Harper's Awakening 7 by Michelle

Hello…I’m Harper…and I’m a fitness addict!  Did I say I was a *** addict too?  

I bet that GOT your attention…didn’t it?

I’m REALLY GOOD …so pay attention….

I had just had my weekly boxing training session with my trainer…Joe…affectionately known as the “Marquis De Sade”…Who had put me on his own personal version of the “rack”. I now know what it felt like to be alive during the Spanish Inquisition and be a Jew or Muslim and unwilling to convert! 

Joe is a bit of a warped dude anyway. He has this poster up in the gym that says,

"Zombies Hate Fast Food!"

And it shows a picture of some zombies chasing someone in work out gear….

I mean…is that fucked up or what?

I suppose there are many ways to get motivated to work out but nothing makes things as easy for me as a heavy dose of humor can…that and SEX (yeah I know I have a problem…don’t remind me…the problem is I am getting a lot and you’re just JEALOUS because YOU AREN'T GETTING ANY...


SO…DEAL WITH IT…I’ll stop here on the ***…



If a work out is fun…and believe it or not…in my eyes…they are FUN…and SEXY…

Yeah I know I have brought SEX up three times already…lets try for six times…shall we?

…Then I’m way more likely to find more reasons to WORK OUT and less excuses not to buy a plane ticket to Puerto Vallerta, Mexico and lay on the beach in my bikini drinking margaritas…


Anyway…Joe had put me through the proverbial “ringer”. We’re talking medieval **** here…

Real Wrath of God Stuff (OK…I may be exaggerating now)…

I NEEDED my Mommy!

I was in so much pain…I was so sore…I needed the stuff junkies take when it takes a policeman 15 bullets to put him down! Then I’d feel like…Maybe…FUCKING ONE TENTH BETTER!

My body was just simply EXHAUSTED from head to toe!

He had put me through a two hour-long grueling workout…then he decided I needed to spar a GUY for five rounds!!

Joe did cut me a little slack…he let us wear gloves when we sparred!

A friend emailed me the following list of things you NEVER want to hear your trainer say when you’re working out…TRUST ME!

I thought I’d share them with you…so without further adieu…I present the official…

“Workout of Death List”

1) “Let’s try this. I just made it up in my head when I was doing some cocaine.”

2) “Ready for some fun?” (Usually followed by a set of one hundred “super fun” push-ups with him sitting on your back!)

3) “I think you’re ready for more weight (its at this point he calls a guy over to help him lift up the “extra weight he was talking about adding to the bar).”

4) “We did this exercise in the class I taught this morning…and only two people died.”

5) “Now remember…If you don’t have PERFECT form on this you’ll ******* DISLOCATE your shoulder.”

6) “How hard do you want to work?” (Usually followed by a workout somewhere in the range of TOTALLY impossible to me passing out in less than ten minutes in)

7) “Wow. I was just kidding. I’ve never had a client do that many and LIVE.”

8) “This one will really engage your core. That last one was just practice.”

“You don’t look so good. Only do fifty more.”

9) “This ball was made so that it doesn’t bounce. I want you to dribble it for ten minutes…if you mess up…you get to run laps.”

10) “Oh and Michelle…it’s NOT something for you to roll your ***** down against until you have an ******…OK?”

11) “I’ve never tried this one before! You’re going to be my guinea pig!”

12) “Are you really crying?”

13) “Jesus H Christ you WUSS...Should I call 911?”

14) “Hand me those paddles...CLEAR!”

I rest my case your honor…


After my “Bataan Death March” of a workout…I take a quick shower…for whatever reason…I have no earthly idea other than I just ******* needed to cool off a bit as my body was EN FEUGO! I say that because you KNOW you’re tired when it even HURTS to take a God Damn shower! 


I step out of the shower and then wrap a large white towel around my body because as we all know…I am EXTREMELY modest!

Hey I REALLY am! 

Come on now!! 

I AM!!

I wrap it tightly around my body just above my breasts and begin my trek down the hall to the sauna room…my bare wet feet leaving perfect footprints on the floor as I walk.

To me…nothing feels more awesome after my workout than stretching my body out and spending some time just basking in a hot…steamy…soothing sauna! A short sauna visit is like having a DIFFERENT type of massage but with the same end result…that being to help relax those tired aching muscles and help make you feel better. When you go into a sauna…you're basically sweating out all the nasty impurities and toxins…and all those just plain old noxious…nasty…*******…**** that is in your body…and forcing it out of you! It cleanses your pores…helps loosen your tight aching muscles and awakens your senses like NOTHING else!

It’s kind of like hot sweaty ***…but you don’t have to MOVE nearly as much!


Now I know many of you have heard a few different things…as I have… about how it's bad to sit in the dry sauna after a workout because your bodies sweats out a lot of the good nutrients you need and it could be sabotaging you by inhibiting your bodies ability to recover.

Who is spreading all this **** anyway?

That Dr. Oz PUTZ?


I assure you no offense was meant (sort of) but I do know what feels GOOD…

So PLEASE don’t tell me that after one of your few workouts…that there was that ONE TIME…that you FUCKED yourself in the sauna when you were ALL BY YOURSELF! 


YOU TOO Oprah!!

Come on Scribbler!! PULL UP THAT ZIPPER!!


I’m sorry…I got carried away! 

Now…back to my story!

Also…if I were REALLY LUCKY…I’d find myself ALL ALONE in that steam room after my shower! If I was REALLY LUCKY to find myself in that position…then I planned on sitting back and sliding my hand down between my thighs and rubbing myself… working to feel the immense ****** pleasure of teasing my ***** and **** amid those warm…soothing clouds of steam. I simply loved the thought of letting my long slender fingers probe and tease my moist labial lips…getting them soaking wet…spreading the soft mushy folds of skin apart…getting them really wet…spreading my lips and ultimately letting my fingertips glide over my white-hot ****. I would rub my fingers over it…feel it swell…its warmth increasing…make it pulsate and throb! 

GAWD I’m already becoming SUPER AROUSED just thinking about it!




It was now time to get down to BUSINESS!

I opened the sauna room door and walked in…turning the steam on as

I stopped and looked around…noticing to my delight that the room was EMPTY!

I whispered to myself…


I have never considered myself a really MODEST person…but when I am in just the RIGHT mood to lay in the sauna and FUCK myself…I prefer to do it all by my lonesome…

Don’t you?


I laid my white towel on the wet tile bench and stretched my tall frame out on it. I lay on my tummy as I felt my firm breasts flatten out against the cool slick tile under me. I listened to the light hissing sound as the billowing white clouds of steam began to fill the room and my body began to perspire profusely from the increasing temperature and the humid moisture laden air. I reached up and pulled my hair up on top of my head…and then I brought my arms back down under me and crossed them…using them as a pillow as I laid my head on my forearms…turning my head to one side. I took a long…slow deep breath and began to wriggle my ***** against the warm wet tile…purring softly.


After a few moments of peaceful solitude…I suddenly heard a sound I had hoped I wasn’t going to hear today…

…That of the sauna room door OPENING! 

But all was not lost as a girl I had seen earlier out on the gym floor walked in.

And she was NUDE!


I had noticed her when we both were working out and I just COULD NOT take my eyes off of her! She was about 5’9” tall…shoulder length…slightly wavy…dark brown hair…lean with blue eyes. I had admired her body outside on the gym floor but in here I got to see it in all its glory...


Her tall athletic body was very toned and her firm shapely breasts instantly made my **** just PULSATE and THROB!


Her breasts weren’t what I'd call "centerfold" big but their shape was SO PERFECT…SHAPELY…NICELY ROUNDED. It was as if they had almost been chiseled from marble (OK…Fuck It…She WAS centerfold perfect…and much MORE on her **** later). Her areolas were small…barely the size of nickels and I noted her pink ******* were plump and erect…seeming to literally EXPLODE from the center of her areolas (They were “Oh MY Fucking God Yummy!”). She had a ****…flat stomach that showed some really nice abdominal definition. She had at least a 3 or 4-pack…nothing extreme but it was enough that it had me almost moaning!

That and I freely admit I would have LOVED to have an ab-punching contest with her right on the spot!

