Harper's Awakening 4 by Michelle

My name is Harper Morgan and I’m a left coast girl who has undergone a sort of awakening in my young life. I was hired as an executive for a large corporation right after receiving my MBA from Stanford. I’m originally from Los Angeles and a die-hard Southern California girl. For the longest time, my job and career WERE my life as I found the twelve to fourteen hour workdays left me little time for either socializing or exercise.

I always had this sort of deep seeded passion though for fighting and especially boxing. I just did a great job of hiding my "passion" from those around me. I suspect most of it was because I was a woman and I was working for a prestigious firm and the stigma didn't seem worth it. I guess I was afraid of what "people" would say and think. As part of this “awakening” (some might call it an epiphany – See Harper’s Awakening – Chapter 1) I began working with a trainer, mainly to try and get in shape at first. My career always came first though and after ten very intensive years with a venture capital firm, my hard driving desires allowed me to reach the top of the corporate ladder when the firm’s partners voted me to be their first female partner and Sr. VP - at the ripe old age of 35! My life is damn near perfect now. I had met my current girlfriend Samantha at a gym (See Harper’s Awakening – Chapter 1 and 2) where I had started training and our relationship has continued to deepen after a year. Life is so ******* good!

Samantha and I were sitting in our local Manhattan Starbucks not far from our Central Park West apartment on 58th street in New York. I was sipping on my usual oh so fattening Venti Caramel Macchiato. I kept moving my jaw around trying to get some of the soreness out of it and I had to chuckle as I watched Samantha doing the same across the table. She and I had just finished a sparing session at a boxing gym we train at and as always we got a little carried away and didn’t pull any punches. I could see those dark brown eyes of hers twinkle as she stifled a giggle while watching me grimacing in pain. I saw the pained expression on her face as she rubbed her own jaw and that at least gave me a little satisfaction. She took another sip from her latte and then there was a strange silence between us..... when suddenly she looked up at me, her gaze meeting mine and she spoke.

“So, if we had finished that fight we had when we first met last year, I hope you wouldn’t have stayed mad at me too long for putting you in the hospital”

(Samantha and I basically met “up close and personal” in a boxing ring – See Chapter 2)

She peered at me innocently over her latte as those gorgeous dark eyes twinkled impishly at me.

I spit up my drink at her words!   "SPPPFFTTT!!!!!!"

"GOD DAMN SAM!!!!!!" "Have you LOST your MIND?" "You really are CRAZY!"

She smiled at me, her dark eyes widening as she gave me that "look" over her hazelnut latte. She then sat it down in front of her before glancing back up at me with that devilish look of hers. I wondered if she realized what those eyes of hers do to me and how much I hang on every word when she speaks?

“In the HOSPITAL..... HUH?”  "Really?"  "Seriously?"  "Really Now?"

Staring.... mesmerized as we were lost in each other, Sam looking in my face with those burning and languid eyes of hers as I began inching forward ever so slowly in my chair. I leaned over the table and reached across with my right hand, extending my right forefinger and just letting the tip of it touch the tiny cut and the slight swelling and redness under her right eye. She winced a little, her face contorting a bit. Then she reached up and gently touched my lower lip, running her right index finger ever so slowly along it and over the cut where her right glove had split it during our over active “sparring session”. Her smile grew as her fingertip went from one end of my mouth to the other along my puffy lip. I reached up with my right hand and grasped her wrist and pulled her hand in a bit, holding it steady in front of my own lips, as she offered no resistance and in fact gave me a wink (i'm not much of an intimidator I guess!). I parted my lips slightly and let her forefinger slide between them, my tongue at first lashing it as fast as I could flick it over her fingertip. I watched as she bit her lower lip and moaned as I "butterflied" her fingertip. I then pulled her finger in my mouth deeper and began to let my wet hot tongue drag along it slowly, seductively, leaving a wet glistening trail of my saliva on her finger. I began pulling it slowly between my lips, in and out as I squeeze it between them, literally ******* the finger and hoping it would *** in my mouth (a girl can dream, can’t she?). I let her finger finally slide from my mouth, her eyes lighting up as it emerges from between my lips, a thin coating of my saliva covering it, allowing it to glisten in the light. I watch her bite her lower lip as it pops from between my lips and I hear her purr softly. Her large dark eyes close as she moans a little more, then they open back up wide as I let her finger go and a wry **** smile comes over her lips.

