Harper's Awakening 5 by Michelle

Since I got on my “health-nut kick” and began working out very early in the mornings, like 430-500 a.m., one of the sacrifices I had to make was a large breakfast and coffee in the morning. I had made a habit of stopping at this Starbucks a block from my office building, which also served some healthy food too. I have always tried to eat right. I have a good figure; some people would call me lean, as I'm fairly tall at 5’ 9-1/2” plus and 138 pounds. If I didn't eat right, I would probably bloat up like a balloon! I run five miles a day in the park and on the treadmill if the weather is bad, along with my boxing training and I do yoga twice a week. We have a Stair Master, exercise bicycles, and some other exercise equipment at the apartment, which kept my legs and **** looking great. Still, it was nothing compared to this hot girl that I had been noticing in the Starbucks every morning the last few weeks (and yes, we girls DO notice those things too, trust me!). I also noticed her because she had recently come to work for our firm. She worked on the other side of my floor so I hadn’t had a chance to go over and formally meet her. I was now making it my mission to do so! 

My libido has a way of making me do things I otherwise might not.

Every morning lately, when I came in for my cappuccino and oat bran muffin (with an occasional splurge on a chocolate chunk cookie), she would almost invariably be standing in line in front of me. She was there like clockwork, meticulous with her schedule (just like me, Ms. Anal herself).

And I thought I WAS ANAL?

She always ordered a fruit smoothie and a chocolate chip cookie, everyday. She appeared to be about the same age as me, somewhere around mid-thirties. Her body was like a rock and appeared to be very toned with little trace of fat. There was nothing left to the imagination regarding her femininity, she had it in spades. She was PERFECT!


She was about five foot, nine inches tall, about the same as me, probably about the same weight. She had long light brown hair that looked soft and shiny and seem to frame her facial features beautifully. Her hair seemed to glow as it hung down her back and she generally had it pulled back tight in a ponytail. Her hair seemed so silky and I wanted to reach out and touch it, to see how it felt in my hand, run it through my fingers.

Is that wild or what?

I told you I was hooked!

She rarely had much make-up on. Her eyes were a piercing, ice blue (God they made me melt!) color and sparkled behind these purple horned rimmed oval shaped reading glasses she often wore at work that made her even more white-hot **** to me! I just imagined those eyes were the mirror to one really hot feminine, ****** soul. I wondered how long I could stare into them without her thinking me totally creepy. I told a friend about her and described her this way:

"She seemed like she could be very engaging and very assertive (but not bitchy, there's a difference…trust me) at the same instant, yet she doesn’t seem to make any concessions for who she really is or what she stands for." "In fact, she's DAMN proud of it. She has this supreme air of confidence about her that arouses me beyond words"

She seemed like she was pretty much all business/dead serious about everything most of the time! It know probably wasn’t fair of me to judge her like that. She did have the most wonderful laugh (OK, maybe I AM being judgmental now, but in a GOOD WAY!). I suspected that maybe she wasn’t as “hard” as she seemed to often show. “I was just intimidated by her awesomeness!” is a phrase I had heard before and probably explains how I feel about her.

Morgan was the antithesis of a character like “Gamora” from the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” in many ways. You know the type, they're usually physically strong, they can curse like construction workers (even in front of their Mom’s; and by the way, Morgan cussed little. Now me on the other hand, I cuss like a sailor!). They could probably kill any living thing that crosses them (and enjoy it) and they are super happy being that way (am I describing anyone you know?). If you've seen the film, you probably noted that in a “twist”, Gamora gets to play with the big boys in the film in ways that simply don't feel “token”. For one she doesn't come off as weak when a male attempts to order or influence her. Her role isn’t one that’s five minutes of eye candy and/or T&A. She isn’t even introduced as the love interest of the main character (Maybe Quill had to warm up to the fact that she has green skin).

Gamora is a very forceful and a "Take-No-Prisoners" type of girl. She probably feels like she needs to be. Now while some might say, she's just a comic book super heroine, these characters have often influenced us with their strength (inner, not just physical), attitude, and courageover the years. It also helps Gamora gets to exist a bit as a driver of the plot and not so much the “*** object in leather”.

Now I personally love being a *** object in leather, but that's just me.

Characters like Gamora often exhibit what I would describe as cocky/aggressive, almost "manly" personality characteristics, but they just happen to be.... girls..... and damn **** ones!  The best part of this is that bogus gender lines get broken; nobody's going to say Gamora isn’t able to do the job, even if it means kicking some ass or committing murder on a large scale. Just look how rough and tough she supposedly is. However, the basic problem with this is that characters that are "awesome" or "kick-ass" are pretty much masculine-by-design, whereas characters that are "weak" or "submissive" are almost always written into scripts as largely feminine traits. 

Makes you feel great to be a woman huh?

*rolls my eyes*

It really drives me nuts how we place all this importance on these really silly pre-existing “****** roles” that show their influence by singing the praises of traits associated with masculinity and maligning those associated with femininity. The "usual roles" almost ALWAYS show their significance by celebrating the attributes defined as male and vilifying traits associated with females. 

Jesus what an unmitigated CROCK OF SHIT!

Anyway, see what happens when you take a few psychology courses from an elitist private school? 


It was her body that was really driving me nuts though!  

Now that probably doesn't surprise you that I'd be obsessed by her body, now does it?

She had what I guess most folks would call an awesome “beach-bod”. God she was really cut! She was slender, but curvy at the same time. She generally was dressed in tight black yoga pants, sometimes with a zip-up hooded sweater that said “STANFORD” in white script letters on the front, which was what first caught my attention. She often looked to just have a white sports bra on underneath it, new white Nike trainers and short, white ankle socks. There was no disguising her toned, sinewy muscled, figure, especially her legs and ass. I had heard she ran like I did so that made sense (I’ll explain how I “heard” this a bit later…mebbe). Her shoulders were a little more toned than most girls but as I said earlier, she was “way” feminine. She also had a very **** curve to her tight ****, which was so ******. Her breasts were firm, upturned, stuck out and stretched her zipped up sweater out. I guessed that she was on her way to gym on those mornings I saw her at the coffee shop, which really got me even more excited. The idea of watching her work out, or me even working out with her, had my imagination running wild with excitement. I generally went to the gym after work so I was feeling really motivated to find out her morning workout schedule!

I discovered her name was "Morgan" from the coffee shop’s barista's writing on her cup one day. Morgan had an “edge” about her, a focus, which was more apparent in her eyes, but she also had an overall attitude and a confidence about her, which I found very ****. She could be assertive without being bitchy. With all that said, she still presented herself in very ****/feminine sort of way and I liked that. There was absolutely no discounting her femininity. She had that look that made me want to wrestle her on the spot, that combination of strength, beauty and *** appeal. I mean I wanted to get down and dirty with her on the mats or in a ring! I was obsessed with her and I imagined wrestling and boxing with her a lot. It was fantasy more than anything but I honestly wanted to “try” her. I wanted to test her and see how I’d do. This “Morgan” woman looked like she wasn't one to take **** from anyone and could care less what anyone thought about her. 

So why would I EVER like someone like that?

I was just hoping that she liked women, especially a woman like me!  

Besides...she was HAWT!  Enough said!

WOW could I EVER make any LESS sense?  

That was how I met Morgan, when my libido was in the ******* RED!

I’ll never forget that night. Every, “Oh My God, what the hell was I thinking and doing?” moment of that evening is still looping in my mind and it’s even now making me wetter by the second! I was so nervous I wanted to throw up. Even though I was about to do something so totally out of character, at that moment,

I just didn’t care.

But you know that feeling when you see another really **** woman and you can’t stop thinking about her and it turns into this fantasy where you imagine the two of you showering after working out at the gym. Then one thing leads to another and the next thing you know you’re sitting in the bathroom at work ************ about a fantasy that on the one hand you pray never, ever comes true and on the other you wish like crazy that it would?  

Yeah. I have a really SERIOUS out of control ******* problem.

As I grew up, “they” told me that girls aren’t supposed to like other girls like that.

 HA! I sure went past “GO” on that one pretty fast! 

But I’ve been this way my entire life. Us girls just feel…Different. I’m not ashamed of it. Heck I relish feeling like this.

We girls ARE JUST “different”!!  We can be extra, extra soft or we can be extra, extra nasty (Me). And depending on the complex and as yet the "unexplained by science" hormonal mix at any given instant in the space time continuum, when two girls get together who are attracted to one another, the Richter scale takes on a whole new definition and can just get tossed out the window. And speaking of workout, “they” said a girl isn’t supposed to like to fight either.

Oh Really? Really Now? SERIOUSLY? PUHLEEZE!

Next time you’re at a gym or if you’re a guy, ask your girlfriend or wife that goes to an all-female gym, what she sees there nowadays. Ask her how many women are training harder, bulking up a little, even boxing. I bet she’d love to tell you.

Might even make some serious brownie points for yourself.

That’s my free relationship advice for the day.

You can pay me later…

When Morgan started her new job with my venture capital company, I was immediately mesmerized by her, and I watched and listened to her and she was so sweet and friendly to everyone, and she was so funny, and so insanely **** and… And… Oh God, her piercing blue eyes…and yeah…I’ll say it again…I want to **** her into a coma!

I knew I was in trouble. It was REAL trouble, the kind of trouble that goes well beyond starting with a capital “T”.

Its starts with a capital "F"...as in....Harper....you're SO FUCKED!

At first I tried to avoid her. I really did! I mean it! Come on! You quit laughing now!!

Don’t you dare laugh at me!


I didn’t want her to think I was stalking her or anything. Then, I started making up excuses to walk by her office, just to take a quick “innocent” peek to give me my “fix”. One day, I was walking by and she was bending over to pick up some folders and her skirt rode up and I saw her ass. She had on a thong, and a garter belt, and stockings… And the straps curved over her firm, beautiful ass and…GAWD I lost it!