And yes…you’re DAMN right I just said that about a complete STRANGER!


See what I mean about me…

I was already…in just the FIRST minute of seeing her…sizing her up for how she’d do in a FIGHT against me!

That…and how well our bodies would fit together when we hopefully fucked our brains out!



I could ALMOST feel my fingers gliding over the sensual rippled definition in her taut tanned tummy…the texture of the well-developed muscles under the tanned skin. If you can’t already tell…I have a HUGE thing for tight tummies…

…and her abs were a true WORK OF ART…I mean…REAL Michelangelo stuff! They were not too muscular but just enough to say “SEXY” in BIG capital letters! 

I noticed she saw me looking at her…my eyes moving up and down her **** body from head to toe. At some point in our mutual “LustFest”…our eyes finally met and she flashed that world-class smile of hers.

My God what a SEXY smile it was!

I was hoping she was reading my mind…sizing me up and fantasizing how she’d do in a FIGHT against ME! I was HOPING…PRAYING…she wanted to wrap our tall wet glistening bodies together…WISHING she wanted to thrust our wet labial lips against each others…eager to want to bring our wanting lips together and let our long wet **** tongues wrap around each other’s and wrestle together in our hot…almost molten mouths…our lips coming together…melding in an almost moist…sensual embrace as we started kissing each other deeply…passionately! My mind was going a mile a minute…filled with thoughts and visuals that almost defied description…imagining how I’d do against her…how she’d feel against me…the sensation of our sweaty…wet skin rubbing together…FUCCKKK!


Oh...and in case you were wondering…and I KNOW YOU WERE…I also wanted to FUCK HER BRAINS OUT!

But I bet you already KNEW that I bet…



She sat down on the tile bench and leaned back against it…her tanned skin streaked with the collective beads of glistening perspiration. She took a long…deep…slow…almost sensual breath…her shapely **** rising up as she inhaled. My eyes just stayed fixated on the her PERFECT breasts…the most perfect pair my young life had been privileged to partake of to that point (my apologies to my girlfriend Samantha…she knows she’s my number one Goddess! It’s okay Sam…please chalk my actions up to temporary INSANITY!).

I doubt Michelangelo COULD have carved a better pair than hers…although mine were pretty DAMN AWESOME if I DO say so…


As she sat down on the tile-covered bench across the steam room from me…I couldn’t help but STARE! I make no apologies for it either and I planned on doing some MORE SERIOUS STARING…as ONLY I can do BEST…of course! She leaned back against the wall…head tilted back and facing upwards…her blue eyes closed…deeply inhaling the warm soothing vapors as her chest expanded…then fell back as she slowly and sensually exhaled…her long dark hair…wet and matted…dangled down over her bare wet glistening shoulders. The room continued to fill with the billowing white steamy mist…tentacles of steam caressing her glistening skin…almost seeming to curl around her firm rounded breasts…enveloping them. She suddenly opened her eyes and looked across the small space and saw me lying on the tile bench. Our eyes met and she gave me a sly little smile that was just SO SEXY…then she tilted her head back and inhaled deeply again.

I was laying on my tummy…my head resting on my arms as I gazed over at her. She then slowly opened her eyes…lowered her head and looked across at me…our gazes meeting again through a nearly clear opening in the cloudy mist.

“Hard workout HUH?”

She said…

“Oh yeah…but I NEEDED it” …I responded.

“I’m pretty sore and wore out right now though…I’ll REALLY pay for it tomorrow”

She smiled at me…her blue eyes seeming to almost light up as the stared at me through the light mist and fog that separated us.

“When we were out on the gym floor…I saw you working on the heavy bag in the corner. You sure looked like you were on a mission as hard and as fast as you were hitting that thing.”

“I’m pretty sure you beat that heavy bag by a TKO though!”

I said back…

“Well…as sore and as beat as I feel…I’d be hard pressed to say I won ANYTHING!”

“I do have a much better left jab than that bag has…even though it can take a punch pretty well!”

She laughed out loud…and then smiled that gorgeous…**** smile of hers and said…

“You sound like you NEED a massage as bad as I do”

I grinned…

“Oh God I’d LOVE ONE…the muscles in my back and neck are so tense and just seem to be ******* in knots!”

I thought to myself after I said that to her….

“Yeah…and I’d LOVE to tie my tall body in knots around YOURS BABY…MMMMM!”

I ALMOST said to her….

”Want to go 2 falls out of 3?”

But I resisted…FOR THE MOMENT!”

WOW…I was losing it quicker than normal…I think I had already shifted my libido into 5th GEAR!!

I wasn’t sure why I said that but I was already SO aroused looking at her…I guess the thought of her hands rubbing my back and shoulders was something I couldn’t resist and I was already fantasizing about her…in all sorts of ways!


But now…was it all about to become MORE than just a fantasy?

Maybe I wasn’t quite as exhausted from my intense workout as I thought I was…I think I was starting to feel myself getting my SECOND WIND!





Can’t a girl suddenly get HORNY?



Our gazes then locked together and we just looked at one another…not speaking for a few moments…then her eyes seemed to light up and twinkle as she said…

“I have an idea…which may sound WEIRD at first…but hear me out…okay?”

Okay…when another girl says to me…

“May sound WEIRD at first…but hear me out”…

She DEFINITELY has 100% of MY attention…and that of MY CLIT!!

My eyes suddenly WIDENED and I decided it was “unveiling time” …time for me to make my MOVE! I shoved my arms up under me and pushed my bare torso up from the bench. As I did…the white towel dropping from my chest. I swung my legs off the bench and sat up…leaning back against the wet…warm…slick tile…adjusting my back against it…my eyes meeting hers as we both started to smile a little more…my heart pounding as my pert upturned breasts heaved with each labored breath.

I watched as the corners of her **** mouth turned up in a very sensual smile. She then tilted her head a bit to the side…gazing into my eyes and licking her lips SO SENSUALLY…before saying to me…

“What if I massage YOU and then…YOU massage ME?”

“I know it sort of sounds forward but…I mean…we have known each other now for at least…oh…what…10 minutes?”

We both laughed when she said that…

“…And so…you’ve seen MY ****…I’ve seen YOURS…so its like we’re old friends…Right?”

“Besides… I think we both could use a great massage”

“God knows I sure can!”

“And I am really glad I can see your **** now” she said with a wide grin…her long pink tongue sliding between her full lips and ever so slowly…sensually…dragging along her upper lips…leaving a swath of her glistening saliva. She then paused a moment before dragging her tongue ever so slowly along her lower lip.

I smiled…my head tilting back against the wall…deeply inhaling the soothing vapors of warm moist steam that filled the room as I let my eyes slowly close. I then reached up with both hands…my chest rising and falling…my firm pert breasts covered with beads of perspiration that began collecting into snake-like trails that streaked down my bare torso. I let my hands come up and cup my glistening breasts…feeling the fingers of each of my hands spread wide as they glided up and over my pert upturned shapely orbs…my tingling ******* sliding between my long slender fingers. I felt the corners of my mouth turn up a little as my eyes slowly began to open again. The warm humid air immediately began teasing my stiff…pink…tingling ******* as I began squirming with arousal on the tile bench. I started wriggling my back against the wet tile wall…taking a few long…slow…deep breaths before I said to her with a sly grin…

“Well…we’ve seen each other’s ****…so it only seems appropriate that we either give each other a massage or we MOVE IN together I guess”

“I suggest we try the massage first”

She grinned…then we both shared a loud laugh and those deep blue **** eyes of hers just seemed to get bigger and sexier with each passing moment…before she finally said…

“And your breasts are WAY sexier than I imagined them when I saw you working out on the gym floor”

“You don’t mind me saying that…do you?”


I watched as she squirmed a bit and leaned her bare back against the wall…

“No…not at all…thank you!”

“And you are VERY attractive and have a GREAT body too…I hope that isn’t too forward of me to say either?”

Oh **** I can’t believe I SAID THAT!

HOLY SHIT...I’m showing her my TITS!

I’ve officially…LOST IT!

She smiled and said,

“God No…Not at all…Thank you very much!”