We both sit back in our chairs, looking around to take note if anyone was watching us. There were so few people in the coffee house today that no one seemed to care what she and I were doing off in a secluded corner. I raised my long right leg up, kicking off my sandal as I felt my toes begin to run up and down her left ankle, starting at her instep and letting my big toe glide up under her skirt, sliding along the inside of her knee. I felt her knees spread apart a bit and I raised my eyes up and our gazes met. She gave me that "look" again and that was all the signal I needed as she spread her legs apart a bit wider. I extended my right leg even more now as I twisted my foot to the side and let my big toe slide along the soft skin of the inside of her left thigh. The sensation of my toe gliding along the soft creaminess of her skin sent tingles up my leg and spine. Goosebumps formed on my tanned back and shoulders as I could feel the warmth between her thighs increasing as my foot moved further up. I watched her eyes, her body, as she began to shift and squirm in her chair. The very idea that I was turning her on was getting to me more than I ever would have dreamed. I simply never thought it was possible as things between us seemed to be moving so fast and I began to wonder what if…

"What if?"

"WHAT IF!!!!!!"

GOD DAMN Harper!!  YOU ARE WITH HER!!   JESUS H. FUCKING CHRIST!  Give it a chance to breathe OK??  Just once in your life let something play out!  Live in the moment!  Look at where you are *****!

I blinked a few times and my gaze locked onto hers again as I just finally left LOGIC and DISCIPLINE behind.  I was sitting across from the most beautiful girl in the world and I was about to FUCK HER with my foot under the table at Starbucks!  Now does it get any better than that?  "I'm asking?"  "DOES IT?"


"Maybe I should enjoy that!" "YA THINK?"

My foot continued gliding up along the inside of her left thigh when suddenly I began to feel her skin becoming wet and sticky. She lurched a little as my toes moved along her luscious moist skin and a broad smile came over her face as our eyes met. My big toe began sliding through the thin wet glistening sheen of her juices as it finally reached the “promised land”. I watched her shudder a bit as I let my right big toe just barely graze over the wet, soft, warm, sticky folds of skin of her labia. Letting my toe glide ever so slowly over her outer lips, not applying any pressure at first. Then beginning to apply a bit more pressure with each pass as my toe starts to spread and slide between those wet mushy outer lips. Feeling it slide more effortlessly with each pass as her moistness just seem to increasing the more I touched her.

Her head dropped back a little as she looked skyward for a moment, she then moaned very softly so only I could hear. I pushed my foot in between the soft moist folds and twisted as my toes started to feel her swollen throbbing **** as they glided over her swollen throbbing nub. I watched her as her back straightened and she sat up straight in her chair suddenly, biting her lower lip, those gorgeous eyes of hers twinkling. I twist and press, pulling back on my foot and then pressing in as she brings her hands up to her mouth to muffle her moans as those **** eyes of hers widen. She then screams into her hands as she presses them to her lips tightly, her eyes widening as her ****** suddenly hits her like a tsunami coming ashore without warning! Her body going rigid for a moment as she shudders, her eyes closing tightly as she struggles to maintain some composure, lowering her head down to the table, her body still spasming and shaking as the waves just seem to keep coming and her **** doesn’t seem to want to let her go from the grip that it has on her. I finally let my foot slide effortlessly from her *****, my toes coated in her glistening wet sticky juices, my only regret being I can’t lift my foot up and let her taste her sweet honey essence and **** my toes right there in the coffee house! We look at each other as she struggles to get her breathing under control, her chest heaving. We both know she wants to pull my toes up to her mouth so badly and we both start to giggle instinctively. We both just know.

I sat up from my chair and leaned over the table, leaning on my palms as I let my face move in closer to hers. Our wanting lips growing closer and closer, gasps of shallow warm breath flowing across our soft cheeks, our lips so close we can feel the warmth emanating from their fullness, their desire.... the heat! Yes...THE HEAT! Our hot lips beginning at first to travel over our soft cheeks, moving towards that inevitable contact. Less than a millimeter away now from the longing lip-to-lip contact we so much desire, letting them gently dab at hers a few times. I gently brush over her lips once, the moistness and lusciousness only enhancing my skyrocketing arousal. I slowly let my lips settle over hers as my mouth covers hers. I then begin to press against her creamy lips with some light pressure as a soft moan flows over my lips and then over her own. I shudder at the feel of her mouth against mine and she follows with a low soft moan of her own. I begin to inhale her very life essence, my chest expanding as I take in all of her that I can to fill my lungs, my breasts straining the coarse material of my top as it drags over my hard erect puffy sensitive *******, sending a tingling throughout my chest. I feel my long wet **** tongue slowly begin to snake its way over my lips and between hers as our soft playful kiss starts to deepen. I let my tongue playfully dab at hers a few times at first, feeling it slide over hers and then wrapping around her hot tongue as it starts to wrestle with it. I then let my mouth gently **** at her tongue, feeling it slide between my lips as our moans intensify. I let my lips at first squeeze her tongue, then release it a bit, then letting my lips clamp on it and **** it gently and slowly back between my wanting lips again, repeating this as I work at almost ******* it. Of course, there was no “almost” about it, I was FUCKING IT and so wanting it to “*** in my mouth” if that were possible. Our lips pressed tighter still as moans flowed from deep within us. I finally let my lips soften their pressure against hers and release her oh so abused tongue. My lips finally beginning to part a bit as I slowly release our passionate kiss...

