Harper's Awakening 6 by Michelle

Time: After Midnight…an April Evening 2015

Place: Manhattan…New York City…Undisclosed Parking Lot under the George Washington Bridge

A Quiet Parking Lot Under the Stars

It was just…the two of them…

and a few hundred "friends"...

It was merely a question of who would be the predator…and who would be the prey...as the bright overhead lights suddenly flashed on...illuminating what was to be a very special ****** arena...

The first girl that caught my eye was tall…lean…she looked to me to be in her early to mid-thirties…about my height (5’ 9”) and weight (142). She was dressed in tight Wrangler jeans and a denim shirt…her long dark chocolate brown hair flowed down over her broad shoulders. I watched as the two girls initially exchanged verbal insults and then hard shoves to the chest and then I watched even more intently as they both stepped back and began literally UNDRESSING! A large raucous crowd had surrounded a grassy area where they were standing. Several temporary light plants had been set up under the bridge and focused on the grassy area…lighting it up as if it were midday. The second girl was about the same height as the first…blonde…and was doing most of the yelling and yapping and had actually started the shoving (typical ******* blonde). She had on a tight red silk blouse and almost painted on True Religion jeans that seemed to stick to her long legs and small waist like a second skin. Each girl could easily have passed for a model...flawless facial features and toned...fit bodies...

The two women walked to the center of the open area and slowly began removing their shirts…and my jaw just DROPPED!! 

The tall lithesome brunette slowly began taking off her denim shirt…so slowly in fact it was almost as if she was performing a "special" form of a striptease...one that was beyond normally seductive. The blonde…not to be out done…followed suit…

The brunette slowly began to unbutton her denim shirt …starting with the cuffs…and then reaching up with both hands to the upper front button as she worked her hands down…pulling the shirt open with each button she unfastened. The blonde was not to be out done as she began unbuttoning her red blouse…her ample cleavage slowly became visible to all who wanted to see…and a lot damn sure DID…if all the hooting and whistling were deemed to be a good judge…and in this venue it most certainly was. Both girls at this point seemed to be really working the crowd and they both managed to get their share of catcalls and whistles. I watched as the brunette unbuttoned her shirt and it was obvious that this disrobing was a serious competition between her and her opponent for the benefit of those watching. Each girl also seemed to be performing a personal strip tease FOR THE OTHER as they exposed more and more of first...their ample seductive cleavage...and then their full firm breasts…as they opened their shirts up for all to see.

The brunette finished unbuttoning her shirt and slowly pulled it down over her shoulders. Underneath that...she was wearing a white sleeveless tee shirt that revealed some very toned sinewy arm and shoulder muscles that could only have come from a lot of hard work and training. Her stomach was obviously tight and flat as the tight tee shirt seemed to hug it like a second skin. She reached down and grasped the bottom of the tee shirt and slowly pulled it up over her chest…revealing her well developed abs...then her firm pert beautifully formed breasts came into view as she pulled the tee shirt up over her chest...then up over her neck and face. As she slid it up her head…it pulled her long dark brown pony tail up with it…the tee shirt finally popping up off the top of her head as her long ponytail dropping back down to her bare back…flaying along the sensual contours of her spine. 

Her features were rather striking and as I said... she could have easily passed for a model…with her large dark twinkling eyes and almost show-stopping smile…but when she raised her arms up in a boxer's stance and curled her hands into tight fists…it left little doubt in anyone’s mind that she had a pretty good idea what she was doing when she raised those hard menacing looking knuckles up in front of her chest...her legs spread about shoulder width...her small hard biceps forming up as her arms bent ...bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet...the corners of her **** mouth turned up in a wry smile…as it was obvious she was delighting in the opportunity to face the blonde this way. The look of determination on her face told me all I needed to know!

The blonde girl finished removing her red silk blouse…revealing a pink sports bra underneath. She reached down and grasped the bottom of the bra and began pulling it up over her chest…her own full…almost sculpted looking upturned breasts popping out from underneath it. Her perfectly rounded…shapely **** heaving…her small pinkish-brown ******* almost erupting from the center of her white orbs…now fully erect in the cool night air. As she raised her arms up in front of her chest and cocked them at the elbows…curling her fingers into her palms tightly…her fists forming…you could see her small...hard...well-developed biceps flex up. The lean toned nature of her upper arms and forearms showed she was a girl who was also in great condition and probably had a pretty good idea what she was doing too as she set her self in her fighting stance...

As the two girls began moving towards each other... squaring off and bringing their hard…boney fists up between them…I have to say at that exact moment I was so beyond ******* AROUSED it was beyond my belief! I could HEAR my heart pounding against my chest in the almost scary silence of the night air. I could FEEL my heart without hearing its pounding beats…my breathing becoming more shallow and rapid…the moisture between my thighs spreading along the soft skin. The pulsating sensations deep in my loins were beginning to take me over in ways I had not felt in a long time. I just couldn’t believe at first how this scene was affecting me…although to be honest…I should have…knowing how I am and how I feel deep inside.

All I knew was I was not going move...I was most definitely going to watch…

And I wasn’t alone…maybe a hundred and fifty to two hundred people were watching with me too…

Then it began…

The two girls both crouched slightly as they began circling each other for a few moments...rolling their tightly clenched fists in front of their bare chests…both beginning the fight somewhat cautiously…keeping about an arms-length distance between themselves…at times feinting with their extended left arm…then trying tentative light jabs…the circle growing smaller as both tried to connect with a left jab to the other’s face! Neither seemed to get too impatient…both stayed calm and deliberate until the blonde became the first real aggressor and stepped in and tried an overhand right! The brunette blocked it with her right arm and then twisted her body and hit the blonde with a short left uppercut in her now sweat coated lower abs…! 


The blonde grunting out as you could hear the impact of the bare fist against her flexed abdominal muscles…my eyes fixated as I watched the brunette’s knuckles hit her tummy...doubling the blonde over...her face contorting as the pain spread through her midsection…my heart skipping a beat as I almost felt the blow myself!

The brunette then grazed the soft skin of the blondes right cheek with a quick left jab…her right arm snapping out in a white blur…barely missing its intended target as the blonde had the presence of mind to jerk her head to the side and slip the punch…her eyes widening! The brunette stayed on the stunned blonde and drove a brutal right hook into her body just below her ****…her knuckles hitting the taut skin with a loud SMACK!

The blonde grunted out loudly…clutching at her abs…folding over the brunette’s arm and finally dropping to both knees HARD in front of her...then falling forward to all fours…coughing and wheezing as her head hung down between her arms!



The brunette suffered for her efforts though as at the same time she was pounding the blonde’s body...she took a stiff left jab to her right eye…snapping her head back at the neck and sending shockwaves of pain throughout her head…


…her long dark pony tail lifting up off her back…her eyes seeing brief flashes and star bursts!

She shoved her left leg back and planted her left foot in an effort to balance her self and stay upright…grunting out!

The brunette righted herself and then backed up a few steps…shaking her head from side to side as she blinked back the sharp pain that throbbed and pulsated around her right eye…her breathing came in short…rapid gasps…her heaving breasts rising and falling. The swelling under the brunette’s right eye was immediate and apparent as the puffiness began to push up from under her eye! 

Just that quickly after the fight had begun…the brunette had the first knockdown!

I looked around me in the crowd and I noticed money was exchanging hands right and left! Samantha explained to me that people would bet on many things about these fights...not just who would be the ultimate winner. One example was...there were odds made and bets taken on which girl would score the first knock down. Others placed bets on who would draw first blood...the list...it seemed... was almost endless.

The blonde shook her head a few more times from side to side…finally shoving herself up to her knees…and then slowly uncoiling her legs up under her as she slowly got to her feet…her legs wobbly…her face grimacing…her facial features red…flushed…and contorted. She brought her arms up…clenching her fists as she moved out unsteadily towards the brunette. Both girls cocked their arms at the elbows…positioning their tight fists back up in front of their now glistening…perspiration-streaked chests…their knuckles facing each other. Each taking a deep breath…then both begin to side step and resume they’re circling of each other…their stalking of one another…their faces showing the growing determination inside of each girl…

The crowd was growing louder…more raucous…each camp with the more vocal members making his or her preference known…their excitement growing as the fight went on…cheers erupting as as one girl was able to hurt the other. The ebb and flow of the fight could almost be judged without seeing it…by the back and forth of the vocal support from the supporters of each girl.

Each girl kept her arms up in front of her as she resumed her circling…her fists clenched so tight…the knuckles beginning to turn white as fingers curled tightly into soft palms and began to cut off blood flow. The girls rolled their hard fists in front of heaving ****…their arms at times suddenly extending out straight as each would feint a jab at the other’s face! The brunette seemed to be more adept…much more smooth in her movements as she repeatedly feinted with her left… pawing out with her hard left knuckles…the blonde seemingly confused and fearful each time the brunette shot her jab out! The brunette seemed to delight in snapping her left off from her shoulder and stopping it short of the blonde’s face...doing that over and over as she moved so gracefully on the balls of her feet…stepping in and out…bobbing and weaving...sticking and moving! The blonde grimaced and jerked her head back each time…her face contorting as the corners of the brunette’s mouth would turn up in a wry smile each time she saw the blonde flinch.

The blonde seemed to be put on such a defensive my the brunette’s movements and aggressiveness…she forgot any offensive fight plan she might have had…and for a boxer…that could end up being costly…and painful. 

The blonde must have been reading my mind as she suddenly picked up the pace as she stepped into the brunette…landing on her left foot and in the same motion thrusting her left fist out…the brunette just as quickly shifted her head to the side in response…just slipping the blonde’s whistling punch as it whizzed by her cheek…feeling the sharp knuckles just graze her soft skin…her face contorting! The frustrated blonde then swung a short right hook at the brunette’s face and watched as she jerked her head back quickly…the blonde’s fist whizzing by the tip of her pert **** nose…just missing making contact! The brunette giving the blonde a smug smile each time she failed to connect with a punch as she bounced lightly on her toes…shifting from side to side!

The brunette then faked an overhand right and as the blonde's hands went up to block the punch…the brunette hooked underneath her guard with her left fist and planted a solid hook on her ribs…her small hard left bicep expanding up as her elbow bent and her fist clenched tighter just before the punch landed…her knuckles twisting against the sensitive exposed ribs! The ***** blonde grunted out and grimaced…her firm **** jiggling and swaying…her body shuddering as she grunted and groaned! 



She fortunately had enough presence of mind to drop her left arm and deflect some of the impact of the brunette’s left fist as it bounced of her forearm and smacked into her side! She was at the same time able to fire a right hand over the top of the brunette’s left…which the brunette was slow in bringing her right arm back to up to guard! The blonde’s hard right knuckles smacked into the brunette’s sternum with a dull thud…the blonde’s hard fist cracking against the brunette’s skin covered chest bone…the stinging punch driving the grimacing brunette back a few steps and robbing her of some breath! She backed up a few more steps as took a few deep breaths…wincing and grimacing as she paused to try and shake off the effects of the blow! 

Then... she just smiled at the blonde…flashing those perfect white teeth…further frustrating and ******* her off… almost telling the blonde…

”Is that the best you got?”

"IS IT?"

Boxing is as much mental as it is physical and the brunette was winning the mind games that were going on in this brutal fight to this point! I was in awe of the skill and confidence that she showed…she seemed to be able to stay one step ahead of the blonde.

The brunette continued to show off her skills and her athleticism …showing how well she could move…how well she could box. The blonde to this point had shown she could take a punch but little else. The brunette was obviously quicker with her fists…more fluid in her movements and easily the better “boxer”. By learning to duck and slip punches…she was able to work closer to a blonde and block and frustrate her fistic efforts…yet still keeping her hands free for punching when she had the opening she desired! 

This “feeling out” period…this "chess match of brutality"…continued for a few minutes when suddenly…they both landed a left jab to each other’s face simultaneously…their heads snapping back…both grunting out! 



Neither girl could evade the lightning quick punches…the blows finding their mark as bare fists hit against a hard boney chin or a soft cheek…perspiration flying from under hard knuckles smacking against soft wet skin! I watched and grimaced myself…squirming in my seat as each girls face distorted under the other’s fist! Both girls immediately backed up and took a deep breath…shaking her head to regain her wits…clear her thoughts…each momentarily lowering her fists to her sides…her fingers curling…uncurling into her palms….as if designed to give herself a break from the intensity of the fight…some time to recover…to try and let the throbbing pain in her head abate!

Each fighter then took a deep breath…raised her tightly clenched fists back up and resumed circling her prey. Each girl‘s torso was beginning to glisten as the brightness of the temporary overhead bright lights reflected off the beads of perspiration collecting and flowing down off her shoulders…literally flowing down her skin in almost snake-like streams…streaking her bare chest and back. Each girl kept her arms up and out in front of her chest…each rolling her fists in a circular motion…almost as if they were taking aim at each other and “loading up” to punch. The girls circled slowly…carefully…glaring at each other over their hard knuckles…each stalking the other like a predator cat who had picked up the unique scent of her wounded prey…each resumed stepping in…feinting… bobbing and weaving…stepping back out…repeating the process…then both seemed to almost lean in together…each dropping a shoulder and slamming short stiff blows into the other’s body…pert firm breasts swaying as torsos twisted and turned…punches landing with a loud smack…followed by a low grunt…the exaggerated breathing…the rapid gasps flowing over each girl’s lips…



The blonde lunged into the brunette’s chest…wrapping her arms around her wet slick torso…clinching her as she struggled to pin her arms at her sides. Watching as their breasts pressed together…melding and enveloping each other’s erect *******…as they rocked their shoulders together…planting their feet…shoving…grappling…the muscles in their upper backs and shoulders flexing as each fighter STRAINED…GRUNTED AND GROANED…closed FISTS SLAPPING against bare wet backs with a LOUD SPLAT as theyWRESTLED ON THEIR FEET!

The brunette then suddenly pulled her left arm free and DROVE her fist HARD into the blonde’s abs…TWISTING her knuckles as they SMACKED into the taut skin covered muscle and just as quickly…in one fluid motion…she twisted her torso and DROVE her right fist hard across the blonde's jaw! I could hear the CRACK OF BONE AGAINST BONE over the din of the crowd as the brunette’s knuckles hit against the blonde’s jaw with that combination of a CRACK and a sickening THUD…SWEAT FLYING FROM HER FACE AND SPIT FROM HER LIPS!



The blonde let out a loud moan…followed by a “whoosh” from her mouth as the air was forced from her lungs and out over her trembling lips. Her torso…thrown back a few steps by the force of the punch to her jaw…her mouth letting out a loud yelp…

The blow TWISTED her head violently to the side and KNOCKED a trail of saliva and blood from her lips along with a loud grunt,


She instinctively threw her arms up in front of her face and almost up over her head in an effort to protect herself. The brunette stepped in and moved at her but for some reason…at that particular moment…DIDN’T press her advantage. I was stunned at that move on her part but what I did notice was a smile coming over the brunette’s lips as her large dark eyes widened…as if she sensed she had her prey cornered…had her EXACTLY where she wanted her…and she wasn’t going to let her go! It was as if she wanted this entire seductive dance to last longer…and not finish her quickly. She knew she had hurt the blonde…and she knew she was about to make the kill…it was as if she was enjoying the hunt more than the inevitable FINAL kill! 

The blonde slowly began to right herself and brought her arms back up in her fighting stance although she seemed very shaky and unsure. 

My God…five minutes into the fight and the blonde was cross-eyed…bloodied and rubber-kneed!

I heard another girl…evidently a friend of the blonde yell out,

“Stay close to her!” the girl was screaming. “Keep your hands higher and bring your elbows in to your **** more!” “Work on her damn body when you get the chance!” “NOW COME ON!”

I could clearly see the fear in the blonde’s eyes now and you can bet the brunette saw the same thing. The women began to circle each other again and the brunette wasted no time SNAPPING her left fist out at the blonde’s face…the punch literally shooting from her left shoulder in a blur…the sound of her knuckles CRACKING into the blonde’s chin echoing throughout the area…her head SNAPPING back violently!

The blonde’s face contorted as her long blonde hair flew forward on either side of her face! Her head snapped back so quickly and violently that her hair literally seemed to be left behind as if moving in slow motion in contrast to her head. She staggered back a few steps and fell against the wall behind her…grunting out as her back slammed hard into the hard bricks!


The blonde somehow brought her arms up and blocked a second left fist from the brunette! She probably applauded herself for finally showing some defensive ability in the fight…and if she patted herself on the back mentally if she did…she spoke WAY to soon as she sure wasn’t ready for the hard right uppercut that the brunette unloaded on her bare wet tummy! The blonde grunted out and folded over the brunettes extended arm as the fist buried itself in her midsection! 


The brunette’s brutal punch appeared to have knocked the wind out of the blonde as she SLAMMED into the wall behind her…her HEAD WHIP LASHING back against the unforgiving hard surface!! Her dazed and stunned body slowly beginning to slide down to the base of the wall as her knees began to buckle! The brunette wasn’t going to let her go down that easy as she was on her like a wild animal smelling blood…immediately THROWING A FLURRY OF PUNCHES…this time several breaking through the blonde's guard as she desperately struggled to keep her arms up and protect herself…while at the same time stay on her feet! A RIGHT CROSS…then a LEFT HOOK…a RIGHT HOOK…a STRAIGHT RIGHT…a LEFT CROSS!! The brunette’s vicious onslaught continued as the blonde’s head was brutally SNAPPED BACK several times and then WHIPPED SIDE TO SIDE like a bobble head doll’s!

