Harper's Awakening 2 by Michelle

My heart leapt up in my throat as my eyes met those of the brunette from the alley. Her large dark eyes almost seemed to look THROUGH ME and not at my body and me felt like it had been lifted up off the floor with a sensation I can’t quite explain. I hadn’t seen eyes such as those in my life. There was an intensity that sent a shiver up my spine. I suppose that was just how she was but then I heard her speak as she talked past me to my trainer. 

“Joe!” “Where have you been?” “I’ve been wanting to work with you dammit!!” Then it hit me, my trainer was a veteran of all this, had trained so many so the fact that he had worked with her was no surprise.

Joe smiled and replied “Samantha!” “My God I haven’t seen you in months!”

The brunette walked around me and our shoulders briefly brushed. She was more imposing in person, seemingly taller and with a smile I sure never saw last night in that alley! Our eyes met for a brief instant and her scent lingered in the air and the thin film of perspiration that coated her tanned skin rubbed off on my shoulder. She hugged Joe and they laughed and told a few jokes, as old friends who have been apart for a time are prone to do. Being this close to her a lot more things were evident, such as her physical condition, which was about to become even more evident

I watched as she and Joe went over and he spotted a heavy bag for her and she proceeded to work on it, her fists moving at an even faster speed than last night as her bare knuckles popped repeatedly into the leather covered bag. Her tall athletic frame twisting with each punch and in perfect sync with her fists, a loud grunt following every loud impact of her fists hitting that bag. I watched in awe as she moved around the heavy bag, her fists hitting high and then low. This went on for about 20 minutes and I watched again, mesmerized. She finally stopped and wrapped her arms around the bag, gripping it tightly to get torso laying her wet cheek against it. Her long dark brown ponytail was wet…matted and almost plastered to her exquisite upper back muscles and down along the contour of her spine. She had a shape and a form I seldom have ever seen, but it was so much more than that. This raven-haired beauty had me fully and completely in her spell, and she didn’t even know me.

I began walking back to the locker room to shower and change when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was my Trainer, Joe.

“Hey Harpy, I need a sparring partner for someone if you’re interested”

I looked at him smiled weakly, responding sarcastically “Oh fantastic!” Another blonde newbie housewife working on her fat ass?” “Great!” I was stunned that I answered him in that tone as he tilted his head and looked at me quizzically and I rolled my own eyes back in my head and shook it from side to side.

I then looked back at him and whispered back “I’m sorry Joe, sheesh, who do you want me to fight?”

He looked at me and then raised his right arm and pointed up into the far ring next to the large glass window off Main Street and spoke in that old gruff voice.

“How about her?”

I turned and looked and what I saw made my heart leap up into my throat and my pulse nearly doubling! I suddenly felt as if a MAC truck driving at full speed had hit me and I was being drug under it as it just kept going! Standing in the ring, pounding her gloves together and pacing like a predator cat, WAS THE BRUNETTE! YES! THE VERY SAME BRUNETTE! GOD DAMN!!!

She was wearing a tight (No…I mean …TIGHT!) black sports bra. Two grapefruit shaped **** pushed up off her chest and barely appeared to sag, stretching out the spandex material so much that you swore her breasts were mere seconds from spilling out. Her small ******* were clearly visible and they struggled to poke through the constraining material. Below the bra those awesome abs and a cute innie belly button were showing off her soft but flat stomach where a diamond belly button piercing glittered. The set of abs that were between that bra and those shorts were nothing short of spectacular. I could hook myself up to a sit-up machine (if such a thing existed) and stay on it the rest of my life and I wouldn’t have abs HALF as perfect as she has! My God I lost count of the number of “packs”! Below her **** tummy, a pair of black yoga pants stuck to her legs like paint, covering her bare skin but hiding nothing of their shape, the muscle development. The her thicker thighs and firm ass emphasized by the skin tight fabric just added sweeter sugar to this girl’s almost honey-like body. She didn’t appear to have an ounce of fat on her. I stared at her toned shoulders and upper back muscles and even the slightest movement caused the flexing of a muscle or group of muscles. Her triceps were well developed and when she flexed her arms her biceps were quite evident, not large but with that firm, sinewy look. She was quite simply, very imposing. She was strikingly attractive and it was hard to find anything about her that wasn’t beautiful, perfect. I can be honest enough and say I was so ******* aroused by her physical presence and feelings of desire just flowed through me. And when I say flow, I mean FLOW! She was simply breath taking and damn if I didn’t want her!

I took a long, slow deep breath and began walking over to the ring behind Sam. I couldn’t believe I was doing this! I have seen this girl fight and I am SO FAR out of my league it’s not funny! I watched her a few nights ago and she was take another girl APART! What is Joe thinking? WHAT AM I THINKING? My nerves began to get the best of me as I could feel my arms and hands begin to tremble! We got to the ring apron and suddenly I felt this almost savage churning in my stomach and I was hit instantly by nausea with the intensity I had never felt before! My stomach churned and my head was now spinning, ALONG WITH THE ROOM! I felt sick at my stomach and I knew I had better act quickly. I immediately ran for a rest room over in the corner and practically DOVE into a stall! Before I knew it I was on my hand and knees praying to a porcelain god and puking my GUTS UP!!!! I finished “Unloading” myself, sat on my knees a few moments as I flushed the toilet and placed my hands on my face, my elbows resting on the edge of the toilet seat. I slowly got to my feet and walked over and bent over at the sink and began washing my hands and face, splashing the cool cold water over my face as I tried to snap out of it and regain my composure. I leaned over the sink and just breathed deeply for a few minutes. I then reached over and grabbed some paper towels and begin drying my face and mouth, looking in the mirror over the bunched up, wadded up towels that were pressed to my face. I closed my eyes a moment and then finally opened them, tossing the towels in the trash. I took a final look in the mirror, bit my lower lips and walked from the restroom, blinking, shaking my head.