She then laughed out loud with the most wonderful…**** laugh I think I have EVER heard. She then leaned forward…her forearms resting on her thighs and said…

“I’ll tell you what…you lay on your tummy and I’ll rub your back…neck and shoulders first and then you can do mine.”

“Or DO ME”

“Sound like a plan?”

I said to myself…

“Oh Thank You GOD!”

I responded…

“You DON’T have to ask me twice!”

“To get the chance to DO YOU…that is”

We both laughed a little…gazing at one another for a moment. I didn’t waste any more time as I quickly got back down on the bench…turning over on my bare chest and abs. I stretched out my long legs behind me… and let the side of my head come down and rest on top of my folded arms…using them as sort of a pillow. As she got up and began walking over…I watched as the glistening sweat began beading up and trickling down from her collarbones…leaving glistening…jagged trails streaking down her chest…leaving gleaming trails on her pert upturned breasts. Large droplets hung perilously from those sensual erect ******* of hers like Christmas tree ornaments before falling to the tile floor below. Her tight contoured abs were streaked with jagged trails of shining perspiration and the thin wet sheen covering the sensual muscular definition seemed only to be magnified by the gleaming coating covering her tanned skin. Her long shapely legs looked almost ENDLESS…her toned arms hanging down her sides. She reached my side and lifted her left leg and climbed up on the bench…straddling me as she got on her knees on top of me with her ass pressing down my thighs. 

I could immediately feel the pulsating surges of arousal start flowing through my crotch as my libido kicked into yet ANOTHER gear! I squirmed a little…my wet ***** pressing down even tighter now against the wet…warm smooth tile as she lowered her weight down on me. She wriggled her body down against me…and I could tell…she knew EXACTLY what she was doing as she placed her weight down on JUST the RIGHT spot. I was already really wet and about to get wetter…but this felt SO GOOD as her weight was pressing down on me perfectly as I arched my lower back and began to RUB and GRIND…TWISTING my ***** tighter into the wet…slick tile…

My GAWD...I thought I was going to just CUM right there and she hadn’t even started rubbing my back yet!

I heard her whisper down to me…

“I’ll start on your lower back and work my way up…OK?”

I nodded and then heard her say…

“By the way…my name’s Parker”

“I just thought we should be more formally introduced since I am laying on your naked **** body”

I turned my head back over my shoulder for a moment and said,

“Nice to meet you Parker…my name’s Harper”

I felt her lean forward and let her palms press against my sore lower back…her long slender fingers beginning to press into my tight…aching muscles…digging her palms and fingers into my soft…wet slick skin. I moaned out a few times softly as it felt so unbelievably FUCKING GREAT! Her sensual hands began to glide up EVER so slowly and EVER so sensually along either side of my spine…her nimble fingers working just along either side of my backbone…pressing in and down…and then gradually working themselves out to the sides of my bare torso.

I said to myself…

“My GAWD this woman has GREAT hands!”

“I may start calling her “State Farm”…although I loved the name Parker a lot more!”

She applied just the right amount of pressure with her thumbs and fingers as she worked her way up and down my tired aching back. 

I truly was in Valhalla!

I rolled my shoulders a few times as I felt her work her hands deep into the muscles around my shoulder blades before her overly active fingers finally reached the base of my neck. Her firm yet **** hands digging into the tired…aching muscles of my shoulders and neck!

I swear I was in HEAVEN as I moaned softly…


Did I say I was really getting HOT…and that it didn’t have a DAMN THING TO DO with me being in the sauna?

I was getting more aroused by the minute as I twisted my ***** even further against the wet slick tile bench under me…squeezing the warm water up between the soft…wet…mushy folds of the skin of my labial lips…

I was REALLY HOPING...that she was noticing just how MUCH I was SQUIRMING under her…ROCKING my hips from side to side…

Then I felt her fingertips move delicately back down to the base of my neck…slowly feeling her fingertips begin to glide and out to the edge of my shoulders…squeezing into my tired muscles as her fingers moved outwards. When they reached the edge of my shoulders…she then let her nails begin grazing the soft sensitive skin of my sides as they traveled down my torso. I felt her fingertips rub over the sides of my breasts as they moved down and I shivered as they stopped and pressed for a few moments into the exposed sides of my ****…sinking into the supple breast flesh.

She knew JUST what she was doing and NO WAY was I going to resist…I was only hoping she WOULDN’T stop…


All I could think about was this REALLY UNCONTROLLABLE DESIRE to turn over and let her rub her hands and fingers all over my **** and abs…and BEG her to PLEASE TEASE my tingling throbbing *******…to PINCH then…TWIST them!


I then visualized my hands reaching up and rubbing her own heaving breasts…massaging the supple sensual flesh and teasing her plump pink *******…feeling my wetness growing still further between my thighs…almost as if a faucet had been turned on FULL open! 

OH NOW SHADDAP! You’re thinking the SAME things that I am so QUIT DENYING ITning!!


My God I was in HEAVEN!


After she made a few more “innocent” brushes across the sides of my breasts…her hands moved in towards my arched spine and began working their way further down to the small of my back again. She then took her right forefinger and…starting on the small of my back…slowly let her soft wet fingertip ever so gently…slowly…slide down between my firm tensed ass cheeks…her fingertip beginning to bury itself in the deep sensual crevice. I shivered and moaned softly as she pressed her finger a little more firmly as it crossed my ****. My body lurched a bit under her…but then she stopped her finger just before it reached my wet labial lips. My body quivered at her wonderfully sensual…soft…****** touch and I felt an almost tidal wave-like flow of goose bumps shoot up across my ass…then flow almost instantly up my back and shoulders and down my arms as she seemed to be touching me in JUST THE RIGHT WAY!

The fantasies I was having about her were simply running WILD in my head…filling it to the point to where I thought it might explode…or I might just CUM first! The fantasies were coming (no pun intended) so fast I could barely keep track of them! I thought about she and I boxing each other in some private ring somewhere or maybe even here in the sauna. I thought about us getting down on the floor and WRESTLING…our sinewy muscles FLEXING and STRAINING as we STRUGGLED as hard as we could to push ourselves in a joint exploration to find our ****** limits! Our tall…toned athletic bodies wrapped around each other’s…squeezing…fighting to make the other to submit! I fantasized about she and I in some LONG…EPIC…EROTIC *** fight…making each other CUM OVER AND OVER…AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!


GAWD I wanted to FUCKING SHOVE my long wet **** tongue between her legs and TEASE her **** and hear her SCREAM MY NAME OUT LOUD…BEGGING ME TO THRUST FASTER...DEEPER!! My thoughts were going a million miles a minute and I was so aroused I just couldn’t sort through them all…I couldn’t stop squirming…MOANING!

Yeah…my libido was REDLINING…AGAIN!!

She leaned forward…placing a hand on either side of my shoulders for support…and lowered her face down to my upper back. I could feel her warm gasps of breath as it spread out and flowed over my bare…wet…slick…back. She then dropped a few **** butterfly kisses between my shoulder blades as I moaned softly. Facing away from her…I let my arms relax at my sides but the muscles along my back and shoulders bunched up! They quickly tightened under my skin when she touched me with her fingertips and as the tip of her long wet **** tongue dragged down the center of my spine.

I moaned and purred softly as I truly felt I had died and gone to Heaven…


She leaned down and whispered in my ear…

“Harper…you have SUCH a **** back!”  

“Your shoulders are really toned and taut…I LOVE the muscle development in them!”  

“GAWD I REALLY LOVE that in another woman so much!!”

“It tells me that how she looks is VERY IMPORTANT to her!”

“God your back just drives me FUCKING WILD Harper!!”

“Your skin…the muscles…FUCK!!”

“Oh…and did I say I just LOVED your tight…**** little ass too?”

I laughed a little and said back…

“No…but I’ll give you thirty minutes to quit!”

After she had finished massaging my shoulders and neck…she leaned her torso forward…bending over me…her bare breasts and her hard plump pink ******* rubbing against the wet slick skin of my back. She rocked her shoulders slowly from side to side and let her stiff ******* drag back and forth along the wet skin of my back…the pink plumpish skin of my ******* gliding through the thin film of perspiration that coated my tanned skin. She lowered her head…moved her lips up alongside my right ear and whispered in a low raspy voice…

“I’m going to lift my ass up off you…why don’t you turn over and let me DO your front?”

