Harper's Awakening 9 by Michelle

I’m sure you all have been in the same situation before…finding yourself goaded again…and again…

There often comes a time where one has to simply “put up or shut up!”

I have this way of showing it off…no matter how I was dressed. I always found a way to show off my abs. 

What can I say?

I worked HARD for them!

Dunnie said he had never been around another woman who was so proud of her abs as I was…which I took as a supreme compliment.

I wasn’t the only one...as he was just as proud of his as I was of mine...TRUST ME! 

Dunnie and I had been going back and forth for months and months over who has the BETTER abs…and who’s abs could withstand a beating more than the other. 

I was one of those girls that just couldn’t seem to keep herself from showing off her abs. I was one of those TALL (5’9”) SEXY long-legged brunettes that you ADMIRED...LUSTED AFTER...and at times HATED....all at the same time! 

…and I LOVED it!

Was he suffering from a little jealousy perhaps?


Maybe more than just a little?


Might I was a little guilty of some jealousy myself?

I say…Mebbe

And I had "IT", and I flaunted "IT". During the summers I always wore cutoff tee shirts or tops that rode up just below my breasts and purposely showed my tummy.

And he noticed…

Oh Yeah…he ******* NOTICED!

And so did everyone else!

“IT”…. being a set of abs to DIE for!”

We had already fought each other in one belly-punching contest before…and despite my best efforts…

I LOST…much to my chagrin!

I'm not too proud to admit it either...

He probably CHEATED anyway!

Yeah…that’s the ticket…damn right…he had to have!

I mean…I needed SOME excuse!


There had been a controversy about which hand I had been allowed to use in the last fight and I felt it put me at a disadvantage. To be honest…the fight wasn’t my best effort and I finally…after months of goading…

…I wanted some FUCKING PAYBACK!!

I remembered the old saying…

“Revenge is a dish…best served cold…and PAINFULLY”

Okay…I know that’s not QUITE the saying…but my wording sounds much better considering the circumstances!

Although in this case…I was hoping my revenge would get us both…”hot”!

I am pretty damn good at this type of contest because of my boxing experience…my abdominal strength…and

I’m used to taking a blow from boxing.

Hey…I have other reasons to by God!

We agreed to meet at my mid-town Manhattan apartment…and settle things in the exercise room I have there.

It was a Sunday afternoon and the day and time for our contest was rapidly approaching. I also found my arousal really growing as the as the time for the big contest approached. I was going to fight this hot guy in such an extremely primal manner and I was growing more aroused the closer the time for the fight got! 

Hell…I was so aroused I forgot all about being scared!

I was sitting on the sofa…nervously awaiting your arrival when I suddenly heard a knock at my apartment door! I walked over and opened it…smiling as I stepped aside…. leaning back on the door…NOT saying a word…because you KNOW to just come in…no words had to be exchanged between us. 

I decided I’d be my usual smart-assed self and I whispered as he walked by me through the door….

“Welcome to my lair…said the spider to the fly”

“I hope you’re UP for this”

And I heard him chuckle a little…the WISE ASS!

When I had got to my apartment earlier… I was wearing my white *********** leather pants and leather vest that clung to my superbly sculptured 5’ 9” tall…142- pound frame…as if it were a second skin. I wasn’t exactly built like a brick shithouse…but I had worked hard for my physique! My long dark chocolate brown hair hung down and draped over my toned shoulders and I wore my black high heels to accentuate my long toned legs even further. I changed into a pair of really TIGHT jeans…my favorite True Religions…and a denim shirt…just to sort of kick back…relax…

I stepped back…turned…and pull the apartment door closed after you came in…then locked it and pull the deadbolt. I slowly turned around…and leaned back against the door as I clasped my hands across the crotch of my tight True Religion jeans…leaning my head back against the door…my breasts straining the blue denim material of my shirt as my heart started to pound. I reached up behind my head and untied the red ribbon that was holding my long hair up in a pony-tail…my long dark silken mane cascading down over my shoulders. I stood motionless for a moment…my eyes never leaving his as he watched…shifting his weight nervously from one foot to the other…

The corners of my **** desirable mouth turned up in a sly smile as I reached up and slowly begin unfastening the buttons of my blue denim shirt…my shoulders still leaning back against the door...my long slender fingers deftly loosened each plastic button and pulling it free through each loop...pulling the shirt open a little more as each button came loose...more and more of the cleavage of my firm…pert…upturned breasts becoming more visible as each button comes free. I finally finished unfastening the last button and pulled the shirt tail out from under my tight low rider jeans and slowly pulling the denim shirt back over and off each shoulder…then down each of my arms...shuddering at the sensation of the shirt ending its downward journey by sliding out over my hands. 

