Harper's Awakening 6 by Michelle

My friend McKenzie was the type of girl that just couldn’t seem to help herself. She was one of those TALL (5’9”) SEXY long-legged brunettes that you ADMIRED....LUSTED AFTER... and at times HATED....all at the same time!

Was I suffering from a little jealousy perhaps?


Maybe more than just a little?…


And JEALOUSY was the DRUG McKenzie FED on, was ADDICTED TO, what she CRAVED! Mckenzie just had “It”.

“It”…. being a set of abs to die for!

McKenzie had this way of showing it off, no matter how she was dressed; she always found a way to show off her abs. I have never been around another woman who was so proud of her abs as she was. I suppose that’s a big weakness of mine when it comes to looking at other women, which as a lesbian I am prone to do A LOT!  I always check out another girl’s abs, how flat her tummy is…how well developed it is. To me it shows how much pride a girl really takes in her personal appearance if she has a flat tummy and well developed abs. That's my weakness with other women and I freely admit it. For some it's cleavage, for some it's legs, for some its breasts, for some it’s a tight firm ass.


GO RIGHT for the belly and I don’t waste any time about it.

Hello…I’m Harper…and I AM AN ABS WHORE!

And McKenzie had "It", and she flaunted "It". During the summers she always wore cutoff tee shirts or tops that rode up just below her breasts and purposely showed her tummy.

And I noticed.

Oh Yeah, I ******* noticed!

And so did everyone else!

But what made this one different was, she noticed that I noticed!

I hope I’m making some sense here!...somehow I bet that I am!

And all that made her SO ****! Now I am pretty proud of my own tummy and she took notice of mine too. We would lie by the pool on weekends and she would often remark how she admired how well I took care of my abs. I’ll admit that aroused me to no end when she said that and I’d get so ******* wet when I heard her words! 

As much as I loved her abs, and abs in general, her belly button really got to me too. Its one of my closely guarded secrets I have a belly-button fetish. A really nice **** belly button on a great set of abs just makes me drool and you guessed it….

McKenzie had BOTH!

God don’t you just hate that?

The Challenge

Her awesome attractiveness belied a fierceness driven by an intense desire to compete and win. It was a trait she and I both shared…a trait that attracted she and I to each other! Whether we were at work, playing tennis, jogging, playing cards, swimming or **********, McKenzie always had to be the BEST!

But our abs seemed to really bring out the REAL competitor in both of us. 

There was a time a few years ago when we both wanted to get in better shape and tighten up our abs as well as take boxing lessons. We found a great trainer, and we both were very athletic and quick studies. We learned how to block punches and fight defensively if need be, to follow through for the most power behind a punch, to put our whole body behind the blows. We learned when to use our legs and our torsos and not just punch with our arms along with learning how to throw effective combinations. Our jogging and daily crunches paid off big time. 

Our abs were now more defined and contoured, and we both looked great in a bikini…and after all…


The fact that we competed against each other so hard along the way I think it made us work harder and get better results from our workouts.

Now I know you are dying to ask me so go ahead…I mean it!...GO AHEAD!


“Abs and competing?” “What in the Wide Wide World of Fuck are you talking about Harper?”

Well go back down into your Mother’s basement with that quart bottle of Mountain Dew and the bag of Cheetos…. sit back…shove one hand down inside your underwear or *******…whichever one you’re wearing (you guys who are wearing those **** French cut ******* from Victoria’s Secret…. you know who you are so act accordingly…I am not judging you…I promise!)…and keep the other hand on your keyboards as I am about to tell you an ****** tale and also educate you on the importance of one’s abs.

Anyway…Back to McKenzie and I…

She and I would tease each other about each other’s abs relentlessly. I'd tell her she had a perfect belly button and then I’d ask her what she’d do if I kissed it! I mean not just a peck either. I meant twirling my tongue around inside of it and “going to town” on it like it was the tip of an ice cream cone. We flirted with each other constantly and over time it was obvious it was becoming something of a competition. She was great at flirting with me, and then saying,

"You can kiss my belly-button, but only on one condition."

Then she’d get this twinkle in her eyes…

Uh Oh!

I’d ask what the “condition” was and she said,

“You have to beat me in a belly punching fight”

“UH OH!”

Now you have to understand, McKenzie and I were pretty open with each other and we both are very athletic. We wrestle each other a lot and we have boxed and we have been known to have some pretty intense (very physical…very ****** and sensual) sparring sessions. The idea of having a belly punching fight with her was something pretty new, but very intriguing!