I had to run away! I got so wet I couldn’t control myself! I ran off to the bathroom, made sure it was empty, shut the stall door behind me and I masturbated, fantasizing about you the whole time. And I did it and had thoughts I don’t think I can ever tell her about.

I’m sure I should be so ashamed! NOT!  I know I probably shouldn’t be doing this! I love my girlfriend Samantha, I really do but… But I just want… With her, I just want…

God damn it! I just want to FUCK HER!  Just a furious, soaking wet sweaty, pin me to the wall *****, blackout ****, **** her into a coma type **** with a woman who’s so beautiful she takes away my breath away every time I see her!

Now I ask you…. is that TOO MUCH TO ASK?

I felt I was doing such a pretty horrible job of hiding my attraction. I just knew she could tell I was nervous around her. Every time we’d bump into each other I’d get tongue-tied and couldn’t look her in the eyes. The cool thing though was she smiled every time I acted like a dork!  At least I think that was cool? So I just kept avoiding her because I didn’t want to seem creepy.

I don’t know why I kept doing it. It was so insane, and so risky, Things got even worse when I saw her at the gym working out. I never had the nerve to approach her...even though I wanted to so bad! But I fantasized about asking her to come over and use my heavy bag. I mean… She just looked like she was a gym ***** like me and she looked like she could be into boxing, so, it just felt safe, you know? Like… Like we could just get to know each other while beating the **** out of the heavy bag. 

Then maybe at some point we’d beat the **** out of EACH OTHER!

I’ll be honest, I dream of getting in the ring with her and fighting, both of us *******, sweaty, gasping and grunting as we fought. I think the excitement for me is quite simply I enjoy the punching aspect of boxing and to be able to trade punches with her would quite simply drive me out of my freaking mind! I wanted to match my skills and my body against hers. I couldn’t think of anything sexier or more ******…more primal. When I’d think about popping her head back with a left jab or sending her body flying back with a uppercut to the jaw (or being on the receiving end of those from her) it excited me beyond words. Although I was at one time very self-conscious of my "'desires" along these lines, I have since learned that what I experienced and am still experiencing is part of my life and my personal nature and make-up.


So what did I do when I got these urges? Same thing I have always do and will continue to do. I went to the gym, hit the locker room and changed into my sports bra and tight, tiny (for you Morgan) compression shorts. I might already have had my feet and ankles taped up. “He” knew I was going to come down and take out some of my frustrations on “Mr. Heavy”. “He” was my boxing trainer, Joe and he knows me about as well as anyone. He’s been sort of a father figure to me since I moved to New York from California. Joe would come over and spot the “Mr. Heavy” (if you hadn't already guessed, “Mr. Heavy” was the heavy punching bag) bag for me and I’d just try and tear it apart with my gloved fists. He’d work me until I dropped because he just had this innate sense; he simply knew I needed to work “this” out of me.

When I couldn’t to make it to the gym, my solution to “my problem” was using my every popular, always comfortable 8 oz. EVERLAST boxing glove (I have burgundy and black). Usually what I would do is wait until I was alone, then I would get up in the bay window of our apartment that looks out at Central Park in New York. Usually I’m wearing my cutoff tee shirt and ******* and climb up on the landing. The glass of the window is such no one can see in but I can see out. That gives me the security of knowing I’m alone but the daring to be “exposed” to a lot of the Upper West Side. I then take the glove and slide it over my right hand and pull the Velcro strap tight.

I’d lean against the side of the bay window with my back up against it and spread my legs open, slid my gloved hand down between my legs. Maybe the memory of a dream about her from the night before continue to snake its way into my thoughts, and my ******* would harden and tingle in response. The fantasy of her fingers stroking my swollen **** would cause me to slip my gloved hand beneath the waistband of my yoga pants, on past the waistband of my cotton *******, until I found the wet, warm, soft mushy folds of my labial lips. My body would lurch so badly at that first touch and I’d usually scream out.

I’d feel a nervous sort of flutter in my tummy, and my brain would seem to get stuck in overload, but my body screamed for a release. I’d pull my ******* down my thighs a little more and begin to let the thumb of the glove slide along the wet loose flaps of skin of my by now, throbbing labia. The larger leather thumb beginning to glide effortlessly along the moist slick skin and its at that point that I begin to press in a bit more firmly with the thumb and start to twist it. This would let the soft leather work between the mushy folds and slowly begin to spread them apart, letting the thumb enter me. My small pink ******* would be tingling so intensely, the plump pink skin now absolutely rigid on my perfectly formed up-turned orbs. I would lean back and brace my back against the side of the bay window and thrust my ***** against the glove thumb, twisting it and pulling it in and out, the leather just coarse enough to drive my **** beyond white hot as my wet sticky juices began trickling down the leather thumb and onto the palm of the boxing glove. I would be biting down on my lower lip so hard at times I would almost cut it.

My left hand would be positioned over my right breast, the fingers curling in and pressing into my firm, soft fleshy breast. My pink ******* become so hard and erect that they tease the soft skin of my palm, while at the same time just enhancing the arousal flowing from my breasts. My breasts are incredibly sensitive and I can make myself climax if I take my time and rub them the right way. Combining the two techniques, rubbing my breasts and using the glove on my *****, was the perfect combination to give me an ****** that would shake me to my core. I would often achieve five or six orgasms pretty quickly and by that time I would be so aroused I just couldn’t stop. I'd keep going until I was almost hyperventilating.


My thought process during this was always super important. I would usually be visualizing Morgan working out, her attacking that heavy bag with that awesome body of hers. I’d Imagine her doing it *******, her torso just glistening under the gym lights as she grunted with every blow she struck against the leather covered bag, droplets of sweat spraying from her tanned skin, her long pony tail swinging from side to side. I’d imagine her sinewy muscles flexing through the perspiration as she poised herself to throw a punch. I would then imagine myself holding the bag for her, spotting her so I would be able to peer around the bag and look directly at her bare sweaty chest, her creamy, perfectly rounded upturned breasts just barely jiggling as she punched the bag with both her taped fists, throwing perfect combinations or ripping off uppercuts, short hard hooks and perfectly precise left jabs as she moved so lightly and skillfully on her toes from side to side. Thinking about her in this way was pretty much like ******* her to me and I invariably would need some sort of release after such a mental “session”.

Are you getting the picture?

I mean are you REALLY GETTING IT?

At the end of my “**********” to myself I would always feel this immensely satisfying sense of release, a feeling beyond any normal sense of satisfaction that would just sweep over my tall frame.

I wondered if she had similar sensations and desires towards me but neither of us seemed willing to make the first move, take that first step. I found myself so often daydreaming of getting in the ring and fighting her, anything to release these frustrations from deep within me. I even began daydreaming of wrestling erotically with her. I would visualize she and I wearing only our silk ******* and facing one another on our knees on top of the bed. We would scoot forward until our knees touched, then we’d raise our arms and “lock-up”, our arms extended above our heads as we clasped our hands tightly as we would start to test each other’s strength, our arms quivering, shaking as we’d push, twist and tug! The sinewy muscular development in our backs and shoulders would appear so well defined as our upper body physiques would tighten and flex. I’d see (and in my case, feel) the perspiration beginning to bead up on our tanned skin, those beads ultimately collecting and beginning to flow and streak down our bare chests and backs. Feeling the warm gasps of her breath flow across my facial features, biting my lower lip as we fight and test each other’s strength to the maximum! Our bodies sliding closer as our knees slid in between mine and our breasts, our hard erect ******* growing tantalizingly closer, so close you could almost feel some sort of spark-like sensation jump the remaining millimeters of distance between the wet plump skin of our sensitive *******. Our breasts ultimately pressing firmly together, melding as every curve, every nuance of our torsos began to fill. Our silk ******* growing wetter by the second as our sensual flows would simply not be controlled by any simple and feeble attempt of using will power.

One of us was ultimately going to be tipped back on her back; one of us was going to be pinned. Sometimes my thoughts would run wild and I would imagine we’d break our interlocking hands, lean our foreheads on each other’s bare wet shoulders and begin trading light punches to our abs. Hearing our bare knuckles smack against the bare wet skin covered muscle, our punches growing with intensity, as did the volume of our groans. Each of us looking down between us and watching a bare fist hit a patch of wet, slick glistening skin, the sweat flying in all directions, as our breasts would jiggle lightly from the force of the blows. The grunts and groans would fill the room! We’d just keep trading punches until one of us couldn’t take anymore and gave up! God I would just be losing my ******* mind!! I wanted her so bad!!

This was simply how I felt, how my daydreams would often go. Tell me this isn’t good stuff!

My work as the new CFO of the firm was going extremely well and between that and my workouts I felt I had reached a spot in my life where the results of my hard work and sacrifices were paying off. My social life was also improving, as Samantha and I seemed to grow more desirous of each other by the day. We fulfilled many of our mutual physical needs by wrestling and boxing each other and at times watching each other spar or fight another girl.

But for me, there was still my “Morgan” problem.

It was Friday, the weekend was upon us and that day had been more stressful than most, so I decided to go the gym and work out my frustrations. Samantha had gone out of town to see her folks so I was by myself. The cool night air felt so great on my skin as I got out of my Range Rover and walked into the gym. I entered and saw that it was almost empty, except that some someone was using the exercise bike and a few others were on the treadmills. I didn’t pay them any attention as I was getting into my pre-workout “focus” (I told you I was ****!). I went into the locker room room and removed the clothes off my 5'9-1/2” body, unfastening my bra and sliding it off my “B” cup breasts, then removing my ******* before changing into my black spandex compression shorts and my black sports bra. I stopped and looked in the mirror before I went out into the workout area. I looked pretty damn good if I do say so! As Samantha described me recently on her Facebook page,

"She has that classic fit California beach girl look about her, without the blonde hair and blue eyes. Her dark chocolate brown hair and large dark eyes went heart and soul with her eye-catching girl-next-door good looks, attractive enough for any magazine cover and maybe even a foldout! Naturally slim but not top heavy, her shapely hips and cute perky **** would make any guy or girl look twice. Her long legs look like they will almost never end. She’s so attractive it can almost be irritating at times but she is so unpretentious you don’t really care”

Have I said yet how much I love that woman?