I then felt a wide grin come over my face as I suddenly wadded the shirt up and flung it over in his face...standing there almost defiantly with my hands on my hips before my full lips gave into the moment and formed an impish grin impish grin...my bare torso already streaked with perspiration as my firm perky breasts slowly rise and fall with each deep breath...my icy glare...my seething dark brown eyes staring a hole through him as I was working really hard on my attempt at intimidation.

I’m really good at intimidation…


I then reached down…biting my lower lip again as I finished unfastening the skin tight True Religion jeans…slowly starting to pull the soft denim down over my hips and thighs...bending my slim waist over...my firm perky breasts hanging from my bare chest...my hard erect pink ******* jutting from my supple rounded orbs...giving him a clear view of my breasts that he once told me were so perfect they looked like they had been chiseled from marble...the jeans slowly sliding down over my knees...then falling down my ankles to my feet. I stepped out of them first with my left foot...then hooking the jeans over my right foot...I kicked them across the room at him…watching him reach up above his head and make a rather nifty catch...

That left me just where I intended…wearing only my tight black compression shorts...

I then raised my long arms up over my head and begin to extend my hands and fingers skyward...stretching…trying to help the muscles in my shoulders and upper back get loose…my firm…pert…slightly upturned breasts rising up with each stretch and extension of my arms. I then began to slowly tilt my torso from side to side…stretching my taut…developed obliques…feeling the pull in my muscles. My taut contoured abs seemed almost molded from marble and were bordered at the bottom by my tight black shorts...feeling the collective beads of perspiration start to form on my tanned chest and back and begin to trickle down my skin!

In our first contest…I wore a black sports bra and black tight compression shorts. This time I decided I would spice things up and wear the same tight black shorts but this time I’d fight *******! I didn’t know if it would give me any sort of a fighting advantage but I figured if I sure as hell would distract him a little. I felt that a tiny loss of focus on his part would give me a better shot and offset the obvious advantage he had. The fact that I was doing it certainly wasn’t evoking ANY complaints from him! I knew it gave me a better shot because he always seemed to be super enamored with my **** anyway!

Hey…I needed to use ALL MY ASSETS to give myself the best chance to win this contest!

I walked over to him and I leaned my lips in right up against his ear and whispered in a low voice…

“I hope you’re UP for this”

The corners of my mouth turning up …forming a wide sarcastic grin… wide grin forming

“Seriously…you ready for this?” I asked…

“You better be!”

You gave me a smirk and responded…

“Bring it on!”

“My six pack is really starting to show…I’ve been eating right and staying off the Cerveza…just in anticipation of facing…YOU!!”

I smiled and said…

“Well then give me just a moment”

I then turned and walked away from you back to my bedroom...

But it was no ordinary “walk”…

Oh nooo!

Women have developed ways to get and keep a man's attention as we've evolved beyond the knuckle dragging stage of evolution most men seem to stay trapped in all their lives…and this “walk” I am talking about…is one of those…“Ways”. A real “man-melting” stride…turns more than just heads…

It turns men ON!

Odds are…you girls out there have seen “The Walk” or are already doing it yourself without realizing the unbelievably AWESOME power that it gives you over guys! It's a slightly tamer…SFW (suitable for work) version of the Victoria's Secret model strut. Your head is up…shoulders are back…and you LEAD with your *****!

You heard me!

Oh Yeahhh!

The procedure is really simple and will help you become a kick-ass seductive expert in absolutely no time! All you need is a mirror…a little practice…and an ATTITUDE! Just follow these few simple steps…and you’ll be a evil seductive Goddess like me in practically no time…

Set your chin facing slightly down. Don’t hang or droop your head…try and act like you have one of those invisible threads attached at the top of your head that holds it up. Also…if you are able to keep your chin tilted down slightly…with your eyes…front…it will help make it seem you really have a bit of attitude!

Keep your eyes fixed on a point…and for God’s sake…do NOT look around you! Work to retain a laser-like focus on where you are going…always looking alert and at attention! Target something in your mind…call up some imagery of it…something that gives you purpose…and trust me…the look in your eyes will REALLY show the conviction…the aura of confidence that surrounds you!

