Harper's Awakening 3 by Michelle

I shake my head one more time as I feel the fog begin to lift in my brain and I grit my teeth tightly…telling myself there was NO WAY I was letting this ***** beat me like this...my long legs begin to uncoil under me as I push myself up off my knees…


My legs finally straightening…. my knees a little wobbly but in a strange way I feel fine as Joe comes over and grabs both my gloves and shakes them a little, looking into my eyes and asking me if I was OK…did I want to continue?

I looked at him and scream. “Get the FUCK out of my face!” “I’M FINE GOD DAMMIT!!!”

Joe looks at me and grins, “Yeah I can tell Killer” “Wanna spit some of that blood up in this bucket?”

I look over at Samantha and I smile and yell out “Didn’t hurt a bit BITCH!!” "YOU HIT LIKE A GIRL!!"

I spit a mixture of blood and saliva into the plastic bucket and raise my eyes to Joe's as he just winks at me, shakes his head and mutters "Hits like a girl??" and slaps me on the thigh.

Yeah I know, pretty stupid of me to say but hey! I’m NOT DONE JUST YET, I may get KILLED but she is going to know she was in a fight! I raise my gloves up, my fists tightly clenched in the leather mitts. I begin circling her from left to right again, blinking through the salty stinging perspiration trickling into my eyes. I see her eyes lighting up, I see the confidence in her growing, but what she doesn’t know is I know I CAN HANDLE HER NOW! I took her best shot and I’m still standing! “SHE ISN’T SO TOUGH!” I thought to myself. I’m NOT GOING TO LAY DOWN FOR HER!!

I quickly step in and feint a few lefts at her face, stopping the jabs just short each time as I dance in and out on my toes in my own sort of little ballet, my aggressiveness seemingly surprising her as her eyes reveal her confusion as she steps back, almost stumbling! I sense it’s my time and I DRIVE IN and SHOVE HARD off my back right foot and land on my left as I snap off my own left jab!! But I have a surprise for her as I PURPOSELY whistle the jab over her left shoulder and just by her head, my left glove so close it almost ticks her ear!! Her gloves instinctively thrust up to her face and her torso and head jerk back! I then quickly drop down my right shoulder and twist and turn my torsos I drive my right gloves fist HARD AT HER NAVEL!!l Gritting my teeth tightly as my right bicep hardens and my shoulder and back muscles flex and uncoil as my right glove PLOWS into her tummy with a LOUD SMACK!! I immediately hear her grunt out loudly as her body bends at the waist and almost folds over my glove like an accordion and a loud WHOOSH leaves her lips as the air streams from her lungs! As she doubles over, in one fluid motion, I DRIVE DOWN HARD with my left glove and SLAM my leather covered left fist down hard into her jaw!! The force of the blow twists her head to the side violently as she grunts out loudly! She staggers a few steps, loses her balance and DROPS TO ALL FOURS in front of me!

I step back a few steps as she coughs and shakes her head from side to side, spitting blood down to the ring canvas below her face. Her arms struggling to hold her up off the canvas as I see them tremble, shake and quiver. Her head falling down between her braced arms. Joe drops down by her side and begins that familiar count again as I reach up with my right glove and wipe the blood from the corner of my own mouth, wincing as the smooth leather slides across my cut dry lips.


She screams out in frustration as slams her right glove to the canvas, then shoves herself up on her knees with her arms, her eyes looking up at me, the darkness in them holding anger I seldom have ever seen in another woman! While I had this crazy insane idea she might stay down, just whom in the **** was I kidding? Girls like her NEVER let girls like me hit them and get away with it! They eat little girls like me for a snack! 


My heart sinks as the Amazon ***** shoves herself to her feet like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. I take a long, slow deep breath and pound my gloves together as I watch her right herself and slowly begin circling me from right to left…her gloves up in front of her heaving breasts, her steps crisp and deliberate. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS SHIT! Its like I’m Tokyo and she is ******* GODZILLA! I began to understand how those people felt now in those “Halloween” movies when they tried to kill Michael Myers! FUCK!

I try and match her movements as we circle…both of us feinting lefts. Our gloves popping together at times as we search for openings. 