I hope that should give you a bit of an idea how she and I are togetherLIKE DUH!

A few months later, Samantha and I were working out at the gym. I was spotting the heavy bag for her as she worked on it with her bag gloves when someone walked up and interrupted us. I heard someone say “Hi there Sam” and I stopped and turned and looked around the heavy bag to see who she was talking to. And there she was…

Jennifer…the blonde Samantha had fought in the alley that night that I stood and watched (See Chapter 1 – Harper’s Awakening). She looked at me and then at Samantha and smiled.

“I see you have a new little friend Sam” “It’s good you have someone to spot you and be your punching bag”

OK, so it took me all of 10 seconds to decide, “I HATE THAT BITCH!”

I looked at the blonde, smiled again and spoke slowly and distinctly

“From what I saw in that alley that night, you certainly have me MORE than beat in that “punching bag” department”

I heard Samantha struggle to stifle a giggle and the blonde’s face began to turn red and her snarky smile she had disappeared immediately. Sam composed herself and looked at me, her eyes twinkling and said

“Harper, this is Jennifer” “Oh I forgot, you two have already met…sort of”

I looked at Sam and then Jennifer and spoke

“Oh yeah, last time I saw Jenni she was face first on the concrete” “How’d that taste Jenni?” “Is that some sort of special diet you’re on?”

Sam busted out laughing, then raised her hands to her mouth and turned her head to try and stop. Jennifer’s face got so red I thought it was going to explode like a big pimple. I thought to myself “God Harper, why do you always do that?” “Here we were having a nice day and you go and open your mouth and probably will get your head kicked in!”

Jennifer then looked at me and spoke in slow measured tones

“Harper is it?” “FUCK YOU!!!”

I smiled even broader and our eyes locked together and I stepped out from behind the bag and walked in front of her, our noses inches apart as I spoke.

“Sorry but I’m ******* Sam nowadays” “How about you? “You ******* anyone or just kissing concrete?”

Our chests then bumped together before Samantha artfully stepped between us and gave Jennifer a look that had a meaning that no one would mistake. Jennifer gave me a final glare and shot me the middle finger before she turned and walked off. Something told me I had better watch my back from now on. Either that or I had a new “bestie”. Don’t you just love it when you make a new friend? I think she likes me!

I yelled at Jennifer as she stormed off "Hey Jennifer! Why don't you get in your clown car and go to that drive thru you work at and tell them you'd like fries with your order....BEOTCH!"

Sam looked at me and shook her head, smiling.

“I should knock your head off myself!” she whispered.

I smiled into her eyes and spoke back softly

“Oh stop, your turning me on now and I’m already wet!”

Sam laughed and said “Let’s go shower…I brought the soap this time!”

That twinkle in her dark eyes told me all I needed to know.

The months passed and the animosity continued to build between Jennifer and I. It was only a matter of time before it would explode and after an argument one day in the gym we agreed to fight. The bout would be after hours and my trainer Joe would referee. Sam would be in my corner, which made it all the hotter for me. I wanted nothing better than to kick that silicone-enhanced blonde’s fat ass as Sam watched!

The day came and I was sitting in the dressing room, Sam was massaging my shoulders. It was dead quiet as neither of us spoke. She then leaned down and kissed my ear, her arms wrapping around my neck as she whispered, “You’ll kick her ******* ass you know”

“And by the way…I love you”

She had never said that to me to that point in our relationship and when I heard those words, goose bumps formed all over my chest, back and arms. My heart nearly jumped out of my chest! I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes but I turned my head a bit to the side so she wouldn't see them. She then reached around and placed her hand over my mouth before I could answer and she whispered,

“Don’t say a thing…. I already know” “Now lets go get busy”

I sat for another minute ....quietly......and I sobbed....before wiping my eyes and getting up to go.....

"Did I say I loved this woman?"

I walked out of the dressing room slowly, taking a huge deep breath as I climbed up on the ring apron and slid under the middle rope as I have so many times before. I stood up in my corner and extended my arms out in front of me as Joe began wrapping tape ever so slowly and snug around my fingers and hands. I clenched my fists tightly as he slide the black 8 oz. burgundy Reyes gloves over my hands and began tying the laces around my wrists. No matter how many times I put on leather boxing gloves I never fail to begin to get very aroused and while it may sound strange at this moment, I REALLY WAS GETTING AROUSED and pretty wet! I admit that I have even used the thumb of a boxing glove to ********** at times and it has always been something that enhanced my arousal and ultimate ******. In short, IT DROVE ME FUCKING CRAZY!  Some years back, I bought a pair just for ************. I've had an attraction to boxing gloves since I was a teenager. I love the smell and feel of leather. A pair of 8 ounce, black leather EVERLAST gloves was the brand of choice for my “toy” (Hey don’t knock it until you tried it!)