I had to admit though that it was something that seemed REALLY HOT and REALLY INTENSE the more I thought about it!


Now as bold as my initial thoughts were…I also had to admit to some trepidation about the idea at first. Then as always…my libido began to take over. It was like when that little devil that sits on your shoulder and whispers in your ear to go ahead and do those things that you otherwise would NEVER do…. And then you just start feeling SO COMPELLED!

I mean I’d also have that little angel sitting on my opposite shoulder…you know the one!...the cute little ***** all dressed in white…always trying to stop you from having the fun that the little devil says you should be having…trying to keep you from pushing that envelope!

The Boring Bitch!

Lucky for me that little angel dressed in white…. was dressed in white in a low cut cleavage–showing dress…with a REALLY short skirt that was well above the knee and hugged every curve and nuance of her **** little rockin bod!

It was a win-win situation….DOH!

I had made a decision in my dreams…I’d follow the advice of the little devil and I’d just “mind ****” the angel dressed in that low cut **** white dress!

As I said earlier….a Win/Win!

Later on when I’d go to bed….I would often ********** thinking about McKenzie and I sitting up on our knees on the bed. We’d both be ******* and wearing only our *******. We’d slowly scoot together on the soft slick silk sheets until our knees touched and we’d both be aroused beyond what we thought was EVER possible! Our ******* would grow so hard and tingle; our breasts would throb and ache for each other’s! Our ******* would be soaking wet with our own juices before we even so much as touched one another! Our chests would heave and our eyes would immediately dilate and fixate on each other’s tummies!

The feelings I have…the physical sensations in my body….would come at me… so many and so fast….I can’t even begin to describe them…to process them…it just wasn’t possible!

In my fantasy/dream we’d then lean our foreheads on each other’s shoulder and take “turns”. We’d start first with our left hand and curl our fingers into a tight hard fist and hit each other square in the navel!! I could almost feel my fist dig into her hard muscled tummy and the sensation of my knuckles impacting my taut belly…twisting my hard knuckles as thy dug into the flesh! Then we’d switch to our right hand and we’d each have another turn! Back and forth…back and forth we’d go!

Gawd I’d wake up perspiring so badly and I’d be SO WET!

This fantasy would make me *** so intensely when I masturbated and I would twist and twirl my fingers up inside of me until I had *** 4 or 5 times usually! Then I’d just collapse into the mattress feeling so satisfied and I’d sleep like a baby! Sometimes I’d even dream about fighting with her after I fell asleep and invariably we’d end up in another belly punching fight.

I confided in McKenzie about my fantasy and she told me she had been having the very same thoughts…with the very same results that she found herself ************ a lot!

It got to the point that McKenzie and I decided we wanted MORE than just a fantasy and we finally agreed to have our “dream” fight and how we wanted to do it. I asked McKenzie about letting my girlfriend Samantha watch us fight and McKenzie said she loved the idea of she and I fighting in front of Sam. She asked me if her girlfriend Jennifer could watch too. I was really tuned on by the idea and immediately said yes. I had never met Jennifer but to hear McKenzie describe her, and how attractive she was and how well she did in the “abs department” herself, I wanted to meet her badly. I also loved the idea of beating McKenzie in front of Jennifer, the idea making me increasingly wetter each time it crossed my mind.

All week, McKenzie and I trash talked about how easily we would beat each other and ESPECIALLY how we wanted to do it in front of our girlfriends. Every time I talked about beating her and making her submit, she would get a look of pleasure on her face and say how she could hardly wait to show me just how good she was. She described how she would sink punch after punch into my tummy and it seemed to arouse her more and more each time we talked about it.

Oh it got to me too…trust me!

The idea of beating McKenzie in front of my girl friend Samantha would make me so wet so fast! It was becoming really hard to concentrate on my work as the idea of she and I fighting kept popping up to the front of the line of my thoughts! When I was at work, I’d have to shut and lock my door and let my hand slide up under my skirt, feeling my fingers deftly slide effortlessly along the wet, mushy soft folds of skin of my aroused labial lips. I couldn’t control myself as I’d let my fingers slide inside of me and tease my ****, arousing my white hot nub until I could no longer stand it any longer. I’d give into the pressure building deep inside of my *****, give into the kaleidoscope of the sensations and the tingling flowing from my **** and finally release myself from that “prison” and feel as intense of an ****** as I had ever felt! My ****** would shake me to my very core!