I thought to myself…

”Now THAT’S what I’m talking about!”

I could hear the excitement in her voice and as I offered up NO resistance to her…she mustered the courage to go for more and I was right there with her. 

"Go ahead…Roll over and I will DO your front” …she whispered.

I felt her weight lift up off me as her ass came up. I then…without speaking a word and as if on cue… I shifted my own weight to the side and began turning over on my back. As I slowly rolled over onto my back…I felt my wet **** lift up off the warm…wet…slick tile…my hard stiff ******* giving the slick surface one last “kiss” before I turned over on my back and settled in under her. She then let her ass come down gently on the front of my thighs…straddling me as she sat up on top of me…her legs folded back up under her ass. My eyes widened as I watched her delicate hands drop down on my thighs… her nails slowly sliding down over my now goose bump covered skin…then dropping down a bit…dragging over the soft moist skin of my inner thighs. I shuddered as she moved her hands over me like a skilled surgeon…letting them slide up towards my wet…soft…mushy labial lips. A sly mischievous grin came over her full **** lips as she suddenly raised her hands up and then let them drop down to my lower tummy…just below my navel. She then let her right forefinger begin drawing a circle on the perspiration-coated skin surrounding my navel. I felt my pulse rate quicken as I saw corners of her **** mouth began turning up in a ****…almost impish grin as her soft nimble fingertips began rubbing and pressing into my tensed muscled abs. I flexed my abs…tightening the skin-covered muscles as much as I could so she could feel the firmness and the muscle development under her fingertips as they literally skipped over the contours of my tightened tummy…just knowing that would only arouse her even MORE!

I felt her lean her torso down over me as she bent forward…feeling her stiff ******* brush across my own as she gently rocked her shoulders a little from side to side…sending sensual jolts throughout my body…then she leaned her face closer to mine and whispered…

“I have to be honest with you…nothing turns me on as much as a tight tummy and yours is SO AWESOME!” 


“They are SO firm! FUCK I just shiver when my fingers rub and press into them!”

“MY GAWD…the flesh feels SO GOOOD!”

“GAWD your small ******* are so damn ****…FU…FUCKKK!”

She giggled as she flicked my right ****** back and forth with the forefinger of her right hand…then rubbing her fingertip over the tip of it in a slow circular motion…

“When I see and feel a really toned and well-defined core…that to me…shows a lot of dedication…and it also tells me this is someone VERY ****!”   “We girls who work out REALLY try to have a strong…toned mid-section…but very damn FEW of us ever succeed in getting one”  

“GAWD your oblique muscles are JUST UNBELIEVABLE TOO”

“You have to let me know your workout secrets…or maybe I’ll just MASSAGE them out of you if you won’t tell me!”

I whispered back to her…


Her blue eyes twinkled as she spoke and I could see the arousal in them…and I’m pretty sure she could see it in mine too!

She kept letting her fingertips literally “Do the Walking” as she teased my abs…

God what a cool Yellow Pages commercial this would be!

The soft sensual pads of her fingertips glided across my flexed tummy…her **** eyes gazing down into mine…our broad smiles matching each other’s…

I was getting wetter and wetter as she spoke…and I had a birds-eye view of her own AWESOME tummy and if ANYTHING was world class…hers sure was!

I stared in awe at what was hanging above me. Those beautiful…full…firm perky breasts…her pinkish-brown ******* almost pointing up as her perfect orbs literally seemed to be defying gravity and reaching to the heavens…or at the very least….”My Personal “Heaven”. They were simply the “topping” to that oh so **** flat…muscled stomach and slender waist that I would love to call “dessert”…after a “main course” that consisted of the rest of her body!

She was SO just drop-dead FUCKING SEXY!

She was pushing ALL my buttons…I only wished I had more buttons!

Her chest just MESMERIZED me! I’ll describe her breasts again as I just can’t help myself…besides…it just turns me on MORE and MORE to do so! I didn’t really need words…as I KNOW how much my **** was THROBBING and TINGLING without words…but I will use them anyway!

Her firm upturned ****…their incredibly PERFECT shapeliness…THE FULLNESS! Her **** setting so high on her heaving chest…those breasts that were so beautifully rounded…topped with almost rose petal soft areola that were a pinkish light brown in color…their size barely the diameter of a nickel…with those plump…pinkish…fully-erect ******* literally ERUPTING…almost EXPLODING from their center in a way words cannot fully describe. Only the intensity of the THROBBING in my **** seemed to do her perfectly sensual ******* the proper amount of justice as certainly NO collection of words I could think of and put together in any form seemed adequate to properly describe them or how I was feeling at that moment! All I could do was describe the vision of her breasts…the FEELINGS…the SENSATIONS I felt in my fingertips…AND in the swollen sensitized tingling flesh of my own ****! It was almost as if there was a direct channel between what my fingertips were FEELING and how AROUSED my own breasts were becoming as I looked up at her…TOUCHED her…FELT her!


You better BELIEVE I am!


After a few seconds (maybe a few minutes…although it seemed like it could have been HOURS…OH FUCK THE TIME!) of us each DEVOURING the “view” of the other…I finally snapped out of the sensual TRANCE I was in…shaking my head a few times and blinking myself back to “consciousness”! I raised my own hands up and let them begin to caress her inner thighs…starting at her knees and sliding up towards her inviting…wet…glistening labial lips…feeling the goose bumps forming on her skin at the sensation of my delicate touch…my nails gliding through the thin film of perspiration that coated her perfect tanned skin!

Parker then leaned forward…over me…at the same time her arms her hands came down and pressed gently against either side of my neck just behind my ears. I MOANED softly…SHUDDERING…as I felt her soft palms slide down to the base of my neck…feeling her hands slowly glide out along my shoulders…her fingers DIGGING into my flesh…pressing into my sore…tense shoulder muscles! She then curled her hands out over my shoulders and let them begin to slide down my upper arms. I bent my arms up at the elbows…curling my fingers into my palms tightly…letting my small hard biceps flex…HARDEN…Parker’s eyes WIDENING as her hands wrapped around my flexing…expanding biceps…SQUEEZING them! I watched her gorgeous face as her long…wet…**** tongue slid between her full…glistening…sensual lips…my ears perking up as she whispered…

“My GAWD…its so HOT squeezing your muscles when you FLEX them!!”

“GOD it turns me on like CRAZY!!”


She then began to move her hands back up my upper arms and up and back along my aching shoulders…sliding them ever so slowly back to the base of my neck! She then repeated the process…her hands and fingers gliding back along my shoulders…to the edge…and then back down my upper arms…again squeezing my tightly flexed biceps…all the while KNEADING the TENSED…TIGHT…SORE muscles in my shoulders in a way that I can only describe as truly…HEAVENLY!! 

Parker continued working my tired shoulders and neck for awhile…her strong fingers pressing into the moist flesh…digging into the tender…achy…soft tissue…relaxing the hurting muscles…the tensed soft tissue…helping release all that built-up tension that had accumulated…her soothing touch almost putting me in another of those “trance-like states” that I can only describe as being beyond “WONDERFUL”…almost a form of HYPNOSIS! 

It was both RELAXING and AROUSING…all at the same time! She then let her palms slide from my shoulders down over my sternum…her hands gliding effortlessly over the thin slick sheen of perspiration that coated my warm skin! She let her hands press flat against my sternum…then she began applying a bit more pressure…rotating her palms around my bare…wet…slick chest…stopping to whisper in a low raspy voice…

“Harper…you have such an AMAZING body…God you REALLY are SO SEXY…SO FUCKING GORGEOUS!”

“I needed this SO bad today!”


I answered back…

“Thank you!”

“And I haven’t felt this GOOD in a LONG…LONG TIME”

Then I thought to myself…

Fuck this “feeling good” ****!