The blonde then made a desperate attempt to counter punch as she dug down deep and tried to throw a few jabs of her own but they ended up being blocked deftly by the still fresh and quick brunette! The brunette then answered and JABBED back and I was surprised that several jabs made it past the blonde’s guard and SMACKED her flush on the nose…the blonde just seemingly unable to stop anything at this point as the brunette was beating to the body and the head!

The blonde’s HEAD SNAPPED BACK as she SCREAMED out…the brunette’s knuckles SMACKING into her nose…flattening it under her knuckles…a warm red trickle suddenly appearing from her left nostril…and moving down over her upper lip…her eyes welling up with tears…HER FACE RED…CONTORTED in both PAIN AND ANGER!


The punches seemed to make the tough blonde so angry that she was able to call on some hidden strength…SCREAMING OUT LOUDLY…SHE LAUNCHED herself off the wall and at her adversary again!



The brunette held her ground as the blonde CRASHED against her…both GRUNTING OUT…SCREAMING! She kept her elbows in tight and her hands up around her face…bending over slightly while leaning forward against the blonde…her legs spread and braced…BOTH GIRLS SCREAMING…PUSHING…CUSSING…SPITTING!

The blonde tried to land short punches inside…but they were blocked pretty effectively. The brunette threw a few of her own and was rewarded when she felt her left fist find the blonde’s right breast with a GRAZING PUNCH THAT PINCHED HER BREAST BACK AGAINST HER RIBS…A LOUD GROAN flowing over her dry parched lips as a SHARP PAIN filled her side!

THE WOMEN JOCKEYED FOR POSITION…LEANING against each other and SHOVING…PUSHING…GRUNTING as both STRAINED from the exertion…both trying to DRIVE BODY BLOWS underneath each other’s arms as their PERT SHAPELY BREASTS SWAYED AND JIGGLED…KNUCKLES HITTING into soft supple breast flesh and distorting shapely ****…followed by YELPS and GRUNTS! I could feel almost feel their smooth thighs as if they were rubbing AGAINST MY OWN legs…their sweaty **** rubbing AGAINST MY OWN…the nicely toned muscles under they’re tights pressing together…their CROTCHES GRINDING and ROTATING against each other’s!

EACH WOMAN LEANED ON THE OTHER…each GRUNTED and GROANED as they tried to gain an advantage…their bodies rubbing against each other’s…their sweat mixing and further coating their already slick skin…their ******* jousting with each others…and then disappearing in the supple skin as they’re **** pressed tight!

The fight to this point showed that the blonde seemed to be able to hit with some force …but there was no strategy behind the blows…and she was thwarted at almost every turn by the brunette…who also employed some really effective defensive measures…showing off her nice boxing skills…blocking most of the punches with her forearms. The blonde's legs finally seemed to be losing much of their steam...as she seemed to be starting to plod as she moved. Much of the good footwork that she had at the start of the fight was deteriorating badly.

The blonde then made probably her best move of the fight and wisely lunged out…reaching and wrapping her arms around the brunette…pulling her in tight to her body to clinch her!


The battered blonde literally collapsed into the brunette’s wet heaving chest…a series of grunts and groans escaping her lips as she struggled and grappled with the tall brunette to wrap a boa constrictor’s type hold around the her arms and torso in an effort to stop the bare knuckle assault! The blonde was running out of options fast and this was obviously a desperation move on her part. She was so beaten and fatigued…and the brunette’s skin was so slick that she started to slide down her bare chest…her face laying against the wet valley created by the brunette’s sweat slickened breasts. As I watched…I felt my excited heart pounding like a rhythmic drum as their toned…glistening bodies desperately pressed against one another…writhing together…

I found myself wishing I was that blonde’s face so bad...

The two amazons just seem to almost be locked in a slow seductive dance as they twisted and struggled…grappling with each other! To say that watching the two ******* women wrap each other up and struggle…to wrestle…was ****** and hot would be a serious understatement. Their breasts pressed together and began pancaking as their ******* disappeared in the enveloping supple flesh!

The brunette gritted her teeth and began shoving her arms up between their bodies to try and force the blonde back off of her. The blonde evidently still had some life left in her as she suddenly DROVE HER KNEE up into the brunette’s midsection!!


The brunette’s body LURCHED UP and she SCREAMED OUT but she wouldn’t release her death grip on the blonde and she screamed out again as SHE DROVE HER KNEE UP quickly in response as they both began POUNDING each other’s abs RELENTLESSLY while holding each other in their strong arms! Neither would let go of her "death grip" on the other…as if holding on was the best defense...THE ONLY DEFENSE! As close as the two were…both were able to TWIST and TURN their bodies to lessen the impact of their knees SLAMMING INTO THEIR BODIES…still each impact of a knee into a bare tightened but exposed tummy... resulted in a loud PAINFUL GRUNT from the respective woman’s lips...an audible GASP...as precious air was driven from her oxygen-starved lungs! 



Each girl’s body lurched up with each upward thrust of a knee… …each girl’s face growing increasingly redder…her features CONTORTING IN PAIN!  The brunette finally broke out of the tight clinch after each had landed a few knees successfully up into each other’s abs…SHOVING the blonde back against the wall and stepping back as the blonde STUMBLED BACK and FELL against the brick wall behind her…now using it for support…her hands CLUTCHING HER ABS...gritting her teeth as she fought through the AGONY spreading throughout her midsection! The brunette bent over at the waist…COUGHING…BREATHING HEAVILY as she rested her hands on her thighs…shaking her head from side to side! The brunette then stepped back another step to keep a distance between her and her blond adversary. She rubbed her beaten abs, GRIMMACING IN PAIN as she desperately tried to recover from the onslaught. 

Then after a few more seconds, the brunette suddenly straightened up and turned and twisted her tall athletic frame to the side and DROVE HER RIGHT LEG UP HARD in a sidekick type motion into the blonde’s chest!!


The blonde had just stepped away from the wall and still had her arms at her sides! Her facial features showing the AGONIZING pain running through her body as the brunette’s foot planted itself in her sternum with a loud THUD!! Her eyes widened and her face contorted in agony as the brunette’s foot DROVE hard into her body…her lips emitting a loud GRUNT combined with a SCREAM as the air again left her already oxygen deprived lungs! 


Her facial features showing the instant of her body’s urgent…almost panicked longing for a breath as she was then hurled backwards by the force of the kick…her back hitting the wall behind her as another loud grunt shot over her lips. It was a brutal kick and the brunette pressed her advantage. She stepped forward and launched two punches…a quick jab with her left fist…the other a right cross! Both landed and the blonde’s head thrust back violently…hitting the wall behind her!



I could see the blood coming from the blonde’s nose again and she now appeared to have a cut above her right eye. I could see the thin red trickle already snaking down along her right cheek. The blonde…maybe out of instinct or some desperate sense of self-preservation...threw a wild right from almost over her head that surprised the brunette and connected with her mouth!


The brunette’s head SNAPPED BACK and she STUMBLED back a few steps…shaking her head…blinking…and SCREAMING OUT in what seemed more like anger than pain! I think most of the anger was even directed at her self for being so stupid as to let her beaten adversary hit her! I could see the brunette’s lower lip was split and the red trickle was snaking its way down over her chin. In the meantime…the blonde fell forward from the force of her own punch and fell to the pavement on all fours. She lay there on all fours…MOANING…COUGHING.


The brunette didn’t waste any time and she reached down and ANGRILY…FORCEFULLY…GRABBED the blonde by a handful of hair…wrapping long strands of her silken blond hair around her long slender fingers…and PULLED HER HEAD UP…pulling it up AGONIZINGLY SLOW so the blonde would have to endure the searing pain in her scalp even longer…tilting it back and glaring down into the blonde’s now terror filled eyes!! The brunette drew back her right fist and just as quickly…before the blonde’s trembling lips could utter a word of anything…SLAMMED her unforgiving fist it into her jaw!! 


The blonde’s body was literally LIFTED UP off the ground by the force of the punch as she cut loose with a loud grunt…followed by a low groan as she CRUMPLED to the grass under her feet…sprawled out…her legs twitching…


My own jaw dropped down in astonishment at what I'd just witnessed! My breathing was becoming short and ragged and I could feel a warm sticky WETNESS GROWING between my long legs and trickle down the soft skin of my inner thighs! It was as if the temperature around us had risen a hundred degrees during the fight! SWEAT POURED from my brow…down my neck…chest…and between my breasts. I could feel each drop as it traced its way down my body. My ******* TINGLED and STRAINED against my tight blouse…my ***** ACHED as I felt this PRESSURE BUILDING deep within my loins! The growing heat inside of my aroused body was becoming as unbearable as the heat outside! My own thighs QUIVERED while my heart was POUNDING so hard I felt it was forcing its way up in my throat! I was getting SO AROUSED…SO INFLAMED…my **** was just THROBBING and PULSATING!! I couldn't believe that such a fight could all be over that quickly…and arouse me as much as it did! 

The brunette kept SCREAMING down at the blonde to GET HER FUCKING ASS UP AND FIGHT and kept motioning to her to get up with her right arm…extending it down at her with her palm facing up…and curling her fingers back into her hand…curling it angrily into a tight fist…but the blonde…finally beginning to move… seemed to be moving almost in slow motion and certainly looked as if she had had enough and wanted no more of this ****! She tried to shove herself up off her stomach but her arms were just too weak…they QUIVERED a moment as she STRUGGLED AND STRAINED to push her self up…then…

…it was as if the hopelessness of the situation finally set in and she gave in to the pain and fatigue…letting her body fall back down face first into the grass! She MOANED a moment…then slowly rolled over on her back and raised her right hand up…WHIMPERING as her face contorted in pain and fear as she looked up at the brunette now standing over her… straddling her …her lower lip TREMBLING…as the tears welled in her beaten…now terrified…fear-stricken eyes…the tears streaking her red flushed cheeks…



The brunette drew her right fist back and then reached down with her left hand and grabbed a handful of the blondes long silky hair…wrapping it around her long slender fingers and at almost the same time PULLING UP HARD on the blonde's head…the brunette sneering through her clenched teeth! The blonde let out an almost blood curdling SCREAM…


…as she threw her hands up in front of her already bloodied face and began WHINING and CRYING even more...PLEADING with the brunette not to hit her again!

I watched as the brunette’s large dark eyes widened as she SNEERED…then gritted her teeth as she drew her fist back even further…the knuckles turning white…then suddenly…and quite unexpectedly…

She released the blonde’s hair and lowered her tightly clenched right fist to her side. I could see her features so clearly in the in the moonlight and I noted an almost sadistic smirk coming over the brunette’s face as the blonde kept begging her …PLEADING WITH HER…not to hit her again! The brunette stood over the beaten blonde...looking down at her like some primeval Goddess-like figure personified! I could tell at that moment she was a woman who was beyond confident in her abilities and who at that moment…when I measured myself against her…I found myself very wanting. I hoped I'd never have to meet in a dark alley…or a parking lot…or a ring…

I couldn’t tell if the expression on the brunette's face was one of disgust…or…maybe even...compassion? 

I could tell at that moment she was a woman who was beyond confident in her abilities and at one with herself at that moment…

Sam told me these fighters have a sort of a “code” they live by…almost a professional courtesy they show each other no matter the intensity and/or the result of a fight. While some likened these events to something akin to gladiators in the Coliseum of ancient Rome…the fighters…the women…didn’t see it quite that way. Unlike ancient Rome…these female “gladiators” were allowed to live to fight another day…and in fact encouraged to do so. These were purely athletic contests of skill…and courage…and a certain amount of respect was accorded even the losers.

As I lay in bed the next night…the memory of the “dream” from the night before continued to weave its way into my thoughts…I lay back and let my hands come up and my nails began grazing over the taut skin covering my abdominal muscles and my tingling ******* hardened in response. I closed my eyes…my chest rising and falling…as my hands drifted up under my heaving breasts…my fingers spreading as they slid up over the firm supple skin…my stiff aching ******* gliding between my long slender fingers as I bit my lower lip. I call what I saw last night a dream because something that aroused me THAT MUCH…just couldn’t be real…

Could it?

The memory of my fingers stroking my swollen **** as I watched the fight last night caused me to slip my hand beneath the waistband of my yoga pants…on past the soft feel of my cotton *******…until I found the wet…mushy folds of my labial lips…and felt my excited ***** literally begin to swallow my fingers. I was half asleep…I think? I couldn’t tell…to be honest…if I was asleep or awake…or in some midpoint dream state…and I didn’t much ******* care. I just knew what I was feeling…

As my heart pounded…my **** throbbed…pulsated…

I let my long…wet…**** tongue slide between my dry parched lips…feeling it drag ever so slowly along my upper lip…and then back down and across my lower…my low soft moans flowing over my newly moistened lips. I felt a nervous flutter in my tummy… and my brain was stuck in “fight overload”…but my body was SCREAMING for a release! My probing fingers…swirling inside of me and teasing my vaginal walls…finally found my throbbing pulsating ****. It was as if every nerve inside my ***** was standing on end…poised to just EXPLODE! I felt my tall frame lurch in bed…my back arching…my legs thrashing so badly the sheets and blanket were thrown off me! My fingertips glided over my white-hot nub…and I SCREAMED out as I felt a jolt of energy seemingly leave my **** and pass throughout my body…my legs kicking out and my shoulders rocking from side to side as my torso writhed from the passion and lust I was feeling…my loud screams echoing throughout the room!

The Underground

Hello…my name is Harper…and I’m a gym *****…and a fight lover...and this is my story

I also broke the law last night…maybe

…and I’d DO IT AGAIN in a heartbeat!

At an undisclosed…somewhat sketchy area in the Bronx…there was a boxing event going on. It wasn’t your typical sanctioned boxing match…

It could be called “50 Shades of Illegal

In fact…the cops aren’t exactly thrilled when they see or hear of these “types” of events occurring…often shutting them down before they occur. 

If they can…

When they can…

If they even WANT TO…

The FX Fight Club is a new “special breed” on the Underground Boxing Circuit in the New York City area but it is slowly making a name for itself by offering and promoting a special type of boxing. The fights have usually taken place outside…as on the night I described…although more recently they are occurring inside a boxing gym in a ring…or in very recent cases…more a opulent setting (We’ll get to that later). The cover charge to see the fight I attended was $750…a relatively small fee for the 6 fights I got to see…and that included the “main event”. But it took more to get in than just mere money…although that certainly was a good start…and it sure didn't hurt

There is an old saying…its not who you know…but it’s WHO YOU BLOW! To be a part of these events…you better be ready to do both…

What is different about the fights at this underground setting that makes them so popular that promoters can charge prices that exceed $1,000 at times…you might ask?

What is it that attracts so many people to these events that a line forms around the block?

Well…I’ll tell you…

So sit back boys and girls…and allow Harper to let you in on one of the WORST…and BEST-KEPT SECRETS on the island of Manhattan…

They are between females…they are boxing matches…the females are *******…and they fight with their bare knuckles.

Welcome to the JUNGLE!

Oh such things don't exist?

Let's not be so naive...shall we?

Attending one of these events was NOT based on WHAT you know…but WHOM you know. Sometimes it might be held in a park…maybe in a parking lot…locations varied. As time has gone on though…and the FX Club has become the “club” of choice…these fights are increasingly being held in more “luxurious” surroundings…that translated means “indoors in a ring”. Rumors that a special gym with a first class boxing ring and seating area was being constructed on the Upper West Side had recently been circulated as the promoters of the event seemed bent on seizing on their recent windfalls. There was even another rumor floating about that some investors from a secret “Society” were the real money and marketing behind the project…and they hold the police…local politicians and judges in their pockets in such ways that they literally had free reign of the city. I had heard rumors of the “Society” before… but every time I tried to find out more about it…I seem to hit a brick wall. Even my girlfriend Samantha wasn’t talking much and I KNOW she knows something about it!

it was a story I wanted to someday get to the bottom of...but right now...other things were on my mind..

The Society could wait

The fact that the fights were SO hard to find and get into was what made them so popular in many ways...much like alcohol was during Prohibition...

“You have to know somebody to get the address” my girlfriend Samantha said, “My friend invited me and she only knew about it through her friend.”

These FX “special events” have been taking place for over a year now and were referenced in “New York” magazine a few months ago. This weekend…it was reported in the New York Times that one of their bouts/events was even shut down by police…but only briefly. A friend who frequents these events…and who was at this particular one…told us…

"After the police left…the event started back up again and went on until 3 a.m. with what has become the star attraction of the evenings of these epics…females *******…and boxing with their bare fists in front of a rowdy-screaming crowd”. "The booze was flowing and the joints were smokin!"

"But what was really wild about it....these people HAD MONEY...and lots of it!"

The friend…who told us about the fights and who prefers to remain anonymous (after all…it is a fight club and the first rule of fight club is…”Don’t Talk About Fight Club”) said…

"My girlfriend found out through a friend of a friend of a friend who heard about it through another friend”. “We just kinda showed up and thought that it would be pretty cool…and it was…It was REALLY sick!" he said.”

(“Sick”…in this case…means AWESOME!)

“It was like a giant party!”

…and that…my friends…was the norm right there…a “giant party”…or at least these events tried to be that.

These were not strippers or lingerie models boxing either…although those types frequented some of the “undercards”…nor was it model vs. model. Oh they advertised themselves as such at times…but it was more for “effect” than anything else…when in truth these are women who are trained at this…and know what they’re doing. They have to be good as the prize money is the highest a**** all the fights…even more than that for bouts featuring men.

