Heather by Pedroza (R)


Heather by Pedroza

Heather's husband was working very late, so she decided to surprise him by dressing **** to surprise him when he got home.

She put on a lacy black top and *******, got in bed, and waited.

After a while, she fell asleep.

There was a noise and she called out "Honey, I'm up here!"

She pulled the covers down to below her waist so her husband would get a good look when he came into the bedroom. Heather was getting wet just hearing the footsteps coming up the stairs. The door opened and the was a man there, but it wasn't her husband.

She screamed and pulled up the covers, but it was too late... he'd already seen her gorgeous body and toned stomach.

The man was dressed in all black, large and well built. He walked over to the bed. Heather tried to roll off the other side of the bed, but the man grabbed her red hair and dragged the shrieking woman back over to his side of the bed. Then he punched her board flat stomach as hard as he could.

UUUUUGGGGFFF!!! Heather's tight midsection caved, the punch driving her body into the bed. Her arms immediately covered up her wounded belly as the man dragged her head off the side of the bed and straddled it so Heather couldn't see anything.

Her arms were free so she squirmed and tried to hit the man, but he responded by rapidly slugging her in the belly and the lace top covering her firm ****.

Heather had a hard, athletic body, and tried to cover up but she was no match for the barrage from the big man. She couldn't cover up everything, so fist after fist painfully mashed Heather's ***** and sank into her fit abs, knocking the wind out of her.

After a little while, she was in no shape to even cover-up and he punched her stomach in, driving lefts and rights straight down into the exposed belly.

Her slim body severely battered, Heather just laid there moaning.

There were some neckties on the arm of a nearby chair. The man in black grabbed one of them, pulled Heather's arms up over her head, and very tightly tied her wrists together. Then he tied the skinny end of another tie around the ties on her wrist and tied a big knot in the wide end of the tie. He lifted Heather off the bed, easily threw her over his shoulder, and went over to a big closet. The door was already open.

The man in black sat her on the floor next to the door, then grabbed the knot with his left hand, easily picking the redhead up off the ground.He p ut the big knot behind the top of the door and shut it, trapping the knot behind the door. When he let go, Heather was hanging off the top of the door, her legs dangling off the ground.

The man in black ripped the lace top and ******* off of her body, leaving her naked.

He moved in close, so Heather tried to kick him, getting a slug in the gut for her trouble.

UHHHH... she tried to tighten her abs, but the man punched hard and the punch didn't fully penetrate her, but it did hurt her.

Then the next one did. GGUUUFFF...

A left sank into her abdomen just above her navel, moving her intestines to the right.


After that, her breadbasket became not a basket for bread, but for dull, thudding fists and the man grunted as filled it up with them.

The feeble kicking stopped and he punched Heather all over her belly, from the red patch of hair at the bottom to just under her ribs. Each punch that drove in her belly slammed her back and tight ass into the door. Heather weakened quickly, her body sagging and a little pooch appearing on her ripped belly as the man continued to work over her trim body.

Finally, Heather's head dropped, her long red hair draping over her *****, Satisfied that he had destroyed every inch of the thin woman's stomach, the man pulled down his pants. He grabbed both of Heather's legs, spread them, and pushed her knees up against her *****. Then he roughly took her, the hard ramming banging her ass into the door even harder.

Finished, he left as quickly as he appeared, leaving Heather there. Her husband came home, not to a **** wife waiting in bed for him, but a beaten and violated woman hanging from a closet door. Heather's entire abdomen was red, black, blue, and purple in stark contrast to the rest of her pale body.

They didn't catch the man as he was covered in black from head to toe. Heather never even saw his face.

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