I gazed up…letting my eyes fixate on her bare…glistening…upturned breasts…my heart suddenly RACING even MORE the longer my eyes stayed fixated on her those SHAPELY…SEXY breasts of hers that seemed to hang so PERFECTLY from her heaving chest…her plump…pinkish *******…so tantalizingly ERECT! They literally seemed to EXPLODE out from the center of those perfectly shaped…pinkish brown areolas! MY GAWD…the shape of her **** was indescribably PERFECT as they hung so delectably from her chest! I felt the wetness growing between my thighs…my **** THROBBING…PULSATING…as I could feel that old familiar pressure rapidly building DEEP within my ACHING *****! Beads of perspiration streaked her chest and tear shaped droplets hung from the quivering tips of her stiff pink ******* for what seemed like an ETERNITY before finally falling down and splashing on my own flexed abs! Her chest was rising and falling and she was licking her lips in a way that was so sensual…making me want to feel them press so tight against my own! 

I wanted feel my lips touch hers SO BADLY and KISS HER SO DEEPLY!!

God I wanted to **** her tongue right down my throat!  

I just wanted to FUCKING INHALE her!

I just wanted to FUCK HER in the most WONDERFUL of ways…in ways that had not even been invented yet!

Oh Hell…I’ve already said that I bet!

But I can’t say it ENOUGH!

I just knew she was every bit as aroused as I was!

Her shallow…rapid…gasps of breath…her DEEPLY heaving chest…told me all I needed to know about how turned on she was…that and the way her stiff ******* jutted from her perfect orbs…

Then I felt my lips turn up at the corners of my mouth as she said…

“Yes…I am just as turned on as you are…IF NOT MORE!”

“Don’t you DARE say you aren’t excited because I will be SO EMBARASSED if you do!”

I thought to myself…



I felt her hands begin to glide down off my arms and down along my sides…my body shuddering as it just so happens I am extraordinarily TICKLISH! I began to tingle all over my body as her nails grazed over my soft sensitive skin! She let her hands move down my sides…her fingertips skipping over my rib cage to where they were just below my breasts. She then began dragging her fingertips across my midriff…letting her hands stop just under my wet…heaving…glistening ****! She then began dragging her nails ever so gently up over the curved underside of my pert breasts…teasing them…my body shuddering at the sensation of her delicate touch! 

I was quite simply…SPELLBOUND! I felt myself blushing…my heart was racing…my skin began feeling warm and flushed…my breasts seemed to swell and ache as my ******* became like little hard dagger-like points that TINGLED and STIFFENED in response to her awesome touch. I shuddered a moment…knowing that would probably reveal how aroused I was…but at that point…I was WAY BEYOND giving a SHIT!

I WANTED her to know how turned on I was!

The fingers of her hands spread wide as her palms began to slowly glide up over the curvature of my breasts…her fingertips gently grazing my pinkish-brown areola…my hard erect ******* sliding tantalizingly slow between her long…slender fingers. Her hands and fingers gliding agonizingly slow up over the smooth curvature of my aching…throbbing **** as I shuddered almost uncontrollably under her touch! I moaned softly and BIT down on my lower lip HARD! She let her hands slide back and forth over my TINGLING…THROBBING *******…stopping occasionally to let her fingertips curl in and press into the wet supple flesh of my breasts…to tease me as her soft fingertips sunk into my firm heaving ****…her eyes watching my eyes…her pupils dilated and I suspected mine were also…as I SQUIRMED under her **** body. 

I closed my eyes and let my long…wet…**** tongue slide between my own dry parched lips…first letting it slowly glide along my lower lip…so slowly and seductively…and then up and across my upper lip…like a painter’s brush…leaving a glistening swath of my saliva on my pouty…creamy…kissable lips.

She raised her left hand up over my lips and extended her forefinger…gently letting it drop like a feather down to the corner of my mouth. She then smiled down at me as she ever so slowly let her fingertip glide along my lower lip…back and forth. I let my tongue slide between my lips and dab and playfully tease her fingertip as we both giggled softly.

We both knew WHAT was going on…WHAT we were doing.

And don’t sit there and tell me you DON’T wish you were right where I was at this VERY moment…

Oh No?


We were doing EXACTLY what we wanted to do. We were making LOVE and that was ALL we were thinking about at that moment. We were oblivious to everything around us…just completely lost in each OTHER! They way she touched me was so wonderful…so arousing…yet so simple…and so excruciatingly exquisite and so very ******!

We both wanted to just FUCK each other’s brains out!

And we had JUST STARTED!!

My hands had been resting on her thighs…my fingertips occasionally making forays down over the silky smooth skin of her inner thighs…feeling the warmth…the moisture that coated her satin smooth skin. I raised my hands up off her thighs for a moment as she leaned her torso forward and out over me a bit…her perfect breasts dangling just above my own…our hard erect ******* so close…so TANTILIZINGLY close to my OWN…the intense sparks of arousal filling our breasts! I could almost FEEL those “sparks” seemingly JUMPING the scant few millimeters from the plump pink skin of my ******* to hers! It was as if our ******* were the very CONNECTION between us! It was our own private sensual line of communication…passing the arousal…the pure primal LUST…back and forth between our aroused bodies! I looked up into her big **** blue eyes as she bit her lower lip again…her chest heaving deeply…her breathing rapid and labored! I lifted my hands up…placing them on her shapely sweaty breasts and mimicked her own hand movements on my chest and slowly…sensually…began massaging her wonderful supple ****. I felt her shiver and shudder at my touch…feeling her bare sweaty chest rise and fall…her eyes closing tightly as she bit down on her **** lower lip…before slowly opening her eyes and smiling down at me. My fingertips moving around the sensual shape of each of her breasts…feeling my **** start to ache and throb even more than it had been to this point!

My fingertips gently grazed over the upper curvature of her mouthwatering…oh so sweetly shaped…heaving breasts…my wrists brushing against her stiff *******…the pink…highly sensitized flesh…forcing soft moans from her full…****…desirable lips!

Wanting desperately to prolong our mutual arousal…I brought my hands down along the outer curves of her luscious…creamy breasts and I began to gently push her sensual mounds together with my palms…all the while making sure my thumbs just BARELY missed her areolas…keeping them JUST to the sides of those perfectly rounded pinkish-brown circles. 

I then gently cupped her perfectly shaped sensual orbs in each hand…holding them like two delicate…fragile eggs…my thumbs on the inside curvature and my fingers along the outside…but still avoiding her plump…hard sensitive *******…resisting the temptation that was beginning to CONSUME ME! I then gently squeezed upwards...kneading and stroking her aching swollen breasts…struggling to keep my hands from shaking I was SO AROUSED! Her full pouty lips…just barely parted as she panted…soft moans escaping her mouth! I squeezed upwards on her breasts a few more times to try and help those moans flow over her **** kissable lips! I then let my hands literally reshape her breasts by pushing up on the perfectly curved undersides…my thumbs sliding up…each time stopping just before reaching her *******.

Then…with one last light squeeze…I allowed the fingers and thumb of each hand to continue all the way up until they each held her fresh…tingling…swollen ******* between them. 


God I REALLY WAS in Valhalla!

I then slowly…patiently…rolled her ******* between my wet slick fingers. I loved the feel of the plump…stiff…pink skin as I rolled her **** ******* between my slick moist fingertips…watching her eyes as I touched her…the sensation of rubbing her skin like I was…arousing me every bit as much as it was her! I then very gently twisted and tugged on them…teasing her…almost TORTURING her in a way as she squirmed and moaned with delight and abject arousal! Her whole body QUIVERRED and SHUDDERED above me as she tilted her head back…her **** eyes closing…rolling back in her head as she moaned softly!

After a few more gentle tweaks…I gave each breast a gentle…FLIRTATIOUS…SENSUAL…SQUEEZE! I then continuing my journey down the body of this awesome…tall…**** goddess that sat above me…her warm gasps of breath flowing down over my sweat-slickened chest and my perspiration coated facial features! My fingertips drifted down over her hard…rippled…muscled abs…and then just as slowly and gently back up…as I just COULDN’T GET ENOUGH OF THEM! 

I was truly ADDICTED and NO amount of rehab would ever help me!