These “underground” fighting elements exist in most major cities of the country but are particularly prevalent in New York and the surrounding boroughs (lets also toss the Tri-State area). The events all go by different names yet there seems to be more coordination in the New York City area. Some say the coordination…the funding…is coming from this “Society”…so we’re back to that mystery again. Usually the warehouse districts that exist in or on the fringes of the down town areas of most major cities are where this “underground” fighting element always seems to pop up. The events all go by different names…but another popular one in Manhattan seems to be “The Friday Night Throw Down”…an underground fight club that's been drawing a crowd of Wall Street money types…real estate moguls…models and hipsters" to a series of vacant warehouse at 55 Allen Street (on the corner of Grand). What this means is…its really no longer…

1)   Not quite so underground…

2)   Not quite so secret…

I have been going to these clandestine “rumbles in the jungle” for months now and it’s about the WORST kept secret in Manhattan that they OCCUR and that people LOVE them! As Samantha told me…

"If you want to follow this…and be part of the ‘in-crowd’…I'd recommend people just keep an ear to the street…or more realistically... their Facebook (that **** is always a buzz for 24 hours before everything just pops!) Even the underground illegal scene is deep addicted to that Facebook ****."

The “dark underground world of boxing” has been around for hundreds of years…and yes…it not only STILL exists to this day…it is actually flourishing. The money is big and getting BIGGER. Some people think this is a new phenomenon but it has seemingly been with us since “time began”. In early Victorian England…for example…female bare-knuckle boxing was as common as modern day licensed boxing. Just as lucrative…

And just as illegal…

Some have said it was a more exciting spectacle then (like anyone is alive to verify that!)…and some say that today's “spectacles” far exceed those of days gone by...

Its here though…and its here evidently to stay…

Some folks call the female prize ring a bona fide breeding ground for criminality…profiteering and exploitation. You know the types who say that…they’re the ones who think they know how we should run our lives better than we can and are possessed with passing judgment on our personal moralities. 

I call them…Republicans…

Oh shaddap!...I’m entitled to my opinion too so deal with it!

Back in the Victorian Era…boxing was talked against by all the “lawful authorities” and held up as debauchery and a debasement of so called “civilized” society. Some even called it unholy and an affront to the church. From what I’ve read… I doubt the temperance supporters railed against whiskey as much as the anti-boxing faction railed against prize-fighting back then! 

But it didn’t stop…

Why is it that these events are such an attraction to so many?

Like you REALLY have to ask?


The sight of two **** attractive women who’ve built up their bodies…strengthened they’re conditioning and literally polished their skills to a fine edge to take advantage of that conditioning...well…it is hard to imagine ANYTHING being able to match the excitement of personally watching two women of such capabilities struggling against one another with nothing between them but their bare hands…calling upon this innate…invisible…indiscernible force from deep within themselves…and of course… that almost unconquerable will to survive. 

It’s quite simply the basis for what I at least call…the human condition…the foundation for our common existence. Its the “stuff” of our lives…the glue that holds this "play" we call life together…and it just so happens to get played out in a boxing ring sometimes. 

To lay it on the line…Prize-fighting is all those things, and more. It’s simply…in my opinion…a beautiful unrivaled spectacle that is the pulse of the human existence. The sight of an aggressive woman…sweaty…bloody and bare breasted gave the watching men a titillating display of relentless primal passion rarely seen in our…polite “civilized” society.

And anyone who says today’s society is “polite” and/or “civilized” is either very stupid or very naïve…

And things honestly haven’t changed all that much in a few hundred years…

Those early fights…like those between the men…were unlicensed…had few rules other than the London Prize Ring Rules of the day…and in the spirit of “showmanship”…or should I say…”showwomanship”…were often fought stripped to the waist. While some would say it was the titillation factor that drove the popularity of the early female prizefighters…I like to think it was just as much the skill and effort those women back then showed. Oh I know many will say what the women did would never even come close to equalling that of the men….I think considering how far “back” the women had to come from…the shackles they had to remove from themselves to allow some progression…

I think they deserve a lot of “profs”…

I knew little of those so-called old style “pugilistic arts”…or “prizefighting”, save when my girlfriend Samantha had taken me to witness a prizefight late last year. As I have stated previously…boxing is a big part of my workout regime and I compete on occasion…as does Samantha. 

My name is Harper…girlfriend of the gorgeous Samantha and a woman who has a keen appreciation for boxing…at first as a way to get in shape…but then later something else “grabbed” ahold of me and I began competing a little. Grabbed would be an understatement I guess…more like seized with both hands…shook me…and wouldn’t let go! Actually, I am in pretty decent shape physically...5' 9", 142 lbs…yada yada. When I started out…I was not as good as I thought I was however…and in pathetic shape. I have always lacked some in the confidence area so I decided to throw good sense out the window and follow my heart's desire and become a better fighter…or at the very least be able to take care of myself. I'll also admit I have always had this secret deep seeded desire to fight more. I finally began working out a year ago with a boxing trainer and it has opened the door to feelings…sensations and emotions inside of me the likes of which I have never felt or encountered before. At times…I almost felt like I'd lost control of myself in this regard and now I seem to have an almost absolute and total compulsion to continue to work out…improve…and to fight. As my physical conditioning has continued to improve by leaps and bounds…so have my confidence and my desire to fight. Something is growing deep inside me…slowly beginning to bubble to the surface…and I LOVE IT! 

The conditioning I have received as a result of my recent hard work has been certainly worth it just on its own…but the “dessert” is just now beginning to show up…and who in the hell doesn’t like dessert?


That kind of leads us up to where we are now…

I had never seen or heard of anything like these female fight clubs other than what I had read about back in the Victorian age in England when women would box on the same cards as men and often outdrew them in terms of attendance and ultimately…prize money.

Before the fight...Samantha had told me about the London Prize Ring Rules and even gave me a few brief lesson…and a bloody nose in the process! 

Just between you and me…I think she CHEATED!

I still love her like mad though!


As mentioned previously…underground boxing events in the Lower East Side of New York can often attract police attention and even get shut down…although that seems to be occurring less and less. Entry into the events requires a cover charge that can vary wildly…usually between $500 and $1,000 depending on the clientele…obviously not cheap…but even that’s the EASY part. In order to attend the event you need to KNOW someone and be invited via email...then receive a text message the day before with the location of the fights. These are often very closely guarded secrets. Most of this is due to the clientele these events cater to. They are generally the finance people from Wall Street…real estate mogul’s…politician’s…business leaders of all ilk’s…even higher up’s in law enforcement…the list goes on…and on. 

They aren’t the types that want it known that they are attending events such as these…so the event organizers take great efforts to keep the locations secret and “underground”. The bottom line was…they all had in common one thing…MONEY…and lots of it! A large number of people wanted to see this type of fighting between women and a number of savvy entrepreneurs began organizing and promoting the events. 

It had become BIG business!

These events were as much a “happening”…a reason to party down and light up an “Assassin of Youth” (a joint for all you old farts!)…"blast a stick" and get high! At these fights…if you’re sober and not partying like most of the rest of the crowd there…you might run a good chance of getting bored shitless...unless you were a big fight fan that is! Usually…as was the case with the FX Fight Club…fights start almost as soon as the previous one ends. That pace keeps things moving and keeps the crowd into it. Depending on your preference…its whatever works for you. Just bring your money and your desire to have fun. Because all clubs charge a big cover…be ready to shell out a lot of Benjamin’s to get in and be part of the festivities…unless you know a fighter or a promoter of course.

Or you’re a member of the mysterious…”Society”

On this particular night…I stood amongst the crazed raucous crowd with my girlfriend…Samantha. The air was filled with tobacco (and marijuana…Oh come on…don’t be naive! Just shut up and get high with me!) smoke… along with the rancour of liquor. We had “ringside “ seats and I found myself jumping up…my hands grasping the top rope so tight…my fingers turning white…as I could barely contain my excitement and YES…even my arousal…as it swelled inside of my young nubile body! I watched the two girls, both about my age…in their mid-thirties…lean…toned sinewy muscles in their arms…shoulders and backs. Both knew they were in the prime of womanhood and both were very **** along with having some real skill with their bare fists. Both moved well…they didn’t just brawl like many of their male counterparts do in these fights…they knew how to box! Once the fight began I found myself wincing and grimacing with each loud smack of bare knuckles striking wet slick flesh and bone and I looked on with a mixture of fascination and yes…desire…and arousal.

After a time…I began feeling a pretty strong arousal every time I’d watch a hard prize-fight between two skilled women. The combination of the sexiness…eroticism and the brutality of it all would just push me over the edge! I had heard of women prizefighters before these first experiences…but obviously the effect they had boxing ******* in front of a crowd of rich… lewd…lascivious…drunk…high and mega ***** onlookers would be even more intense with a large group than just myself. 

To see the grace and beauty that is the female form…engaged in such a sport…such violence and brutality…combined with the beauty and skill…aroused me more than I ever thought was possible…though I didn’t make those feelings known publically.

Several of these “fight clubs” or “venues” began trying to establish themselves in the newer niche market of Female Bare Knuckle Prize Fighting. Here, the females boxed ******* and fought with their bare knuckles…usually dressing in outfits that were commonly seen back in female bouts of the Victorian Era. Wearing the tight fitting pantaloons or breeches that went down to the top of their calves…sometimes wearing boots... only seemed to add to the excitement of two women facing each other that way. In some cases tight yoga pants were substituted but the desired effect was always the same. This only added to the eroticism of the fight and as the women generally were very skilled…the attraction of the fights became obvious. These few clubs attracted a more higher-level income clientele and hence were able to offer women who fought in them more in terms of prize money and benefits…training. The women who fought in these clubs were all very good at what they did…trained extensively at the best facilities…and to be honest were always extremely “hot”.

I notice stuff like that…silly me!

I knew Samantha had fought at times in this particular club and as our relationship deepened it was only natural she’d expose me to it more and more…eventually supporting me in my desire to try my hand at boxing there as my skill level increased and I gained experience.

Sam was one of the top fighters in the bare-knuckle club and it was easy to see why.

Sam negotiates life in HER own time and terms…she redefines limits in EVERYONE around HER.

It’s impossible to escape the gravitational pull that flows from her…I mean it…its like one of those inescapable tractor beams.

Her very presence makes men question their masculinity. Her mystical power exudes ****** attraction.

She is a tall blonde Goddess who was my partner and soul mate…and I love her madly (I think I already said that…if so…I love saying it again!).

It wasn’t long after I met Sam…that I began fighting other girls like that. Over time…I began doing very well and the prize money was good…but that wasn’t what was driving me. I lost a few fights… I stood up against anyone they brought me and never backed down even when I knew I knew I’d probably get beat…but I won more and Sam and I soon became local favorites. The adrenaline rush I got from fighting cannot be properly described with words…you literally have to FEEL IT. After a fight…I’d climb down from the ring…stretching my aching muscles and sore beyond belief…the inside of my lips tender and tasting of blood at times…my knuckles throbbing…sometimes numb with the assurance of more pain to come as more soreness would set in the next day….

But I never felt more ALIVE than during and after those fights! 


Then it happened…

“She” had arrived on the scene in an almost circus-like atmosphere…

“She” began offering any woman five thousand dollars if she could last five rounds with her. The two women would box ******* and bare knuckle and this was more than bluster on her part as she was undefeated after twelve bouts. This was far from a normal occurrence but then again…this was far from a normal woman either.

Her name was Michelle and she was tall…about 5’-9-1/2” and 145 pounds with dark brown eyes and chocolate brown silken hair…her body was something she was obviously proud of and took great care of…and justifiably so. It was beyond amazing!

Don’t you just hate it when they look like that?

We girls are so catty!

While I was a little shorter at 5’9” and 142 pounds with a little brown hair and hazel eyes…I felt I was in just a good of physical condition as she was. 



See...I’m already comparing myself to her! Why do we girls always DO that?


Still…she was very attractive…yet she had this air about her of extreme confidence without being too cocky. When it came to boxing…she was all business and with the money at stake…that made perfect sense. She was considered the club champion and watching her fight it was obvious why. When she punched…her fists were a blur and her punching power was devastating. Her beauty belied a toughness that just couldn’t be measured…and her obvious *** appeal (color in…great **** and abs…long legs that didn’t seem to quit…they just went on and on…listen to me…FUCK!) made her a crowd drawing favorite.

I was so intrigued by Michelle (intrigued can be translated to…she makes me ***** and wet)…and that turned out to be my FIRST error in judgement. If I had been smarter…I would have stayed away from her. Now I am a confidant woman…especially when it comes to athletics and being physical…and I was becoming…over time…very confidant in my boxing abilities. The more I watched this woman…the more I became convinced I could beat her!

I WANTED to beat her!

I KNEW I could beat her!

That would be error in judgement #2 on my part…LOL

As often is the case in situations such as these…I finally let my mouth get in the way of my better judgement…of which apparently I had little. And as you all know…my mouth’s history of getting me in trouble is legendary. One day I was working out on the heavy bag in the gym downstairs. My trainer…Joe…more commonly known as the Marquis de Sade…was spotting me and I was pounding that bag for all it was worth…my torso becoming drenched in perspiration…droplets collecting on my forehead and streaming down into my eyes…stinging them and blurring my vision. My heart was pounding as my torso twisted from side to side…pivoting at my trim waistline…gritting my teeth as I was making hitting this bag something way more than personal at this point…WAY way more personal!

To me…the heavy bag WAS “Michelle”…in more ways than one! 

My torso was streaked with perspiration and I had made the mistake of wearing a white sports bra and we all know what white does when it becomes soaking wet! It becomes something close to transparent and the outline and shape of my breasts…my pinkish-brown *******…could very clearly be seen through the rapidly transparent wet spandex. I noticed Joe kept looking at my chest as he was spotting me and I finally noticed that he noticed that I had noticed he had noticed! He grinned that silly impish grin of his…winked at me and said….

“So like I’m NOT supposed to look at those?”

I laughed out loud as Joe had seen me naked more than once…and went back to the business of my workout.

I kept pounding the bag faster and faster…harder and harder…grunting out loud with each piston-like blow! I had been working out on the “bag” for close to twenty minutes…Joe continuing to shout encouragement to me…telling me…



My arms felt like they were made out of LEAD they felt SO HEAVY! I was grunting out more loudly now with each punch and I wanted to just DRIVE MY FISTS through that bag and TAKE OUT MY TRAINER I WAS SO SICK of listening to him YELLING at me!



I finally stopped a moment...literally collapsing into the heavy bag an wrapping my arms around the wet...slick leather...raising my right glove to wipe the sweat from my forehead…then taking a small white towel from Joe…I rubbed it across my face. As I blinked and squinted to clear my vision…I heard Joe exclaim…

“Hey Michelle!!”

I looked up startled and my eyes met those of the brunette…


I felt like that scene from the movie “Tombstone”…

You know the one…where Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) shows up in place of Wyatt Earp (Kurt Russell) to face Johnny Ringo (Micheal Biehn) in their climatic gunfight …and Ringo is quite surprised when he sees its Doc Holliday (Kilmer) and not the expected Earp…and Holliday says…

“Why Johnny Ringo…you look like somebody just walked all over your grave!”


I turned and searched for the words but my lower lip only quivered and my voice was silent…in spite of my efforts to the contrary.

Her large dark eyes almost seemed to look THROUGH ME and not at my body and I felt I had been lifted up off the floor with a sensation I can’t quite explain. I hadn’t seen eyes such as those in my entire life…and they cut through me like a hot knife through butter. There was intensity in those eyes that sent a shiver up my spine. I suppose that was just how she was but then I heard her speak as she talked past me to my trainer. She was soft-spoken…but there was also a directness to her voice…and when she saw Joe…those eyes of her just seemed to twinkle.

“Hey Joe!” “How have you been?”

The tall imposing brunette walked around me and our shoulders briefly brushed together. She was more imposing in person and this CLOSE…she seemed taller and with a smile I sure NEVER saw when I watched her fight…except when she was finishing another woman off in the ring! Our eyes met for a brief instant and her scent lingered in the air and the thin film of perspiration that coated her tanned skin rubbed off on my own bare shoulder…sending a shiver up my spine as my heart jumped into my throat. She hugged Joe warmly and they laughed…sharing a joke for a brief moment. She asked Joe if he wasn’t busy would she spot for him and Joe said certainly…that he’d love to.

Joe was no fool…

I watched as she and Joe went over and he spotted a heavy bag for her. She proceeded to work on it, her fists moving at an even faster speed than the last time I saw her fight…her tape-covered bare knuckles popped repeatedly into the leather covered bag…the rapid-paced whaps of her fists against the tight leather resounded like a musical cadence. Her V-shaped torso twisting with each punch and in perfect sync with her fists…perspiration flying from her tanned shoulders and arms…a loud grunt following every loud impact of her fists hitting that bag. I watched in awe as she moved around the heavy bag…bouncing lightly on her toes like a skilled dancer…her fists hitting high and then low…jabs…hooks…uppercuts! This went on for about 20 minutes and I watched in awe…mesmerized. She finally stopped and wrapped her arms around the bag, gripping it tightly to her torso… laying her wet cheek against it.

God I so wished I as that bag right then!

Her long dark brown ponytail was wet…matted and almost plastered to her exquisitely toned upper back muscles and down along the contour of her spine. As she pulled away from the bag a bit…I could see the perfect shape of her pert breasts as they strained the spandex of her black sports bra…her hard erect ******* belying the fact that the workout had aroused her. She had a shape and a form I seldom have ever seen…but it was so much more than that. This raven-haired Goddess had me fully and completely in her spell…and she didn’t even know me.

Somehow though...I felt like I had known her all my life...

Then…my cockiness began to take over…error in judgement #3…

I suddenly found myself smirking as I thought to myself….

“So that’s the Bare Knuckle Champion…Huh?”

“She doesn’t look so SPECIAL to ME!”