Stand the **** up straight! Imagine that there is an invisible string holding you up from your spine to the top of your head. Keep your shoulders slightly back, and stand up as straight as you possibly can.

Place one foot in front of the other and walk with long confidant strides. Imagine that you are walking on a tight rope…keeping one foot in front of the other. This will allow your hips to swing from side to side in that classic “model” way. As you strut forward…try to project confidence with your walk.

Let your arms to hang free at your sides and try and keep your hands relaxed. You do not need to swing your arms quite as much as your body will naturally. Let your arms hang and swing only slightly. This will make you look cool…confidant and composed as you stride.

Get a rhythm down…a tempo…and keep it consistent with your step. When you practice…listen to some music with a strong beat…music that has an attitude. Make it something that you like while you are practicing strutting with your favorite…**** heels on.

Think flirty…almost borderline ****ty…confidant…as you step to a rhythm.

While you are stepping to the beat…remember to keep your shoulders back and body composed in the posture of a supermodel. BELIEVE that you really ARE a super model!

Walk like a predator down the catwalk! You girls KNOW what I’m talking about!

Remember this an acronym…

SWA…Strut With Attitude!

So there you have it…another public service announcement from your friendly neighborhood catfight/**** writer and Pulitzer Prize winner!

I went back to the bedroom…as I walked back I found myself in a really erotically charged DAZE! I went to the bedroom closet and retrieved two pairs of red…6 oz. Reyes boxing gloves…nothing particularly special…just my ordinary boxing gloves…my usual “weapons of choice”…that were usually meant for “working out”…but in my case…more often used for a workout of a DIFFERENT kind! I was really curious what his reaction would be when he saw them.

The last contest we had we didn’t wear gloves. It wasn’t like I felt gloves would help me or give me some sort of advantage…I think I simply wanted to gauge his reaction as I walked back with them as guys generally have a “thing” for girls and boxing gloves.

I watched him carefully…and I could tell he could BARELY keep his cool as I walked back into the workout room…wearing only my tight black shorts…my firm shapely breasts barely jiggling! I was taller than him… and lean at 5’ 9” with perky…upturned B-cup breasts…slim hips…and a beautifully tight…to DIE-for…ASS!!

In between was a set of muscled abs that I KNEW was making him go absolutely CRAZY inside with DESIRE…a skin-covered three-pack with just a hint of muscle definition…complete with a deep-set naval that was just begging him to PUNCH it!

I also found my own arousal peaking as my eyes drifted up and down his 5’ 6” 145 pound frame…his muscular V-shaped torso flowing so sensually…so smoothly into his own…inviting…oh so “lickable”…six-pack abs…my mind filling with thoughts of my long wet **** tongue skipping over the contours of his hard **** tummy! His washboard abs literally sliced his stomach into six bricks…ribboned on both sides by sharply toned obliques. The thoughts causing my tongue to emerge between my full…dry lips and begin a slow…seductive movement along first my upper lip…and then down and back across my full lower lip! I could literally feel my knuckles hit his awesome…to “die for” tummy…imagining them twisting against the skin-covered …tight hard…muscle!


I was LOSING IT all ready!


I then smiled…finally snapping out of it and composing myself…responding…

“So…are we going to just take turns with our right hands like last time?”

Then I snickered…

“Oh wait…last time I think you CHEATED and made me use my left hand all the time!”

I snickered and looked at you…noticing I was getting the desired reaction and as your face turned red and I got a very distinct glare from you!

“Or are we going to just have an old fashioned boxing match…and keep the punches restricted to the body?”

“Oh wait…if we have a real boxing match…that means we’d be moving around a lot…and at your age…you might pull a hammy or something and I don’t want you to have an excuse when I BEAT you…LOL!”

I shuddered with pleasure as I watched a wide grin come over his face…then the grin changed to a smirk as he gently pushed me away…his palms planting themselves on my sternum just above my breasts as he gave me a gentle push! He then SLAMMED his right fist into his left palm with a loud resounding SMACK!!


He was ready to fight!

That made two of us!

My ears perked up as I heard him say…

“Well…first off…you can toss those gloves in the corner!”

“We HARDLY need those…now do we?”

“We sure didn’t need them the LAST time!”