I then let my fingertips glide down still further…moving them down as I felt the increasing warmth and moisture the closer to the soft wet mushy folds of skin of her labial more intense the hotter she became!

I felt her above me as she arched her back…as if she was literally STRAINING to lift her soaking wet labia up to meet my touch…literally BEGGING me to move my hands down her abs to her WET…SUCCULENT *****…

I felt my forefinger and index fingers move down and begin to glide up and down the wet…soft…mushy folds of skin…suddenly feeling her ***** literally begin to draw them in…almost as if she were SWALLOWING my fingers…looking up at her as she arched her back and thrust her hips down against my hand more forcefully…my fingers were now almost completely “inhaled” by her warm wet *****…letting my fingers twirled against her vaginal walls! She then tilted her head back…her long…wet…matted hair falling off her **** wet bare shoulders as she let loose with a few LONG…DEEP…EROTIC moans!



She raised her left hand up a bit and pressed her palm against the side of my neck…letting it trace a path down the side of my neck…then slowly down between my heaving breasts…down over the rippled contours of my hard…****…tummy…until it came to rest on my pelvic bone…literally a hair above the moist warm opening of my now soaking wet…throbbing *****. She them dragged her palm gently down my labial lips…a groan leaving my dry lips. Then…I heard a purr flow from her lips…making a sound that was almost raunchy…steamy in a dirty yet **** way. She then slid her hand down still further…rubbing her palm over my ass. My body then lurched under her as she gently…playfully dabbed at my **** with two of her fingers…my lower back arching up slightly as she let her fingertips drift back and forth over my it…so gently…sensually…delicately moving ever so slowly…ever so close…back up to the very edge of my aroused ***. I felt her hand press against my skin a little more firmly…rotating her palm in tiny circles as she gently massaged the soft…wet…mushy folds of skin at the very edge of my vaginal opening.

We both were RIGHT where we wanted to be…doing JUST WHAT WE WANTED TO BE DOING…

She moaned out again…


Suddenly she leaned over…lowering her body down to mine...our wanting lips at first gently touching…then locking uncontrollably together…almost in a sort of MADNESS to touch each other’s as our arms wrapped around each others torso…PULLING our bodies together!

Our eyes widened as we leaned our faces together and our lips touched. Our initial kiss was long…wet…luscious…but not what I would call really hard and intense…at least not just yet. 

But we sure as HELL were getting there FAST!!

Any additional words I could come up with to describe our kiss wouldn’t come CLOSE to doing it justice. Her mouth opened slightly as she bit down on my bottom lip and playfully…seductively…pulled it between hers! We parted our lips some more…allowing the soft passionate moans coming from deep within us become more audible...letting our moist lips gently dab at each others a few times...then gently brushing over each others…the plump creamy skin gliding effortlessly over the thin film of saliva that coated them. Our wanting lips slowly began to cover each others mouths...our lips pressing together with some light pressure at first...


I felt my nostrils tingling…flaring as I began to inhale her “aroma”…her very essence…as our chests expanded and began pressing together…our hard…erect… tingling ******* brushing over each other’s…literally kissing…seemingly almost DANCING together...my long wet **** tongue slowly beginning to snake its way over her full…moist…lips as our sensual…passionate kiss began to deepen! I let my tongue playfully dab at the wet…moist tip of hers a few times…before finally feeling it slide along hers and wrap around it like a boa constrictor!! 

My wanting mouth began to gently SUCK on her creamy…pinkish…slick **** tongue...pulling it between my lips as our moans intensified...my lips squeezing and savoring her wet…moist tongue...releasing my light pull on it a bit...then letting my lips clamp…envelop…wrap around it…sucking it gently and slowly back and forth between my wanting lips…again…and again…and again...our moans increasing…becoming louder…

I kept repeating this as I worked at literally FUCKING her tongue...desperately wishing I could make it just CUM in my mouth! We kissed one another SLOWLY and FIRMLY…our tongues teasing each other between our lips! We then let each other’s tongues free and they suddenly began thrashing around in our mouths and wrestling with each other as we began to lose control and our kiss became so much more AGGRESIVE and PRIMAL! Each wild movement of our tongues was punctuated by LOW…DEEP…almost GUTTERAL moans as we delved into the hot molten caverns of EACH OTHER’S mouths and throats...our WARM…MOIST lips pressing tighter and tighter as our moans grew louder and louder…MORE sensual!

It was as if the VERY DEPTHS of our SOULS were actually KISSING…then SCREAMING in the PUREST OF ECSTASY! I finally let my lips soften their pressure against hers...releasing her oh so abused tongue...my lips parting a bit more as we slowly released our DEEP…SENSUAL…PASSIONATE KISS!

I could hear my own panting INCREASING as we both breathed in short…rapid gasps. But before I could catch my labored breath…I felt the nails of her left hand begin to glide up along the curvature of my spine…feeling her fingertips move though the thin wet sheen of perspiration that coated my tanned skin…our heaving breasts melding as we rocked our shoulders lightly against each other’s. Their movement almost in sync with the inward thrusts of our thighs against each others…the deep passionate kissing of our labial lips growing in its intensity…our clits STRAINING to touch each other!

The perspiration was beading up rapidly on our warm skin…the beads ultimately collecting into ********* streaks…snake-like streams…beginning to flow freely as our body temperature continued to heat up!

The scent of her highly sensual perspiration only served to heighten all my senses as they went into COMPLETE FUCKING OVERLOAD…pushing me beyond all normal human definitions of sensory overload! Seeing our GLISTENING BODIES wrapped together on the mirrored walls in the sauna that surrounded us…both of us LOST in our THRUSTS…our PASSION…the reflections of our NUDE bodies only increasing the RAW…PRIMAL LUST that was building like a tidal wave…threatening to engulf us both! 

SUDDENLY I felt my body grow RIGID and my **** begin to TINGLE intensely in ways I had NEVER felt before!! It was almost like a kaleidoscope of sensations were literally CONSUMING ME…my body finally RELEASING me from the passionate PRISON it held me in as I felt the intense ****** seem to almost SLAM into my tall body…and flow through me as my body LURCHED AND SHOOK!


Her own ****** exploded through her from head to toe…causing her to SCREAM OUT LOUD…shaking her to her very core as we wrapped our arms around each other’s bare wet torso…CLUTCHING our bodies TIGHTLY together…MOANING AND TREMBLING!




We SHOOK and TREMBLED so much that we suddenly ROLLED off the bench and landed with a LOUD SMACK AND THUD on the hard wet tile floor…each of us GRUNTING OUT LOUD…the impact temporarily knocking the breath out of both of us!




The impact we had with the hard floor BROKE the death-like grip we had on each other…rolling over on our backs on the wet tile floor…both STUNNED for a brief moment! We lay there moaning for a moment…both on our backs…both giggling at first…the laughter building to a crescendo and finally exploding in LOUD RAUCOUS LAUGHTER!!

I was laughing out loud so HARD…my sides began to hurt!

I slowly turned over and pushed myself up to all fours. I watched her intently as she did the same…mimicking my movements…each of us facing one another on our hands and knees…looking like two PREDATOR cats…chests HEAVING…then she suddenly shoved herself to her knees and looked at me…whispering in a low raspy seductive voice…

“Wanna wrestle?”

Then she grinned at me and winked…as if unconsciously saying to me…




I looked at her as she sat there on her knees…her palms resting on her strong well developed thighs…her tongue at first emerging like a snake from between those sensual…kissable lips…all pink and creamy…watching as she let her tongue drag first along her upper lip…and then back along her lower lip…her twinkling eyes widening as she moaned softly…

My own large dark eyes lit up and twinkled…the corners of my mouth turning up in a wry smile as an idea went straight from my brain to my lips…then made a beeline for my ***** as I spoke without thinking…

“Why don’t we ARM wrestle to warm up?”

“You got NO shot against me!”

My God…I can’t believe I said that!

Somebody STOP me before I KILL AGAIN!

She grinned and whispered back…

“You don’t have to ask me twice!”

“Let’s see what you got…BITCH!”

Damn I was really starting to like this woman!

Except for that “BITCH” part!