Now this is normally where Samantha would step in and grab me by the shoulders and shake some sense into me…but unfortunately for me my lovely...and smart...soul mate was out of town…

I turned and began walking back to the locker room to take a quick shower to relax me…when I looked up saw the familiar figure of my trainer…Joe…walking in front of me. I jogged forward to catch him…tapping on his shoulder. He stopped and turned…looking at me quizically...

“Hey Joe, I see you haven’t been keeping a REAL low profile around here…SUCKING UP to the club champion!”

“Why don’t you find me someone to fight in this pop-stand!”

"I'm getting bored!"

He looked at me and smiled weakly, responding sarcastically,

“What the FUCK are you talking about Harper?”

I laughed out loud and said,

“I’ve got to find someone here who wants to fight me REALLY bad!”

“I’m in one of my moods”

He spoke back in a rather snarky tone,

“Oh fantastic!” How about I find you another blonde newbie housewife working on her fat ass?” “Will that work for you?”  

I was stunned that he answered me in that tone as I tilted my head and looked at him quizzically and a bit surprised. I rolled my own eyes back in my head and shook it from side to side.

He then looked back at me and whispered back.

“I’m sorry Harper, sheesh…who do you want to fight then?”

I looked at him and then raised my right arm and pointed over into the far ring next to the large glass window off Main Street and leaned in and whispered to him…

“How about her?”

I then looked at this female figure in that far ring I had picked at random a lot more closely as she turned and faced me…what I saw made my heart leap up into my throat and my pulse nearly doubling! I suddenly felt as if a MAC truck driving at full speed had hit me and I was being drug under it as it just kept going! Standing in the ring, pounding her gloves together and pacing like a predator cat…


It was Michelle!

She was wearing that tight (No…I mean …TIGHT!) black sports bra. Two pert…firm…peach shaped **** pushed up off her chest and barely appeared to sag,...tretching out the spandex material so much that you swore her breasts were mere seconds from spilling out. Her small ******* were as close to being visible as you might imagine as they struggled to poke through the constraining black material. Below the bra those awesome abs and a cute innie belly button were showing off her flat contoured stomach where a diamond belly button piercing glittered. The set of abs that were between that bra and the tight waistband of her black yoga pants were nothing short of spectacular. I could hook myself up to a sit-up machine (if such a thing existed) and stay on it the rest of my ******* life and I wouldn’t have abs HALF as perfect as she has! My God I lost count of the number of “packs”!

Below her **** tummy, a pair of black yoga pants stuck to her legs like a second skin…or a coat of paint that covered her bare skin but hiding nothing of their shape…the muscle development…the perfection and the sleek length. That her thicker thighs and firm ass were emphasized by the skin-tight fabric just added sweeter icing to this girl’s already rockin bod.

I took a long, slow deep breath and began walking over to the ring behind Joe. I couldn’t believe I was doing this! I have SEEN this girl fight and I am SO FAR out of my league with her it’s not funny! I watched her a few nights ago and she was take another girl APART! What is Joe thinking by not stuffing a sock in my mouth and shutting me up…or better yet…locking me in a FUCKING CLOSET?? 


My nerves began to get the best of me as I could feel my arms and hands begin to tremble! I thought my knees were going to buckle! We got to the ring apron and suddenly I felt this almost savage churning in my stomach and I was hit instantly by nausea with the intensity I had never felt before! My stomach churned and my head was now spinning…ALONG WITH THE FUCKING ROOM! I felt sick at my stomach and I knew I had better act quickly! I immediately ran for the rest room over in the corner…shoved the door open with both hands… and practically DOVE into a stall! Before I knew it I was on my hand and knees praying to a porcelain god and puking my GUTS UP!!!! I finished “Unloading” myself, sat on my knees a few moments as I flushed the toilet and placed my hands on my face, my elbows resting on the edge of the toilet seat. I slowly got to my feet and walked over and bent over at the sink and began washing my hands and face, splashing the cool cold water over my face as I tried to snap out of it and regain my composure. I leaned over the sink and just breathed deeply for a few minutes. I then reached over and grabbed some paper towels and begin drying my face and mouth, looking in the mirror over the bunched up, wadded up towels that were pressed to my face. I closed my eyes a moment and then finally opened them, tossing the towels in the trash. I took a final look in the mirror, bit my lower lips and walked from the restroom, blinking, shaking my head.


As I walked towards the bathroom door…there was Joe standing there as I walked out. Joe placed his right hand on my left shoulder and looked me sternly in the eyes,

“Harper…don’t you DARE fight that woman!”

I looked at Joe and I blinked a few times before I answered simply,


Joe looked at me and said,

“You have no business having a bare knuckle prize fight with HER!”

“You’re NOT ready for someone of her skill level right now!”

“Samantha would tell you the SAME thing!”

I looked Joe and my gaze narrowed as I glared into his eyes,

“I make my own decisions Joe!”

“Besides…Sam is out of town and I’m way over 21 years old and I DON’T need a note from her…DO I?”

The tone in my voice told Joe I was more than just a little perturbed…

He then said…

”Just sayin…Sam wouldn’t be real happy about you going rogue like this”

Suddenly…Michelle then walked up and her eyes met mine again…and those familiars shivers shot up my spine and goose bumps formed on my shoulders and arms as she asked me…

 “Are you up for this” “I sure could use the work” “And from the looks of you…you could use some extra work yourself!”  

I chuckled after she spoke those last words…that seemed to disarm me for a moment. She turned around and as she did I extended my right arm out and shot her the middle finger and muttered to myself…


I turned and walked back to the ring apron, my apprehension growing exponentially with each step. I crawled under the bottom rope and over the ring apron onto the canvas. I stood up and as soon as I raised my eyes up I was facing HER.

Joe made the introductions,

“Harper, meet Michelle…Michelle…Harper!”

I reached out and took her hand in mine to shake and I felt her almost vice-like grip wrap around my hand and SQUEEZE it until the blood left it and moved its way up my arm! I took my hand back and turned and shook it back and forth to get some feeling back in it! 

I looked at Joe…grimacing…as I slowly mouthed a choice word!


JJoe looked at me and just rolled his eyes…shaking his head from side to side…then tossing his hands up above his head…and stifling a giggle!

I shrugged my shoulders at him and frowned…then I noticed Michelle looking at me…grinning…flashing those perfect white teeth…

And then she showed that “smile”. You know the one…we’ve all seen that ******* ****! It’s the one the spider gave the fly before “she” devoured it. The one the “predator” gives to its prey before she drags it back to her lair. I looked at her and before I had a chance to think I just blurted out…

“Well, I hope I can help you work off some of that BIG ass of yours”

And as soon as I said it I just KNEW I had screwed up again!! God Harper, YOU AND YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!

I had watched her box several times and take apart the challenger each time…and now I was giving her an excuse to take me apart too!

I didn’t GIVE A SHIT!

It was time to take some drastic action and let my feelings be known!

“Okay!! That’s it!” I yelled out…slamming my fists a few times onto a nearby table like I was pounding a gavel and court was in session!

My court!

”Listen up EVERYBODY!”

I then jumped up on a chair and hopping up on the table and raisied my voice so it echoed throughout the whole gym… instantly gaining the attention of everyone in the place for reasons outside of my looks…

“It’s going to be THIS simple! This isn’t going to be about *********…or who’s got better **** or ass…as we all know that I DO so that’s a moot point…its not about what the FUCK school we went to or geography! It’s about ME versus Michelle and it’s about ME knocking that BITCH onto her FAT ass!!”

I was on a roll!

God someone stop me before I KILL AGAIN!

I finished my ill advised rant through gritted teeth then I pointed the forefinger of my right hand straight at Michelle…then I turned my hand and pointed my right fore and index fingers back at my eyes…

There was dead silence in the gym…Michelle just tilted her head a bit to the side…her large dark eyes widening a bit…then suddenly narrowing as that wry smile came over her **** lips.

I was familiar with her reputation but I was cocky and over confidant myself…maybe not a smart way to be in a bare-knuckle prizefight against someone like her. I had to do something though to ally my fears and push me into that ring. I felt once the fight started…I would be fine…and I honestly felt I could beat her. Hey…if I lost…what’s the worst that can happen? She puts me in the hospital? As long as I’m not in one of those ******* 20-year comas and I wake up and we’re all living on ******* Mars…I’ll survive!

I WANTED to beat her BAD!

Hell I’d be AWESOME!


The day of the fight came and the club was in a bit of a festive uproar and all abuzz over the occasion! 

I …on the other hand…kept asking myself….what in the Wide Wide World of FUCK had I gotten myself into?

The fight was to be in a large ballroom on top of Four Seasons Hotel in midtown Manhattan…that was becoming a very popular venue for these types of fights. I arrived in a limo at the front door of the hotel…smiling as a nattily clad doorman dressed like a French Admiral opened my door and welcomed me to the hotel. As he opened the door for me he said,

“Good luck Miss Morgan…if you would…please take the elevator to the penthouse and someone will meet you there…and take you to your dressing room”

I walked to the elevator…pushed the button labeled “Penthouse”…and then waited…tapping my foot…arms crossed across my chest…as I nervously listened to the elevator “dings” as the car moved down closer and closer to the lobby where I stood. Somehow I felt like I was on Death Row…and I was waiting on my last meal to arrive.


The elevator bell sounded so much like the fight bell in a boxing ring…I jumped out of my skin and even brought my fists up for a moment I was so startled!

I jumped as the elevator doors came open...and I walked in…pushing the penthouse floor button and standing back nervously as I watched the lights above the door…going to the back of the elevator and leaning back against the wall. I was always uncomfortable in elevators…I have to admit I have this crazy fear of heights…even in an elevator I was unrealistically afraid that they would fall…to the point of paranoia…but there was something especially unpleasant about this one…maybe it had more to do today with what I would be facing at the top…than the elevator ride itself.

I titled my head back…leaned it against the wall…and closed my eyes…the elevator music struggling to fill my ears with its mindless dribble…I listened as the elevator dinged with each passing floor…finally the loudest ding I had ever heard echoed in my ears as we hit the penthouse…


As I walked out a very attractive brunette met me… about my height… who moved towards me and touched my forearm briefly…

“Ms Morgan?”

“If you’ll follow me I’ll show you to your dressing room”

The girl led me through a set of doors and down a long corridor. Now normally I would have been watching this girl’s **** ass as it seemed to just shift from side to side enough as she walked to get my attention…but a million thoughts were racing through my mind at that point. The walls were covered in beautiful paintings and ornate crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling. Her stiletto heels clacked on the polished oak floor and echoed down the corridor as we made our way down the long hallway.

She stopped near the end of the hall and pulled opened a door. There…sitting in a chair…was Joe. I ran over and we gave each other a big hug…holding each other a moment…then I pulled back and looked at him.

“What are you doing here?”

He smiled at me…his 72 year-old eyes twinkling…

“Did you think I’d leave my prize pupil all alone did you?”

I smiled brightly and said,

“I’m glad you didn’t…I could use a little corner help”

I saw the corners of Joe’s mouth turn up in a wry smile as he said,

“Oh I’ll be in your corner…and don’t worry…we have some great hospitals in the city…and the intensive care units are second to none!!”

I glared at him and then we both busted out laughing…and God knows I needed a laugh…

I then looked in his eyes and said….

”Have you seen Samantha?”

He hesitated a moment…his lower lip trembling…I knew the answer before he even spoke…

”No…I left her a message…but…I….don’t know”

I glanced down at the floor…then I looked up and smiled at him…

”So let it be written…so let it be so”

I wished she was here…I needed her…

I was so nervous…

I began removing my clothing…starting with my long sleeved demin shirt…as I pulled the shirttail from under my tight low rider jeans. I then let my long nimble fingers deftly begin unfastening each button starting from the top...the shirt spreading open a little more with each loose button and from the pressure of my firm pert upturned breasts...as more and more of my bare chest became visible as each button came free...my seductive inviting cleavage becoming more fully exposed...as another button comes open...then yet another...my breasts rising and falling as my chest heaves...my pulse quickening...as my breasts begin to cascade out...my full dry lips barely parting...the tip of my long wet **** tongue sliding between my lips as I gently bite down on it...my other hand reaching up...loosening my pony tail....my long dark brown silky mane falling to my shoulders...feeling the silky strands drape over my shoulders and down my back...then...the last button on the shirt popping loose....

I turned and looked back at Joe and his eyes suddenly widened and he shrugged his shoulders…and said,

“Oh don’t let me stop you!”

I bit my lower lip and stood up…placing my hands on my hips…trying to show a little righteous indignation…knowing it meant no difference to him…

Then he said…

“Hell I’ve seen you naked enough girl!”

“I love women’s breasts. I love how they don’t blink when I stare at them.”

“But I also know you need to be by yourself and do your pre-fight thing…so I’ll just be outside”


With that Joe left the room…pulling the door shut behind him and leaving me alone with my thoughts. Next…with a look over my shoulder to ensure I actually had some privacy…I pulled my denim shirt down over my right shoulder and arm…and then off my torso…tossing it aside. I then reached behind me and unhooked my black bra and let it fall to my feet…letting my full…firm and pale breasts hang free. The stifling heat in the unventilated store room…along with my mounting trepidation …and increasing anxiety at the prospect of a brutal bare knuckle fight caused me begin to perspire profusely and my small pink ******* to stand out erect from the creamy flesh of my nicely rounded upturned breasts. I wiped my already sweaty forehead with the back of my right hand…then let my hands come down and cup my firm **** ****. I then closed my eyes and sat back in my chair… letting my palms glide up over my breasts…my hard tingling ******* sliding between my fingers…my hands moving effortlessly over the thin wet sheen that coated my bare heaving chest and finally up over my shoulders. 

I closed my eyes and took a few long…slow…deep breaths…then I began to visualize how the fight with her would go…how I would beat her…what my plan was. I did this before every fight…seeing in my mind’s eye how I’d fight…how I’d win. It never failed to give me confidence and ally a lot of the fears and apprehension I might have before a bout.

I finally took a final…long…slow deep breath…opened my eyes and dropped my hands to my lap as I sat in my chair…leaning back against the wall again…my head tilted upward as I took another long breath. I then sat up…reached down and unfastened my jeans and began shimmying then down over my hips and thighs…letting them fall to my feet as I bent over and reached down…pulling them over my boots and tossing the pants aside. I reached up and pulled the white tights off a hook on the wall and brought them down to my feet. I began pulling them over my feet… shimmying them up over my smooth and lightly muscled legs. I pulled the tights up over my hips and thighs…stretching them…fumbling around in search of the buttons …slowly fastening each until the waistline was tight against my taut muscled abs. I slid my feet into the pair of black boxing shoes and stretched the bottom of the tights down to the tops of my calves before finishing off the outfit by tying a red silk sash around my waist. A moment later there was a knock at the door and Joe walked in.

"Well Harper… you look every bit a champion prize-fighter to me." he said as his eyes wandered over my athletic frame. 

He didn’t want to admit it to his prize pupil…but it was so **** the way the almost silky tights drew his eyes to my feminine curves…my V-shaped torso and my full firm breasts as they hung from my chest as perfectly as if they had been chiseled from marble.

I stood up and looked at myself in the large mirror on the opposite wall as I reached up and began pulling my hair back…tying it off with a white silk ribbon into a long dark brown pony tail that reached down and hugged the contours of my spine.

I stared at my body in the mirror…admiring it. I was in good shape and I was ready! I looked at Joe and smiled….

“Let’s do this!”

Joe took the white silk robe hanging on the back of the door and draped it over my shoulders as I shoved my arms through the oversized sleeves. I then tied off the sash in front and pulled it tight. We walked out the door and waiting for us was the same brunette who had escorted us earlier….

She smiled and said…

“Follow me Ms. Morgan”

It had come time for the fight and the long walk to the ring seemed interminable…and my feet and legs suddenly seemed to get heavier with each step as I made my way through the assembled crowd and slowly climbed the stairs to the ring apron. I heard some words of encouragement as I made my way through the assembled throng…but it was strangely quieter than I expected. With the looks I was getting…I was beginning to feel strangely like a lamb being led to slaughter.

All of I thought was the words to the Stevie Ray Vaughn song….”Tightrope”

Caught up in a whirlwind…can't catch my breath

Knee deep in hot water…broke out in a cold sweat

Can't catch a turtle…in this rat race

Feels like I'm losin' time…at a breakneck pace

Afraid of my own shadow…in the face of grace

Heart full of darkness…spotlight on my face

There was love all around me…but I was lookin' for revenge

Thank God it never found me…would have been the end

Walkin' the tightrope, steppin' on my friends

Walkin' the tightrope, it was a shame and a sin

Walkin' the tightrope between wrong and right

Walkin' the tightrope both day and night

Lookin' back in front of me…the mirror's a grin

Through eyes of love I see…I'm really lookin' at a friend

We've all had our problems…that's the way life is

My heart goes out to others…who are there to make amends?

We've been walkin' the tightrope tryin' to make it right

Walkin' the tightrope, every day and every night

Walkin' the tightrope, bring it all around

Walkin' the tightrope from the lost to found

Walkin' the tightrope, stretched around the world

Walkin' the tightrope, save the boys and girls

Walkin' the tightrope, let's make it right

Walkin' the tightrope, do it, do it tonight

Walkin' the tightrope

And that night the audience was WILD! They stood behind the ropes shouting and cheering the bloody battles that played out for their entertainment. There had been 2 additional fights before mine and they evidently had whetted the appetite of the crowd. Big time bets were being placed and big money was swapping hands...way more than usual. A good time was going to be had by all...I just hoped it wouldn’t be at my expense!