When I’d lie by the pool with McKenzie, I’d start thinking about belly punching with her and something would just come over me! My heart would start pounding inside my chest, and the muscles in my arms would begin to twitch in time to the visualization of my fists pounding her perfect **** abs! My breathing would become short and ragged and I could feel a warm sticky wetness growing between my thighs. It seemed like the temperature in my body was rising faster than the morning sun reaching its noon zenith and more hot that that of a stifling mid-August day. Sweat would streak down my forehead and sting my eyes and blur my vision. The perspiration would trickle down my neck, chest, and between my heaving breasts…collecting like a rushing stream flowing through the valley between my supple ****. I can feel each drop, as they’d trickle their way down over my own contoured muscled abs…finally reaching my wet moist labial lips and teasing my already aroused *****. 

My enlarged ******* begin to strain the moist material of my tight bikini top… my ***** aching and throbbing. My heart would begin to race more and more out of control….

If it were a race car I’d be redlining!

 The adrenaline in my body seemed to pump overtime and pulsated through my veins and arteries! My blood pressure shot up! I could barely breathe as my excitement and arousal would become so intense! I would find myself laying there…my fists clenching and un-clenching! My mouth going dry! My skin erupting with goose bumps! My ******* hardening and tingling! 

Something involuntary would take over my body; I could no longer control the way it reacted to the stimuli before me!

I had LOST control!

I just wanted to FIGHT HER!

Oh Hell…who am I kidding…I wanted to FUCK HER TOO!

I wanted to PUNCH those PERFECT ABS of hers!

When I described how I felt about all this to Samantha, I could tell it was arousing her just as much as it was me if not more so! We’d talk about it and we each would describe in detail how we both thought the fight would go. It wouldn’t be long before we’d be making love as intensely as we ever had! Sam was really turned on by it all and that shouldn’t have been a surprise. We both loved to watch each other fight another girl and this was certainly no exception. Sam and I had actually met in the boxing ring and it was just a deep part of our make-up and psyche.

The time for the fight finally arrived and I admit I was really…REALLY nervous! No matter how loud my trash talking was, or how outwardly cocky I acted or how much I had tried to intimidate McKenzie with it….

I was DAMN nervous!

I hope she didn’t notice…but I BET SHE DID!

We had decided to meet at my apartment and my nerves were really on edge as the fight approached. I wondered if McKenzie was nervous at all?


Surely she was as nervous as I was?

Wasn’t she?

Was she as arrogant and confident as she appeared? I kept thinking about her awesome abs and wondered if I really had a chance against her. Sam could tell I was nervous and she sat me down and told me I had every bit the body McKenzie did and that I was an experienced fighter and she knew I’d put McKenzie in her place. I calmed down a little after that and remembered why I loved Sam as deeply as I did. Having her behind me, no matter what, relaxed me and made me feel wonderful in ways I can’t describe. Sam helped dress me for the fight. McKenzie and I had agreed to fight ******* and in jeans. 

No shirt…

Just our jeans…

And not just any jeans.  We’d be wearing those “low rider low-waisted **** style jeans. That way our bellies would more exposed and more vulnerable to the beating we both wanted so desperately to inflict on each other.

Knowing that arrogant ***** as I did, she had already painted a mental image of a bulls-eye target on my navel and that suited me just fine. Sam told me it was just as important that I show McKenzie I could take her BEST shot, as it was making her feel my hard knuckles as they buried themselves in her tummy when I punched her!

Sam and I would have our own belly punching sessions to help me get ready for the fight and after our last one she whispered to me,

“Show her she can’t hurt you”




The Fight

The day of the fight finally arrived and McKenzie showed up, followed by Jennifer, who turned out to be a very attractive blonde about my size and with a body that defied description. I whispered to Sam,

“God Sam…. Its bad enough that McKenzie looks like a super model, she has to bring another model with her!”

Sam laughed and whispered,

“Don’t worry, if Jennifer says a word or makes a move she’s ALL mine baby!”

“You concentrate on McKenzie!”

I giggled a little and looked Sam in her gorgeous blue eyes and kissed her deeply as we leaned in and let our wet moist lips meet. She gave me a tight hug and wiggled her chest against mine. I gasped as I felt her firm ******* poking through her top and rubbing against my own aroused…tingling ones! The apprehension seemed to just drain from me as I breathed a sigh of relief knowing she was going to be there WITH me….REALLY WITH ME!...and not just watching.

I felt so great that she was there…it made me feel more confident and so much more relaxed. I also found my arousal growing as the time for the fight got closer. It felt strange in a way. I was going to fight this girl in such a primal manner and I was growing more aroused the closer the time for the fight got! Hell, I was so aroused I forgot all about being scared! And there was that overriding factor for me I think.