Slowly…we lowered ourselves to our tummies and chests… our tall bodies pressing to the wet tile floor…wriggling a moment as our tall frames settled in small pools of warm water that had collected in low spots amongst the tiles…feeling the warm water being squeezed up between my wet…soft labial lips. I felt my hard tingling ******* touching the warm…slick tile as we brought up our right arms…bending them up and planting our elbows on wet floor in front of us. We moved our hands to within literally…a few millimeters of each other’s…and then for some reason…they just STOPPED MOVING…the trembling in each of our hands not letting us clasp them together at that point! We just couldn’t seem to bring them together…they FROZE there…FLUTTERING SO CLOSE together for a few seconds…then finally we GRIPPED THEM TIGHTLY together…clasping our hands together firmly…our sweaty palms pressing against each others firmly. 

We both adjusted our arms…moving and placing our fingers in as precise a positions as we could as any small misalignment could mean the difference between victory or defeat a fight like this. We adjusted and wriggled our upper bodies against the floor a little more…probably more to feel the collected moisture on the floor squish up against and between our thighs…squeezing between our wet labial lips…both of us now staring in the air…taking in deep breaths as our bare chests expand…our neck veins beginning to bulge and our whole bodies start to tense up. Our finger grips started to tighten…our gazes locking…looking deeply into each other’s eyes…our forearm muscles bulging and our biceps begin to firm up and expand as we began squeezing each other’s hand more tightly…

It was becoming obvious as we worked to set ourselves up that this wasn’t going to be just any “casual” competition…any normal “fight”


Oh Hell Yeah it was!


We both wanted to win SO bad…BEAT THE OTHER! We wanted to show each other how strong we were!! We both also knew that showing our strength would only serve to arouse both of us more and more!

We slid our left arms and hands under our right arms along the wet floor…just inside our right elbows… and clasped our left hands tightly together…our left forearms laying flat on the tile to help keep us steady. When we began to clasp our right hands together…I could REALLY feel the strength in her grip as our hands and fingers locked tightly together! Her grip was stronger than I thought in spite of her delicate sensual touch. It was obvious she had done this before…and that only served to arouse me even more…increasing my desire to BEAT her! Her grip…the strength behind it…seemed just as strong as mine were and I looked down and watched as her right bicep began to swell and bulge as we increased the strength of our grips…our hands clasping tighter together!

I thought I was going to have an ****** on the spot!


The sight…the VISUAL…of her **** bicep muscle expanding…a few veins beginning to show in her toned expanding forearms…just made my **** THROB and SPASM! I had first noticed her toned upper arms and shoulders when she was working out and the thought of matching my strength against hers was arousing me beyond words!

Without any signal…we slowly began squeezing our hands tighter and increasing the pressure of our grips! Our arms began to tremble…our fingers…knuckles turning white as we began to push on each other’s palm…our forearm muscles flexing…bulging…the muscles twitching…feeling our arms struggle to twist and turn…the STRAIN…the BURNING…our faces straining…our bodies leaning to the left and our arms shaking from the

Our eyes remained locked on each other’s as we continued to pull down on each other’s palm…our facial features becoming red…contorting as we both strained…our biceps GROWING…becoming more PUMPED as the muscles fibers began to twitch! Soon we were locked in real battle…arms TREMBLING…muscles STRAINING as we tried to force the other’s arms down to the wet floor…our faces becoming more red and flushed…beads of perspiration trickling down our foreheads…our cheeks becoming red and flushed…GRITTING our teeth tightly! The seconds ticked away…then the minutes…they felt like HOURS! My muscles ached and burned as they felt the STRAIN…the TIGHTNESS…the PAIN that was rapidly building in my upper arm…our BICEPS HARDENING like steel bands…my neck and shoulders BURNING…feeling like they were on fire! I felt I was exerting more of my strength…more power than I had ever used in a match with anyone before and in spite of this she didn’t seem to be weakening ONE little bit! I STRUGGLED to increase the pressure on her hand even more…and I was rewarded by only a SLIGHT tremble in her arm!

Yeah…just a SLIGHT tremble!



Then I felt the corners of my mouth turn up into a wry grin as I thought to myself…

“I hope a lot more than I bargained for!”

She grinned at me through her tightly clenched teeth…her face red…flushed…contorted…the sweat pouring off her forehead…


"You are awfully strong…MMMMMMM GAWD!"  she managed to say between labored breaths...

"You’re pretty awesome yourself," I responded…trying not to let my voice shake too badly as I could barely speak…my voice barely audible through my tightly clenched teeth!

There was no more talk between us…we both were starting to get SERIOUS now…just our rapid…labored breathing as we kept BATTLING…STRAINING…PULLING against each other’s arm! I felt I was really giving it all I had…and I’d pull her arm down easily. To my distinct amazement…I felt Parker pour EVEN MORE STRENGTH into her arm and hand! 

Her arm wasn’t BUDGING!

Suddenly…I felt my arm being forced back…not fast…and not a lot…but it was MOVING and I couldn’t seem to stop it! I GRITTED MY TEETH so hard I thought they were going to shatter…my arm QUIVERING…TREMBLING…drawing on what little of my strength reserve that I had left…and that WASN’T MUCH! 

I finally seemed to put the brakes on her pulling my arm completely down…or at least “pump” them a little…and that seemed to surprise her as she arched her eyebrow and glared into my dark eyes…then bit her lower lip hard…

But she didn’t say anything. 

She tilted her head a bit to the side and just STARED into my eyes! 

I saw that twinkle in those gorgeous **** eyes of hers and I was pretty sure that my fighting back against her as HARD as I was…was AROUSING her more than she had bargained for…

…And she LOVED IT! 

I could tell she was surprised I had ANY strength left…and to be frank…SO WAS I! I felt a single large bead of sweat ran down my temple…and than another and another as I shook my hair from my eyes so I could keep staring into hers…not wanting to show any weakness…not wanting to flinch…to blink! I felt one large drop slide down along the bridge of my nose and out to its tip. It just dangled there like a Christmas Tree ornament…hanging precipitously as I kept flicking my tongue up…trying to lick it free…I shook my head a few times and the DAMN THING still wouldn’t fall…until FINALLY…it dropped to the floor below me!! I watched as Parker began to giggle at my antics and I just glared back at her before I started to giggle myself! The problem was…it was really hard to giggle when YOUR ARM FELT LIKE IT WAS ABOUT TO FALL OFF!!!

Both of us SCREAMED OUT in order to vent our emotions…our frustrations… in an effort to release the tension and give us some added strength…ANY SORT OF boost that we would need to try and GET AN EDGE in this dead even fight! Maybe we both felt that if we screamed out in frustration…it might scare the other into loosening her grip…but NO WAY did that happen!!!

I had almost forgotten about our clasped left hands laying on the wet floor just under our cocked trembling right arms…then I noticed that our short nails were almost cutting into the soft skin of our palms and that twinge of pain awoke me a little! I rocked my body a bit from side to side on the wet tile floor as we fought…rolling on my tummy and crotch as I could feel the warm water literally being squished up between my wet labial lips and up into my throbbing *****…my arousal increasing more and more as we struggled…MY CLIT…THROBBING…PULSATING as my eyes fixated on the trembling flexed muscles in her forearm…her flexed BULGING bicep…her firm perfect **** hanging from her chest…her ******* just barely dipping into the pools of water that had collected on the tile floor under her prone **** body…


I took a deep breath and reached down deep for all the strength I had left! It was as much a battle of wills as it was physical strength at this point…as much one’s ability to fight through the pain…as it was the size of one’s bicep…the strength in one’s forearm…the power in one’s upper back and shoulder! Finally…as if by mutual consent…we broke off our intense ****** stare…my head dropping down along side my arm as I blinked back the burning salty stinging perspiration from my large dark eyes! I exhaled and pulled in another deep breath…then exhaling AGAIN...STRAINING…trying to focus all my mental energy…all the strength I had left in reserve to my right arm…forearm…bicep…my right shoulder muscles! My long wet…matted hair fell down along the sides of my face…down over my eyes…as Parker’s eyes gazed off past my shoulder as she concentrated and focused…our arms QUIVERING as our sensual stalemate continued!