I finished dressing and went out to the main area where the exercise machines were kept, and I started my workout by getting up on a treadmill. I saw this hot gorgeous woman out of the corner of my eye, and eventually we both tuned our heads and our eyes locked on each other’s.

I knew immediately it was Morgan from my office/work! OMG!!

I walked over and we greeted each other with a friendly smile and a light handshake. My heart leapt up in my throat and I thought for a moment I was going to pass out!


She had been riding the stationary bike to warm up before I walked out there and her breathing was heavy, but regular as sweat was already running down her cheeks, chest and back. We both got on the treadmills next to each other and proceeded to get in our runs, coincidently five miles for both of us. We talked a lot while we ran, how she liked New York, the firm. She was so much more animated than I would have guessed and I got the sense she was glad to be talking to someone in a new town, new job. We both hit the machines for some circuit weight training and after a few hours of exercising, I made my way to the showers. She wanted to do some stretching so she stayed behind. 

With a very tired and exhausted smile, I peeled off my sweat soaked sports bra and shorts, and staggered into the shower area. The shower was blessedly empty and Thank God! I hated showering when there were a lot of other women! Weird huh with my libido?

Not unless you're ME and you're some kind of SERIOUSLY ***** and you have a white-hot burning desire to FUCK yourself!

See now why I’m glad the shower area was empty?....(I’m grinning evily right now)

I slipped in and got under the showerhead, reached up and turned the water on. The sudden gush of cool water poured down over my head and shoulders and I gasped out loud at first. Soon though my body became adjusted to it and I just closed my eyes and just let it flow. I stood naked under the funnel-shaped spray of the now lukewarm water, with my right hand above my head holding onto the shower head hose, and my left hand buried deep into my long, dark brown hair as I ran my long slender fingers back through the wet matted strands. I then let it slide then down over the back of my neck, my hand running down my bare slick right shoulder and arm before moving over and beginning to gently rub my breasts. My ******* were instantly hard from the initial cooling temperature of the water and I sighed as my fingers grazed over the pinkish plump tingling skin, each touch, each stroke, sending a jolt throughout my body. 

Suddenly my mind conjured up an image of Morgan working out as I closed my eyes tightly. She looked so awesome, especially all sweaty. I could imagine the perspiration streaking her chest and breasts and dripping off her *******. I let my fingers roam down my body and between my thighs. I felt an instant heat run through my body as my fingers began playing with the soft, wet mushy folds of skin of my labia. Turning up the hot water up a little more, I closed my eyes and thrust my head under the flowing, massaging stream of warm liquid as the billowing steam began to fill the area around me.

One of the best feelings in the world is warm water running over the aching, sore, tired muscles in your neck, shoulders and back after a hard workout as you begin to feel the almost massaging effect of the flowing water. Once under the soothing streams of hot water, the tired muscles start to relax a bit. The sensation of the warm water as it streams down the back of your head, through your hair, over your neck, back and shoulders and over your breasts, is simply heaven. You look down and see the water steaming over your firm upturned breasts, watching it literally fly off your hard erect ******* much like it would come out of a drainage spout at the end of drain on a house or building. There were few better feelings and one that made working out for me well worth it. 

Touching myself the way I was at that moment sure helping a lot too!

I suddenly was startled by the sound of a metal locker door closing and it woke me from my ****** daydreaming. I pushed the wet, matted hair back out of my eyes and turned my head, looking over back over my left shoulder and opened my eyes to see Morgan walking in! We had such a great conversation while we were jogging on the treadmills that my ”‘attraction” to her only felt stronger. A huge smile came over my lips as I saw her walk in and our eyes met for a brief moment and the corners of her mouth turned up in an oh so **** smile. She had such a delightful personality and it only added to her physical beauty. I watched her through the opening to the shower area as she began removing first her white sports bra, which had become so saturated with perspiration that the outline of the darker skin of her areolas and her small pinkish ******* was so clearly defined through the now almost shear material. I felt myself becoming immediately aroused at the sight of her sensual breasts. This was no surprise as Morgan had what someone else defined as “gravity defying breasts”.

You heard me....GRAVITY DEFYING!

I leaned against the cool shower wall, not quite sure of what I really saw. I wondered,

Was I dreaming all this?

I could feel my breath being taken away in an instant as I turned back and looked again. My prayers were answered, as it wasn't a dream! There she was, our eyes meeting and that **** smile coming over her face, her blue eyes twinkling as she removed her clothing. She was just a ******* drop-dead gorgeous woman. She bent over at the waist as she grabbed the tight waistband of her white tight workout shorts and shimmied her hips as she pulled them down over her toned **** thighs, her perfect breasts hanging from her bare chest. She walked into the shower and positioned her tall frame under the shower jet next to mine, reaching up and turning on the water and immediately ducking her head under the spray, occasionally lifting her head and tilting it back to let the water splash across her face as she smiled in satisfaction. Bending down, I picked up my shampoo bottle and squirted a small amount on to my hands and rubbed them together to lather it up. I winced with pain as I reached up and began scrubbing behind my head; I had twisted my neck funny during one of the weight training exercises and I was starting to feel it.

"You look like you’re in a lot of pain there" Morgan asked.

"Oh I’ll be fine, I just tweaked something in my neck, that's all." I replied.

"Here, let Dr. Morgan diagnose that!" Morgan suggested. “I tweak my neck a lot if I strain too hard while I’m working out” “It seems to be this one spot along my spine, some muscle that is really sensitive”

“Come on…Let me look…I won’t bite…I promise”

I grinned and whispered,

“Don’t make any promises you plan to keep”

“Magic to my ears”, I said to myself!

Morgan was the acknowledged “workout queen” of the office, besides myself of course, and she was always being consulted as our resident "doctor" for modest aches and pains, anything short of open-heart surgery. Although I had my suspicions that sometimes she was consulted not so much simply because of her “knowledge and expertise” but because quite simply, she was a “babe”.

"Sure, but I don't think it's life-threatening." "I don't feel any paralysis just yet" I answered.

She answered, "I'll be the judge of that" "Remember, I'm the doctor"

As Morgan slid over behind me, I could feel the warmth of her skin as she moved closer and I fought to hold back a shiver as her hands gently touched my neck. I then felt her hard ******* graze across the soft wet slick skin of my back and my arousal just went off the charts! She gently took her right hand and moved my hair to the side, then began to lightly press on the back of my neck with her fingers and thumbs, all the while watching for my reaction to any pain, asking me “How that felt?” as her hands moved along my skin. After searching around and having me point out areas that were really sore, she began to massage the back of my neck and shoulders. My mouth was so dry as she began to gently knead the tired muscles beneath my wet slick tanned, her fingers working nimbly. I was anxious at first not to give any indication of my interest away at first. 

Oh Hell…who was I kidding?…My **** was redlining!

As Morgan’s firm but gentle fingers worked on my tight tensed muscles, I soon began to feel so completely at ease and totally relaxed with her in every way. I felt more and more aroused each time Morgan squirmed and twisted her wet crotch against my firm tensed ass. I gasped loudly with such pleasure…such gratification as her strong yet caring hands pampered the tired aching muscles in my shoulders and neck. I moaned softly as her hands kneaded and pressed on my shoulder blades, her thumbs sliding down against my sore aching muscles. She moved closer and pressed her chest to my back. I could feel her perfect sensual breasts, her hard pointy ******* thrusting against my wet slick skin.

The hot water continued to cascade down over us like a warm sensual waterfall as I leaned back into her sensual pampering hands. I then extended my arms and leaned forward a bit against my palms as they pressed against the cool, wet tile wall. I arched my back sharply as her soft fingertips kneaded the sore aching muscles. Slowly, Morgan’s hands moved down my back, massaging all the way, her long slender fingers digging into the skin-covered muscle. Her thumbs dipped down to lightly brush against my tailbone. I could feel the excitement building inside me and struggled to control my breathing so as not to give away my true feelings but whom was I kidding? As her thumbs pressed on either side of my spine, her fingertips feathered lightly on the sides of my waist and stomach, teasing, almost tickling me.

Slowly her hands began to move back up until she was gain level with the bottom of my breasts. Slowly and deliberately, she moved closer behind me, her arms curling around me and her hands moving up under my heaving breasts, cupping them softly underneath, her fingers spreading and curling in, pressing into the supple flesh. 

At the same time I felt her rocking her shoulders from side to side against my upper back, letting her hard aroused ******* swish back and forth over my skin like the delicate strokes of an artist, feeling the plump pinkish flesh glide through the thin wet film of water coating my tanned skin. A moan escaped my lips before I could stop it and I know she heard it as I heard a soft giggle. Taking her cue from that “weakness”, Morgan began to kiss the back of my neck while softly kneading the soft rounded underside of my beasts. She then began sliding her hands down my belly and over the contours of my muscled abs. She tickled and teased her way to just above my ***** and then moved her hands around to my ass and cupped my bottom with the palms of both hands, curling her fingers and pressing her fingertips into the firm flesh. Then the real fun started as she gently grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me around to face her, her body pressing to mine as my wet back pressed against the cool slick tile wall. She then leaned in and our lips began to touch.

The idea of passionately kissing another woman (I said PASSIONATELY, not one of these “foo foo” pecking/light brushing type things) has always been one of the most sensual and seductive acts I could be a part of. There is no comparison to that of kissing a man and a kiss is simply the ultimate form of communicating between two women who’s libido’s are over-flowing with more sensations than their brains and bodies can process. The perfect example of what I mean is Samantha, who is a world-class kisser. She knows just how to make a kiss MORE than just a kiss. She has this special technique of moving her lips away gradually after the first kiss or two on the lips and softly let her lips drag over the soft skin of my neck, chin or shoulder. She had a way of lightly breathing across my skin, which stood every pulsating ****** nerve I had on end, making me feel so much more **** and sensual than I ever could otherwise.