McKenzie was HOT!

Something about that made me want to beat her so bad!


McKenzie and I walked to the center of our living room and began removing our shirts. I took a long low deep breath as I slowly reached up and began to unbutton the denim shirt I was wearing…starting with the cuffs…and then reaching up with both hands to the upper button…unfastening it…then pulling the shirt open a little. I worked my hands down, pulling the shirt open with each button my long slender fingers unfastened. I watched as she unbuttoned her shirt and it was obvious even this was becoming a bit of a competition for the benefit of those watching. It was also a competition between McKenzie and I that only she and I could understand the reason for. We were performing a personal strip tease for each other as we exposed more and more of first our cleavage, and then our full firm breasts, as we pulled open our shirts.

Standing about 5’9” in stocking feet, McKenzie was 34, with a long lean body, a fashion model’s chest with perfectly shaped…slightly upturned ripe c-cup breasts, finely sculptured features, and straight dark hair she wore in a shag style with smooth, curled bangs. She had the a pair of the most perfect legs I had ever seen; long, firm, and toned with those smooth but sinewy muscles. I reached up and untied the red ribbon that held my hair back in a pony tail, my long dark brown wavy hair hanging well below my shoulders, cascading just above my pert upturned breasts. My dark brown eyes glistened under my dark arching eyebrows. I could feel the tingle in my hard erect ******* increasing with my arousal!

Eventually we both finished our “unveiling” and stood in front of each other, watching each other’s small pinkish ******* grow harder and more erect with each passing moment. As we moved in closer to each other, McKenzie stepped up to me and extended her right arm, casually letting her right forefinger first gently touch, and then glide across the curvature of my stomach. It was a very hot day and her fingertip moved effortlessly through the thin film of glistening perspiration that coated my tanned skin. I felt my taut muscled tummy **** in and tighten at her sensual touch and I let a soft moan inadvertently escape over my dry parched lips. She heard the moan and looked me deeply in my eyes and smiled.

I thought to myself,

“She thinks I’m weak, scared!”

“THAT moan!” “Why in the FUCK did I HAVE to MOAN?”

I felt goose bumps immediately begin to form up on my back, shoulders and arms and I felt my heart jump up in my throat, my heart pounding against my chest!

The ******* ***** was trying to TURN ME ON TOO!

Oh Hell, Whom in the HELL was I kidding?

She WAS turning me on!!

I felt her eyes were trying to tell me was a big mistake for me to get into this bare knuckled belly punching fight with her but I was having NONE OF THAT SHIT! I was a boxer, I could punch and take a punch, but that was with gloves on! This was entirely different in every way. It was way more brutal, more primal. Her eyes also told me she was going to feel an intense ****** pleasure while beating my abs up.

She WASN’T the only one!

McKenzie won a coin flip and was awarded the first punch. We each had agreed that we’d begin with our left fist; we’d then switch to our right. We’d alternate until the fight was over. We also agreed to fight standing and the first one to her knees would be declared the loser.

She moved right in front of me, the toes of our bare feet barely touching. I flexed my abs, the contoured muscle definition so clearly evident now under my taut glistening skin, the thin coating of perspiration seemingly acting like a magnifier that showed every muscle and every nuance of my hard tummy. I reached my arms behind my back and clasped my hands behind me as our eyes locked. I watched her breasts rise and fall, her small pink ******* growing more pointed and erect as she stared at me. My breathing began to accelerate in anticipation of her hitting me! Her long wet **** tongue sliding between her dry lips and gliding sensually and slowly along her pouty lower lip. She took what seemed like forever to prepare, then she suddenly drove her left knuckles hard into my abs with a loud resounding SMACK!!


I gritted my teeth and felt my torso bend fold a bit over her fist, my legs shaking as the burning searing pain flowed throughout my tummy, fanning out briefly like a raging fire!! I gasped out loud and coughed a few times! My bare breasts jiggled as her fist slammed into my hard abs just below my breasts! Then I felt a strange intense sense of pleasure at the same time I was feeling this excruciating, agonizing pain! 

MY GAWD I was so turned on!!

It was almost as if my **** felt some sensation from the punch and my own arousal begun to increase! I could feel the moisture between my thighs and the tingling and spasming in my ****.

I didn't know what to do at first. Then I just stood there and slowly straightened my tall frame back up and let my eyes meet McKenzie’s. As I did I let a slight smile come over my lips and I saw a look on McKenzie’s face I did not expect to see. 