I climbed into the ring and walked around in my corner, pacing a little, already feeling the warmth of the hot bright ring lights above as they bathed my bare shoulders in waves of heat and bright light. The perspiration was already trickling down my chest and back, the wet streaks glistening on my skin. My hard erect pink ******* were already starting to show through my already sweat-soaked spandex *********** sports bra (note to myself, wear black next time). The waistband of my *********** shorts was also beginning to darken as the perspiration pouring down my chest and abs was soaking it. I leaned back against the ropes and began taking low slow deep breaths to try and get my anxiousness, my nervousness under control. Samantha pulled my long dark brown hair back in a tight ponytail as I leaned back in the corner, tying it off with a white ribbon. I admit that I was scared, apprehensive. Maybe I should be though, and maybe, just maybe, that will be my edge. God I sure hope so as I knew just how good Jennifer was. She had beat the crap out of me almost a year ago, but things had changed since then. I was a lot better and I knew it. I kind of hoped she didn’t know it though. I had worked with the best teachers in the world since that first fight in Sam and my trainer Joe, both of whom would be with me in my corner. I also wanted Jennifer to know what hard work and determination had done for me and I was determined to show her how good I was now.

I looked over across the ring at Jennifer and her green eyes were almost seething. My God she was intense! I could feel that laser-like intensity of hers almost burn a hole through me, watching her grit her teeth, seeing her twitch with anxiousness and anticipation. It was if she were a caged animal and it was feeding time at the zoo and I was to be her first meal. Once again, she was Godzilla and I was starting to feel like Tokyo. I was hoping though I was the monster from the movie “Cloverfield” and she was ******* New York!  One thing I couldn’t help but notice was how her ******* stood erect while little beads of sweat formed on her chest, abs, and breasts and in her cleavage. She was about 5’9” and 138 pounds and if she had any fat on her I couldn’t see it! Her long blonde hair was tied back in a ponytail and she was wearing a black sports bra and tight black shorts. Her abs looked like one of those old time washboards and her arms and shoulders were toned and sinewy. If part of her strategy was to arouse me and make me lose concentration she had sure won that battle as I shook my head and blinked, saying to myself “FOCUS!” “FOCUS HARPER!”


The bell rang to start round one and Jennifer rushed out of her corner and came at me with all pistons firing! There was not going to be any “feeling out” period with her! No ******* way! This wasn’t a surprise to me as I had seen her employ this strategy before. It was the same one she used to kick my ass in our first fight. Jennifer was all about fear and intimidation and I know she was certain it would work on me. I knew that because it had worked before! This time I was going to prove her wrong! Jennifer knew what she wanted to do and it was up to me to counter. I stayed on my toes and shifted from side to side, refusing to be a stationary target as she had hoped. I fought with all I was worth to keep Jennifer at a distance, keeping my gloves up and slipping from side to side as I managed to slip most of Jennifer’s punches or block them. I’d then drop under her arms and hit her abs, then slide away and to the side and make her turn and come after me again. My side-to-side movements then made it harder for Jennifer to “load up” and it let me use my own long left jab and stick Jennifer in the face whenever I slipped her punches. Time and time again I stuck my jab in her face, my leather glove flattening her facial features anytime she got in too close or left herself open! This strategy seemed to really frustrate her and she pounded her gloves together and snarled in anger, yelling at me to fight, which is exactly what I was doing, just not the way the cocky blonde ***** wanted me to! Before it seemed to have barely started the first round ended with the loud clang of the bell. 


I went back and plopped down on her stool and draped my arms over the middle ropes on either side of the ring post. I was hoping my evasive tactics would send a signal to Jennifer that she could take some risks and if so she would feel affirmed in some strange way such that she would try and come at me even harder. I felt she’d make more mistakes that way and I could capitalize and make her pay. My “strike and weave” tactics were really working and a great reminder of how adept I had become as a boxer now. I was able to capture openings with speed and precision when they opened up, using my long left jab like a ramrod piston! 

Jennifer sat down on her stool, blood coming from her left nostril as I watched the anger build in her, her face reddening, the frustration boiling over in her. Jennifer’s temper was her worst enemy and that enemy was now going to become my ally and I was going to exploit it to the maximum. Then Jennifer did something I wasn’t expecting. She removed her gloves and reached down, grasping the bottom of her sports bra, and began to slide it up over her chest, her neck and face, pulling it up off the top of her head. She then slides her gloves back on and stood up, slamming them together with a loud POP! Her firm pert breasts jiggling a bit as her leather covered fists pounded together. Her firm breasts, full, high and round were capped with rose-petal-soft areolas that surrounded her erect pinkish *******.

Sam leaned down and whispered in my ear “Damn girlfriend! I never figured she’d play the “tit” card!” “MUTHAFUCCA!!”