I felt the corners of my mouth turn up in a wry …**** smile…my large…dark brown eyes twinkling as I nodded to him affirmatively…tossing the two pairs of gloves back over my shoulder and letting out with a loud…sadistic laugh…listening to his own loud laugh as I did!

He then stepped in front of me…us both staring into one another’s eyes for a moment…my bare sweaty chest heaving…my hard...erect…pink ******* almost grazing his well-defined pecs…

A grin came over my full lips as I whispered…

“I’ll let you go first…age before beauty”

As we moved in closer to each other…Dunnie stepped up to me and extended his right arm…casually letting his right forefinger extend…first gently touching…and then letting the tip of his right forefinger glide across the rippled muscles of my flexed stomach. It was a very hot day and the tip of his finger glided slowly…so seductively…effortlessly…through the thin film of glistening sweat that covered my tanned skin. I felt the sinewy muscles of my tight…hard…tummy instinctively flex and tighten at his sensual touch. A lightning bolt of a shiver shot up my spine as I let a soft moan recklessly escape over my full…dry…parched lips. 

We each agreed that we’d begin with our left fist…we’d then switch to our right. We’d switch hands until the fight was over. We also agreed to fight standing and the first one to his or her knees would be declared the loser.

Simple enough…HUH?

As we began…he stepped back right in front of me again…the toes of our bare feet almost touching…sending a sensation like a jolt of electricity up my spine. I flexed my abs again…tightening them instinctively…the sinewy muscle definition so clearly evident now under my tight glistening skin…the thin coating of perspiration seemingly acting like a sort of magnifier that enhanced every muscle and every nuance of my hard tummy.

I reached my arms behind my back and clasped my hands behind me as our eyes locked. I glanced down and watched my breasts rise and fall…my small pink ******* growing more pointed and erect as he stared at me. My breathing began to accelerate in anticipation of him hitting me! 

I started to grit my teeth in anticipation…a smile beginning to form on my lips as I did but he squashed that with a VICIOUS right uppercut to my lower belly…flush against my navel but seemingly so dangerously close to my *****!!



My mouth formed a beautifully perfect “O” as my long brunette hair head whipped forward…my tall frame bending over his fist like I was a broken puppet…the loud WHOOSH of the air leaving my lungs and flowing over my lips…a sound eerily reminiscent of air leaving an inflated tire!

I saw the fist before I heard the sound. I guess I froze as his big…hard fist smacked me right in the center of my stomach…just above my navel but below the solar plexus!! The punch was very solid…it pushed me back a step and I let out with a grunt as the air left my lungs…the searing…burning pain spreading like a wildfire throughout my abs!



I managed to let my eyes drop down…just in time to watch his bare knuckles DIG into my taut…flesh-covered muscle! I felt the air partially leave my lungs…flowing over my lips…but I wasn’t weakened so much that I wasn’t able to plant my long sleek legs and lock my knees so they would buckle…even as the pain rapidly spread throughout my midsection! The punch definitely HURT big time…make no ******* mistake about that…I felt like my ******* tummy was on FIRE! I was really lucky it impacted my body just above my solar plexus…otherwise…this contest might just already be OVER!

I was still in the fight…and now it was MY turn!

I gritted my pearly-white teeth so hard I thought for a moment they might SHATTER as I struggled to straighten back up! I decided I’d toss in a “surprise” of my own as I wasted no time feinting a left aimed at his face! When he instinctively raised his arms in anticipation (he had no reason to do so as this was a belly punching contest…but I never said I was above making him think I’d CHEAT…besides…its just human instinct to do that and I was going to take advantage of it). Besides…he sure as hell hit me when I wasn’t ready so turnabout is fair play! I then dropped my right shoulder…TWISTING my torso from left to right and DROVE a right uppercut to his hard…muscled lower belly…my fist SLAMMING right on his navel with a resounding…big wet SMACK!



Nothing at that moment could have peaked my arousal MORE…than hearing him GRUNT out as my bare fist SLAMMED into his **** six-pack of a tummy!

It may not hurt him much at this early juncture of the contest…but I was pretty DAMN sure it did surprise him…errr…a little…

…And it DAMN sure made me feel GOOD…REALLY GOOD!

I could tell the blow HURT as he was breathing heavier and his face was getting flushed. I backed off to give him a chance to recover…as he had given me the same “professional” courtesy. I was breathing heavier too…A LOT HEAVIER…but not because I was getting tired. The idea of dominating his belly…and subsequently…him…gave me a huge…almost electric adrenaline rush…and I needed to pace myself so I could stretch out his agony for as long as possible…

…Above all…it gave me more time to recover…

Unless my agony consumed me that is!