I always recommend spending a while warming each other up to a good kiss and taking it slow. Morgan placed her hands on my wet shoulders and gently twisted my torso around slowly to face her. We gazed into each other’s eyes for what seemed like forever before she finally leaned in and pressed her lips to mine. Kissing to me had become a lost art form and I was of the opinion that only a select few women were good at it. Samantha was obviously one, the “Gold Standard” of kissing in my eyes (and lips). Kissing her was like being at a Fourth of July fireworks display as my entire body would just tingle and shiver when we kissed deeply. With her, kissing has always been so soft and ******. Time seemed to almost stop and her kisses seemed so much more sensuous and sensually slower than anyone I had ever known.

Morgan and I wrapped our arms around each other’s slick bare torsos and began hugging each other more tightly in our sensuous embrace. Our tongues wrestled with each other as she pulled me against her, our hard ******* poking into the supple wet flesh of our heaving breasts. We both alternated sucking gently at first on each other’s tongues, squeezing them between our lips as we took turns drawing then in our mouths. Our wanting lips squeezed them, almost ******* them, begging them to *** on our tongues. My hands moved up to cup her breasts and then gently rubbing and flicking my thumbs over her *******, eliciting a soft moan of delight from her lips and causing the firm pinkish plump flesh to become even more rigid. Prodded on by the sound (as I've always been!), I moved my mouth to her budding ****** and began to swirl my tongue around it. Taking the tip in my mouth I began to ****, first softly and then harder as her moans escalated. We slowly sank to the shower floor as I continued my exploration of her body, making my slow way down her belly. I wrapped my arms around her torso and lowered us both down to the floor from our knees, cradling her lower back as she went down under me. 

I began to stretch my tall frame over hers. After I had lavished her **** abs with my active tongue and swirled it inside her navel, I diverted my attentions to her firm muscled calves and sinewy thighs. My probing tongue snaked its way closer and closer to the wet, soft, mushy folds of her throbbing labial lips, her breathing became more rapid and shallow with each passing moment. Her soft moans began to turn to whimpers as I let my tongue glide up and down, ever so gently along her warm sweet lips. I let my tongue literally spread the folds apart as I slide it up and down, the tip slowly slipping between the folds so effortlessly. I gently touched my tongue to her white-hot, throbbing ****, flicking it back and forth lightly at first, tasting her juices on my tongue. Lifting her legs up to allow myself even more access to her “promised land”, I covered her ***** with my mouth, licking out the juices there and tonguing her now hard, throbbing, tingling nub. Her body shook as I twirled my tongue inside of her, alternating between more forceful, deep plunging type lashes with my tongue to soft, sensuous tastes, slowly curling my tongue inside her, lapping and pulling her warm sticky juices into my mouth.

I slowly inserted one finger inside her warm wet ***** next to my tongue, feeling her muscles contract instantly and surround and literally swallow my finger. I inserted another and began to move them in and out in a slow deliberate motion. Almost instinctively, she began to rock against my fingers, her body shuddering against my hand as I pushed my fingers deeper, twisting and twirling them. Her body began to shake and her soft moans grew to groans and whimpers, all coming together in a kaleidoscope of sound and emotions as her climax built to a crescendo. She arched against me and I reached around with my right arm and grabbed her ass cheeks, sinking my fingers into the firm skin and pulling her ***** to my lips and tongue as she began to ***.

Her muscles contracted and began to literally trickle her juices on to my face. Her frantic spasms filled me with the deepest, the most satisfied joy. I eagerly licked my lips off and held her until she gave way with a sigh. I gradually let her body drop to the floor, cradling her lower back with my right arm. I tilted my face back and let the free running water flow and splash over my reddened flushed face. I closed my eyes and continued to roll the taste of her ****, savor the flavor of her juices in my mouth, not wanting to forget the first instant my tongue felt her white-hot nub.

Moving my head out of the water I looked her in the eyes... and smiled.

She returned the smile and we slowly got to our feet to rinse off. After we rinsed off we both grabbed a towel hanging from the wall and began to dry each off. Morgan’s body was glistening from the reflection of the overhead lights off the thin wet sheen that coated her skin. Her face was a light red as her deep breaths made her breasts rise and fall, large droplets of water streaking her chest and breasts, collecting on her erect ******* before falling to the tile floor. I just stared in awe at the beads of moisture resting on the top of those mounds. I was getting aroused all over again as I felt the pulsating sensations around my aching ****. My mouth watered and my ***** began oozing. She grabbed a small white towel and started wiping her face and chest, her perfectly shaped wet ****.

She began patting down the rivers of perspiration and water pouring down her sensual neck and bare chest. She moved the towel to her face and carefully mopped the moisture from her forehead and brow. She then wiped the towel down between her **** to absorb all the moisture and sweat that had gathered. I found myself being almost jealous of that ******* towel as she wiped her abs and then down her thighs and long **** legs. Morgan saw the look on my face and threw the towel at me, hitting me in the face as she cackled out loud. I let out a delighted laugh as the sensual scent of Morgan’s sweat migrated up through my nostrils. I took a deep breath from the towel and held it in for the longest time before slowly removing it from my face. I hung onto it, brought it up to my mouth and bit into it, sucking some of the moisture from the fluffy material, tasting it flowing over my lips and tongue.

Morgan wrapped another larger, dry towel around her waist, her fists resting on her hips in an almost dominant pose as she smiled at me, with a smile that was both **** and evil at the same time, almost inviting. Her chest was rising and falling, those perfectly shaped breasts that looked like they had been chiseled from marble jutting from her expanding chest as she inhaled. Her small erect pink ******* were sticking out from her perfectly shaped orbs, belying the fact that she was just as aroused again as I was, if not more so. She was staring me down hard and I wondered if she wanted to **** me or fight me!

I frankly didn’t give a ****, as I was so ******* ready to do either one or both. Watching her stand there *******, her chest heaving, her hard muscled abs sucking in and out, the pure physicality of her made me want to fight her! I just couldn’t control my desire, my emotions! 


I could somehow tell by looking in her eyes that she no doubt was thinking the same thing. I would have fought her right there with nothing but a towel wrapped around each other’s waist. Nothing standing between us but our bare knuckles as I imagined she and I squaring off, raising our arms up between us, fists clenched. The primal nature of such a fight made my heart just race, my mouth was so dry as my long wet tongue slid between my full lips and slowly drug along first my upper, and then my lower lip. I felt the fingers of both my hands curl into my palms so tightly that my short nails began to cut into my skin. I really wanted to fight fight her; box her in that most basic and primal of ways and feel my knuckles bury themselves in those perfect abs of hers.

My jumbled thoughts were racing through my head a mile a second, then suddenly something else came over me, maybe it was my growing arousal, my intense desires… 



Our eyes met and we both began to smile a little. That was all the entire signal I needed…ALL that she needed.

Morgan raised her right hand up, extending her right forefinger as if motioning for me to give her a minute and she went back in the locker room. She came walking back out, still wearing the large white towel wrapped around her waist, her bare torso glistening under the lights. She was carrying a pair of 8 ounce black Everlast boxing gloves in each hand. She smiled as she tossed me a pair.

We didn’t speak as our eyes met and I matched her smile with my own.

The real fun was about to begin!

I watched as she slowly slid the leather gloves over her fists and I followed suit, stretching the Velcro strap out and pulling it around the wrist of each glove tightly, my fist now snug in the leather mitts. There she stood, standing ******* and wearing her black boxing gloves and a white towel wrapped around her waist a few inches below her navel. My heart was pounding in my chest and my arousal was simply skyrocketing as she both pounded her leather gloves together with a loud POP! Our eyes locked on each other’s as she walked towards me and with a soft intimacy, she leaned in and pressed her **** against my bare chest. She leaned her face in and we kissed, our warm lips pressing together as we kissed deeply and passionately, inhaling each other’s very essence. Morgan then pushed me away, grinning, flashing me that **** smile that just made me melt. She raised her gloves up and moved at me slowly as I mimicked her movements and brought my arms up in front of my breasts, feeling my fists clench tightly in my gloves. We both were so aroused we just couldn’t stop ourselves. We were just going to **** and fight ourselves silly! I had seen Morgan box other girls and I knew how good she was but I was pretty damn good myself and I was now living out one of my biggest fantasies, boxing her.

I watched her carefully as she moved towards me, as she brought her gloved fists up slowly, her tall athletic frame, so much like mine, crouching a bit. I watched as her broad toned shoulders grew taut, the muscles in her shoulders and arms flexing, her taut muscled abs sucking in and out. I moved in closer to her, my own arms coming up, my bare fists clenched tightly in my leather mitts. I could barely breath I was so hot, so aroused, my small hard biceps bulging, my back and shoulder muscles growing so tight, my heart pounding! We rotated our gloves in small circles in front of our breasts as we moved around each other, my ******* tingling, her own small pink ******* instantly growing firm, jutting from her perfectly rounded breasts. My mouth so dry, my long wet **** tongue sliding between my lips and dragging first over my upper, then my lower lip.

We circled to the right, each trying to breech the defense of the other. As we circled, we both feinted with our long lefts, gloves popping together as we each blocked some punches. We pawed at each other, Morgan occasionally snaking a gloved fist between my arms, the whistling leather smacking into my forehead lightly as I’d jerk my head back just in time to lessen the impact. We continued to slowly stalk one another, our “chess match” arousing us more and more with each passing moment. I finally managed to drive a punch straight between the center of her upraised gloves…twisting my torso behind a hard straight right, drilling my way through by sheer force alone! She tasted leather and her face distorted as my glove punched straight into her lips and nose! 