As I lifted my head back up…and our eyes made contact again…I knew she could see the PAIN…the AGONY in my face and eyes…she knew she had me beat and it was only a matter of time. But I was going to be DAMNED if I gave her the satisfaction of an EASY victory over me! I was going to FIGHT HER SO HARD and make her arm so sore the next day…she was going to REMEMBER this struggle…this fight…for a LONG…LONG time!

Somehow I just had to find some reserve that would let me BEAT her!

Yeah…I know…I can let my libido make me DELUSIONAL at times too!

We both kept PULLING on the other’s palm…the veins in our trembling arms SHOWING…BULGING… our joined hands turning white as the blood left them! Neither of us willing to release ANY of the pressure in our VICE-LIKE GRIPS…our arms and hands SWAYING a little in each direction…teetering in first one direction…to her advantage…and then back the other way to mine…BACK…and FORTH…each of us GAINING an advantage…then LOSING it…then GAINING it back…the PAIN…the STRAIN showing on our faces! Every muscle fiber in our arms…our shoulders…upper backs…was TENSED…every nerve …every synapse…every neuron firing…the BURNING…the PAIN…the PRESSURE…the ACHING…building to levels we had never experienced before…it was EXCRUCIATING! The only sound between the hissing of the steam entering the room…our short rapid gasps of breath…pulsated by the occasional GRUNT…GROAN…a SCREAM of frustration!

We both had to also notice that we were ROCKING our hips slightly against the wet tile floor! I knew WHY I was doing it…I was working my ***** against the hard floor…exerting pressure up on my ****…MORE AND MORE!! It ******* turned me on so much and I was SO AROUSED…SO WET…GAWD I WANTED TO CUM SO FUCKING BAD!! I kept looking behind her arm and staring at her bare glistening chest…watching those firm perfect **** of hers sway…jiggle…her hard erect ******* dipping up and down into the pool of water that had formed under us both! I know she was DOING THE SAME THING…FEELING THE SAME SENSATIONS I WAS!


For what seemed like an eternity…our arms remained there…my now totally NUMB hand had been locked with hers as she had held a slight advantage for what seemed like FOREVER! I felt I had a slight chance if I held her at bay…thinking she was using so much of her reserve strength to finish me…that I could strike SUDDENLY and QUICKLY and hopefully tilt her arm just enough to GAIN SOME LEVERAGE…GAIN THE ADVANTAGE! 

It seemed to be working…literally WORKING… almost millimeter-by-millimeter!! I began INCHING our tightly interlocked hands back up…until we were back at even…almost like the hands of a clock striking twelve at midnight!! Then…as if by some power unknown to me…I began FORCING HER ARM DOWN as I DUG DOWN DEEP…until she was about a third of the way down! My hand was almost TOTALLY NUMB from the intense pressure and squeezing of her firm grip! I watched her bulging bicep quiver and ripple from the strain…imagining how it would feel to squeeze her hard bicep and feel it literally pulsate between my fingers! More beads of sweat ran down the sides of my face…along my red flushed cheeks…more were streaking down my forehead and filling my eyes as I struggled to blink back the burning…salty sweat!

I let go of her left hand and let it creep over until my left forefinger touched her bulging upper right arm!! It was as if were disconnected from my body and had a mind of its own as it drifted over and pressed against her pumped bicep! At the touch…my large dark eyes began to twinkle…her own eyes focused like a laser beam on me again and widened as she suddenly smiled! Her own left hand reached over and the movement of her forefinger mimicked that of my own…tracing a path up and down my own bulging muscle…her hand caressing my hard bicep. The sensation of my hand touching her bicep seemed to have an effect on her…making her lose focus as I felt her right arm began to tilt MY way!!

That seemed to have an effect on her…make her lose focus…

YESS…I have her!!


Yeah…I thought I had her for an instant but WOW…was I sure FUCKING MISTAKEN! Suddenly she GRUNTED…STOPPING my arm movement! My right arm quivered…then another one…and my exhausted arm found itself being forced back upright. 


DESPERATELY…I threw EVERYTHING I had at her in a last ditch effort to turn things my way…STRUGGLING to focus all my physical and mental strength into my TIRED…BURNING…ACHING right arm! I was almost crying from the pain! My teeth were clenched so hard I could hear my molars grinding together! 

For at least a few MORE minutes we fought all out in an ABSOLUTE effort to

OUT-MUSCLE the other…to PROVE our superiority! The room seemed to be spinning around me…and all I could see was Parker’s contorted face across the from me…her QUIVERING lips…our CLENCHED…STRAINING…QUIVERING hands between us…our enlarged biceps QUIVERING! I let out with a loud GRUNT…as I felt my arm start to give way as it was tilted about 45 degrees up from the floor now…SHAKING and TREMBLING! I WAS LOSING IT NOW and her leverage on my tired…aching arm was increasing by the second! 

I could feel my arm starting to tumble down like a weakened sand castle! 

I was past the point of “NO RETURN”….




It was OVER! 


I suddenly felt a sharp twinge of pain in my arm…as it was FORCED BACK!! Parker screamed out LOUDLY…as she exerted one mighty PULL…jerking my exhausted arm the remaining distance down…the back of my hand SMACKING against the wet tile floor! 



I just could NOT hold her back any longer!! My head dropped down…my forehead touched the floor in exhaustion and disappointment!! My arm lay flat on wet tile floor…literally NUMB…no feeling in my hand at all! 

I’m still not sure how she did it…where she found that reserve strength…all I knew my body…my arm…

…Just gave in! 

We were so evenly matched that I felt like we’d both pass out at the same time from exhaustion before one of us won! Parker’s forehead dropped down to the floor too…her chest heaving…rapid gasps of breath flowing over her dry parched lips. I was drenched in sweat…EVERY muscle in my body seemingly CRYING OUT for release! Those same muscles not yet realizing that it was all…finally…OVER…and that we could finally relax now! I slammed my left palm on the floor…frustrated like the competitor that I am…but at least knowing full well I had lost fairly…and she was just better…

This time!

I raised my head up and looked at her…our tired gazes meeting. I then reached up with my left hand and laid it on the side of Parker’s damp head. I then slid my hand around behind it and back through the wet matted strands of hair…pulling her face to mine as we let our dry…parched lips press tightly together…exchanging moans over our dry parched lips. As we pulled our lips away… a rueful grin was present on my face…and hers…

She spoke in a low raspy voice…

“You okay?”

I nodded to her and said dejectedly…


Then I smiled and perked up a bit…

“My arm may fall off at any moment…but other than that I feel GREAT!”

“It has like absolutely NO feeling in it!”

I had NO animosity because I lost…not a bit…which was unusual for me…

I thought to myself…I really did LOVE IT…losing didn’t matter!!

Then I whispered…

"I really thought I had you right up until the end"

I gasped…in a voice still weary and barely audible from exertion. 

"You don’t have a new right arm laying around I can borrow…do you?”

She smiled and nodded as she shook her arm to try to get the feeling back in it…

"For a win…this sure does HURT LIKE HELL!”


“I don’t think I could have lasted another MINUTE!” 

She managed in really weak low response…a wide grin then finally coming her lips.

I nodded. She looked down at our still-clasped right hands…then pulled mine up to her lips and kissed the back of it…her **** eyes on me all the while. When she didn’t let me pull my hand away…her eyes gleamed again as she whispered…

"How about a rematch?"

I grinned as I stared into her ****…ice-blue eyes…and whispered…

“You really ARE CRAZY!”

“But I have an even BETTER idea!”

“Why don’t we REALLY wrestle instead?”

I watched as her large blue eyes seemed to light up and twinkle…as she responded…

“Now you really are TURNING ME ON!”

“That should really help that super MELLOW MOOD you’re in!” …I said laughingly…

We both suddenly busted out laughing as we rolled over and lay on our backs on the wet floor…our left hands rubbing up and down our right forearms…our chests heaving as we tried to catch our collective breaths…wriggling our hands together as we attempted to get some feeling back in them…

I then heard her whisper…

“Wrestle Huh?”

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!”


March 22, 2022 9:15 AM