I climbed up on the ring apron and reached down…grabbing the top rope…lifting it up…while Joe stepped down with his right foot on the middle one. I ducked my head down and swung first my right leg through the ropes…planting my right foot on the ring floor…then swinging my left leg over the middle rope and into the ring as I ducked my head down…straightening my tall frame once in the ring…bouncing lightly on my toes as I walked over to my corner…

The rules of the fight were pretty simple and followed those used in the old style Prize Ring bouts of the past. We would box ******* and with our bare knuckles. A round ended with a woman downed by a punch…whereupon she was given 30 seconds to get up…and then to rest and given ten additional seconds to "come to scratch" or return to the center of the ring where what was called… a "scratch line" was drawn…this was simply usually a white line drawn with a piece of chalk. There she was to square off with her opponent once more.

When both boxers were set…the referee would yell “FIGHT!” This was the signal for both fighters to resume boxing. The fight would not end until one fighter “gave up” or couldn’t “make scratch” by the end of the 30-count…meaning you were…in essence…knocked out. There were no round limits to fights. It wasn’t uncommon to see bare knuckle bouts last 20 to 25 rounds…some would go even longer. No wrestling throws were to be allowed by agreement of the fighters…both fighters were to strictly use their fists only…although we both knew there would be the usual clinching and grappling. Otherwise…standard boxing rules applied.

Under no circumstances would the fight be stopped for any OTHER reason…I knew it…Michelle knew it…

I had become one of the local favorites in the club when it came to bare knuckle prize fighting and I felt confidant I could give this woman a run for her money. I had seen her fight before and I felt I had the skills and toughness to beat her…

Then again if I were able to beat her…I’d be the FIRST woman to do so.

II was fighting hard against myself to control my emotions…as Michelle made her way down the aisle…subjected to a string of approving catcalls and whistles from both men and women. A number of times she had to stop…surrounded by clusters of admiring people wanting to touch her…pat her on the back. She finally made it up to the ring apron…climbing through the ropes…moving around the periphery of the ring…bouncing lightly on her toes…raising her arms above her head as she faced the crowd in all four directions…acknowledging their cheers with that awesome **** smile of hers. She then went to her corner and immediately wasted little time and began to remove her robe. She pulled the red silk sash of her black robe loose...bringing both her hands up and grasping the lapels and ever so slowly pulling each side of the robe back and apart...her cleavage first becoming visible...then finally her firm perky breasts coming into full view. She was like this tall brunette goddess…her body ripped and just so ******* perfect…her pert upturned breasts sat up firm and high on her chest. I admit I felt my insides quiver a little at the very site of this powerful woman before me.

She reached up and let her right hand first slide the robe down over her left shoulder...then down her upper arm...over her forearm and hand...then reaching up with her left hand and gingerly sliding the robe over her right shoulder...watching as it quickly slides down over her right arm and to the floor at her feet.

I watched every move Michelle made…and they all had one element in common…they were so smooth…so catlike…even the smallest…the simplest of ones. I watched her as she leaned her bare back against the padded corner turn buckle…draping her long arms over the ropes and propping a bare foot against the lower rope. She arched her back…thrusting her chest out…her firm upturned breasts jutting from her chest like chiseled marble…her small pinkish-brown ******* protruding from the center of her perfectly shaped mounds. Then I noticed…that for the first time…she was looking directly into MY eyes. I felt myself grow red in the cheeks as she studied me from head to toe…smiling slyly. Michelle then threw a few air punches in my direction and pounded her right fist into her left palm with a loud…SMACK! I felt my heart pound and I tried to look elsewhere for a moment…ANYWHERE but into those eyes of hers…but I could feel Michelle sizing me up and I HATED it! 

I originally thought I was over confidant for the fight…but her looking into my eyes…the way her gaze just went THROUGH me like a laser…her large dark eyes moving up and down my body…and I ADMIT it…I was beginning to get a LITTLE intimidated…and Michelle knew it!

Oh hell…who was I kidding…I was A LOT intimidated!

I watched from my corner as a really handsome guy…basically a George Clooney look-a-like…climbed through the ropes and walked to the center of the ring. I recognized him as being one of the organizers and one of the members of the secret “Society” I had mentioned earlier. He slowly brought a microphone up to his mouth and began speaking…

“Ladies and gentlemen…welcome to our main event here at the inauguration of our new facility.” “We hope you have enjoyed the matches to this point and we hope even more that our “main event” lives up to its billing…and your expectations.”

“This bout pits two women who are very accomplished prize fighters…two of the best…and I am sure they will show tonight why they have earned the reputations that they have”

“So without further adieu…let the games begin!!”

I stood in my corner…Joe rubbing my bare tense shoulders with his fingers as I rolled my neck and shoulders…trying to loosen up…he then whispered in my ear…

”Don’t worry…she’s human…I swear!”

I laughed and turned my head to the side an whispered to him…

"With her face…even when she attempts to be **** and charming…it really does come off as evil."

The referee then called us to the center of the ring after we had removed our robes. Michelle wasted no time and quickly stepped to the middle of the ring first…then stopped as she smiled and lifted her arms out in front of her…her palms facing up as she curled her long slender fingers back towards her lithe body, beckoning to me in a “come hither” motion…or was it…simply the spider talking to the fly maybe? 

I let Michelle play her little game…then I raised my arms out in front of me a I leaned my back against the corner ring post…and grinned as I raised the middle finger of both hands to an uproarious cheer from the crowd. Michelle tossed her head back and laughed out loud…then I grinned again and walked out to ring center...

Kate...our ref... then placed a hand on each of our bare shoulders…pulling us towards each other. We stood there…facing each other…our breasts…our hard tingling ******* were only an inch or so apart and we could feel the hot breath of each other flow over our facial features…and over our bare shoulders…the beads of perspiration collecting on our skin…which only served to enhance my arousal…and I suspected…Michelle’s too. The beads of perspiration were already forming and collecting on our toned bare shoulders…backs and chests…and were beginning to streak down our skin.

One thing that is different when two women fight…is there is that innate competition between them with regard to their bodies. Each fight was also not only a battle with bare fists…it was a battle of one woman’s body versus the others. It was like an unspoken…a quiet battle as to whose body would come out on top…whose body was the best. It was something only another woman could understand.

It seemed our referee…Kate…was thoroughly enjoying this “******* stare down” as she seemed to be holding us together indefinitely. I suspected she was doing this to whet the appetites of the paying patrons as we heard cries of from the audience the longer the start of the bout was delayed by her…

Screams of…





all filled the air…

All this was accompanied by the expected wolf whistles and catcalls…arguments amongst patrons as to who had the best ****…the best abs…

With the bout about to start and our bodies so very close to together…the tension was unbearable. Both of us kept clenching and unclenching our bare fists as they hung at their sides and there were moments it appeared each of us wanted to lean in and start the fight with the other right then and there! I know I did! It was as if the hearts of both of us were straining to come up our throats!

All the while Michelle’s dark icy glare never left my eyes…her lips pursed…neither smiling nor frowning…Michelle just simply stared.

I was so nervous as I kept shifting my weight back and forth from one foot to the other …almost like a Sumo wrestler…gritting my teeth so tight I thought my molars might shatter…

After reviewing the fight rules with both boxers…Kate leaned down to the hard clay floor…took out a piece of chalk and drew a line across it. She then looked up at Michelle and her mind seemed to wander and her eyes lingered on Michelle’s heaving breasts for what seemed like an eternity before she finally stood up and pushed us apart a step and said…

“Now raise your fists and may the best girl win!”

“And keep it CLEAN in the clinches!”

I admired the rippled texture of Michelle’s strong stomach muscles…her abdominals rippling as she breathed deeply in anticipation of the match. The statuesque brunette’s firm…perky breasts lay mounted atop her chest with no sign of gravity taking its toll. I knew I was no slouch in the breast department either and I refused to be intimidated. I had spent months training hard and was quickly developing an impressive muscular definition over every inch of my body.

I thought to myself as I glared over at the spectacle that was…Michelle…then I decided what the hell…and I mouthed off one last time...yelling over the noise of the assembled crowd to her…

“My body is just as good as yours and our breasts are damn near equal.”

”In fact yours actually seem a little…..small!”


I winked at her… clenching my fists…rising up to her with my own height and arching my shoulders but I couldn’t erase the sudden look of anger in her expression.

God Harper!

Your mouth is going to get you KILLED some day!

Or like tonight maybe!

Michelle’s gaze suddenly narrowed as she heard my words…

She was serious now!


I stepped forward…maybe three feet separated me from Michelle at most. My white tights hugging my long legs and my **** tight ass...contrasting against the tanned skin of my taut muscled abs. My bare chest glistening under the hot overhead ring lights...my firm perky **** jutting from my heaving chest...my small pink ******* almost pointing upward from my nickel sized areola...I stared a moment at her flat tummy…her skin-covered muscled abs sucking in and out with each rapid breath. I brought my arms up straight out in front of my glistening ****…my palms facing up. I then cocked my arms a little at the elbows and curled my long fingers into my palms tightly…forming tight fists that were growing tighter and tighter with each second...my short nails almost cutting into the soft skin of my palms as I spread my legs about shoulder width…my left foot out in front of my right…my small hard biceps forming up as my arms cocked out in front of me and my fists clenched. When Michelle took her fighting stance…her body seemed to visibly harden and tense up…like a steel spring…coiled with this intense concentrated energy…as the well-developed sinewy muscles of her bare shining torso became more visible.

I began to finally realize at that moment why she was so intimidating to other women. It wasn’t just her body…spectacular as it was… phenomenal though it was…it was her eyes! 

It was the look she had…a look I rarely saw. She truly believed she was always going to win. She was absolutely certain of the “fact” and you could almost feel that confidence exude from her body…it was almost like a pheromone you really could smell…and that was intoxicating! Pheromones, for the uninitiated...and I am quoting an esteemed Nobel Prize winning author...are airborne and odorless molecules "emitted by an individual and cause changes in physiology and/or behavior of another individual. Pheromones have been known to influence things such as ****** activity and aggression. However, whether or not these chemicals affect…or even exist in humans… has been a subject for debate a**** scientists. Since pheromones are not detectable by the human sense of smell…scientists believe that pheromones are sensed by the vomeronasal organ (VNO) located inside the mouth or nose. Recent genetic research has shown the possibility of a receptor in the nose that could sense pheromones.


And that…is your awesome science fact for the day from your all purpose author…

And right at this moment…this ring was saturated with pheromones!

Michelle grinned at me with that **** eating grin (where in the hell did that expression EVER come from?) as she watched me bring my hands up and assume my boxer’s stance. She almost seemed to be taunting me as she casually reached up with both hands and pulled her chocolate brown hair back into a tight ponytail…tying it off with a red ribbon…flexing her small hard biceps and chest as she did so. She then mimicked my movements…bringing her own long arms up and out in front of her chest…then slowly curling her hands into tight fists…her hard knuckles turning more and more white as her fists clenched… facing me as she let her arms drop down a little…her lethal knuckles now just level with her firm shapely ****.

As we both set ourselves in our fighting stances…the referee suddenly yelled out…

“Round 1...FIGHT!”


Location: Four Seasons Hotel - Midtown Manhattan, New York City

At the referee's signal...we began to circle each other from left to right... each of us eying the others raised fists as we began looking for an opening to exploit…each rolling her fists out in front of her chest. Our weapons of choice in this brutal duel...our bare hard knuckles...slowly turning more white the tighter we clenched our fists…our extended arms facing each other as the colored sashes around our waists flapped lightly against our thighs as we moved around each other. 

I circled her slowly...my long legs deftly crossing over each other as I was determined not to jump out too quick and make a mistake. She had more experience than I did...and I felt I had to use my brain just as much as I needed to use my physical skills! She wasn't the "best" simply because she was tougher and stronger...oh she had the physical attributes...any dumb ass could see that! But she was a ring tactician beyond reproach...she could make you look bad...look inept...without landing a punch...she boxed like a master general leading an army who had a battle plan unlike any other. I wanted to take my time and make her work...and I hoped to upset her "plan". I set my jaw...eying her carefully...my molars grinding so tightly against each other I thought they might shatter...my own eyes fixated on her dark menacing eyes...her shoulders...watching every movement...every flinch!

Michelle didn’t waste any time as she feinted with her left fist at my head a few times…my face contorting as I jerked my head back each time she feinted with that long lethal left of hers! My eyes widening as her knuckles stopped just in front of my eyes! 

My God she was so quick!  

We began stepping up our movements... bobbing and weaving...shifting and feinting...

I kept telling myself...she was FLESH AND BONE...she was human...just like ME!

She wanted to keep me leaning back..off balance...that much was for sure! She would SNAP that long left arm of hers like a blur at my face...then always stop it short…my reactions eliciting a smile from her full **** lips! It was as if she was testing me...my quickness...looking for an edge...looking to see if I had any FEAR in my eyes! 

And she was probably teasing me a little too...playing the mind games she was famous for playing with her opponents in the ring...anything to get the other girl off her game...lose her focus...

I was going to make damn sure she didn't see any fear...any confusion in me...NO FUCKING WAY!

She kept circling...bouncing lightly on her toes...her pert shapely breasts barely jiggling...when suddenly she dropped her right shoulder a bit and feinted with a right…she counted on my quick reactions as she then suddenly flicked her sinewy left arm out like a snake’s tongue over my dropped guard…her left fist CRACKING into my chin…her already glistening breasts swaying a bit as her torso turned!


The sharp CRACK of her hard knuckles against my chin was followed by my head quickly filling with a sudden agonizingly sharp pressure and pain as my teeth clattered against each other…SNAPPING my head back…my eyes seeing flashes and star bursts for a few seconds! 


I cried out loudly from the pain as my head was SNAPPED BACK SHARPLY by the hard...bare fisted punch!! My long ponytail…tautly pulledtogether only minutes before...was now coming loose as strands of dark brown hair flew up into the air...some falling down over my forehead and eyes!!

Then she showed why she was so God Damn good as she thrust out her sinewy left arm AGAIN before I knew what happened…she lashed out with a second quick jab that whipped over my guard and landed painfully on my full lips…MASHING the soft moist flesh into my teeth! A sharp CRAKING sound accompanied the bare-knuckled blow…followed by a whoops and hollers of delight from the crowd!


MY HEAD SNAPPED BACK HARD as I felt the whiplashing in my neck as it snapped backwards....straining every muscle...tendon...my eyes filling with bright flashes for an instant…welling with tears…the sharp pain filling my head again...wanting to explode... even more than from the first punch as I struggled to focus my vision! My legs had spread instinctively and I was determined to not back up…but I felt them try and wobble!

But I wasn't going to let them!


But GOD DAMN...that was just her jab??

I had better start SEEING those and not just FEELING them or this would be a short fight!

She then stepped into me…leaning in as our bare shoulders BUMPED...hearing her grunt as she attempted to SHOVE into me and KNOCK ME BACKWARDS and off my feet! I was determined to HOLD MY GROUND as best I could and not let her shove me around the ring…let alone SHOVE ME BACKWARDS…NOT EVEN a ******* inch…GRITTING my teeth and PLANTING my feet…my legs spread about shoulder width. I shook my head a few times…BLINKING thru the haze…the flashes filling in my eyes…as we PUSHED AND SHOVED against each other…our arms sliding up between us as our palms slide up over our heaving chests…then pressed against our bare wet slick shoulders…the muscles in my upper back and shoulders BURNING AND ACHING AS THEY STRAINED...our forearms shoving against our torsos...BUMPING AND ROCKING our shoulders together as we FOUGHT like two bulls in a corral…neither giving ANY ground as we SHOVED AND GRAPPLED! Our HARD ERECT TINGLING NIPPLES brushing across each others…sending an almost electrical-like jolt throughout our bare chests…our hands then griping each other’s upper arms…SQUEEZING our hard flexed biceps as we STRUGGLED…GRAPPLED…GRUNTS AND GROANS flowing over our lips…each trying to TWIST the other to the side!

I began hearing voices out in the crowd…people cheering the fact that Michelle didn’t drop me with her first punch...others pissed off that she didn't! As she and I grappled some more…my heart began to race as our stiff TINGLING NIPPLES fought their own personal dual between our bare chests…using all my upper body strength as we WRESTLED on our feet…our wet sweat-slickened **** and abs effortlessly rubbing over each other’s as we struggled…TWISTING each other's torso from side to side as we GRUNTED and GROANED in this desparate test of strength...

The assembled throng let out with ****tered roars for their favorite fighter…hearing screams of first my name…then hers! There was a chorus of delighted whoops from the onlookers and it briefly occurred to me that the crowd wasn’t cheering for me…or for Michelle either. They just wanted to see one of them victorious…the other crushed and humiliated…defeated!

Michelle’s opening jabs certainly didn’t hurt me badly…I had taken harder punches before… but I couldn’t help but wince as the sharp pain shot through my chin and back through my jaw… ultimately replaced with a dull…throbbing ache! I knew she had a great left jab and her slight reach advantage made it that much more lethal! I didn’t realize until I faced her just how QUICK that jab was…how HARD and SHARP her knuckles were...and how she could use them just as skillfully as a surgeon uses a razor-sharp scalpel! 

She was unlike any other woman I had fought…and I felt the “feeling” beginning build in me…that old feeling I had worked…trained …sweated and work so hard to CONTROL…and I had to fight it…I had to fight…


SNAP OUT OF IT HARPER!...I kept saying to myself...we're just getting started!

I had to get my guard up quicker as I couldn’t let Michelle pop that jab in my face all night!

