Harper's Awakening by Michelle

Ok, I admit it. While I like to think of myself as one, I am not a fighter really. My name is Harper and actually, I am in pretty decent shape physically...5' 9", 142 lbs., yada yada.... I’m not as good as I think I am however. I have always lacked some in the confidence area. Like most women, I have not been doing a lot of real fighting, although I have been the recipient of a couple of beat downs at the hands...or should I say the “very hard fists”…. of a few other girls when I let my mouth get in the way of my better judgment. I have also won a few, which I guess keeps me going and has made me think I was better than what I was. That and the conditioning I have received as a result of my recent hard work, has been worth it just on its own. This last time I lost though was the last ******* straw and I had decided to throw good sense out the window and follow my heart's desire and become a better fighter, or at the very least be able to take care of myself. I'll also admit I have always had this secret deep seeded desire to fight more. I began working out a year ago with a boxing trainer and it has unleashed feelings sensations and emotions inside of me I have never encountered before. I almost feel like I've lost control of myself in this regard and now almost feel an absolute compulsion to do this. As my physical conditioning has improved, so have my confidence and my desire to fight. Something is growing deep inside me and I felt it slowly beginning to come to the surface and I love it!

I get such a rush that comes over me when I do my boxing workout...the emotions and feelings I have when I'm moving and punching and this every increasing desire to fight another woman that way and finally prove to myself that I can do it and do it well. It is truly a ****** feeling and the emotions I am experiencing match NOTHING I have EVER FELT in my life. I am now TOTALLY POSSESSED with pushing my self emotionally and physically to the hilt!

Everything seemed to come to a head for me a few days ago. I was minding my own business, my mind kind of wandering, walking down a relatively quiet deserted block on the way back to my Manhattan apartment after spending more unreasonable hours working on a project that had to be completed that night. I was hired as an executive in large corporation right after receiving my MBA. I found the twelve to fourteen hour workdays left me little time for either socializing or exercise. After ten very intensive years, my hard driving desires allowed me to reach the top of the corporate ladder when the firm’s partners voted me to be their first female partner and Sr. VP - at the ripe old age of 35! 

As I was walking to my BMW I had parked off the street in this alley that fateful night, I heard loud voices in what appeared to be some sort of argument. I continued walking down the alley and happened upon two women who were actually in the process of trying to beat each other to a pulp! It was just the two of them, the first girl I noticed was tall, looked to me early to mid-thirties, about my height and was dressed in tight jeans and a denim shirt, long dark brown hair flowing down over her shoulders. I had heard the loud voices as I was walking so I stayed back in the shadows along a wall of the alley that were created by a street lamp in order that I could watch undetected. I was not quite sure what was going on and what I was about to witness. I watched as the two women initially exchanged shoves to the chest and then watched even more intently as they both stepped back and began literally **********. The second girl was about the same height as the first girl, blonde, and was doing most of the yapping and actually started the shoving. She had on a red silk blouse and very tight, almost painted on True Religion jeans. The tall willowy brunette took off her denim shirt, revealing a white sleeveless tee shirt that showed off her toned sinewy arm and shoulder muscles that can only come with hard work and training. Her stomach was obviously tight and flat as the tight tee shirt left little to the imagination. Her features were rather striking and she could have probably passed for a model but then she raised her arms up in a boxer's stance and curled her hands into tight fists, there was little doubt in my mind that she had a pretty good idea what she was doing. The blonde girl removed her red silk blouse, revealing a pink sports bra underneath. As she raised her arms up and cocked them at the elbows, you could see her small hard biceps form up and the sinewy nature of her upper arms and forearms showed she was a girl who was in good condition and probably had a pretty good idea what she was doing too. I wondered to myself what precipitated all this. Did they know one another? A lover’s quarrel perhaps? Was it perhaps a disagreement at the office? All sorts of things can run through your mind late at night when you’re exhausted I guess. As the two women face off, I have to admit at that exact moment I was so aroused that I could hear my heart pounding against my chest in the silence of the night air, my breathing becoming more shallow and rapid and the moisture between my thighs growing by the second. I was growing more and more aroused and my wetness was spreading rapidly, the pulsating sensations deep in my loins beginning to take me over in ways I had not felt in a long time. I just couldn’t believe at first how this scene was affecting me, although to be honest, I should have, knowing how I am and how I feel deep inside. All I knew was I was not going move...I WAS GOING TO WATCH! I felt a little like a ****** but I didn’t care.