Bobbing…weaving….suddenly she snaps off two quick hard lefts back to back that were so quick all I saw was a blue , the second jab thrusting between my gloves and hitting me flush in my mouth, my head snapping back, my long dark pony tail flying back, then coming back and hitting against my wet back. I blink back the tears in my eyes and try to clear the flashes and shake my head a few times, backing up a few steps. I continue to blink back the pain and set my feet, tasting the copper-metallic taste on my lips. She steps in to follow up and I slip her quick short left and plow a right upper cut into her abs!! I then follow with a left hook over her arms and into her right eye! Her head whips hard to the side but I don’t catch her flush as she twists her head at the last second, her torso turning with her head! My glove still catches and I hear her grunt out so I know I must have done some damage!

She spins back around, and shoves at my arms with her gloves and leans against me, then clinches me, our breasts mashing together, our aroused hard erect ******* dueling through the spandex tops of our sports bras as we hug and grapple, our chins on each other’s wet shoulder as the only sounds are our grunts, low moans and short gasps of breath as we struggle and wrestle. We each manage to break a glove free and send a few short hard punches to each other’s side and ribs. I wince as the pain shoots through my side but I hold on tight, praying for the bell to ring! 

Joe shoves us apart and then out of the corner of my eye I catch that “blur" again but this time I twist my head to the side and down and her right glove misses my jaw but hits me across the tip of my chin!! My head twists to the side but I refuse to back up and instinctively I draw on something primal inside of me! I swing my own right over her arms and feel it smack against and form against her nose as my glove drives into her face! Her head snaps back and then she falls and leans back in and grabs me again. We shove and push against each other’s braced legs, gloves against each other’s chests, foreheads against each other’s shoulders! Gasps of warm breath flowing over each other’s bare wet shoulders as we struggle and grapple again but our arms feel like LEAD and all we can seem to do is lean and push! I want to punch but my arms just won’t MOVE!!

Suddenly, I finally hear a loud CLANG of the bell and Joe steps in and separates us, shoving us apart as we both turn and stagger to our corners, both ecstatic that round is over as we fall back on our stools and lean against the padded ring posts. Exhaustion has slowly set in as we have gone three grueling hard rounds that seem like a hundred!

I sit back in my corner, my lower lip split and my right cheek swelling under my eye a little. My chin and jaw throbbing! She has a left eye that was swelling pretty good and blood coming from the corner of her mouth and a nostril. Joe comes over and kneels in front of me, grabbing my upper arms and grinning like a Cheshire cat and yelling at me


Then he began to laugh as our eyes met and I tried to laugh but the pain in my jaw and mouth only made me wince and my face contort.

I got up and made my way between the ropes and down the stairs to the gym floor, walking rather gingerly to the locker room, feeling way older than my 35 years. I slowly pulled my gloves off my throbbing hands and carefully cut and unwound the tape from them. I pulled my sports bra up over my head and laid it on the bench in front of my locker, then shimmied my tight shorts down my thighs, over my knees and let them slide down my ankles to my feet, stepping out of them.

I sat on the bench in front of my locker, slumped over, my face in my hand and my elbows resting on my thighs. A million thoughts that were swimming around in my head suddenly begin to clear and I remembered Joe’s last words in the ring at the end,


Then I thought about it, and you know what, I MORE THAN SURVIVED, I WAY more than just survived. It was at that moment the tears welling up in my eyes reached a critical mass and just began streaming down my cheeks. I whimpered a little as I cried. I am not sure of all the reasons why I did cry, but not one of them was because of the pain I felt in my body at that very moment. I wiped my face and eyes and slowly got up and slowly and gingerly made my way to the shower…I turned the water on and leaned up against the wall under the shower head and I arched my back, tilted my face up, closing my eyes and just letting the wonderful refreshing cooling water flow over my sweat covered face, then stream over my tired aching shoulders and down my chest and back. Feeling the water begin to drain away the perspiration from my skin and a little of the pain and aches from my muscles, my long dark hair now soaking wet and flattened to my bare back, following the contours of my spine.

I pushed my palms off the cool wet tile wall and stood up a moment and reached for a bar of soap in a holder on the wall when I felt a hand reach out and cover mine as it touched the soap. I was startled for a moment but so exhausted I couldn’t react. Then I felt her body pressing against my back, ass and legs and her chin lay on my shoulder as she whispered

“I think I owe you this, and to be honest, I have thought of little else since I first laid eyes on you”

I whispered back “But……”

Her left hand came around from the other side of me and she let her extended index finger press gently against my now wet lips.