Her head snapped back and her **** eyes widened but she stood her ground and smiled at me and whispered,


She grinned…stepped in and worked to punch me back! I found myself blocking a series of real heavy blows that shook my forearms and gloves with more strength than I would have ever imagined she could muster! I struggled to protect myself, bringing my forearms up higher and tucking my elbows in closer to my chest and abs!…struggling to keep my elbows tucked in and my guard up as I was trained to do as she worked my body furiously!


I gritted my teeth…wincing and grimacing as I held my arms up against my ****...her hard punches driving them back into my firm breasts as I groaned in pain!!


That firmly toned strong body and those supple swaying breasts of hers were a real distraction, but I couldn't dare take my eyes off her deadly gloves! She’d grin each time she made me flinch or grimace and that was both really **** and starting to piss me off at the same time! I wasn’t about to be intimidated so I smiled back to let her know I was still in this fight and she wasn’t hurting me! Seeing her smile also aroused me as we finally backed up from our close in slugfest, dropping our gloves to our sides for a brief moment, our steely-eyed gazes locked as our bare sweat soaked chests heaved deeply from the exertion. She winked at me and said between gasps,

“Come On!...You getting TIRED already?”

We then both smiled and raised our gloves back up and resumed circling each other. We bobbed and weaved, snapping our left jabs out at each other when we found an opening in each other’s defenses, our long lefts firing out crisply from our left shoulders like a snake's tongue! I decided I needed to bear down and shake her up a bit more with some harder, quicker jabs and short rights to test her defenses and get her off of me!


As a couple of my jabs slammed into her black gloves… I was impressed that her guard held firm even when I landed a solid punch against her arms, her taut tapering forearms seemed almost as solid as a rock!! I backed up and continued to stay on my toes, my hands held high, my elbows tucked in as I had been trained. I saw and opening for a brief second and I threw a quick hard jab, which glanced off her gloves… then another jab…then a third jab that finally got through and landed HARD on her cheek, her head SNAPPING back!



Morgan's head snapped back but it was as if the punch didn't phase her as her head snapped right back and her eyes…that intense glare of hers seemed as focused as ever...her determination never wavering!!

My God she was just RELENTLESS!

Morgan suddenly fired off two blistering hooks, a left and a right aimed for my face! I saw these coming and knew I needed to take some defensive action! I quickly and instinctively started a back step to create some distance between us, coupled with a backwards tilt of my head, causing the first hook to whiz by my face and merely graze my left cheek, barely making contact with and just grazing my skin!!


The grazing punch still had enough power and sting to make me grimace!! Morgan stayed on me and fired off the second hook, but by this time I was outside the range of her reach and a backwards lean of my torso and head allowed me to avoid the hook totally as I felt the breeze from the missed blow flow across my face!! 

Morgan snarled at me,



I stayed on my toes and smiled as I circled Morgan. My quickness was starting to frustrate her and it was also giving me more confidence with each punch she either missed or I blocked because of my movement and my defense! I felt I could outbox her now...I had better technique and she was beginning to realize it! 

My God I was starting to feel like a REALLY COCKY BITCH!!

I continued to jab at her guard...working to keep her off balance! The sound of leather hitting leather echoing throughout the room! 


I peppered her raised gloves with my jab….setting her up for what I hoped she wouldn’t be ready for….

I suddenly lowered my right shoulder and dipped my torso and DROVE my right glove HARD into her navel…my glove hitting her bare, wet, tight, slick skin with a loud POP!!....


…Her elbows dropped as the air left her lungs and flowed over her lips, her face contorting in pain! She leaned against me and tried to first pin my arms at my sides so I couldn’t hit her again…We struggled a bit…grappling…then I freed my arms as our bodies pressed together, our wet, slick breasts sliding over each others as our bare torsos rubbed against each others… the warm gasps of breath leaving our dry parched lips and flowing across our bare wet shoulders! We wrapped our arms around each other’s waist and began to grapple and wrestle on our feet, bracing our legs as we struggled against each other’s upper body strength…grunting and groaning as we both strained, pushed and twisted, our bodies swaying in each other arms!


I finally brought my arms around and shoved them up between us, SHOVING hard and FORCING her back away from me as she STUMBLED back! Morgan glared at me as her bare wet glistening **** rose and fell, then she quickly brought her gloves up and began moving around me as our brutal, seductive dance continued!

We circled slowly, pawing at each other with our left gloves. Suddenly her left glove snapped out in a black blur but I stepped back quickly, dancing away nimbly. I gradually increased the speed and strength of my jabs towards her head as we continued to circle…a few slipping between her arms and hitting her face, snapping her head back!


I watched Morgan’s eyes and suddenly I saw an opening as she briefly dropped her gloves below her chin!! I quickly seized on the opening and STEPPED IN HARD with my left foot and snapped her head back with my long lethal left jab, my sinewy shoulder and back muscles, my upper arm muscles uncoiling as I SNAPPED THE JAB OFF like a snake’s tongue from my shoulder!! I grunted out as my torso twisted behind the blow, my pert breasts swaying as perspiration flew from my body as it twisted, my leather covered fist popping Morgan flush in the face twice, the leather mitt distorting her facial features as I caught her flush in the nose and mouth, spittle flying from her lips!



Her light brown hair flew as her head snapped back from the hard blow! I gritted my teeth as I watched her eyes blink several times as they began tearing up...she seemed DAZED! She backed up a few steps, her face contorting as she winced and grimaced…her gloves dropping down to her waist!! I thought I had hurt her and I made the mistake of relaxing a moment as I started to drop my gloves. She quickly righted herself and countered my movements and actions with her own, driving a straight right at my head, and hitting me flush in the jaw!!


Her glove struck fast and hard,


Hammering me right on my jaw, whipping my head back hard with shocking strength! 

I stumbled back a couple of steps, the force of the blow taking me by surprise!


My dark wet matted hair flew back, lifting up off my wet, bare back and shoulders! I shook my head from side to side and blinked a few times, grimacing, my face red and contorted from the sting and the pain, tasting the copper-metallic taste in my mouth and feeling the warm wet blood trickling over my lower lip!! Even though I was bleeding…I looked over and with some satisfaction…I saw a thin jagged stream of red coming from Morgan’s left nostril, my arousal growing as I saw her nose was BLEEDING!! The excitement of seeing her bleeding seemed to give me a second wind and I stayed aggressive and on my toes, exploiting any weakness I found in her weakening defenses…using my newfound strength for all it was worth! We both keep our gloves up as we continued to circle each other slowly, our bare chests heaving and glistening as the overhead lights reflected off our perspiration streaked tanned shoulders, chests and breasts! We kept moving around each other in our slow ****** dance…trading left jabs to the face and chin!! 


We moved in closer to each other and began working short hard punches to the body, our gloves almost touching, perspiration streaking down our bare chests and backs, our hair wet and matted as it dangled down and over our bare shoulders, each with her small hard biceps rounding up as our arms bent at the elbow…our fists tightly clenched in our gloves! I don’t think I have ever been so turned on in my life as we circled, each of us only wearing a white towel tied around our waists, black leather gloves out in front of our glistening heaving breasts. The only sounds…our gasps of breath…the grunts and groans as we traded punches!! After our early exchange, I felt much more confidant that I could box with her and hold my own…even BEAT her! My confidence continued to soar…especially after seeing her nose bleeding! 

Suddenly, the action picked up as the upsurge of punches slamming into faces and stomachs filled the room with the slick sound of leather popping against wet skin, the hard blows highlighted by a veritable symphony of loud groans and agonized grunts!




Our slugfest only increased in intensity with time, one girl’s head being thrown to one side from a vicious hook, only for her to fight back an instant later and return the favor to her opponent, as we each matched each other, blow for blow! Sweat and saliva from both of us splattered freely in every direction as leather gloves slammed into our heads and tight taut abs.

I watched Morgan’s eyes and saw her right glove begin to thrust out at me and I quickly dropped my left shoulder as I stepped into her!! I gritted my teeth so hard I thought my molars might shatter as her right glove whizzed over my head as she had telegraphed the punch! 

I thought to myself…”I HAD HER!”

I dipped down under her punch and quickly stepped in, heading downstairs this time with a looping body blow with my right gloved fist that landed square into her solar plexus just under her firm ****!! She grunted out as my tall frame twisted into the blow…her glistening breasts jiggling!!


I quickly followed up by driving my left glove HARD into her navel just above the wrapped towel! I twisted my gloved knuckles as they hit her contoured muscled abs with a loud wet popping sound, Morgan grunting out as I dug my glove into her tummy!! 




My excitement and arousal escalated as I heard her grunt and gasp out loud as she doubled over, folding over my left arm like a broken puppet! I twisted my body back to the right, my tall frame straightening as in one fluid motion I uncoiled my right arm, my flexed right shoulder muscles releasing, whistling my right glove hard at her head! I drove my leather-covered fist across her chin with a vicious right hook, my pulsating forearm muscles bulging…my small hard bicep expanding as the punch DROVE across her face!!!



Morgan groaned out as my fist connected flush, her fighting spirit appearing to drain out of her as her entire upper body twisted to the side as my glove spun her head like a top! Her head spun violently and her torso twisted as the blow jerked her around…her knees buckling as she staggered!

Sweat and spit flew from her face and mouth! I watched as she staggered a few more steps before she dropped to her knees, then fell forward on all fours, moaning and coughing!! 



Morgan sat up on her knees, shaking her head, blinking, her gloves resting on her thighs as a faint red trickle appeared from the corner of her mouth and began to trickle down her chin, blood still streaming from her nose and down over her lips!

Morgan looked up at me as she wiped her right glove across her lips, wincing as the laces of her glove rode over her cut lip.


I grinned down at her, wiping my sweat-covered forehead, whispering,

“WELL GET UP and I’ll show you just HOW GOOD!”