I immediately didn’t change my expression and raised my arms above my head and whispered back to Sam behind me “Pull my bra off too!” “FUCK THAT BITCH” “SHE’S NOT OUT DOING ME!” “SHE DAMN SURE IS NOT OUT-TITTING ME!”

Sam grabbed the bottom of my now soaking wet sports bra as I raised my arms up above my head and began pulling it up over my chest, neck, over my face, dragging my long ponytail with it. I felt it pop up off the top of my head as my long chocolate brown ponytail fell back down along the curvature of my spine. Sam took a brief moment to let her hands come down and reach around me and cover my pert wet breasts, her fingers digging into the supple flesh and massaging them for a moment as she looked over at Jennifer and grinned. GOD DO I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!!


The bell echoed in my ears for round two as I got to my feet and brought my gloves up. Jennifer, as is her strategy, raced across the ring and quickly fired a loping overhand right that I ducked!! I countered with a hard right uppercut to her bare abs, my small hard bicep forming up, my leather covered knuckles POPPING against her bare wet skin with a loud SMACK as I GRUNTED OUT loudly, my torso twisting behind the blow!! Jenny grunted out loud and her body almost folded over my glove and arm like an accordion as I felt the air flow over her lips from her lungs as we fought in close! She staggered back a few steps and I made a mistake of not following up! Jennifer lunged at me and countered, following with a short left jab that I tried to block, but the force of the punch pushed my gloves back into my face! Immediately Jennifer pushed in with another overhand right!

The punch almost EXPLODED on my jaw as my head snapped back and I stumbled sideways to the corner as I immediately began to taste the blood in my mouth and I reached up with my right glove and wiped it from the corner of my mouth. Jennifer wasted no time and BORED IN with a left hook to the body and a right hook as well as I dropped to my knees, clutching my aching midriff. I slammed my glove on the canvas twice and screamed in frustration as I gasped for a breath, coughing! I was so mad at myself for coming out and just literally standing there and not moving! Maybe it was a good thing I got knocked down, at least she didn’t tear my head off. I’ll survive and now I know what all I need to do; BESIDES WAKE THE FUCK UP!!  I listened to Joe go through the count as I bided my time.


I got to my feet at 8 to give myself all the time I could. Joe grabbed my arms and shook, looking in my eyes and then motioning us back together with a sideways movement of his hands. We began circling each other again and Jennifer quickly began her usual onslaught. I decided it was about time for me to be the aggressor. As arrogant as she was, I just knew Jennifer would assume I was hurt and truth be known I was fine. Now it was time to use her aggressiveness and arrogance against her! As she came in at me I stepped in quickly, ducked under a straight right and drove two quick hard straight left jabs to her face!! Her head snapping back as my gloved fist caught her in the mouth and nose with a SPLAT as more blood flew from her already bleeding nose!!


Joe stepped between us as the bell sounded, pushing us both away. I walk back to my corner as round two ended and plopped down on my stool, my bare torso covered in perspiration, feeling it pouring down my bare back and chest and flowing down over my taut contoured abs and down under the tight waistband of my *********** shorts. I reached down and grabbed the bottle of water sitting by my stool after I removed my 8 ounce black boxing gloves and sat them at the foot of my stool. I removed the cap from the squirt nozzle, grasping the bottle with my sweaty taped-wrapped right hand. I pointed the squirt tube at my chest and squeezed the bottle firmly, the cool wet liquid shooting from the clear plastic tube and splashing against my bare sternum and flowing down between and over my heaving firm perky breasts. My ******* instantly grow harder and more erect as the cool water hits them and an instantaneous tingling shoots throughout my chest. Glancing down, I see several large droplets slowly collecting and growing larger on the end of each of my erect puffy pink *******, the droplets ultimately falling under their own weight to my

thighs below. I then took the water bottle and squirted it against my taut abs, watching them **** in tightly as the cool water splashed against my contoured skin-covered muscles. I finally brought the squirt bottle up over my head and squirted more of the clear cooling liquid on my reddened sweaty face as I tilted my head up and back, my face looking skyward, closing my large dark eyes as the cold refreshing water washed over my facial features. I then let a stream of the cooling liquid shoot into my mouth as I parted my full dry parched lips, letting it flow over my long wet tongue and down my throat.

I blinked back the salty stinging perspiration from my eyes and wiped the blood from the corner of my mouth, grimacing as my jaw throbbed and ached. I looked across the ring and I could see that my efforts had got Jennifer very excited. Her ******* were standing out and jutting from those perfect “fake” **** of hers. God she was hot though! You couldn’t help but get aroused looking at her bare torso glistening from the reflection of the ring lights off the thin wet sheen of perspiration coating her skin. As her bare chest heaved, large droplets streaked her breasts and collected on her own aroused erect *******. I knew from experience that Jennifer got a lot ****** pleasure out of beating up her opponents. I could see that look in her eye now as she was no doubt plotting some way to move in for the kill and I WAS SO READY FOR HER! Sam continued rubbing my shoulders and whispering encouragement to me, along with some really **** and dirty comments that will forever be just between she and I. DID I SAY THAT I LOVED THAT WOMAN??