We continued our “wrestling” match until the referee finally stepped in and shoved her arms between our tightly clinched torsos…her hands slipping along our perspiration coated…wet…slick skin…feeling her palm slide over my having sweat coated chest and breasts...stepping in between and pushing us apart as she grunted out…her arms extended out from her sides to keep us apart…looking at us both...and then nodding at each of us…signaling us to assume our fighting stances…

Both of us slowly brought our arms back up out in front of our heaving…now glistening…sweat streaked chests…clenching our fists as our arms cocked at the elbows and our small hard biceps began to expand and tighten…our legs spread apart…feet planted…jaws set with determination as we exchanged determined glares! That determination and yes…the ANGER…was beginning to set in! The referee then stepped from between us…waved us back together and yelled…


Both of us resumed circling…each feinting…then suddenly each of us stepped in at the other all at once...left arms thrusting out..each landing a short quick left jab to the other’s chin...almost simultaneously...



…our heads snapping back from the force of the blows…but both of us standing our ground…keeping our arms up…neither of us backing away….showing any sign of weakness…fists clenched tightly…circling…refusing to let the punch back her up…circling again...both looking for an opening to exploit...each of us relentless in our persuit of the other! It felt good to land some punches but her determination just seemed to be unbreakable…along with her ******* hard chin!

She was an amazing site to see…those beautiful sensual white breasts…so firm…shapely…her torso first twisting left and then right in reaction to the torqueing motion of her body…her movements so smooth and fluid…so full of purpose! It was no doubt a beautiful thing to behold from the vantage point of the surrounding cheering crowd…voices screaming out words of encouragement to their favorites…




I wasn’t going to stand around and let her beat me to the punch and my eyes widened as I FINALLY saw an opening! I quickly SNAPPED A RIGHT HOOK OVER HER DROPPED GUARD and flush against Michelle’s left cheek…my torso turning behind the blow…twisting as the muscles in my shoulder and upper back released as I grunted out…


Michelle’s face contorted under my knuckles…her head TWISTING VIOLENTLY to the side as she yelped out! 


Her head twisted her body was forced to turn...making her take a step…then a second to the side…then she planted her long legs…throwing her arms out to her sides to regain her balance…quickly turning and bringing her fists quickly back up about level with her chin as she covered up…shaking her head…blinking as some swelling immediately began appearing under her left eye in the form of a pinkish-red blotch.

I kept on her and feinted a left jab at her face…Michelle flinching as she jerked her head back…then quickly dropping my right shoulder in the same motion as Michelle’s hands and arms instinctively went up to protect her face…I then drove off my right foot…my torso twisting as I hit the tall brunette fighter in the sternum with a straight right that whistled between her arms and THUDDED INTO HER BREASTBONE with a loud WHUMP! 


Michelle's face contorted as her facial features showed the pain...watcing as she stumbled back…gritting her teeth as she struggled to plant her long legs. The crowd yelled out in support of me and many seemed surprised I had “hurt” Michelle and had her moving backwards! 

Frankly I was amazed I hadn’t knocked her down…and I honestly felt some surprise…

…that hesitation...too much thinking on my part...cost me…

Michelle was far from done as she snarled at me…wide-eyed… stepping in quickly and thrusting a left jab over my right arm…her knuckles again cracking into my chin…perspiration flying from under her fist and spit erupting from my moist lips… 


…my head snapping back…my long pony tail lifting off my bare wet back for an instant as my torso was forced back by the force behind the blow! She tried to follow her left jab up with a right to my tummy! I had instinctively stepped in and lunged in to meet her…dropping my right-arm to block the punch…still her fist glanced off my forearm and her hard knuckles HIT MY LOWER ABS AT THE NAVEL WITH A SMACK!!


The air left my lungs like a puntured baloon and flowed over my dry…parched lips! Because we were so close together and I had deflected it…the blow…while it stung…didn’t double me over like it could have…lucky for me but it still hurt like HELL! I then quickly slung my left arm over Michelle’s right shoulder and behind her neck and pulled her tightly into me…my right arm coming around her torso and pinning her deadly left arm to her side in a tight clinch! She wrapped her arm arms around my torso and we held each other tightly in this almost ****** embrace…our hard tingling ******* teasing each other’s as we both gasped and groaned…our wet sick breasts melding together...enveloping our hard stiff *******...feeling hers poking into my **** like little daggers! The hot bright ring lights were beating down on our bare skin…illuminating our gleaming torsos…the bright ring lights reflecting off the thin film of perspiration that already coated our tanned skin. My chin lay on her bare wet shoulder as I felt her heart pounding against my chest…feeling the strength in her arms as she held me tight to her...grunting out as I struggled against that strength with my own! I felt a low moan flow over my lips as I felt my crotch rub and press against her own through he thin fabric of our tights...her own moans giving away the arousal that she also was feeling at that instant as we shuddered in each other's arms!

The referee…to a lot resounding boos from the audience…stepped in finally and shoved her arms between us…prying us apart from our ****** sensual embrace as she screamed for us to break!! She stepped in between us and then pushed us back with a grunts…yelling at us to break! Each of us finally letting the other loose and stepping back from our tight clinch…we backed up a few steps and then began raising our arms back up…clenching our fists and setting our legs and feet. Our determined gazes meeting…our eyes locking together as we stood back…chests rising and falling with each labored breath…each poised as we waited for the signal…each rolling her knuckles in front of her as if we we literally "loaded up" our hard fists...

The referee then yelled out,


As soon as the referee yelled fight…I wasted no time!

I lunged at Michelle and drove my right fist under her arms...trying to hit her tummy but she was one step ahead of me as she suddenly dropped into a crouch…my fist hitting her forearms as she quickly twisted her tall frame and swung her right fist HARD into my body…her knuckles SMACKING into my taut glistening sweaty abs…her fist impacting just below my perfectly rounded heaving **** with a loud wet SMACK!! 


I grunted out and my arms dropped defensively! As I dropped my arms to cover up…I suddenly saw flashes in my eyes as she stayed on top of me and HIT ME IN THE JAW at the right corner of my mouth with a short left hook...



I felt the brutal blunt force of her hard fist SMACK against the corner of my mouth…my face filling with an intense stinging sensation that then just radiated from under her knuckles! My head twisting violently to the side from the force of the blow as I quickly tasted the copper-metallic taste in my mouth from a cut that was opened under my lower lip…feeling the warm sticky trickle of my own blood coming from the corner of my mouth and beginning to make its snake-like trek down my chin!


I staggered…my legs rubbery as I fought to blink back the stinging…salty perspiration in my eyes…struggling to get my vision back through the flashes and the tears welling up!

I spat a wad of a mixture of my blood and saliva to the ring floor at her feet…then I staggered a step before dropping to a knee shaking my head from side to side and trying to clear the fog from brain and the haze from my eyes!


I placed my palms on my thighs…listening to the refer go through the count….


I wanted to use as much of the 20-count as I could to give myself a chance to recover from her onslaught...but save some time to let me go back to my corner and get off my legs…I wasn't hurt...I just needed to clear my head. 


But I was FAR from done!

I looked up and Michelle had backed up and was leaning against the top rope…her arms draped over the coarse ropes as she was breathing heavily through her mouth…taking this opportunity to fill her oxygen deprived lungs…her right arm reaching up…her hand touching the swelling under her right eye…I smiled...watching her grimace as she reached up with her right hand and touched the swollen pinkish-red blotch..seeing the tiny cut and the red thread-like trickle that had made it part way down her pale cheek…taking some satisfaction in seeing her in as much pain as I was in! 


I was still angry with myself for letting her hit me with that left-right combination and I knew I wouldn’t last long if I tried to go toe-to-toe with her! She was too tough and too strong...more than that she was too quick and skilled in her movements!

As the referee hit 17 in the count...I uncoiled my legs from under me and slowly stood up…feeling the ref step in and grab my wrists and shake them a bit…looking in my eyes as she asked me if I was okay and wanted to continue. I smiled and winked at her…nodding my head affirmatively…

Kate grinned...she knew me well enough to know I wasn't going to quit!

She then waved us back to the center of the ring with a wide sweep of her arms. Michelle and I both moved to the “scratch” line drawn on the canvas…I suppressed a chill that seemed to want to run up my spine. Clenching my jaw tightly shut…I stepped towards the center of the ring… advancing to the scratch line…trying to put on a brave face like she hadn’t hurt me a bit! 

Michelle looked me up and down…she seemed to be almost frowning…her pert nose wrinkling as she looked at the referee and said…

“Look at her…scared…timid! They send a shabby little alley cat to fight a tiger!”

Then she followed one wiseass comment with another suddenly...as I heard her say to me…

“You had enough yet BITCH?”


I answered her with a glare from my seething dark eyes and responded back…

“Come and see just how weak I am…cxnt!”

I was so glad she said that...I NEEDED to get a little more angry...and let her know she wasn't pushing me around!

Each of us moved forward and extended her left foot until it touched the jagged white chalk line…both of us taking a deep breath before we slowly brought our arms up in front of our chest and curled our fingers into our soft palms…clenching our fists…each of us sliding our left foot forward a bit more…then sliding our right foot back and planting it behind us as we eachassumed her fighting stance…our lower backs arched a bit…as we both began to roll our fists in front of our heaving ****…feeling my own arms rub against the sides of my sweat-slickened breasts as I brought them up and extended them out in front of my chest…my forearm muscles flexing...my small hard biceps expanding as I clenched my fists tightly…feeling the tightness in my arms…my shoulders….my upper back…my body coiled like a cobra’s…waiting to...


The referee then yelled…”FIGHT!”

Strike I did as Michelle looked up and her big **** brown eyes suddenly widened as I stepped into her quickly... Michelle saw me “load up” with my right hand and whistle my knuckles at her head like a white blur! Michelle was able to react quickly as I was a bit too slow off the mark and telegraphed the punch as she instinctively thrust her body forward…ducking down and wrapping her arms around my torso…my right sailing harmlessly over her left shoulder! Michelle then twisted her tall athletic frame and DROVE her right fist HARD into my exposed midriff just above the waistline of my tights…twisting her hard knuckles as they SMACKED into the wet slick skin covered muscles!

I grunted out loudly…my dazed body folding over Michelle’s right arm like a rag doll as the air was driven brutally from my lungs!



Michelle then quickly doubled up and slammed two more short hard rights into my tummy with two loud SMACKS!


My grunts and groans were probably loud enough to hear over the crowd noise…as I looked into the crowd I saw people wince as her fist buried itself into my taut abs...


The feeling of Michelle’s hard knuckles sinking into the wet slick flesh of my abs filled my midsection with a pain and a pressure I have never felt in my life…in spite of having my abs flexted and tight...my body deformed over her jack hammer fist as the force and intensity of the blow just caused me to fold over her arm like a broken puppet…my low moans flowing over my lips as my hands came up and clutched at my stomach…Michelle snarling out with the punch…like a wild animal wanted to finish off its wounded prey!

I was a sitting duck and she knew it!

Michelle then drove a short right uppercut across my chin...the crack of her fist against my boney chin sending out an audible CRACK…my body flying up…stumbling back I fell to the canvas on my bare wet back HARD!



Upon impact of her knuckles up under my chin…my head cocked up and to the left… my eyes rolling back in my head…my legs wobbled and then my knees buckled…finally my left knee bent right before I collapsed backward…my head hitting the ground with a jarring thump!

The fall itself was pretty God Damn ungraceful…leaving my left leg bent and trapped under my thigh…my right leg outstretched straight…my arms splayed out to my sides as my head barely seemed to roll back and forth in a state of semi-consciousness…everything seeming to move in super slow motion! My arms and legs seemed all seemed bent in an unnatural sort of way as I lay prone on the canvas…my eyes fluttering as I struggled to figure out what planet I was on! A few moans bubbled up from my lips as Michelle stepped in closer…now standing right over me…her fallen adversary. She eyed and confirmed a few traces of blood around the corner of my mouth and her nose.

Kate stepped in …pushing Michelle back and yelled out the count…1…2…3…4…5…6…

I feel the ring canvas under my hands, my knees...some of my blood trickling down from the cut at the corner of my mouth as I taste the copper-metallic taste on my lips...I **** in the hot…stifling air …hearing the crowd yelling for their favorite…demanding more blood as those who had bets on who would draw “first blood” were cheering wildly! I hear Joe yelling over the din of the crowd...screaming at me to get up!



I was having trouble coming to grips with being knocked down just a few minutes into the bout…which should have been the least of my worries! I can’t believe how strong she is…how HARD she hits! I hit her with some good shots and she TOOK IT and then she DROPPED ME!! I’m sucking wind and I have a cut lip and am spitting up blood for my trouble!


I hear the counting by the referee…knowing I don’t have all day to get back to scratch. With a LOUD GRUNT…


I roll over to my tummy and push myself up to all fours…reaching up and grabbing hold of one of the coarse ropes with my right hand! I lift and pull myself back to my knees…blinking my eyes…taking a long slow deep breath as I get to my feet…then lean back against the ropes for a moment…my arms draped over the top rope…getting my bearings back... as I gritted my teeth and steadied my legs…I was aware of my lips, my nose, my very teeth on fire. Blood ran down my chin…my lip was split…the count still going on...I still have a short bit of time to make the scratch...I moaned out loud in agony while slowly getting to my knees! I leaned over and spit out a wad of red saliva to the ring canvas…then leaning back against the ring post in my corner…

“End of Round 2!!”

I took several deep breaths and blinked to clear my vision..my chest rising and falling deeply as I blinked back the haze and fog filling my dark eyes. Joe rubbed my shoulders and gently sponged my cut bleeding lip and mouth…then he slid the plastic nozzle of the bottle between my dry parched lips and gave me a drink of the cooling liquid. Knowing my time to make it to scratch was almost past...I shoved myself off the ropes and made the few steps back to scratch at the center of the ring. Those few steps seemed longer than any I had taken in my life. For a moment I felt like a condemned prisoner on death row and I was going to get the “needle” put in my arm!

My white tights hugging my long legs and tight ass...contrasting against the tanned skin of my taut abs…my sweat-streaked bare chest glistening under the hot lights...my firm perky **** jutting from my heaving chest...my small pink ******* almost pointing upward from my nickel-sized areola...my flat muscled abs sucking in and out with each short rapid breath...listening as the crowd behind me continues to yell out encouragement…the obligatory….



…was audible above the crowd noise…

I step forward a few steps to the center of ring…leaning my bare torso back a little at the waist as I keep my back straight...my heaving chest thrust out...rising and falling with each labored breath...streaking droplets of perspiration collecting on my breasts and flowing down to my *******…the droplets hanging for what seems like an eternity from the stiff plumpish pink skin...before falling to the canvas! I held my arms out in front of me and level with my breasts…cocked a bit at the elbows as my fists are clenched so tight...my knuckles white as the blood left my long tightly curled fingers...my small hard biceps expanding up as my arms cocked and my fists tightened. I assume my boxer's stance as I was taught. My long dark brown hair...wet and matted and ******* in a ponytail… dangling down along the curvature of my spine. 

Michelle finished coming to scratch…her left eye swollen from below…the tiny cut still trickling blood down her cheek…rotating her knuckles in front of her chest slowly…waiting to see if I was going to make the count and come back to scratch! I looked her in the eyes and smiled as I let my left foot touch the white chalk line marked on the ring floor…then I decided I'd piss her off...


A wide grin came over her lips....

The fun was just beginning!

My dark eyes then began narrowing as I felt the muscles in my upper shoulders and back tense up more than ever as my determination now to cut her to pieces was beyond any comprehension I thought I could build up inside of me...my mind was only focused on one thing and one thing only...seeing that when I put her down...and I WOULD PUT HER DOWN... that SHE DIDN'’T get up...and that if she did...she would wish she never had!!.

I see her move slowly towards the line...her eyes locked onto me...watching as her muscles seemed to literally come to attention again for her...the tone and the development in her body that she’s earned from all these years of fighting contrasting with my muscles mainly built from working out…conditioning...my fight experience small in comparison to hers! My gaze locking with hers as I refuse to show her any sign of backing down! I finish closing my fists and bringing them up to chest level...moving towards that line drawn on the ring canvas...and her!

The referee then screamed out…

“Boxers to scratch!...Round 3!.....FIGHT!”

I glared and saw the Michelle take a deep breath and we both got ready. A heavy coat of sweat bathed both of our ****…fit bodies

I moved out and slowly begin to circle her from left to right as my skilled…trained long legs deftly cross over each other as I slide my body sideways in a circle...closing the circle as I progressed around her...then suddenly stepping in and quickly dipping my right shoulder and pulling my right fist down and back as if to throw a right...then my torso snapping back up in the same fluid motion and I thrust my long lethal left jab hard at her face...snapping it off from my left shoulder as the well defined muscles in my upper arm and back seem to just become more defined…bulging as my knuckles exploded out at her...grunting out as my left fist flicked out once and CRACKED flush into the point of her chin...then I doubled up and thrust out a second jab under her already swollen right eye...grunting as I stepped out and down on my left foot..twisting my upper body behind the quick punch...

Perspiration flew from my left fist and forearm as my long left arm shot out like a snake's tongue…my pert breasts lightly jiggling…swaying as my torso twisted…the knuckles of my left hand going numb for an instant as they impacted her cheek!!...

I watched as her head snapped back twice...a light spray of sweat and blood flying from under my hard knuckles...she stumbled back a step...then a second... but she stood her ground and didn’t back up an inch further…she stood there like a brick wall! Her eyes blinking as she shook her head from side to side a few times…all the while keeping her fists up and her arms tucked into her body…always ready defensively.!

God she was TOUGH!

Holy ****...I needed some garlic and a wooden stake!!