I thought to myself,

My God Harper….Do you think you should be acting this COCKY in the middle of a fight?

Then I thought,

"Oh heck this isn't like ANY ******* fight I've been in....save for the "*******" part!"

Morgan grinned, then pushed off her thighs with her gloves and unfolded her legs from under her, slowly getting to her feet, wobbling a bit, blinking and shaking her head, her eyes a bit glazed over.

As she straightened up, I quickly LUNGED at her and slid my arms around her waist and slowly walked her back until her bare back stopped against a nearby wall, pressing my own breasts against hers as I leaned my face in and let my lips slowly drag over hers. She was too tired and beaten to offer much resistance as we gazed into each other’s eyes and smiled. I let my tall frame press her bare back to the cool slick tile wall as our kiss begin to deepen, our tongues probing each other’s mouths and wrapping around each others, wrestling and rolling around in our wanting mouths as our firm breasts melded and eventually almost flattened between us. Our hard pointed ******* dug into the supple flesh like little daggers as they disappeared, enveloped by our melding breasts. The tingles in the tips of our ******* flowing throughout our heaving breasts caused our hearts to pound, reducing our breathing to short rapid gasps.

She whispered in my ear,



“My GAWD!!…. I want to fight you and **** all night!”

She pulled back from our kiss and our eyes met,

"Would you like to come back to my place with me?" she asked.

"Oh Yeah, God Yeah!" I replied. 

And with that invitation, we finished drying each other off and hurriedly got dressed. I got into my car and followed her to her apartment, both of us driving like we were entrants in the Indianapolis 500!!

We got back to her place and she got a bottle of wine from the fridge as we sat together on the sofa. She told me she had actually been watching me for a while at the gym. She said she had noticed I was into boxing and she said it turned her on a lot to watch me. By this time I was near fainting! She asked me if I liked to wrestle and I told her I loved it! And then she said the magic words. 

“Want to go get on the bed and go two out of three falls?”

All I said was,

”Oh Hell Yeah!”

We went into her bedroom and she had this huge king-sized bed and I just began salivating. We began removing our clothes and stripped down to our *******, hers red, mine black. She got up on one corner of the bed and I got up on the other. As we got closer, She suddenly grabbed a pillow with both hands and swung it around and slammed it into my face as I yelled out!!


I felt myself fall backwards onto the mattress as I heard Morgan cackling out loud! I grabbed a pillow and the fight was on!! I swung my pillow wildly and caught her in the side of the head and we proceeded to bang away at each other, taking turns at knocking each other over or on our backs as we laughed like schoolgirls as we swatted each other again and again until our arms became so tired they felt like lead!! We finally let the pillows drop to the bed in front of us and began scooting closer to each other, extending our arms and wrapping them around each other’s waist, our warm moist lips meeting as we kissed and embraced each other tightly. She then broke our kiss, scooted back a bit and got a wide grin on her face as she whispered in a raspy voice,


“Lets see just HOW STRONG you are!”

We scooted back together on the mattress until our knees were touching, then we both raised our arms up in front of us a little, our elbows bent slightly, as we both began to smile and giggle a little…our hands approaching each others. I was sure hoping she was as turned on as I was because I was just throbbing and aching deep up between my thighs! I could feel the moistness increasing along the insides of my thighs and it showed no sign of slowing! My **** was “red-lining” and it was not going to take much for me to *** as my white-hot nub was just pulsating! Morgan’s body was just so awesome, those firm perky upturned **** and those small perfect pink ******* were just DRIVING ME INSANE as they grazed against and teased my own breasts!…my own aching throbbing *******!…sending tingles running throughout my own throbbing ****…my tall frame starting to shudder!

We both wiggled our fingers a little as our palms touched and we began to clasp our hands together and lock up. We slowly began to raise our arms above our heads, feeling them begin to quiver as we started pushing on each other! I could feel the muscles in my shoulders and upper back begin to tighten and burn; our forearm muscles growing taut like steel bands! Our arms and clasped hands rose above our heads and our hyper-sensitized ******* grew tantalizingly close! As our ******* rubbed together, I could feel her warm, labored gasps of breath flow across each my facial features. 

Morgan grinned at me as the tips of our noses rubbed together. Our faces began to become more red and flushed as I felt the beads of perspiration begin to form on my chest, back and shoulders. I could feel myself perspire more and more as the beads began to collect and trickle down my warm soft skin. 

"Is this making you as hot as it is me?" Morgan whispered in my ear.

"OH YEAH!" I whispered back.

Suddenly I lost my grip on her hands and our bodies and heads came together, our foreheads butting with a loud crack! Morgan reached up and began rubbing her forehead with her left hand as she snarled at me,


Then anger inside of me swelled up as fast as the pain in my head and I blurted back,


All of a sudden I saw a white blur out of the corner of my eye and before I could react, I felt her right palm slap my left cheek with a loud SMACK!! I, out of the corner of my eye, saw her draw her right arm back and swinging it swiftly from down below her waist and hit me HARD ACROSS THE CHEEK!!! She slapped me with her open right hand full across the face!! It rocked me as the force of the blow forced my head to twist violently to the side! She then drew back her right arm, and backhanded me across my left cheek!!



The sound echoed through the room and the force behind the smack caught me by surprise. I yelped out and my head spun violently to the right, my long dark brown hair swirling around. My torso twisted with the force of the slap and I thought I was going to go down but I landed on my extended arm, planting my palm on the mattress and steadied myself quickly. I pulled it back and then steadied myself, blinking back the tears welling up in my eyes and staring at her in complete stunned silence, biting my lower lip as it trembled. My head felt like a starburst had gone off in it and my cheek began turning a light crimson as the burning and stinging filled my head!

From a woman’s standpoint, a slap in the face is a technique of communication that can only be described as jaw dropping. No explanation is necessary and it certainly doesn’t need any illumination… it simply is what it is!

Suddenly our hands were GRABBING at each other’s hair and TEARING at each other's shirts. We were GRUNTING and SHRIEKING! I screamed out like a wounded animal and LUNGED at Morgan, landing on top of her!!



I quickly straddled her and grabbed her by the hair, using it to yank her head from side to side like a rag dolls!!


Morgan screamed,



Morgan got her right hand free and suddenly started to CLAW at my exposed breast!!

I SCREAMED OUT in agony as Morgan’s nails LASHED DOWN across my left breast, her sharp fingertips leaving a distinctive jagged trail of red and pink along the upper side of my breast!


Somehow whether instinctively or thought out, I SLAMMED MY RIGHT FIST hard into Morgan’s tummy with a loud SMACK! I TWISTED my hard bare knuckles into her taut belly, my right bicep rounding up as my arm cocked at the elbow and my hard fist DUG into her taut muscled abs!! Morgan’s face CONTORTED IN SEVERE PAIN, her eyes widening as the SEARING jolt shot through her abs! 


The punch forced a deep gasp from her lips and deprived Morgan of all her air as she wheezed and gasped out loud!! As the air left her lungs and she gasped out loud in both pain and in a desperate search to try and get some badly needed air back into her oxygen-starved lungs! 


Morgan gritted her teeth and instinctively curled her right hand into a tight fist and DROVE IT HARD into my tightened abs with a resounding SMACK!!! I was ready but Morgan drove her upper body behind the punch as I GRUNTED OUT LOUD!


Tightening my abs just seemed to only spread the pain of the blow out further from where her knuckles impacted my skin! My breasts shook as Morgan’s fist hit my sweaty skin just below my heaving breasts! Our breathing was coming in labored; rapid gasps, as those were the only sounds in the room. No screaming or cussing, as if both were both contemplating our next move or just couldn’t believe the point at which our surprising anger had brought us to!

I struggled to collect my thoughts as the pain flowed through my torso! I thought I desperately needed to control my anger but a darker deeper part of me wanted to lash out and hurt Morgan so bad!! The scratches on my left breast BURNED AND THROBBED and that seemed to anger me more than anything, that she would do that to me! My self-control just wasn’t strong enough and I SLASHED OUT with my right hand and sunk my nails into the left side of Morgan’s abs and dragged them across as she let out with a blood-curdling scream!! 


Morgan thrust her left hand down and grabbed frantically at my wrist, both of us raising their heads at that instant and the anger, the pain, the trauma in our eyes was clearly visible to each other, as were our steely–eyed glares!

I wasted no time and answered “quid pro quo” as my left hand came up from my waist in a wide arc and slapped into the soft pale skin of Morgan’s right cheek with loud SMACK!! Morgan’s face contorted as she yelped in pain, her head twisting with the force of the blow as my hand continued across her cheek and lips!! 


My vicious slap cut Morgan’s lower lip as her head back and to the side, the tears welling up in her eyes as the thin red trickle began to make its thread-like trek down her trembling chin! Morgan screamed out and thrust her own right hand up, her claws bared as my large dark eyes widened at seeing saw Morgan’s fingertips shoot for my EYES! I thrust my hands up and grabbed Morgan’s wrist but not before she was able to slash a pinkish-red trail across my soft right cheek with two of her nails!! I screamed out at the agonizing pain and burning I felt and in my anger I jerked Morgan’s wrist and arm down hard, twisting it violently as her face contorted and she grimaced in pain!!


As I jerked her arm down between us, Morgan’s head and torso came forward and down! I slammed my forehead down and head-butted Morgan on the bridge of her nose with a resounding CRACK!!! Morgan’s head lurched back as she screamed out and she was knocked back on her back, lying on the bed, her hands up over her nose and face as a thin red trickles emerged from both her nostrils!

I swayed a bit from side to side, blinking, groggy, my eyes seeing flashes like fa bunch of flashbulbs going off! I screamed out and lunged at her, landing on top of Morgan as I grabbed her wrists and jerked her arms up above her head, stretching her arms HARD! Morgan yelled out as I straddled her abs on my knees, my face now directly over Morgan’s as my dark eyes widened with my growing anger! Morgan’s own eyes widened in fear and terror as the faint red trickle curled around her upper lip. I had so many thoughts running through my head as to how I could hurt Morgan more! All those dreams and fantasies I had about fighting her were fueling my anger and in a strange sense my desire and arousal. 