The bell rang for round three and I came up off my stool and immediately began moving from left to right around her, bouncing lightly on my toes as my long legs crossed over each other like a dancer’s. Jennifer mimicked my movements as we both bobbed and weaved, then pawed at each other with our lefts, our gloves occasionally hitting together as the circle we danced in grew steadily smaller! I suddenly STEPPED HARD into her and feinted a straight left jab at her face as she was coming in at me and that seemed to catch her off balance. I then in the same fluid motion dropped my right shoulder and SLAMMED my right leather covered fist into her solar plexus!! I twisted my tall frame behind the blow as my breasts gently jiggled and swayed. IT FELT GREAT as my gloveSLAMMED INTO HER BODY, her face contorting and her gloves dropping! That was all I needed as I swung my left arm and drove a left hook HARD into her jaw and stayed on her with a right hook to her left cheek under her left eye! Her head twisting violently from one side to the other!! WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!!  The three punch combination surprised her and sent her stunned body going in several directions, the last punch driving her off balance as she staggered and dropped to all fours!! 

I don’t know I had ever thrown a better combination in my life as she was down on all fours, spitting up blood and saliva to the ring canvas!! I watched and felt the throbbing in my own **** as a very fine thread-like red stream fell from her lips to the ring canvas. I HAD HURT HER AND I WAS SO FUCKING TURNED ON BY IT!!  Her head was hanging down between her arms and while I prayed she wouldn’t get up, I damn well knew better. This WAS Jennifer and she WOULD GET UP!!

Joe began the count as I stepped back into the neutral corner, wiping the still trickling blood from the corner of my own mouth, wincing as the laces dragged across my lips.

1…. 2…. 3…. 4…. 5…. 6…. 7…. 8

I smiled as Jennifer slowly got to her feet as the count hit nine. Joe waved us back together and the war really began.

I could sense a degree of desperation in Jennifer to try to end the fight quickly as she blearily searched for an opening through my hounding fists and my shifting torso. I tried to convey a wealth of spirit through the hail of leather I was slinging; every drop of pride I had in myself, my body and my skill level was being poured into my honed strikes to Jennifer’s face and abs! The sounds of leather popping against bare wet skin coming fast and furious along with the occasional grunt and gasp! Jennifer finally knew that she would have to earn her right to stay conscious in this fight as good as she was.


The bell rang to end the third round! It seemed like it had been TWENTY!

I heard an animated Jennifer talking to her girlfriend in the corner. Jennifer was saying


Jennifer sat on her stool, her lower lip cut, blood trickling from the corner of her mouth and her nostril, her left eye half swollen shut. Honestly though, what now? I had managed to push Jennifer to her supposed "theoretical limit" of three rounds, yet the “ME”, the “stealthy” Harper…. was still standing before her, attacking Jennifer like a swarm of locusts with furious tides of fistic covered leather just to keep her at bay. I had done my best to keep Joe's coaching in mind, despite forgetting some of the particulars. As for Jennifer, her very general plan of attack was the best she had been able to manage during this fight, primarily trusting her instinctual prowess, strength and endurance to see her through. Out of all the alternatives, Jennifer knew it was time to do what she did best again; MARCH HER WAY right to her opponent's front door and SHATTER IT LIKE GLASS!  She had come this far, and only one fighter was leaving this ring with her consciousness intact in her opinion! The possibility of getting beaten senseless had been present in my mind since the beginning of the match, so I gladly steeled myself and set my sights for a full scale head-on collision course with Godzilla…. errrr…Jennifer. 



We came out for round four and it was definitely “shock and awe” as cruise missiles of leather poured from both of us as I had my course corrected for a ramming trajectory. After every TEETH-RATTLING HIT (blocked or taken), I always kept her fiery glare in front of me as my objective, unshakably locked onto my target like a laser beam as I was trained to do. Something beyond myself was welling up in the recesses of my dark brown eyes, a steely determination to go the distance mirrored only by my brutal rival. I kept saying to myself…

God Damn Jennifer! Why don't you just...fall already, blockhead? You've got to be running on fumes by now!!

