thong she slides down the stairs SPLAT she lands bum first wedged in a silver bucket of syrup...

Panicking she tries to free herself half waddling in a doubled-up position yanking at the bucket not looking where she is going she totters out of the front door, trips up the top step, and with a fading squeal lands headfirst deep in the muddy flower bed. The policeman glances out of the window and sees a silver bucket and a pair of black boots wiggling frantically in the garden. One down, one to go he thinks.


Tanya recovering from the shock of an untimely bath and still reeling from her sore bum cheeks rather squelchy gets out from the cart, her leather catsuit and boots glistening with the water and soap. She looks around the only way out appears to be back up the chute, mustering her strength very delicately she makes her way up the chute, unbeknownst to her for a rather nasty shock. 


Reaching the top she swings her legs out just as the laundry chute hatch comes down trapping her legs and face out and tight leather clad bum facing down the chute. Squealing as large blender whirrs into motion showering her in sticky rotten foodstuffs. As eggshells splatter her leather cleavage, milk dripping down her face the squealing stops and a look of horror takes over, there’s a faint smell of burning leather AAAAIIIGGHHHHH her tight little ass has just been branded!!! 


The hatch flies open and backs down the chute she hurtles her glowing bare bum lighting the way SSSSSSSSS!! As she hits the water again, dazed and with her legs facing up the chute, she grimaces as the contents of the food blender flood up over her boots, up her front, and over her!! Again very squelchy Tanya climbs from the tub, as she leaps to the floor the heel on one of her boots snaps causing her to tumble forward in a very awkward looking heap her reddened bum cheeks glowing in the air, she notices a door in the gloom and desperately makes her way towards it, as she tries the handle it appears to be stuck, pulling and yanking it harder until suddenly the door flings open as it does so a wave of soft sticky goo deluges Tanya, slicking back her matted hair she steps outside to be met by the sight of a bucket and a pair of boots wiggling in the air.


Tanya grabs the bucket with both hands and yanks it pulling Tara with her, but Tanya’s boot is on Tara’s maid's outfit and with an almighty pull and a huge ripping noise the bucket comes free, Tara is stood in her black underwear and boots, whilst Tanya has been sent flying backward toppling over and landing bum cheeks first in the holly bush, shrieking she scrambles to her feet not noticing Tara who is bent over trying to pick up her torn clothes, staggering forward she sends Tara headfirst into the flower bed again. Tara squeals as goes spread-eagled into the soft gooey mud, she turns angrily and swipes Tanya’s legs sending her crashing bum first into the mud.


Tanya, with her extremely sore bum, decides its time to get out of here, conveniently she notices an old motorbike and sidecar, the two dazed women stumble and stagger towards the bike, grabbing the helmets they both put them on, simultaneously the two ladies grimace and look at each other as yellow custard begins to drip down from inside their helmets, Tanya gets on the bike what she doesn’t realize is that she is now stuck fast due to her early coating of sticky goo. Tara climbs into the sidecar and immediately screams as it too is full of cold custard, she’s on the verge of getting out when the machine lunges forward causing her to be sprawled forward over the front of the side car with her bum in the air. 


Now Tanya had never ridden a bike before hence the reason for the strange way that they were attempting to leave the premises instead of down the drive they were touring the outbuildings, the sidecar hit a rather large rock catapulting Tara through the air shrieking all along and into a huge tree, there was the sound of cracking branches and the sound of moans and groans before she finally came to rest suspended by her bra dangling over a black mud pit. Tara sighed, lifting her booted legs in the air away from the mud.


Tanya gazing around looking for her friend her view obscured by the dripping custard found herself speeding towards an old barn building, she hit the breaks so hard that the result catapulted her forwards… here was a huge ripping sound as the stuck leather catsuit came away just below her breasts and sent the semi-naked villain flying through the barn window, fortunately for Tanya she came to rest in a pile of straw in the hayloft. 


Dazed Tanya struggled to her feet, stumbled forward with having no heel on her boot, and trod on a rake the handle reared up and cracked her in the middle of the crash helmet, she staggered back, her boots found nothing but air behind her in a muffled squeak she felt herself fall, then a louder shriek as her knickers had got caught on a nail, dangling her in the air, Tanya looked down below was a large vat of brown stick looking goo, the crash helmet, and the custard helped to hide the look of horror on Tanya’s face as her flimsy knickers gave way and she SPLASHED into the goo.


It was a few minutes before a disheveled figure flopped onto the ground dressed in nothing more than a pair of boots and a crash helmet and a coating of brown goo, wrenching the helmet from her head she staggered out into the darkness, Tara she shouted, there was the sound of a branch snapping a splash and a muddy figured staggered towards her.

The two felons put their arms around each other and hobbled down the drive. The policeman (forgot about him) giggled as he raised his hand and pressed a button on the nearby remote two large pies rose up out of the ground and smacked the two villains on the bum as they staggered off.

February 27, 2022 11:19 PM