“HIT ME ALREADY GOD DAMMIT!” roared Morgan angrily. 

"DO IT!!"

I let go of Morgan’s wrists and sat up and drew back my right fist back and was about to drive it into Morgan’s face before something suddenly made me pause. Perhaps it was the look of pain, anguish – even terror in her eyes.

What had we done?

I closed my eyes for a moment just as Morgan screamed,

“Do it while you can and look good doing it because I won't….”

She stopped as I shook my head slowly from side to side, then I looked skyward and whispered softly to myself,

“Please let me know if there’s some other way I can screw up tonight.”

I looked down at a girl whom I had once thought I was crazy about…OBSESSED over! 

Then it all went wrong…AND FOR WHAT? 

All of a sudden…something ROUGH…GOT A WHOLE LOT ROUGHER! 




That was all I kept asking myself over and over!

For a brief moment I felt sick to my stomach. Then, for reasons I wasn’t quite sure of, but obeying some unseen irresistible compulsion, I lifted my ass and scooted down Morgan’s chest, coming to rest with my firm ass on Morgan’s taut abs. I leaned my torso forward, downward until my ******* could feel Morgan’s through the thin material of our now moist bikini tops, feeling our hard throbbing plump ******* strain, ache and tingle as they began to press together, growing more hard and pointed, grazing, almost kissing. I lowered my face a little more, gently parting my lips, letting them dab against Morgan’s, gently, softly.

Morgan’s eyes widened, a puzzled look coming over her face.

“What are you doing?” Morgan whispered,

But then her words faded away as what began, as a peck on the lips became something more. I let mine part a little more and cover Morgan’s mouth. They began to meld together into a kiss, which deepened until I could feel it flowing, almost pulsating throughout my body, all the way down to my toes and particularly in the sensitive nub of my ****, which began to throb, and spasm. Then it began to throb more, followed by the tingling. 

Oh God that TINGLING!

It was a kaleidoscope of tingles and sensations unlike any I had felt before! I felt the sensations flow up and down my spine as my back arched sharply! The kiss deepened further still and their tongues dabbed at one another, wrestling but in a playful way now. The only sounds for the moment were their soft sounds of desire.

Our kiss deepened further still and our tongues dabbed at one another, wrestling but in a playful, more methodical way now. The only sounds for the moment were our soft sounds of desire, our panting and labored gasps of breath. 

But there was even more.

I could feel something smoldering just beneath the surface that might at some point erupt into God knows what! Morgan’s weak groan told me that she was feeling the same sensations I was, that she wanted more, craved more, desired more. Our bodies shuddered slightly, clasped tight together as Morgan arched up into her in what might have been resistance or desire,

I frankly didn’t GIVE A SHIT at this point.

Morgan’s weak pathetic groan told me that she was feeling the same sensations I was. Our bodies shuddered slightly, clasped tight together as Morgan arched up into me in what might have been resistance or desire, as our breasts mashed hard against one other.

Releasing the kiss, I let my long wet tongue slide downward over Morgan’s chin. I felt her arms come up, her hands beginning to glide up and down my sides. Goose bumps formed on my bare skin as her lower back arched sharply at the seemingly sensuous touch. Morgan’s hands descended to firmly cup my ass, squeezing each cheek firmly as she pulled her body up against my own to deepen their tight sensual embrace.

My tongue trailed ever more slowly down Morgan’s neck, tasting the salty perspiration that had formed there during the fight. I licked still LOWER, dragging my long wet **** tongue further down her body as I moved my own tall frame down Morgan’s frame on all fours, stopping and straddling her hips, taking my time, giving her all the attention she deserved as I felt her lurch beneath me at the same time, which only served to arouse me even more.

I leaned my head over Morgan’s, gradually lowering my face as again I saw a glimmer of fear in her eyes, but I also saw something else …something infinitely more welcome…more pleasing… something I had not seen in a bit. I let the tip of my nose rub across hers, teasing it a little as I saw the confusion start to leave Morgan’s face. Both of us began scrunching our pert noses up, while at the same time, I began to feel the beginning of a smile forming at the edges of her dry, parched lips.

I lowered my face a little more, gently parting my lips, letting them dab against Morgan’s, gently, softly. 

“What are you DOING?” Morgan whispered,

But then her words faded away, as what began as a peck on the lips became something much more. I let my lips part a little more and I covered her mouth with mine. Our lips began to meld together into a kiss, which deepened until I could feel it throughout my body, all the way down to my toes and especially in the sensitive nub of my ****, which had begun throbbing in overdrive. The kiss deepened further still and our tongues dabbed at one another, wrestling with each other’s but in a playful way now. The only sounds for the moment were our soft, sometimes aching sounds of desire. Morgan’s plaintive groan told me that she was feeling the same sensations I was. Our bodies shuddered against each others, clasped tight together as Morgan arched up into me in what might have been resistance or desire, our breasts mashed hard against one other.

Releasing our deep sensual kiss, I let my long wet tongue slide downward over Morgan’s chin. I felt her arms come up and her hands begin to glide up and down my sides, her nails grazing my soft sensitive skin. Goose bumps formed on my bare skin as my lower back arched sharply at her sensuous touch. Her hands descended to firmly cup my buttocks, squeezing each cheek firmly as she pulled her body up against my own to deepen our embrace and force our hips together.

My tongue trailed slowly…seductively…down Morgan’s neck, tasting the salty perspiration that had formed on her satin smooth skin there during the fight. I dragged my long, wet **** tongue still lower, further down her body as I slid down her frame on all fours, straddling her hips, taking my time, giving her all the attention she deserved.

There was sheen of glistening, shining perspiration on Morgan’s skin, a mixture of both hers and my own, that covered her sternum as it heaved in and out with each gasp of breath. I let my tongue drag through the moist thin film coating her skin…loving her scent as I inhaled her essence…her aroma…savoring the taste of her wet skin on my lips and tongue as I moved my face even further down her torso between her full…glistening breasts…which were now heaving with way more than just simple exertion. 

I felt my flushed cheeks begin to warm and redden even more as Morgan’s supple breasts brushed against them. I moved my head a little to one side and dragged my tongue up along the side of Morgan’s right breast until I felt her hard, erect ****** dab against my lips. I parted my warm, moist lips further and let my tongue slide between my lips and start to flick playfully over the plump, swollen flesh, my lips brushing over it…back and forth a few times slowly…then suckling her ****** between my moist lips as softly as a butterfly’s wing, then flicking my tongue back and forth over her throbbing ****** as rapidly as a hummingbird’s wings. Morgan squirmed and writhed under me, moaning out louder and louder…her back arching, thrusting her breasts up towards me as if to BEG me to suckle it more! 



Her ever-increasing moans only heightened my already skyrocketing arousal! I suckled Morgan’s ****** for a few moments, then bit on it very gently and playfully. She moaned out even louder as my teeth sank into her plump pinkish ******… but her moan was so very far from what I’d call a “cry of pain”.

This also gave me a chance to try something with Morgan I had always wanted to try. Most people don’t realize that in most women…the areola is actually more sensitive than the ****** itself. I **** you not! I planned to see if Morgan was one of those women and use that to my advantage.

I released her ****** from between my teeth and let my long…wet…**** tongue slide between my lips and begin to flick across her aroused ******…then letting the tip of my tongue begin to drag ever so slowly down…and then AROUND her ******…leaving a wide glistening swath of my saliva on her pinkish brown areola. I felt her lurch and writhe under me as I used my tongue like a painter’s brush…dragging it around her **** ****** ******…her moans growing louder!

My tongue then began to glide around Morgan’s breast from top to bottom as though I were licking an ice cream cone and what a hell of an ice cream cone it was I thought to myself! It was such an oddly silly and bizarre moment but one that was so arousing and ****** at the same time. Flicking my tongue around the circumference of Morgan’s breast, lashing it so fast, my lips and tongue becoming almost a pinkish blur, I came full circle before moving across and repeating the same almost circular gliding motion on Morgan’s other breast, giving it the same care and attention as its twin, licking, lashing, kissing, sucking on the warm and increasingly hot flesh as Morgan moaned more and more intensely under my sweat soaked body.

I moved down Morgan’s body as she laid under me…her eyes closed tightly as her body shuddered under mine! I felt Morgan’s ******* brush back and forth over my own, sending sensations flowing through me from the tingling of my breasts that nearly made my heart skip a beat! This was just as I had dreamed it would be with Morgan when we got together and it was as if I knew her well enough to realize that soft ****** caressing was something that drove her absolutely insane with desire. I knew that this was just the beginning however. Trapped beneath me this way, her body trembling with desire, she could do little to free herself even if she wanted to. 

She was just where I wanted her to be!

Morgan bucked harder, grinding her hips up against my loins, moaning eagerly as I pressed my tall lean frame down against Morgan’s glistening body. She shivered as I continued to lick and **** on her left breast, biting my lip and moaning softly. My hands caressed the her flanks, curling up behind her muscular back to grasp her damp hair and hold her mouth firmly in position on Morgan’s left ******.

The fight seemed to be forgotten for the time as we lost ourselves to the passion that had once existed, and evidently still existed, between them, one that I had thought just a minute earlier was gone forever. Now it had returned, more intense than ever. What had begun as a fight for dominance had now evolved into something far greater than either of them had dared to imagine when they had first walked into this room. Their passion had not lessened in the slightest but rather had shifted from a violent nature to an incredibly ****** one, neither of them looking to gain an advantage over the other or even thinking in those terms for that matter. Only their instincts to seek out greater pleasure guided their actions.