She honestly expected me to go down!!!  

She REALLY DID! I could see it in her eyes!

McKenzie snickered,

"Aww Harper, do you have a BELLY-ache now?" ‘Does your wittle tummy hurt?”

“All because you want me THAT much?” “All for just a taste of me?” “For a kiss on my **** belly button?"

Her words just SET ME OFF!!!

The ******* arrogant BITCH!!!

I gritted my teeth and fought through the searing pain in my abs and slowly began taking a few deep breaths.

I maintained my smile and my large dark eyes never left hers as I spread my legs apart about shoulder width. I watched as McKenzie bite down on her lower lip, her hands going behind her back as she took a long, slow deep breath, smiling as she spread her own legs apart a bit to try and give her some support for what was coming. 

I wanted to wipe that silly smile off her face!

I wasted little time and I SLAMMED my left fist like a sledgehammer into her belly!! I TWISTED my knuckles as they hit her contoured muscled skin just below her navel, my small hard bicep rounding up, my torso TWISTING, my forearm muscles uncoiling like steel springs as I uppercut her belly HARD!! I drove my punch at that curve in her belly just a bit under her navel…burying my knuckles directly under her belly button!! McKenzie's tummy wasn’t quite what I thought it would be, and her lower belly received the punch as if SWALLOWING it!


Her mouth flew open,


 and I heard Samantha screaming out,


McKenzie folded over my left fist and arm like a cheap accordion as I heard the moans coming over her lips. The air flowed from her mouth in an audible WHOOSH!! Her knees shook and I thought for a minute she might go down but she somehow straightened her buckling legs and locked then, holding her ground!! I heard her as she gasped and coughed and her hands came up and in as she tightly clutched her throbbing burning abs!!

I really felt so good about the punch!!


I knew I had HURT her and she wasn’t ready for it. She forgot I was a boxer and I KNEW how to punch. I wasn’t all talk and I wasn’t all mouth! 

I also knew that Hell was about to come my way!!

I watched as McKenzie straightened up, rising almost like a Phoenix from the ashes, she didn’t waste any time as she tried to surprise me, suddenly stepping into me and DRIVING her right fist HARD into my naval! Her hard knuckles stinging my skin and I felt that intense pressures fill my insides as she twisted her tall torso behind the blow!!


I doubled up and just suffered in my belly! The pain was beyond description! I doubled over and shoved my legs apart, as I wanted to drop down to my knees so BADLY! I gasped as my eyes widened and I felt my lungs empty of all the air that they held!! For a brief moment I felt nauseous and thought I might throw up but somehow I held it together as I let my body slowly take in as much air as it could. My body shuddered and my knees bent, but they didn’t buckle completely!

I wheezed a brief moment as I struggled to bring air back into my oxygen-deprived lungs!! I bent over at the waist and clutched my abs tightly, rubbing my tummy as if that would EVER make the pain and the agony go away!

And I heard Jennifer's voice yell out with a loud,

“YES”. …FUCK HER UP McKenzie!!"

 I glanced her way and she was leaning casually back against the wall, but with her arms raised above her head. Her bare upturned **** rose and her **** belly button stared sensually at me. I wanted to walk over and hit her but I had other business to take care of.

"STAND UP STRAIGHT BITCH!" I heard McKenzie say, and I felt the anger flow through my body at light speed!! I slowly straightened up and let my large dark eyes meet hers and I watched as hers widened!! Her mouth dropped open and the look on her face was unmistakable!! She was thinking,

“How is she STILL FUCKING standing?”

That arrogant ******* WHORE!

And now I'm standing there with my mouth open, my arms limp at my sides, breathless, stunned, seemingly helpless,

Then I finished straightening up…I was FAR FROM DONE DAMMIT!

My arms continue to hang at my sides for a moment and then I feel my right fist tighten so tight that I feel the short nails of my fingers almost cut into the soft skin of my palm. I wanted to drive my right fist through her body and grab hold of her spine and break it!

Now it was MY turn!!

I saw the fear…the apprehension in McKenzie’s eyes as she slid her arms behind her back and clasped them together tightly…preparing herself for what was to come! I watch as she gritted her teeth tightly together…her lower lip trembling! I watched as her abs sucked in and tightened! I could tell it by looking in her eyes…


At that moment I felt my right forearm muscles flex TIGHTLY…my right shoulder muscles UNCOIL and I SLAMMED my right knuckles into her belly button with all the force I could muster, my torso TWISTING behind the punch!!


