High School Story by Unknown


I was beaten up in the stomach once. I'll never forget it. It was in High School. I had on my uniform pleated skirt and white blouse. I don't know why it happened, still to this day. Two guys I knew were giving me mean and dirty looks all day one day. I didn't know why. I asked one of them and he just said "you know what you did, what you said". And I swore I didn't. He left and went to class and so did I. I was scared and nervous. After school, I was on the lookout walking home. But when I got to the apartment building I was jumped from behind and pulled into a back alley.

I got hit real hard in the stomach. I didn't know who hit me. I had never been hit in the stomach before. It hurt like nothing I ever felt and I doubled over holding my stomach and fell to the ground in great pain. I could see before I went down that one of the two guys was standing over me, saying "You'll learn to keep your mouth shut, and you should know what you're talking about before you mouth off like that", or something like that.

My stomach was in so much pain and I couldn't breathe. I was snatched up by the other guy and then John punched me twice more in my upper stomach while the other guy help me in place. It hurt so bad. I never thought getting punched in the stomach would hurt so much. I was dropped and I doubled upholding my beaten stomach in agony. They left me there and I couldn't breathe for a while and couldn't get up for a while longer. After I don't know how long I finally was able to get up and staggered home still doubled over in pain. My stomach hurt for the rest of the day and I couldn't straighten up till the next day. I never found out why I was beaten up in the stomach.

Why do guys hit girls in the stomach? Seems by these stories guys like to hit girls in the stomach, but why? Why not the face or chest or anywhere else. Why does it have to be in the stomach? I don't ever want to get hit in the stomach again.

February 19, 2022 7:17 AM