And yet the “hardy oak” that was Jennifer continued her ponderous march at me and I kept shifting and moving. As she clenched down hard on her mouthpiece, I could see a slightly worried expression on her face and I sensed an opening! I fired off a crippling three-punch combination of left jabs designed to stagger her and stop her in her tracks! I uncoiled the muscles of my left shoulder and upper back and drove them between her gloves and into her face, twisting my arm as the glove made impact! WHAP!! WHAP!! WHAP!!  Sweat and small beads of blood ****tered from the impacts before Jennifer regrouped, managing to block the fierce combination accent and wrapped her arms around me as we tied each other up in a tight clinch. All we could hear were our gasps of breath and grunts as we grappled in the clinch with what strength we had left. Our firm breasts pressed firmly together and my hard ******* throbbed and tingled as they dug into her wet supple sensual flesh. I felt a jolt flow though out my body as our crotches rubbed together for a brief instant and the sinewy muscles of our upper bodies wrestled and twisted against each others, both struggling to hold the other’s wet slick skin. It was if we had switched from boxing to Greco Roman wrestling as we grappled on our feet, each straining her sinewy muscles against the other for control but neither giving in, neither gaining an advantage as our gasps and grunts became more audible!!

I wasn’t going to back off or be shoved around though! I was going to show her I was just as strong and just as tough as she was, if she didn’t already know it! If she didn’t, she was about to learn it! Something was coming over me, some feeling I had never felt before. I was becoming possessed, but it was with more than winning, more than just beating her. It was as if this other “other” personality had taken control of me, a girl I had only seen glimpses of in the past, but who now owned me body and soul! This girl had one and only one thought and that was to destroy the girl in front of me. I wanted to hurt her and inflict more pain on her than she just ever knew was possible. This was more than just anger and it’s hard for me to put into words exactly what my emotions were they were so foreign. This was simply a reckoning!

If there had been a category three hurricane outside the gym, neither of us would have paid any attention to it. We were far to immersed in our own personal collision of “storm fronts”, this confluence of wills. Another eruption seemed to explode in the center of the ring, as we SENT EACH OTHER REELING with a savage cross counter. A hail of sweat, blood and spittle ****tered from what could only be called a “blast zone” or “ground zero”, startling Joe as he tried to referee but he was coated in “shrapnel”. The collision gave way to loud grunts and groans of pain from both of us, the loud splat of our leather covered knuckles against the bare wet skin of our determined faces and bodies. Each of us then quickly renewing herself for the next skirmish, the sum of it all building to an all out war, one that would see no prisoners taken, no quarter asked or given. The rapid paced exchange quickly resumed, each boxer refining her technique a little to try and gain an edge physically and to try and build her confidence mentally. Our complete range of skills was on full display as the intensity of our rivalry and dislike for one another only increased our desire to use our fists to carve the other up, to sharpen her to a fine point.

Both of us stayed on her toes as the relentless circling continued, this slow dance of pain. Both of us were tall, rangy and with a long reach, so we used our lethal left jabs to their maximum, our left gloves repeatedly finding openings and popping into each other’s faces. Heads snapped back and ponytails flew and swished as the impact of leather against wet skin echoed through the empty gym! 

In all his years of officiating matches, Joe readily admitted that he'd never seen anything quite like this. He'd watched us both fight for some time, but the ferocity unfolding before his eyes was amazing. To see me take a fight past three rounds was already a treat, but the fight was still accelerating! He kept watch of the proceedings closely, but made sure to avoid getting snatched up into the vortex as well.

I made some evasive maneuvers as the “steaming” Jennifer stomped her way through the intense gale of my onslaught to try and crush me. The blonde beauty instinctively tried to swat away my countermeasures, pressing forward and hammering away! She shoved me back into the corner hard against the padded ring post, my head banging against it!! 

Jennifer had exhaled in delighted exultation from finally working her target into the corner. Zeroing in on me like a bull scuffing its feet on a bull ring floor, its horns flashing in the form of gloves, priming itself to charge, her eyes flashing in anticipation of pounding the crafty me into the corner post! A quick left-right combination and my head was twisting violently to either side, sweat and blood flying from my lips as my head slams back against the post and I see flashes in my eyes as my mouthpiece goes flying! My head on a swivel as it spins from side to side with the impact of her fists and the flashes and the stars seem to just blind me as I lose consciousness for a very brief instant!

I slid down the ring post and land on my ass hard, shaking my head, blinking as Joe began the count

1…. 2…. 3…. 4…5…

Then suddenly, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes (I always loved that metaphor), I forced myself back up to my feet, my back firmly against the ring post as I strained and shoved myself up along it, using the post as support. My knees shook badly as I strained to shove up off my legs but I was finally able to straighten them, locking my knees and leaning back against the post for a moment. Shaking my head again, I brought my gloves up as Joe steps between us and grabs my wrists and shakes them, looking in my eyes to see if I’m “out on my feet”. He asks me what city I’m in and I just wink at him and whisper in a raspy voice after I wipe the blood from my chin

 “Well Joe, it isn’t Kansas anymore, I’m pretty sure of that” “Let’s go with Manhattan…Am I getting warmer?”

Joe lets out with a loud laugh and looks me in the eyes and squeezes my wrists, winking at me. He lets go of my arms and motions us back together with a wide sweep of his hands, whispering as he steps aside

“You got her just where you want her Killer!”