She began to circle around me again..her legs moving like those of a skilled dancer! I mimiced her fluid movements…watching her fists clench and unclench...her eyes glarely at me over her deadly knuckles! I began closing the circle with her as I mirrored her movements...watching as the distance between us closed...watching her intently from behind my clenched fists…determined to match her step for step…punch for punch! I begin bobbing a bit too… weaving my body a little from side to side as I tried to shake her...force a mistake... but she was almost like a second skin and she stayed FOCUSED on me like a laser...her muscles so tensed…her small biceps enlarged...her forearm muscles...bulging…rotatiedg her fists in front of her ****...so ready...I saw her dip her shoulder suddenly...and I moved in response but she was quicker as she suddenly pulls her torso up again...and here came that LEFT again!

Her lightning quick jab is a white blur as it suddenly connects with my left eye...a quick SPLAT...the blood from a tiny cut stains and streaks your knuckles and then your fist lashes in again as you double up…now some of my blood splatteris on her arm...my head snaps to the side violently and I stagger a step but I somehow recover…absorbing the hard blow...gritting my teeth and snarling with anger as I twsit back at you and step in myself...swinging my right fist in HARD at that amazingly toned stomach of yours with a brutal uppercut...hearing you grunt out in pain...


You fold over my right fist and reach out to try and clinch me but I am not going to let that happen and I reach up and SHOVE you back with both arms!!

The raucous screaming crowd increases the volume and intensity of their yelling and cheering for us again as we start to trade blows to the body at a rapid rate…the crowd yelling at the top of their lungs...desparate to have their rapidly increasing blood lust satisfied!!

I swing my left fist over her arms andI feel my hard knuckles fly out like a cruise missile and SPLAT and CRACK against the skin and bones around her left eye as perspiration sprays in all directions...flying back against my arm…a small cut open on her cheek and tiny droplets of red fly from her face..some hitting my breasts...fresh blood trickling freely down her pain-racked face...as her knees simply buckle and she suddenly drops down to her knees...then falling forward to all fours!

I step back away a few more steps in utter amazement...nearly collapsing backwards against the ring post in my corner as I see her fall to the canvas...her head now hanging down between her extended arms as she shakes it from side to side! The crowd explodes with screams and cheers as she drops to her knees as many have never seen her knocked down before!

The referee begins counting and I say a short prayer in my head that she won't get up...but I know better...a girl like her ALWAYS gets up!

She shoves herself up to her knees...her hands on her thighs as she unfolds her legs from under her and stands shakily on her long wobbily legs...risning like the Phoenix from the ashes at the count of 16...turning and shuffling her feet as she moves back and plops down on the stool in her corner.

I shake my head and strangely enough...I find my admiration for her growing... and for the toughness...for the skill and tenacity she exhibits. 

I also know she is far from done!

Before I feel like I have even filled my lungs with fresh air...I hear the referee calling us back to scratch...

"Fighters to scratch for Round 4!"

I push up off my stool and move back out to the center of the ring...raising my arms up...fists clenched as you stand before me...bringing your own arms up...looking at me over those lethal fists...then I see you nod your head at me and wink...just as I did the last round when it began!

I smile..nod back..and just simply shake my head....then I mutter under my breath...


The referee screams out..."FIGHT!"....and we both step in closer....then begin our circling routine...each feinting a left jab...then another...as we bob and weave...staying on the balls of our feet....suddenly that hard left jab of hers sneaks between my raised arms and CRACKS me flush on the point of my chin...my head snapping back!!


I step back a step...my elbows tucked in to my chest as I keep my arms up defensively...my bare chest heaving as my hard ******* rub against the soft skin of the insides of my tucked in arms...I wince as I see her right fist thrust at my abs and I drop my right elbow down quickly to block it but her fist deflects off it and still hits my obliques HARD on the left side with a loud SMACK...as I grunt out...then groan in pain…twisting my torso to the side as the pain spreads throughout my side...


…grimacing as I feel the sting of your bare knuckles hit the slick wet skin of my tightened muscled abs...she then makes a feint at my stomach with her left and I feel my heart skip a beat as I thrust down my right arm…blocking it with my right elbow while at the same instant even her right fist shoots up at my face!


I block the right with my left forearm…but I didn’t throw my head back quick enough and far enough as she DRIVES my own arm HARD back into the bridge of my nose…the punches now coming at me SO FAST!


…grimacing as I stand my ground on my ***********…then you follow up with a straight left to my right cheek just under my right eye!


I felt my head snap back as my long pony tail swishs back and forth across my bare…wet back! I blink back the flashes in my eyes…the throbbing pain filling my head as I stumble back and fall against the ropes…draping my arms over the top one…the coarse fibers burning my soft skin as they rub across it! I instinctively drop to my right knee quickly as I can't let her trap me against the ropes!! As I go to a knee... the referee steps between us and shoves Michelle back….

I was given a reprieve…for 30 seconds or so…**** I don't know any more...my head spinning like a top!

I felt Joe come over and slide his arm around my waist and drape my right arm over his neck as he helped me back to my corner. As I plopped my beaten body down on my stool…I felt a pair of familiar lips kiss my sweat stained cheek…and I hear a familiar **** whisper in my ear…

“And here you have go and have a party while I’m gone huh?”

I turned my head and looked over...my twinkling eyes light up as it's…


I spun on the stool and lift my tired arms up and wrap them around her neck and torso as we hug so tightly…then I pull back and look into her eyes…


She smiled…then her features turned worried and concerned as she lifted her left hand up and let her left forefinger gently touch the swelling and the cut under my right eye...causing me to wince and yelp a little...


I lifted up a bit from my stool as my red flushed face contorted in pain….

She looked at me…her deep blue-eyed gaze narrowing…

“Hsrper...this fight is OVER…you need to QUIT….NOW!”

“I am not sure you can’t beat her!”

I looked into her eyes and saw the anguish and the concern…then I said something that for me…was pretty damn profound…

“I know I CAN'T!”

“You also know I CAN'T QUIT!”

Our gazes met and I winced in pain as we stared into each other’s eyes…I saw the tears welling in hers...a tear streaking down her left cheek...and I tilted my own head to the side and tried to force a smile as I said to her...

“Do me one favor though…IF she beats me…?”

“Kick her ass later!”

Sam laughed out loud and her blue eyes twinkled….

“Glad to”

She whispered…

I winced and felt my face contort in pain…as I asked her…

“Now help me up off this damn stool so I can get to scratch…she’s going to have to win the hard way!”

Sam batted her eyes at me a second…then she flashed that **** smile as she said…

”Let me leave you with one more bit motivation to kick her ass”

Samantha then reached down and grabbed the water bottle…pointing the plastic nozzle at my face and chest…then squeezed the bottle tightly…the cool clear water leaving the nozzle and splashing against my red flushed face and my bare heaving chest. She then picked up a wet sponge in a bucket in the corner…and raised it up…squirted some more water on it and brought it up to my face…wiping my cheeks and forehead gently. She then brought it down over my lips…and down over my chin…then down my neck as I tilted my head back and closed my eyes…feeling the refreshing liquid coolness as the soft sponge slide slowly down my chest…and between my breasts. I moaned softly as the wet coarse feel of the sponge dragged over my plump pinkish sensitive *******. I slowly opened my eyes and looked into Sam’s and smiled broadly…

”Maybe we should take up this conversation after we get home later”

Sam smiled back and whispered….

”You’re damn right we will…that’s why I’d love for you to just stop right now before you get hurt”

My gaze locked onto hers…my dark eyes narrowing….

”You now I can’t do that”

She smiled…lowered her head a moment…then looked back up as our gazes met again…

”I know”

She paused a moment...then whispered....

"I Love You"

I looked at her and fought back my tears as I whispered...

"Me too"

She got up and moved back behind me as I saw the referee wave me back to the center of the ring…

I rose from my stool…took a deep breath and took the few steps back to the scratch line…raising my arms up in front of my bare wet glistening chest…clenching my fists tightly…each movement seemingly an exercise in pain and agony…

The crowd was mad now...crazed with excitement and bloodlust! Animated arguments were starting all around us… and it sounded as if there were several fights going OUTSIDE the ring as it was so LOUD…WILD and CRAZY!

God for some reason I LOVED IT ALL!

Except the punches to my face that is!

I tensed my abs and clenched and set my jaw…getting ready to breathe out…that way if Michelle went for my body hard…I knew that could help to keep the punishment I would take to a minimum. I was also hoping she wouldn't go for my more unprotected face or jaw. But I knew my breasts might start becoming tempting targets if Michelle got desperate…targets she might not be able to resist if she got in trouble and this still was anyone’s fight! All I could do was to try and withstand the punishment that I knew was coming. It was now a war of attrition.

Michelle and I moved to the scratch line and brought our arms up…lifting our tightly clenched fists! The crowd seemed to just erupt with a frenzy into anticipatory screams and cheers alive with bloodlust. The crowd was growing more raucous and outlandish with their comments…

"That's it! Knock that SLUT down and make her eat some canvas!"

"You call that a punch…COME ON…SHIT!"

"You better win BITCH…I put FIVE HUNDRED BUCKS on you!"


We both edged forward cautiously…moving into each other’s arm’s length punching range! We began circling each other...bouncing lightly on our toes…our pert breasts jiggling lightly…perspiration flying from our glistening bodies as we moved…our torsos swayed! Our heads bobbed and weaved…shifting from side to side…our fists in constant motion in an effort to make ourselves harder to hit! 

We poked…thrust…and sparred at each other…bare knuckles whizzing by our cheeks as we shifted… slipping punches as we jerked our heads back and from side to side…both of us seemingly oblivious to the raucous throng of spectators around us! We were both in the “zone”…only focused on hurting the woman in front of us! Our bare…bruised…blemished and blotched torsos were glistening under the hot bright ring lights as they reflected off the layer of perspiration that coated our skin! We circled each other…our skinned…bare…and bloodied fists raised in front of our heaving chests and ready for another onslaught…our eyes remained locked together in a deadly glare as we both fought through the intense pain running through our bodies! We were totally focused as if no other person on the planet existed except the ***** in front of us! 

I had never been in as intense a fight as this was! It was so primal facing her…both of us bare breasted and bare fisted…hammering away at each other with a blatant disregard for our own safety and protection. I don’t think I have ever wanted to fight another woman as bad as I wanted to fight her. It was beyond primal…beyond brutal!

Suddenly…I dropped my left as Michelle feinted a right to my left breast…and as I winced and flinched…she hit me with a straight left to the face…landing hard against my left cheekbone! My head snapped back and she quickly hit me two more times in rapid succession in the face without me landing a punch.

I felt my knees bubble and I dropped down to all fours…shaking my head as it dropped down between my extended arms…spitting out a mixture of blood and saliva from between my lips as my head felt like it had exploded like a cantaloupe landing on the pavement! I was dumbfounded at how quickly and powerfully hit me and knocked me down…I reached up with my left hand and felt around my left eye. It was almost completely closed now and my depth perception was pretty much shot to hell!

I heard Samantha and Joe screaming from my corner….

“Stay down Harper….STAY DOWN DAMMIT!”

I gritted my teeth and shoved myself up to my knees…then placing my palms on my thighs I gradually unfolded my legs from under me and got to my feet…to this day I am not sure how I got up…but something inside of me made me get up!

Sam came out and lifted my right arm up over her neck and helped me back to my corner where I plopped down on my stool. I leaned my head back against the ring post…lifting my arms up and draping them up over the middle set of ropes…my bare chest rising and falling as I pulled air into my tired body. My lip was puffed and split from the blows…the warm trickle of blood snaking down my chin…and there was a knot on my cheekbone under my now closed left eye with a tiny cut at its peak. 

I had to give it up to her…she could PUNCH!

Sam was behind me…rubbing my bare tired aching shoulders as she leaned in and whispered in my ear…


She kissed my cheek as the bell clanged loudly!!


Michelle and I both stood up from our stools almost simultaneously…then we both moved to scratch and raised our fists up…our eyes meeting as we awaited the referee’s signal to fight! We then resumed our circling…staying at arms length…both of us content for the moment to use our left jabs to pick each other apart! My fists were clenched so tight as I bit down hard onto my clear mouthpiece. I WANTED to feel my knuckles hit her face! I wanted to hurt her so BAD!

We circled a minute…feinting with our lefts…more to test each other's reflexes and counteractions than to do any serious damage. After some feinting…suddenly we both step in simultaneously…thrusting out our left jabs…feeling our knuckles connect with each other’s chin with a CRACK…then just as quickly a SECOND jab whips out from us both…our long quick lefts snapping each other’s heads back! Hard boney knuckles cracking into a chin…then mashing into a soft cheek…our eyes seeing the flashes…facial features being distorted from the impact of a hard fist…contorting from the pain that flowed through our faces as we traded blows to each other’s faces!



We both backed up a step…shaking our heads and blinking…our heads filled with a short-lived pain…the intense throbbing and pressure that filled our heads causing us to wince and grimace…which then finally abates. We stand back…glaring at each other…our only desire at that moment to hurt the other woman so badly we CAN TASTE IT… our arms hanging at our sides…our fists keep instinctively clenching and unclenching rapidly!! We finally bring our arms back up in front of our bare chests…our fists resuming their circular movements in front of our sweat glistened **** as we set ourselves…

We bobbed and weaved…each of us moving in a more determined manner now…shifting from side to side! We then thrust out our fists as we tried to exploit any openings in the other’s defenses…lefts FIRING OUT...rights coming across!! The ring soon echoed with the sounds of the fight...the…



…of hard knuckles pounding into raised fists…forearms or rock-hard muscle…the..



…sound from bothof us as we exhale sharply whenever we threw a punch…



…the muffled sound of our boot soles against the canvas as we circled each other…then the sound as we slid our boots across the canvas as welunged to throw a punch…shifting our feet as we brought our arms up to block…and the occasional grunt when a punch landed on something more vulnerable than a fist or a forearm!!

The cries of encouragement from the onlookers just seemed to increase…watching as they began to almost feel the pain of the punches as much as Michelle and I did…their own faces contorting…grimacing…screaming more encouragement to their favorites…

I continued circling her to the right…my feet working in unison as I moved my long athletic legs over one another like a precision dancer…working to stay away from what I figured was Michelle's best hand and at the same time allowing me to both jab and to plant to throw my own right fist…which was my power punch! Michelle…meanwhile…was a picture of boxing efficiency…stepping confidently forward at me in a classic boxer's stance…working hard to cut off the ring while picking off the quick jabs and light combinations that I kept snapping off to test her speed and reflexes…hoping I could sneak my knuckles through to her face and open up another cut in her soft skin…but her relaxes were so quick…her hands and arms moving at almost light speed…as if she had a sixth sense for blocking a punch…my frustration starting to grow as she was defending so well…giving me a boxing lesson in more ways than one!

She was SO GOOD…SO FUCKING QUICK! She’d drop her left shoulder and duck under my left…and in the same motion that was SO FAST IT WAS A BLUR…she’d snap her own left off and DRIVE IT HARD into my body…feeling her HARD KNUCKLES SMACK AND THUD AGAINST MY TENSED MUSCLES just under my bare wet **** with that MEATY SMACKING SOUND OF FLESH AGAINST FLESH…SRIVING ME BACK AS I WINCED AND GRIMMACED…my BODY literally FOLDING OVER from the impact of her jack hammer punch…my breath leaving my dry parched lips in a whoosh…my eyes watering as I grunted out…my body swaying!!


She then sent her right fist SLAMMING into my side! My oblique muscles were strong and well developed (screw the modesty…I worked damn hard on them and they were awesome…just like my abs!)…But even so I felt the agonizingly painful impact of her bare knuckled punch as it spread throughout that firm well developed layer of muscle…feeling my ribs seem to want to BEND IN…GIVE WAY!! My mouth seemed to unnaturally form an “O” as she POUNDED my side…brutally DIGGING HER KNUCKLES into the wet flesh! 



Then Michelle slide behind me and out of my field of vision in what seemed like the blink of an eye and landed a hard heavy left to my lower back…causing me to SCREAM OUT and arch my spine sharply in pain!



She was OUT BOXING ME and I KNEW it as each punch she landed was taking more and more out of me in terms of my strength and endurance! 

I was definitely taking a bare knuckle beating!!

I kept telling myself…


I GRITTED my teeth and TWISTED my torso… snapping off two left jabs…both bouncing off Michelle's taut forearms as she countered defensively…my KNUCKLES HITTING her muscled arms but it felt as if I had just hit two steel bands! Her vast experience helped her see the muscles in my right arm twitch…a telltale sign to an experienced boxer that I was loading up for a follow-up right…this time with some muscle behind it!




She stepped into me and threw a straight left and I caught her left arm under mine…throwing her off balance and hitting her twice in the belly with my right fist before I spun her around and let her go…watching her crash into the corner!!


FUCK THIS SHIT...if she was going to hit me in the BACK…I was going to fight dirty too!!

Michelle leaned back against the corner turnbuckle and glared at me…then she stepped back…seeming to act tired…but who was I kidding…she was RELENTLESS…she NEVER got tired…she stood there…breathing hard…her bare chest rising and falling…sweating profusely…heavily…the thin wet sheen covering her entire body! Her now pumped toned sinewy muscles swelled over her entire body…giving her a very strong…even more intimidating look…but one that through all of this brutality…was a picture of athletic sensuality…and pure allure! Even the rolls of muscle under the taut skin of her abdominals gleamed with the rippled definition that became so apparent the harder she worked and moved!

I stepped in…hoping I could pin her in the corner and hurt her and I swung a follow-up right but I was too slow and Michelle easily ducked under the high punch…her dark brown eyes widening as she saw my entire right side exposed! She quickly pivoted…gritting her teeth…her face contorting as she SLAMMMED two brutal fast and hard uppercuts into my body…a left up under my ribcage and a right just under my ****…hammering me with both her fists…as I let out a loud…



I lunged out in desperation and grabbed her arms…pulling her torso against me in a tight clinch…grappling and struggling to pull her tighter to me to keep her from hitting me again…the pain filling my midsection as I struggled to hold onto her as my knees trying to BUCKLE!!