I also had to be careful as to NOT FORGET the last time he and I did this…

I set my jaw, clenching my pearly-white teeth tightly…feeling my tall athletic frame forced by the brunt force of the blow to fold a bit over his arm and fist…my now weakened legs shaking as the burning searing…pain seemed to fan out flowing throughout and filling my tummy…spreading briefly like a raging…hot…forest fire…an uncontrollable blaze that threatened to almost MELT through my skin!! 

He seemed to hold his punch in much longer than first one as I felt his bare knuckles grind into my wet…slick skin! He twisted his torso behind the blow as he delivered the punch to the same spot as before…which seemed like a pretty smart move on his part…working on an already “weakened” area! I didn’t have much as much of an air reserve as I would have liked…but I was able to clench my abs and flex my stomach pretty tight! I am really proud of my abs and I was able to keep them tightened in spite of the force of his punch. Again I watched his fist dig into my flesh and I felt my torso bend over at the waist over his arm. My arms flew out from my sides to balance me as I felt my legs spread apart more and my knees try and buckle but by some ******* miracle…I was able to hold them firm!



He backed up a step…raising his eyebrows in what appeared to be a shocked expression. He seemed to be mouthing…

“Oh Fuck!”

He then took a deep breath as and clasped his hands behind his back …spreading his legs about shoulder width…taking a long…slow deep breath as he got ready…

I decided I’d be a smart ass and said…


He slowly nodded his head up and down…gritting his teeth…

I matched that by gritting my own teeth and fighting through the searing pain in my abs…slowly taking a few deep breaths…

I maintained my smile and my large dark eyes never left his as I spread my legs apart about shoulder width. I watched as Dunnie bit down on his lower lip…his hands going behind his back as he took a long…slow deep breath…clasping his hands together tightly…smiling as he spread his legs apart a bit to try and give himself more support for what was coming… 

I wanted to wipe that silly smile off his face!

I wasted little time and just UNLOADED…SLAMMING my left fist like a sledgehammer into his belly!! I TWISTED my knuckles as they hit the hard…rippling...skin covered muscle of his abs just above his navel…my small hard bicep expanding as my clenched fist hit home…my torso TWISTING behind the blow…my forearm muscles uncoiling like steel springs as I uppercut his belly HARD with a loud SMA!!


The air flowed from his mouth and over his lips in a loud…audible WHOOSH!! His knees shook for a moment and for a brief instant I thought he might go down…but…


He somehow straightened his buckling legs and locked then…holding his ground!! He gasped and coughed and his hands came up and in as he tightly clutched his throbbing burning abs…his face red…flushed…contorted!!


I could tell that punch really HURT…although I was arrogant enough that I couldn’t BELIEVE it didn’t drop his **** ****…

He breathed heavily through his clenched teeth…his face red…contorted in pain! I backed off to give him a chance to recover since he had done the same for me earlier (see…who says I’m not FAIR?). I was breathing heavier too…but not because I was getting tired

I really felt so good about the punch!!


Until I saw that he was not going to drop to his knees!

I watched as Dunnie ever so slowly straightened up…rising almost like a Phoenix from the ashes. Once he straightened up…he didn’t waste any time as he tried to surprise me…suddenly stepping into me and DRIVING his right fist HARD into my naval! His hard knuckles stung as they smacked loudly against my sweaty skin…feeling an intense pressure suddenly fill my insides as he twisted his chiseled torso behind the blow!!


I doubled up and just simply SUFFERED in my belly! MY GAWD…the pain was EXCRUCIATING and seemed to fill my abs! I doubled over and spread my legs apart to balance myself…wanting to drop down to my knees so BADLY! I WHEEZED as my eyes widened…feeling my lungs empty of all the air that they held!! I felt SQUEAMISH…NAUSEOUS…thinking I might PUKE my guts up but somehow I kept it together letting my tall frame slowly take in as much air as it could. My body trembled and my knees bent slightly…but I REFUSED to let them buckle completely!

I sure as HELL wasn’t done quite yet!

Suddenly I heard Dunnie yell out…


…and I suddenly felt the anger flow through my body at warp speed!! I felt the adrenaline pump from my heart and fill my body…giving me the strength to slowly straighten up and let my large dark eyes meet his…watching as his eyes widened!! His mouth dropped open and the look on his face was unmistakable!! I just knew he was thinking…

“How is she STILL FUCKING standing?”