The two women circled each other for a few seconds, sometimes feinting with their extended left arms. Then suddenly, they just seemed to explode on one another as both lashed out with left jabs flying from each girl simultaneously! Both then bobbed and weaved, shoulders dropping as they both landed blows to each other’s body. The brunette then drove her left fist hard into the blonde’s abs and just as quickly in one fluid motion she drove her right fist hard across the blonde's jaw! I could hear the crack as the brunette’s knuckles hit against the blonde’s jaw! The blonde let out a loud moan and then a “whoosh” from her mouth as the air was forced from her lungs and out over her trembling lips. She staggered back a few steps after letting out a loud yelp and threw her arms up almost over her head in a defensive type of maneuver. The brunette stepped in and moved at her but for some reason, at that moment, didn’t press her advantage. What I did noticed was a smile coming over her lips as her eyes widened, as if she sensed she had her prey cornered and she wasn’t going to let her go. The blonde slowly began to right herself and brought her arms back up in her fighting stance although she seemed very shaky and unsure. I could see the fear in her eyes now and you can bet the brunette saw the same thing. The women began to circle each other again and the brunette snapped her left fist out at the blonde’s head, the punch literally shooting from her left shoulder in a blur, the sound of her knuckles cracking into the blonde’s chin echoing throughout the alley, her head snapping back violently! The blonde’s face contorted as her long blonde hair flew forward on either side of her head! Her head snapped back so quickly and violently that her hair was literally left behind as if moving in slow motion in contrast to her head. She staggered back a few steps and fell against the wall behind her, grunting out as her back slammed into the hard bricks.

The blonde brought her arms up and blocked a second left fist from the brunette. She wasn’t ready for the unexpected kick to the stomach that the brunette unloaded on her tummy following the punches! The blonde screamed out and doubled over! The brunette’ kick appeared to have knocked the wind out of the blonde and she slammed into the wall behind her, then slid along the wall over to a corner where the brunette was on her like a cat and began throwing a flurry of punches, this time several breaking through the blonde's guard. A right cross, left hook, right jab, left jab, right hook, left cross!! The onslaught continued as the blonde’s head violently snapped back several times and then side to side! Then blonde then wisely lunged out and reached and wrapped her arms around the brunette, pulling her in tight to her body and clinching her. The blonde still had some life left in her as suddenly drove her knee up into the brunette’s midsection!! The brunette’s knee came up quickly in response as they both pounded each other’s abs while holding each other in an almost death grip! Each impact of a knee resulting in a loud grunt from the respective woman’s lips! Each body lurching up almost lifted up by the impact! The brunette finally broke out of the clinch after each had landed a few knees successfully and stepped back as the blonde fell back and leaned against the brick wall behind her. The brunette bent over at the waist…coughing…breathing heavily as she rested her hands on her thighs. 


The brunette stepped back another step to keep a distance between her and her blond adversary. She rubbed her beaten abs, grimacing in pain as she desperately tried to recover from the onslaught. Then after a few more seconds, the brunette suddenly straightened up and turned and twisted her tall athletic frame to the side and drove her right leg up hard in a sidekick type motion into the blonde’s abs!! The blonde had just stepped away from the wall and still had her arms at her sides, her features showing the agonizing pain running through her body. Her eyes widened and her face contorted in agony as the brunette’s foot drove hard into her body, her lips emitting a loud grunt as the air again left her lungs! Her features showing the instant of her body’s immediate longing for a breath as she was then hurled backwards by the force of the kick, her back hitting the wall behind her as another loud grunt flowed over her lips. It was a brutal kick and the brunette pressed her advantage. She stepped forward and launched two punches, a quick jab with her left fist, the other a right cross. Both landed and the blonde’s head thrust back violently, hitting the wall behind her. I could see the blood coming from the blonde’s nose and her appeared to have a cut above her right eye. Even in this rather dimly lit alley, I could see the thin red stream already trickling down along her right cheek. The blonde, maybe out of instinct or some sense of self-preservation, threw a wild right from almost over her head that connected with the brunette’s mouth! The brunette’s head snapped back and she stumbled back a few steps, shaking her head and screaming out in what seemed more like anger than pain! I could see the brunette’s lower lip was split and the red stream coming down over her chin. The blonde lurched forward from the force of her punch and fell to the pavement on all fours. She lay there on all fours, moaning…coughing.