I pulled her into me as she changed her tactics. She then slapped her arms round me…her slapping palms stinging against my bare wet back as she slapped it hard repeatedly…our tall frames squirming against one another’s…our bare breasts pancaking together…hard abs sucking in and out against one another’s…we grunted and gasped…each struggling for control! 




She had pulled me close so I couldn't get the room I needed to punch her with any real strength and power! Then she grabbed at the flesh on my back…her short nails scraping along the soft skin as I screamed out in agony!! 



The pain I felt as she scratched me over the soft skin of my back seemed to make me mad enough that I found an extra reserve of strength!! I SCREAMED OUT AND JERKED my right arm free and begin PUNCHING at her sides repeatedly! She followed suit as we POUNDED each other’s sides in our brutal embrace…DIGGING our hard knuckles into each other’s ribs and kidneys!! We SLAMMED our hard bare fists into each other for maybe half a minute…DRIVING our bare knuckles into the wet…slick skin…each punch followed by a resounding SMACK and a loud GRUNT and a LURCH of our bodies as the force of the punches almost lifted each of us up off the canvas…both of us straining to maintain the grip we had around each other’s torso!




There came a moment when we just seemed to be holding each other up…both of us near EXHAUSTION…TIRED…BEATEN…each had taken as much punishment as she had given! I held her…my arms wrapped around her back as we wobbled…teetering on the edge of collapsing as we grappled and struggled to hold onto one another’s slick skin…our breasts rolling back and forth over each other’s…our ******* tingling with each touch of the other’s…my **** was just throbbing so badly I knew I was shuddering in her arms! I felt her thrust her crotch against mine and twist it slowly a few times and I KNEW she was just as aroused as I was in spite of the pain we both were in!

My body had taken a horrible pounding so far in the fight and every twist…every turn on my part was becoming excruciating! Michelle’s punches were so strong and powerful…I never thought another woman could beat me to the punch like she was beating me to it…nor hurt me to the body as badly as she was hurting me!

I was hurt BADLY and I knew it…I think she KNEW it too!

I fought back the intense pain in my abs and instinctively twisted my torso from left to right and SLAMMED my left fist HARD into her tummy...my left bicep expanding as my arm cocked at the elbow and I TWISTED my bare knuckles into her as they SMACKED HARD into the wet slick skin covered muscle...I grunted out loudly as I twisted my torso behind the blow...


I felt her body lurch and a loud grunt flowed over her lips as my knuckles DROVE up into her midriff…her tall frame folding over my arm!

I then turned my body from right to left and stepped across with my right leg as I swing my right arm over her dropped right arm and whistled it like a white blur at her left cheek...feeling the soft skin give way under my right knuckles as my hard fist literally tried to twist thru the side of her face...the only sounds between us now…the smacks of bare knuckles against wet skin...the groans as fists try to make bone and muscle give way as I fight back the pain in my abs…hearing the grinding…scraping sound my teeth as they grit together!!!


My punch to her rock-hard stomach gets me a grunt…but not much else as her abs are like a brick wall and my fist is a test crash dummy in a car slamming into it! She doesn’t waste any time and returns the favor in spades…SLAMMING her hard left fist DEEP into my stomach!! Her knuckles seem to almost go right through me and SNAP my FUCKING spine! I feel the pain as it moves throughout my gut…the searing burning flow that just NEVER SEEMS TO STOP!!


The raw brutality of the fight was becoming more apparent now as we tried and cut each other apart with our hard sharp lethal knuckles! I stepped back and as my body twists…a sharp searing pain shoots thru my mid-section and my sense is I have a cracked rib...FUCK...either that or it just hurts LIKE FUCK! The pain doubles me over a moment as I draw in a deep breath to try and help abate the pain...

I then straightened back up just in time to see her come at me and her right fist flying through the air as it CRACKS into THE SAME RIBS and I SCREAM out in PAIN as the BURNING and THROBBING just seem to wrap around my mid-section and my hands dropped down and clutched tightly at my burning abs...my legs buckling and I quickly drop to a knee…wheezing and coughing as I struggle to pull air into my oxygen-starved lungs and catch a badly needed breath...trying to breath in thru the sharp pain that envelopes my body…sending an agonizing jolt through me with each deep breath as I clutched at my throbbing midsection!



I listen as the referee slowly went thru her count as I am going to wait until the VERY last second to get up so I can take a breather...feeling the pain lessen a little in my ribs and hopefully I don't have a rib slicing thru my lung...wincing as my face is red...contorted...streaked wet with perspiration…loose strands of my dark chocolate brown hair hang down over my forehead and into my eyes...as droplets of sweat fall from my nose to the blood and sweat-stained canvas below as I bend my head forward a moment...listening as the 20 count progresses...

I look up and the sight of Michelle’s tall…lean…toned…athletic physique…her now sadistic smile…was beginning to arouse me!

Yes you heard me…AROUSE ME!

And Michelle was VERY skillful at arousing people…all you had to do was look at that face…those eyes…that goddess-like perfect body to know that! Some said it was her secret weapon in the boxing ring…her ability to use that galaxy-class body of hers to arouses and distract.

I listened as the referee slowly went through her count as I decided to wait until the last second to get up…and give my battered body all the time I could so I could take a breather...I began to feel the pain lessen a little in my ribs and hopefully I didn't have a rib slicing thru my lung...I winced…my face red...contorted...streaked wet with perspiration…loose strands of my dark chocolate brown hair hang down over my forehead and into my eyes...droplets of perspiration falling from my nose to the ring canvas below as I lower my head a moment...listening as the 20 count progresses...


I then placed both palms on my strong thighs...gritting my teeth as I SHOVED up and uncoiled my legs from under me…slowly getting to my feet…wobbly and unsteady! The knees of my skin-*********** tights splattered with droplets of my blood…looking over at her as my eyes met her ice stare…rolling my shoulders...and spreading my legs about shoulder width apart as I assumed my stance…my left foot touching the scratch line on the canvas...

I then hear the referee scream out…

“Round 4…FIGHT!”

I bring my long arms up…my glistening shining upturned breasts rising and falling as I assume my bare knuckle stance...lower back arched and chest out...left fist out in front of my right...both fists at chest level as I slowly rotated my fists out in front of my chest...circling her again from left to right as I increased the pace of my lateral movements!!

I was mesmerized with the almost cat-like way in which she moved on her toes…it was as if the fight had just started and she hadn’t expended any energy at all…the way she danced in and out when she punched and counter-punched…moving in quickly to inflict punishment and quickly moving out or range of any counters!

I first moved left…then sidestepped back quickly to the right as I tried to get some movement going to match hers and find holes in her defenses! I focused on her fists…her eyes…and I wasted no time in letting her think she had hurt me bad!! I stepped in and SUDDENLY SWITCHED to southpaw to try and confuse her...my right fist now out in front of my left...FEINTING with my straight right…blinking back the haze that was clouding my vision and the sting of the salty sweat in my large dark eyes! I stepped into her and FEINTED a right jab…then suddenly I twisted my torso and SWUNG A SHORT LEFT HOOK HARD at her face...my back and shoulder muscles ACHING but rested for a moment and they just EXPLODED behind the punch...TWISTING my knuckles just before they hit her eye socket...GRUNTING out loud!!...


Feeling my fist impact her eye…my knuckles coming to an abrupt halt as though they had hit a brick wall…hearing her yelp out in pain!!


I then punched out with my left and struck her in the cheek, snapping her head to the
side. Then…with all my available strength I drove my left fist squarely into the delicate tip of Michelle's nose, and feeling cartilage give way beneath my hard bony knuckles…I knew I had succeeded in breaking the *****'s nose and a HUGE collective gasp arose from the crowd!!



The sweat flew from my tall frame as my firm breasts jiggled slightly with my twisting upper body...

The clear tone of the bell had not faded from my ears before I feinted with my left and LASHED OUT with a quick straight right cross…striking Michelle squarely on the jaw as those sitting at ringside WINCED AND GRIMACED at the dull crack of my clenched fist against the hard boney structure of her jaw!! 


Out of the corner of my eye I could see Joe leaning on the post at his corner of the ring…watching intently…but I was unable to tell if my trainer was concerned soley for my safety…or the fact that he had bet a lot of money on the fight…probably against me!

Michelle STAGGERED BACK AND FELL against the ring post in the corner…shaking her head as her eyes seemed to roll back in her head…her bare wet back sliding down the padding of the ring post…her arms thrusting up as she wrapped the fingers of both hands around the top rope strained to first grab and then to hold onto it as she began sliding down! Her long arms were pulled tight at her shoulders and she just couldn’t maintain her grip! Her hands came free of the rope she dropped to her knees in the corner…at first leaning back against the post and then…falling forward to all fours…her head hanging down between her arms!

I looked down at saw the thin thread-like stream of red fall to the canvas below her head…and begin to pool up on the sweat stained surface. She coughed a few times…then she spit up a wad of blood mixed with her saliva…shaking her head one more time as the refer continued her count….


My eyes widened in amazement as I whispered to myself…

"She really CAN BE HURT..."

I watched her on her knees...by head spinning…my vision blurred…blinking…struggling to focus…


Then I shook my head in disbelief as she slowly unfolded her long legs from under her and got to her feet. Her bare glistening chest expanding as she took a deep breath…releasing it with an audible whoosh! I watched as her firm pert breasts rose up as she breathed in deeply…her pink ******* erect as they stood out from her **** sweat-coated gleaming orbs. She walked over and sat on her stool…shaking her head in disbelief that I had knocked her down!

I went back to my corner and sat down…Joe squatting in front of me and as animated as I have ever seen him! He was yelling at me over the crowd noise…

I sit on my stool…shaking my head and trying to clear my head…my vision and at the same time hear what he was saying…



Sam leaned her face in and I felt her soft moist creamy lips kiss my cheek as she whispered in my ear…


“I want you SO bad!”

Here I was getting my ass kicked and Samantha tells me she’s HORNY??

Talk about WONDERFUL timing!

Then just that quickly I heard the bell clang and the referee yell out….

“Boxers to scratch!”

I stood up slowly and moved to the enter of the ring as Michelle followed…both setting up in our stances facing each other…our fists raised up between us as we moved closer…our bare knuckles almost touching…both of us barely able to stand!

The referee screamed out…


…and I wasted no time and thrust out a straight left-tight combination at Michelle’s jaw…she was ready though and easily blocked my punches…my bare knuckles bouncing off her forearms!! My punches by this time…lacked proper timing and didn’t have much speed and power. I tried to step back but Michelle suddenly rushed at me…feinting with her right at my face…then quickly dropping her left shoulder a bit as suddenly I saw her big left fist headed straight for my abs like a cruise missile!!



I let out a groan and my hands dropped as I began to double over her fist!! Its probably a good thing that I don't even see the blur of her right fist as it suddenly connected with left cheek…my head TWISTING VIOLENTLY to the side from the force of the blow…the dull thud and crack was clearly audible as her punch landed…my eyes saw flashes…felt the sting and the warm trickle on my face as a small cut opened up along my left cheek…and a loud grunt flowed over my bloodied lips!


I was bending over from the force of her blow to my abs and I barely saw the blur that were the bare knuckles of her right fist…the flexed muscles in her forearm…her cocked right arm driving up and across…her bulging sinewy bicep…pumped and hard…

It was as if I had been struck across the face with a sledgehammer…and for a time…I was completely disoriented…my body almost seemed to lift up off the canvas!

My body SPUN AROUND and I LURCHED BACK from the force of the blow!!

I tried to swing my body around and send my own right fist at her face…my movements slow and labored…driving my right fist wildly at her chest…more flaying wildly than punching...just anywhere as I stumble to my right…

Or at least I think I swung my right at her…maybe I just dreamed or imagined it. To be honest…when you’ve been knocked out with a blow that quickly…that intense…I doubt you know what actually happened! It’s akin to being in an accident and losing ones memory…in my case I felt like an 18-wheeler had slammed into my jaw!

Maybe it did…

But all I am doing is swinging at air…at a mirage…just fickeringand distorted human shape made up of all patterns and combinations of colors…I flayed about with my arms...desperately trying to get my hands back up and protect myself purely from instinct… sucking in the air to clear the pain in my gut as I grit my teeth hard thru the pain...feeling the punch to my jaw ring all the way to the back of my head...

The room was spinning one way and my head seemed to be spinning in the opposite direction…I started to take a step and suddenly felt I had stepped into NOTHINGNESS…my legs turned to Jell-O and gave way as the flashes in my eyes grew brighter and my head spun around faster than a top!! 

Now I know why Linda Blair puked up all that green **** when her head spun like a top in that scene in the movie…”The Exorcist”!

I felt the air flow past my face as I fell and I brought my arms up somehow…maybe out of instinct…around in front of me to cushion the fall…not that they were much help as they had turned to rubber! I FELL TO MY KNEES…and then all I saw was black…and I felt nothing as I PITCHED FORWARD in a heap flat on my face!! 


As I hit the canvas…a began feeling the pangs of anguish as they just seemed to flood over me…a confusing…increasingly loud roar sweeping through my brain like an approaching Mid-western thunder storm!

Lucky for me I wouldn’t be feeling those too long…it was all about over…

I gasped for air as the world spun around me…seeing the faces of those at ringside as if they were moving in slow motion…mouths open screaming but no sound coming out! Time seemed to stop as the hot stifling air in the ring seemed to be suffocating me…literally me choking off from everything but the pain!

Then the pain left me…

Then…nothing…blackness…serene quiet…

I didn’t even have time to yell for my Mommy!

Michelle took a step forward and stood over my beaten body! My muscled form was spread-eagled…and I turned my head from side to side slowly…moaning softly as I did so! My brain was saying …MOVE…but my body wouldn’t respond! Staring straight at Samantha and Joe and…Michelle planted a foot square in between my gently heaving ****…and raising her strong arms straight up in the air in victory as she screamed out….


At least I think that’s what I saw…

Next thing I know…I see spots of light…just pinpoints at first…and then shapes…sizes…the warmth on my face. I slowly open my eyes and I’m apparently in Joe’s office…stretched out on a chaise lounge as Samantha is doing some doctoring around my eye. I wince as she finishes wiping and cleaning the small cuts around my eye…wiping my cut swollen lip…

…then I finally begin to focus…and I gaze up into her gorgeous eyes.

Sam leans her face down…the tip of her nose touching mine as she kisses me gently…then whispers…

“You’ve been in and out a lot…did you have a nice nap?”

A frown came over my lips and I could feel the warm tears welling up in my large dark brown eyes as I looked up at her…

My lower lip trembled as I whispered to her…

“She knocked me out didn’t she?”

Sam nodded her head up and down…

“But to be truthful she looks worse than you do”

“I think you won on style points outside of the Russian judge…who only gave you 6 out of 10. Every other judge gave you at least an 8.5.”

I looked into Sam’s twinkling eyes as the corners of her **** mouth turned up in an impish grin. Finally…she couldn’t hold herself back and she busted out with one of her loud **** laughs. I tried to hold back but I couldn’t…and I started laughing. As I did…a sharp pain shot through my ribs and I moaned out…clutching at my abs! I then settled back on the sofa and smiled at her as her hands went up quickly to her mouth as she realized my laughing hurt as bad as a punch.

There was a knock at the office door and Joe got up…went over and opened. There standing in the door was…Michelle. She looked at Joe and asked in a low voice…

“Is she okay?”

Joe looked down at the floor…then looked back up and her and said…

“Sure…she’ll be fine”

Samantha jumped up from the edge of the sofa by me and started moving towards the door…screaming out…


Michelle stepped through the doorway and looked around Sam…and her eyes and mine met…she had a bandage under her right eye…and her left was swollen…her lower lip showing the split in it…the swelling…

I sat up… and as I did…Sam stepped between Michelle and I…their chests bumping as I saw Sam’s face growing more red by the second…her lower lip trembling…the fury in her eyes…


Michelle’s dark gaze narrowed and I could see the anger and fierceness in her eyes…then she looked back at me and her glare softened…

“I wanted you to know…you were the BEST I have ever fought…and this was NOT personal.”

[/i]“It was a fight…and I don’t fight to hurt people…which I guess sounds a little weird”[/i]

Sam shot back…



I snapped at Sam…


Michelle walked over…bumping shoulders with Samantha…and then extended her right hand to me…I raised my right arm and took her hand in my mine and shook it gently…

“I am sorry…and I am not in the habit of saying that if you knew me at all”

Then our eyes met again and I saw something in them that maybe surprised me more than anything. I saw a strange emptiness and vulnerability…something with all her confidence and arrogance I would have never expected to see. Then I saw the tears forming in her eyes…as she mouthed the words…

“I’m sorry”

She looked at Sam one more time and she smiled a bit…then turned and walked out the door…

Joe looked at me and I saw his jaw drop….

“Well I’ll be damned!”

“I have never seen her act like that…or say those words”

I looked away a moment…all I could see were her eyes…and for some ungodly reason…I felt pity for her…

I then looked over at Joe and asked him…

“You know her better than anyone…”

“Tell me about her…please”

Joe smiled…and then he looked at me and asked me…


I looked down a moment…then glanced over into Sam’s eyes and smiled…and then I looked at Joe and said quietly…

"It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood…who strives valiantly…who errs and comes up short again and again…because there is no effort without error or shortcoming…but who knows the great enthusiasms…the great devotions…who spends himself for a worthy cause; who…at the best…knows…in the end…the triumph of high achievement…and who…at the worst…if he fails…at least he fails while daring greatly…so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat."

Joe smiled…

“Then here is her story...”

March 22, 2022 9:08 AM