High School Revenge by Unknown


High School Revenge by Unknown

All during high school this other girl and I competed hard against each other. During Jr. High I guess is when it began so we never had a friendship, but we knew each other. I didn't care for her, and she didn't like me.

Now I'm in Jr. College and have forgotten her. Until recently. I was visiting home and walking through the park. It was warm so I was wearing a pink muscle shirt and shorts. Her brother stepped out from behind a tree and planted his fist in my belly.

I doubled over in my tracks. I didn't recognize him until I straightened up, but he quickly punched me in my belly again. I'm on my knees clutching my aching belly when someone pulls me up and holds my arms up behind my head. My hurting belly is now stretched tight.

“This is for all the times you made my sister mad,” He said. It was her younger brother. He is in high school, but my petite body is no match for him. Four powerful punches slam into my belly and my world is spinning. His friend holding me says that he wants a piece of me too for revenge of his sister.

As they trade places, my arms are held behind my back and I'm thinking, God how many enemies do I have. Again, four punches, I feel is fist deep in my belly with each one. My belly hurt for days. I'm thankful though they didn't hit my face. My belly will heal. I think boys like to punch a girl in her belly to hear her grunt and moan. It's something for their manhood.

February 19, 2022 7:23 AM