The brunette didn’t waste any time and launched a kick with her long right leg into the blondes left rib cage! The blonde’s body was literally lifted up off the ground by the impact of the kick as she cut loose with a loud scream, followed by a low groan as she crumpled to the pavement.

My own mouth dropped open in amazement at what I'd just seen! My own thighs twitched while my heart was pounding so hard I felt up in my throat I as so aroused! I couldn't believe that it could all be over that fast! The brunette kept yelling down at the blonde to get up and kept motioning her up with her right arm, but the blonde seemed to be moving in slow motion and looked as if she had had enough and wanted no more of it. She raised her right hand up and whimpered to the brunette standing over her "ENOUGH...OH GOD PLEASE...NO MORE!" The brunette drew her right fist back and then reached down with her left hand and grabbed a handful of the blondes long silky hair, wrapping it around her fingers and at almost the same time pulling up hard on the blonde's head. The blonde let out an almost blood curdling scream and threw her hands up in front of her already bloodied face and began whimpering and crying even more...pleading with the brunette not to hit her again!

I watched as the brunette released the blonde’s hair and lowered her tightly clenched right fist. I could see her features so clearly in the in the moonlight and I noted an almost sadistic smirk coming over the brunettes face as the blonde kept begging her not to hit her again. I could tell at that moment she was a woman who was confident in her abilities and one I hoped I'd never have to meet in a dark alley. I slowly backed out of the alley the way I came and made my way around to my car, my head still spinning at what I had just witnessed. I sat in my car a few moments, my head resting back against the seat. My arousal hadn't abated at all and my heart was still pounding against my chest. I let my right hand slide over and press against my crotch, as my **** was still pulsating and spasming. The throbbing was killing me and I had to do something! I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip and pressed my palm tighter to my crotch. I then began rubbing my crotch feverishly, panting as I almost felt as if I were hyperventilating! I didn’t even take the time to pull my slacks down I was so aroused! I didn’t care about the wetness or the mess! It didn't take long for my excited **** to just give way and I had an ****** unlike any I had ever had before. I came so hard and couldn't stop shaking for what seemed like an eternity, while letting out with a scream from deep inside of me! Needless to say the drive to the apartment was more pleasant than it had been in months.

The next day was an especially rough one at the office. It started early at 500 am and went to 700 pm so when I left work and was headed to the gym I was really ready for a hard workout to try and help me unwind. I was going to be working with my boxing trainer that night and was anxious to "tee off" on the heavy bag. I was hoping I might even spar with someone because the thought of actually hitting someone seemed to give me some extra energy, almost a “second wind of excitement”. I also couldn’t help but have what I saw last night still vivid in my memory. I couldn’t shake the emotions, the feelings and sensations. Part of me wished I were that brunette, as I honestly admired her. I didn’t feel the least bit bad about it either.

I was pounding away at the heavy bag, my trainer holding the bag and spotting it for me as I slammed my leather clad fists first down low and then up high in the bag! Working on combinations and hand speed as I felt the burn in my upper back and shoulder muscles! My bag gloves landing each time with a loud POP as leather exploded against leather, my trainer imploring me to punch faster and faster!! My heart pounding as my torso twisted from side to side, pivoting at my trim waistline. I blinked back the stinging salty perspiration from my eyes, gritting my teeth as I was making hitting this bag something way more than personal at this point. The bag WAS THE BLONDE! I WAS THE BRUNETTE! My torso was streaked with perspiration as I had been working out on the bag close to twenty minutes, my trainer continuing to shout encouragement to me, telling me “FASTER!! FASTER!! HIT THE DAMN THING HARPER!!!” My arms felt like they were made out of LEAD they felt SO HEAVY! I was grunting out more loudly now with each punch and I wanted to just DRIVE MY FISTS through that bag and TAKE OUT MY TRAINER I WAS SO SICK of listening to him YELLING at me!

Suddenly I saw my trainer let go of the bag and step back, his eyes opening wider as they were no longer looking AT ME, but over MY SHOULDER. I stopped my punching and turned and looked over my shoulder and my mouth dropped open and nearly hit the floor. Standing there behind me, her arms folded across her chest, WAS THE BRUNETTE I saw in the alley last night! I turned and searched for the words but my lower lip only quivered and my voice was silent, in spite of my efforts to the contrary.

Was this a dream, or was it a nightmare?

March 22, 2022 6:35 AM