I thought to myself…

That arrogant ******* BASTARD!

At that point…I'm standing there with my mouth open…my arms limp at my sides…breathless…stunned…seemingly helpless…

Then I finished straightening up…


Part 2

My arms continued to hang almost lifelessly at my sides…my head swimming! My anger then suddenly began to take me over…body and SOUL! The burning…agonizing pain that filled my insides for what seemed like an ETERNITY...was just TOO MUCH! I started to feel the sensation of the long slender fingers of my right hand start to curl tightly into my hand…feeling my fingertips…the short nails of my fingers…almost CUT into the soft…sensitive skin of my palm! I wanted to drive my right fist straight through his body and grab hold of his spine and SNAP IT!

Now it was MY turn!!

Dunnie took a long…deep breath and began to ready himself…sliding his arms back behind his back and clasped his hands together tightly. I watch as he set his square jaw and gritted his teeth tightly together…flexing the muscles of his tight tummy…watching them pull in and reveal the awesome…****…definition as it became evident! 

I finally gave in to my desires and released any inhibitions that I had…feeling my right forearm and right shoulder muscles uncoil…my small…hard bicep expanding as I twisted my torso and SLAMMED my right knuckles into his belly button with all the FORCE I could muster…lifting my tall frame up…almost on my toes…my body twisting behind the punch!!


Dunnie grunted out in agony as he immediately doubled over…his face almost hitting my right arm…the loud WHOOSH of the air evacuating his lungs…feeling it flow across my bare chest…my stiff…erect ******* tingling as the warm air flowed across the plump…pink skin!!! 

His body slowly fell against mine as his weakened knees continued to buckle…his head…spinning…swimming…his lips suddenly smacking against the wet…slick skin between my heaving breasts…

I felt his warm gasps of breath flay out over my perspiration coated ****…his face suddenly pressing tightly between my two heaving ****…his partially unshaven face…scraping along the soft skin of my breasts…

I glanced down…my tall frame suddenly shuddering …the sensation of his moist lips…the presence of his long…wet…pink tongue suddenly emerging between his lips….

I shuddered as his tongue glided down through the thin…wet sheen of perspiration that coated the taut slick skin of my rippling abs…

His body begin its slow drop to what I HOPED would be to his knees…his forehead leaning against my tummy…just below my navel…

I could feel his warm gasps of breath as they left his dry…parched lips just opposite the soft…wet…mushy folds of skin of my labial lips…

Then suddenly…my wish wasn’t granted…

Dunnie somehow locked his knees and stayed UP!!


I glanced down and as I gazed down between my pert…shapely…glistening…heaving breasts…the stiff…tingling …erect pinkish *******…I saw his eyes look up at mine…his body slowly rising up as he pushed up with his legs…my own large dark brown eyes widening as…

I thought I had BEATEN him!

His body slowly began to rise up against mine…

And I knew…this thing wasn’t over yet!

His body slowly rose…inch by inch…and as he got to his feet…I felt my pert upturned **** rub against his rock hard sweaty pecs…and my tall frame just SHUDDERED…

Then I heard him mutter…

“ I hope you like what I brought with me as I got up…BOTCH!”

Suddenly…I saw his right fist draw back and I barely had enough time to flex…to tighten my abs when he UNLOADED (I know what you pervs are thinking…not THAT type of unloaded!)…

His right fist SLAMMED into my lower abs…right between my navel and the waistband of my tight black shorts…with a loud…wet…SMACK!


I felt the impact of his hard clenched fist….the hard knuckles SLAM and then GRIND…TWIST against the skin covered muscle of those abs of mine I was so ******* proud of…



The air left my lungs as I fell against his body…then something came over me and I drew back my left hand…felt the fingers of that hand curl tightly into my palm …and I almost instinctively DROVE my left fist into his taut six-pack…feeling the air flow over his lips and flow over my bare…wet shoulder…


Our bodies collapsed together…and we both pulled each other to the floor in a heap…

My head was swimming…my eyes seeing flashes…my body seemingly almost NUMB…and it was then I found my tall athletic frame stretched out on top of his as we both lay prone on the floor…both of us struggling to catch our breath…

I noticed I was on top because I felt a rather large…HARD...bulge pressing UP between my ***********…and…well…

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