McKenzie grunted out in agony…a whoosh of air flowing over her lips as she immediately doubled over, her face almost hitting my arm!! She then dropped to her knees HARD…then fell forward on all fours, coughing and wheezing as she struggled to take in a breath…her right hand thrusting up and clutching her battered belly!


Her stomach was CRUSHED! 



She obviously couldn't breathe. All she could do was groan out in long, low deep moans. I’d hurt her and I’d hurt her BAD!!


Her hands came up to her stomach, her head dropped down between her arms as she shook it from side to side! Jennifer ran over to McKenzie’s side and dropped to a knee beside her, rubbing her back and trying to help her get to her feet. 

Jennifer then suddenly SHOOTS UP from one knee and out of the blue snarls like a wild animal and reach her left hand out for MY throat in anger!! As I reach up to grab her arms…All of a sudden I see Sam’s right arm thrust between us and grab Jennifer’s wrist and JERK it down hard!! Next thing I know Sam’s left fist is slamming into Jennifer’s jaw, her head twisting violently to the side as her face contorts under Sam’s knuckles and she drops to the floor face first in a heap!

McKenzie had got slowly to her feet and seeing what had gone on, she came at me and threw her right fist at my face!! I shifted my head to the side and slipped her punch and in the same motion I SLAMMED my right fist into her belly again!! 

This time my fist DROVE AND TWISTED with a LOUD SMACK into that “pooch” she had in her tummy just below her navel!! I followed my right fist with a hard left…POUNDING away at that belly…trying to evoke those deep rampant uncontrollable spasms of pain!! I knew instinctively if I DUG DEEP ENOUGH with a my fist, she would drop to her knees in agonizing pain, her womb’s internal convulsions making it impossible for her legs to stop their trembling and her knees would be so weak they would refuse to lock and hold her upright!

She lets out another "OOOOOFFF," and doubled over with a loud moan and grunt!! 


The force of the blow was just too much for her and she folded over like a cheap clockwork toy, like a broken puppet!!

Loud…Almost pitiful moans flowed over her trembling lips as she dropped to the floor and immediately curled up in a fetal position!!

I stood over her and felt my anger escalating, wanting to hurt her SO BAD!

I screamed down at her,

"GET UP!  

spittle coming from my lips as my face became red and contorted!!


I reach down and grabbed her by the hair…wrapping a handful of long silken strands around my fingers and I PULLED UP HARD, screaming at her as my lips trembled!!…


I knew how hopeless it was to get her to get up and fight but I had completely lost it!! I then felt Sam’s hand on my shoulder and I heard her voice,

"Harper let her go!"



I looked over in Samantha’s eyes…I was shaking my anger was so intense….

My breathing was short and raspy and I could feel a growing wetness between my thighs. It seemed as if the temperature has risen a hundred degrees in these last long minutes of the fight!! Perspiration poured from my forehead over my brow, stinging my dark eyes!! It trickled down my neck, chest, and between my breasts. I could feel each drop as it traced its way down my body towards my *****!!

I was more aroused than I had ever been!

I pulled McKenzie’s head back and glared down into her eyes and didn’t say a thing at first!!

I then heard her whisper in a low raspy voice,


I then smiled and purred, "Stop hitting you WHERE…….My love?"

I heard her barely murmur,

"In my belly."

I jerked up on her hair and looked down into her tear filled eyes,


She whimpered back, barely audible at first but increasing in volume as each word flowed over her lips,


I let go of her hair as she fell back to the floor, lying their whimpering.

Sam put her arms around me and gave me a tight hug, then she pulled back and looked me in my eyes and smiled,

“You OK?”

I looked into her loving eyes and smiled, wincing a little as I felt a few aches still shoot through my midsection.

“Yeah, I’m fine”

“Let’s get out of here”

I owned McKenzie, I made little effort to disguise the pure pleasure I felt in beating her and Samantha knew it. I had never quite felt these emotions before, at least not this intensely. I had beat girls in fights before and I certainly felt the elation of winning, but something about this was different.

I had publicly stripped of her pride and dignity. I had shamed her and made her look pathetic in front of her girlfriend.

I could have done a lot more but that wasn’t my nature…or so I thought…at that moment I might have done anything to hurt Mckenzie…and that scared me.

I had devastated her and made her submit to MY own brand of humiliation and agony!

And I didn’t give a ****!

I leaned down and whispered in her ear,

“I OWN you now and always will…..and don’t EVER forget it!!”

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