“Shhhhh” she whispered “No talking”

She was careful at first not to do anything that could be construed as **** (who am I kidding, just her voice sent me through the roof so imagine what her touch did to me!). She then wrapped her arms around me and when she did, I wasn’t shaking anymore, and I wasn’t apprehensive. I wasn’t scared any more. Her hands gently and softly began to roam over my wet skin, her left palm rubbing over my abs in a rotating manner, her right hand holding the bar of soap and massaging my right breast. Her breasts began to swish back and forth across the wet slick skin of my upper back. I could feel her arousal in the sensations of her hard erect ******* as they glided effortlessly over my skin and my heart immediately began to race and my breathing grow more rapid and shallow.

Her right hand held the bar of soap as it stroked my body, leaving a creamy white trail over my glistening skin, feeling it rub over my breasts for a moment. Then she laid the soap down and began rubbing my soapy breasts with her soft hands, very gently, almost lovingly. Feeling my supple tanned orbs being caressed , I began to feel a deep throbbing and pulsating from deep between my thighs. My hard aroused tingling pink ******* sliding between her slender fingers as I tilted my head back and moaned softly over my full lips.

She continued running her slick soapy hands over my breasts and down my taut abs, her hand gliding over the muscled contours. She then knelt down behind me as she let both her hands run over and around each of my legs before letting them travel back up again.

"Let me get your back." She offered.

She didn't really wait for my permission. She just started rubbing away at my back. "You really should try a loofa." My back arched the moment the surface of the loofa touched my skin.

She whispered, "See it's nice."

I just moaned softly and purred as it took a wonderful eternity for her to finish my back.

She whispered again in that soft sensual voice "And if you think it feels good on your back you should feel how it works other places."

"I don't think---" I started to protest the “lewd” thing she was implying, but I smiled and took the initiative and pressed my body against hers and she ran the soapy sponge around my waist and across my lower abs. She kept lathering my stomach, suds running down over my labia, teasing it. Nothing in my experience though had prepared me for the sensations the soft but scratchy loofa evoked from me as it pressed against the soft wet mushy folds of skin of my labia.

"Oh God!" “My FUCKING GAWD!” I gasped nearly loosing my footing.


"Told you." She whispered, working the scrub in a slow deliberate circle against my now wanting *****. "You like that?" She already knew the answer so she kept speaking. "If you want me to stop just say so. I’ll stop if you want." She leaned in and captured my earlobe between her teeth and gently tugged.

"But I don't want to stop”

I felt the two fingers of her right hand holding the loofa slide between my lips and it didn’t take long for them to search out my throbbing bud. It took just a few of her expert touches to drive me over the edge as I shuddered and screamed out, my legs wanted to buckle under the weight of this most wonderful ******. She held me as I shook, her arms wrapped around me tightly.

After I had calmed, she reached over and grabbed a plastic bottle and squeezed more shower gel into her palms and then half crouched, half squatted in front of me, looking strangely defenseless with the shower water cascading over her head and shoulders. She soaped up my calves, then my knees and worked her way up my thighs, just once brushing the side of her hand against my pubic hair as she reached the top of my leg. It was only a very brief touch, but I was incredibly conscious of it.

She then dropped back down and began again at my feet and worked her way up to the back of my thighs, stopping at the top of my legs to begin again at my shoulders. It is a lovely sensuous feeling to have someone's soapy hands massaging your back and I was feeling really warm and relaxed by the time she reached the base of my spine, so much so that it didn't even occur to me how intimate it was to have someone rubbing soap all over my naked ass. I just enjoyed the sensation, only really becoming aware when her fingers delved between my cheeks into my crack, and then only to notice how ******* great it felt.

I tried to give little sign of noticing and I didn't say anything, but afterwards it was as if I could still feel that tantalizing touch. I think she just wanted to let me know she could do that anytime she wanted and who was I to argue. What were we going to do? Fight about it?

We finished our “shower” and both dried our hair and got dressed. I walked out of the locker room and she was waiting for me at the door.

Our eyes met and we both smiled a little, her eyes twinkling. I wanted to tell her she had done more for me today than maybe anyone in my life but she cut me off as my lips began to move.

“Lets go get something to eat”

“And I want to discuss our re-match”

I let out a bit of a yelp and in a high-pitched voice said, “REMATCH?” "What in the Wide Wide World of FUCK is going on here?"

She cackled out loudly, opened the door and we walked through it, her shoulder brushing gently against mine as we walked to her car.

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