I ducked under her wild swings and cut loose with a ravaging three-punch combination. The final, punctuating uppercut of the series launched the wide-eyed blonde into the corner post hard, shaking the entire ring!

I can only imagine what Jennifer thought at that moment, seeing me bleeding and glassy eyed, yet slamming her head back against that post!. But I wasn’t done yet as somehow I dug deep and found something maybe even she didn’t realize I had inside of me. I braced myself and managed to slip the two rocket straight rights that came from her, her gloved fist whizzing by the side of my head in a black blur as I felt the breeze from the near impact! After slipping the punches, dropped my left shoulder and uncoiled a brutal left uppercut into Jennifer’s abs that nearly lifted the blonde up off her feet!! She grunted out as the air rushed from her lungs! But I was in no mood for a further chase and she had plenty of fight left in her. The slugging Jennifer leveled her shoulders and tried to muscle me back, straining to shove me back and escape the trap of the corner! I braced my long legs and spread them apart, slamming my lowered shoulder into hers, knocking her back hard against the padded ring post! Jennifer in desperation clipped me across the tip of my chin with a weak left hook and I answered with another brutal left uppercut to her abs, her breasts jiggling as my wet glove smacked with a loud pop into her midriff as she gasped out loud and groaned!

I wasted no time commencing the "closing" ceremony, slamming into her defense with authority! My first two right hands were devastating, jolting Jennifer as her body twisted to the side and her knees buckled under her as she grabbed the top rope to hold onto and stay up! I had finally shattered her guard like glass, and her only hope was to try and pick up the pieces! Just as she re-oriented, I drove a well-aimed, monstrous left hook that blasted its way past Jennifer’s shattered guard and CRASHED INTO HER JAW!  The blow twisted her head violently to the side and knocked a trail of saliva and blood over the post and out of the ring. Somehow Jennifer dug deep and managed to force a clinch instead of crumbling to the canvas. The battered blonde collapsed into my heaving chest, wrapping a constricting hold around my arms and midsection to stop the fistic floodwaters. With her face dashed against the cushioned mountainside of my sweat slickened breasts, Jennifer no doubt felt my excited heart pounding like a rhythmic war drum. Our honed, glistening bodies desperately pressed against one another as we writhed together a moment, then I felt her grip over my arms loosen, weaken, and she slowly began to slide down my body, her face sliding down the valley between my heaving breasts, down my abs and over my wet throbbing crotch as she crumpled to the canvas! I heard her whisper as she slid down

"Rrrghhh...Ugghhnn! L...Lemme Go, Harper! I'm Still…G.. Gonna...Pummel You!"

I whispered back in a tired raspy voice

"Looks like you'll...have to...abandon that dream for now, knuckleheaded *****!!"

I stood back as Joe counted her out, then turned and felt Samantha wrap her arms around my small waist and lift me up off my feet in her excitement, showering my face with kisses!

As Joe said afterwards, “This turned out to be quite the fight after all!”

After I had showered, I wrapped a towel around my waist, went into the steam room and layed on a bench as the steam started to fill the room with a HISS and a WHOOSH, the temperature becoming stifling. I stretched out my aching body on a bench, lying on my tummy, the side of my head resting on my arms as I stretched out my tall aching frame on the wet slick tile.

I took a few long deep breaths, my body aching but it was a “good pain” as I had won the fight and could not have imagined a better outcome. Then I heard the door to the steam room open and I suddenly felt the soft touch of familiar hands on both of my tired aching shoulders. I smiled, as I’d recognize that touch anywhere, and that voice.

“Congratulations Baby…its time for your reward now....although with you...its kind of a reward for me too”

I purred softly as her strong soft hands began to massage the muscles in my shoulders deeply, her strong hands squeezing and pressing in firmly. I felt her warm moist luscious lips touch my ear lobe as she whispered

“Let’s have some fun now, and I’m doing ALL THE WORK”

I felt her climb up on the bench and straddle my prone body, letting her **** ass set down on my lower back as she leaned forward to put more pressure on her hands and arms as she massaged my shoulders, rubbing and kneading the tired fatigued muscles deeply. I could feel her soaking wet labia as it rubbed against the sensitive skin of my lower back and I began to squirm under her. I could feel her begin to squirm a little too and I knew she was getting aroused. She leaned forward, lowering her body down closer to my back and I began to feel her hard ******* graze the wet slick skin between my shoulder blades, the corners of my mouth turning up in a wry smile as I began to moan out loud. She rocked her full, firm, round breasts against my bare wet slick back, my own breasts flattening against the warm tile bench. She gently slid her hands down from my shoulders and out along my sides. I felt her extended soft fingertips and soft palms slide under me and glide along my chest as she let them begin to cup and massage my breasts. My rapidly hardening ******* immediately started tingling and aching as they slid between her long slender fingers…

March 22, 2022 6:39 AM