Nevertheless, the desire to return every hit I had dealt to her remained in Morgan’s mind. I knew it because I could still see it in he eyes. Her face still red and stinging from the slaps, her ribs throbbing and bruised from my punches and her jaw I had punched protested at each effort to move it. Yet she evidently decided that could wait for now, unable to bring herself to stop me as she lavished my breasts with her tongue.

Or maybe she just didn’t want to STOP ME?

She pushed upward again, harder and more urgently, lifting me an inch or so off the floor as delicious sensations coursed through her, beginning in her crotch but quickly spreading outward through her belly, making her tremble with desire. FUCK, this should have happened so long ago. I had wanted this since I had first met Morgan. She hadn’t quite envisaged it happening this way, meeting, showering, going to her place, fighting like wild animals and now making love! I wasn’t going to back away from this opportunity. “Oh…God!” she gasped as my tongue did something particularly compelling.

Then suddenly, Morgan bucked up against me violently, at the same time shoving her arms in between us and PUSHING ME HARD OFF OF HER and over to the side!! 


I grunted out as she JAMMED both her palms HARD into my chest and abs, my body falling off of her and onto my back as for a brief moment I was startled, shaking my head and blinking!! I looked over and saw Morgan rolling over to all fours and I instinctively followed suit and rolled over on my tummy and strained to push up on all fours. I then finally shoved myself up to my knees, my bare sweaty chest heaving as I turned to face her. She had already got to her knees and was glaring at me with her wide green eyes when suddenly her right hand swung up in a wide arc at my head and she delivered a straight right hand to my face that STUNNED ME! I felt her hard knuckles CRACK into my lower lip and chin!! My head and shoulders were snapped backwards violently, and my breasts seemed to float in mid-air, my eyes seeing flashes and starbursts!! 


She followed her right with a brutal left hook that SMACKED HARD into the wet, sweaty skin just above my navel…sinking deep into my taut flexed abs!! I GROANED in agony as a SEARING HOT PAIN spread all over my tummy as if someone had lit a fire!


I felt the air rushing from my lungs and the searing pain and pressure filled my gut!! I doubled over, coughing, gasping for a breath as I struggled and wheezed…trying desperately to fill my oxygen-starved lungs!! I tasted the copper-metallic taste on my lips and tongue and felt the intense sting and pain in my lips as I knew one or both were split or cut! I then felt that warm wet trickle down my chin and I reached up and wiped my mouth and chin with the back of my left hand. I glanced down at it and saw the bright red swath that was smeared on my hand and I felt my lower lip begin to tremble and queasiness began to fill my stomach as I suddenly felt as though I were going to be sick!

Before I could react, I felt this INTENSE SEARING PAIN in my scalp as Morgan reached down with her right hand and grabbed a handful of my hair, wrapping the long dark brown silken strands around her fingers, and JERKING MY HEAD UP HARD!! 


I screamed out as my head flew up and my large dark pain-filled eyes met hers!! I saw the anger and the hate in her eyes and that disgusting sneer on her lips as I felt my eyes welling up with tears from that white-hot burning in my scalp!!

My body was shuddering, trembling! I was beginning to panic and felt all control slipping away from me! I finally blinked and shook my head a few times from side to side, struggling to collect my thoughts when suddenly I saw a white blur out of the corner of my eyes and I felt my head twist VIOLENTLY to the side as an intense excruciating sting flowed through my cheek as Morgan came across my left cheek with a hard wicked SLAP!!



I yelped out as I felt my soft cheek immediately became hot with pain!! My eyes began watering badly again as I bit down hard on my lower lip, almost cutting it! I felt my head filling quickly with this intense pressure as it pulsated with aches and throbs, filling with this sensation that it was just going to explode…taking over my mind and thoughts!! Then my eyes saw flashes and I felt that burning, stinging pain again!!



Morgan brought her hand back across my face and backhanded me across my cheek!! 



My head twisted, my face contorted, the pain excruciating as I felt the aching and throbbing increasing so fast and my vision was blinded by the flashes and the tears welling up in my large dark eyes!

It was here that my anger just seemed to take over and some primal instinct DEEP inside of me just bubbled to the surface! 


I gritted my teeth so hard I thought they might shatter and I screamed out at the top of my lungs, more in anger than in pain and anguish, and I LASHED out with my right hand, baring my nails as I SLASHED my sharp fingertips down over Morgan’s right breast! I had so many thoughts flashing through my head at that moment and I acted more like an animal than out of some logical planned strategy!! I curled my long slender fingers and cut down with my nails into the soft skin of her breast!

All I wanted to do was HURT HER BAD!!

I heard her scream out like a wounded animal as my nails left three pinkish trails down over the top of her pale white breast as she screamed out in pain!!


Her hands immediately thrust up to over her injured breast and at the same time I lashed out with my left hand and gashed the soft skin of her right cheek with the nails of my left hand, her head jerking back as my sharp fingertips scratched through the top layer of skin!! I then, in one fluid motion, brought that left hand back across and BACKHANDED HER HARD across her wet moist glistening lips!!



Her loud screams now filled the room as her head JERKED to the side from the force of the SLAP!! Her lower lip immediately began to trickle a fine, jagged stream of crimson red down over her lower lip and chin!! She thrust her arms up to protect her face and fell back on the mattress, WRITHING AND SCREAMING IN PAIN!!

I was wide eyed and I had no thoughts in my head but to HURT her! It was more than that, way beyond simply WANTING to hurt her…and at that moment I just didn’t care! I wanted to make her feel all the pain I had felt!…AND MORE!

Before she could move again, I DID and QUICKER! I reached out and GRABBED her right wrist with my right hand, SQUEEZING it tightly as I JERKED Morgan forward hard, lifted my right knee up and DROVE a BREATH-GRABBING RIGHT KNEE HARD into her gut, folding her over!! Maybe it was a cheap shot, but I didn’t see anyone paying me to fight fair!!

We had long since passed fighting fair!


I then LUNGED forward and LEAPT UP on top of her, SCREAMING OUT in anger as I GRABBED HER ARMS at the wrist, JERKING them above her head so hard I thought I might pull them from their sockets, pulling on them as HARD as I could…GRUNTING OUT as I strained!!


I SHOVED HER BACK ONTO HER BACK!!...Straddling her with my thighs as I got on top of her…landing face down on her, our chests COLLIDING with a wet smacking sound! I remained atop Morgan for a moment, WRIGGLING against her, our wet slick skin sliding over each other’s so effortlessly! I was enjoying the closeness of Morgan’s toned hard body, and the thrill that came with controlling and dominating it. Our hard, erect sensitive ******* rubbed together as Morgan shuddered against me. She flexed her shoulders, ROCKING them from side to side as she STRUGGLED AND STRAINED to get me off of her! I felt her MUSCLES STRAINING against mine in her futile in attempt to break free as I CLAMPED DOWN with a vice-like grip on her wrists, STRETCHING her arms even higher above her head. I then suddenly jerked my right hand free from her wrist and drove my palm HARD across her soft cheek with a loud SMACK!! She screamed out loudly…her face twisting violently to the side from the force of my blow!


She turned her face and looked up at me in terror, her eyes wider than I had ever seen them, her bloody lower lip trembling... the tears streaming down her cheeks as she SCREAMED up at me,

"GOD NOOO!!!!"



I glared down at her, my own large dark eyes filled with contempt and disgust as I gripped her wrists tightly, SQUEEZING them so tight her hands began to turn a light blue!! I took a few deep breaths as my face lowered down to a few inches above hers, the tears streaming down her face as she sobbed uncontrollably!! I let go of her wrists and shoved myself up to my knees as I straddled her, my ass resting on her abs. I gazed down at her as she turned her head to the side and sobbed, not wanting to look at me or make eye contact! I sat there for a moment and listened to her sob, then I rolled off of her and got off the bed, walking over and slowly began putting on my clothes. 

She continued to sob...but we never spoke...never shared a word…

After I finished dressing I looked back at her. She was curled in a fetal position, still crying…her face buried in a pillow. Part of me wanted to walk over and comfort her somehow.... while another part was afraid I’d hit her again…and I hated that feeling trying to well up inside of me…that INTENSE URGE to hit her again!!

I felt sick at my stomach and began to feel nauseous as I turned and started to walk out the door. Then I heard her whimpering voice....




I didn't turn and look back as I slammed the door behind me with a loud WHAM!!

I walked to my car, opened the door, and plopped down in the driver’s seat. I laid my forehead on the steering wheel, taking a few long, slow deep breaths and fought to hold back the tears. I started the car and headed home, shaking my head and struggling to sort through the confusion that filled my mind. My hands gripped the steering wheel so tightly that my nails began to cut into the leather that covered it. I felt my hands begin to cramp badly before I realized what I was doing and released the pressure of my grip some.

I got home, took my clothes off and walked into the shower. Turning up the heat I closed my eyes and ducked my head under the stream of water. One of the most glorious feelings in the world, hot water running over your taut body after a workout. And I just had the workout to END ALL WORKOUTS!!

It was at least an hour, perhaps two, later when I sat on one of two leather armchairs in the corner of our living room, nursing a glass of Yamazaki 25-year old single malt Scotch over ice that had been urged upon me by Samantha, along with two hydrocodone painkillers. I had protested only slightly as a long hot bath had only done a little to soothe my bruises and my aching muscles, but not anywhere close enough to let me relax. I was about to give the Jacuzzi a try to see if that wouldn’t help relieve some of the aches and pains. Still, the lingering pain did nothing to dampen this strange elation that I felt.

I know “elation” might sound like a strange feeling to have under the circumstances…it might even sound “cold”. I didn’t hate Morgan…far from it. Part of me hoped that at some point we’d maybe even become friends out of all this. I know at this point nothing could probably sounder weirder to most people. That may seem hard for most people to understand…but its how I felt and what I wanted.

I think she wanted that too some day.

I remembered the old saying,

 “Be careful what you wish for”


March 22, 2022 8:52 AM