I walked back to the ring apron, my apprehension growing exponentially with each step. I crawled under the bottom rope and over the ring apron onto the canvas. I stood up and as soon as I raised my eyes up I was facing HER.

Joe spoke. “Harper, meet Samantha, Samantha…Harper!”

I reached out and took her hand in mine to shake and I felt her almost voce-like grip squeeze my hand until the blood left it and moved its way up my arm. I took my hand back and turned and shook it back and forth to get some feeling back in it! Looking at Joe as I mouthed a choice word! “SHIT!!!”

Her eyes met mine again and she asked me “Are you up for this” “I sure could use the work” “And from the looks of you, you could use some extra work yourself!” She chuckled after she poke those last words, which seemed to disarm me a moment.

And then she showed that “smile”. You know the one, we’ve all seen it. It’s the one the spider gave the fly before “she” devoured it. The one the “predator” gives to its prey before she leads it back to her lair. I looked at her and before I had a chance to think I just blurted out

“Well, I hope I can help you work off some of that big ass of yours”

And as soon as I said it I just KNEW I had screwed up again!! God Harper, YOU AND YOUR MOUTH!! DOH! Samantha just gave me a “look”, gave me one of those ****, quizzical head tilts and simply said….”Lets get started, shall we?”

Then she WINKED! I knew I was in deep **** then!

I said “But the gym’s about to close” and she answered back

“Not for us love”

 I looked over at Joe and he was locking the front door and nodding at me as he walked over.

“Come on Harper!” “Your ready girl, now show her what you got!”

My heart was just RACING AND POUNDING NOW! I had been working so hard this past year, killing myself with daily workouts and sparring but I saw what this woman can do and the old doubts started to creep in. Joe grabbed me by both of my arms and shook me pretty hard!!


“I’ll be refereeing and I’ll be watching, now lets GO!”

I took a huge deep breath and climbed up on the ring apron and slid under the bottom rope as I have a hundred times before. I stood up in my corner and extended my arms as Joe wrapped tape ever so slowly around my fingers and hands. I clenched my fists tightly as he slide the black 8 oz. Reyes gloves over my hands and began tying the laces around my wrists. Samantha already had her gloves on and she was shadow boxing in her corner, her long dark hair tied back in a pony tail as she turned and began slamming her leather clad fists into the padded ring post. Grunting out loud with each movement, her elegant athletic torso turning into each punch as the ring vibrated as her gloves slammed into the padding! Ring ropes vibrating like large rubber bands! Joe finished lacing my gloves up and he stepped back and looked at me, smiling. I was wearing my white tight shorts and a white sports bra. I had forgotten one minor detail though, this white tends to try and go “transparent” when it gets wet and you can make out my hard pink ******* pretty easy thru the spandex material, as I was really sweaty from a prior workout. He winked at me and said….”Don’t worry, I won’t look”


I tried to manage a chuckle but my nerves just wouldn’t let it happen. Joe walked to the center of the ring and motioned us in where we stood on either side of him, inching every closer together as I could feel her warm breath flowing across my wet facial features. Her strong, yet sensual chest, rising and falling, the imprint of her own aroused ******* so obvious against the black material. She was blinking back the salty perspiration from her large dark brown eyes. Her nostrils flared as Joe began giving us our instructions, the same ones I had heard countless times before. We would box 3-2 minute rounds, unless the fight was stopped for some reason before then. As he said that, she interrupted and muttered

“We won’t be going 3 rounds” 

Her dark blazing eyes were gazing into mine as she smiled a little. Then I did it again. God damn if I didn’t open my ******* mouth AGAIN!

I said “No, I DOUBT you’ll make it that long”

She threw her gorgeous head back and laughed out loud and that seemed to break some of the tension that was hanging so heavy in the air and I laughed a little myself, just not as much as her. I may have a big mouth but I am not completely stupid.

I moved back to my corner and continued to bounce lightly on my toes in my corner. It was at that moment I began to notice the wetness between my thighs and the throbbing I had felt when I had thought about her about her before during some very sleepless nights.

I leaned back against the ring post, looking over at her, my feet shuffling and suddenly I heard the bell for round 1 ring.


I watched as she moved towards me...her gloved fists coming up...her tall athletic frame...so much like mine.... growing taut as I moved in closer to her.... my own arms coming up...taped fists clenched tight in my gloves.... feeling my back and shoulder muscles growing so tight...my heart pounding. We both arch our backs a bit as we circle, standing ore or less up straight in our stances.... I feel my hard erect ******* tingling...her own small pink ******* instantly growing firm...jutting from her perfectly rounded breasts and struggling to poke thru her black top...my mouth dry...licking my lips feverishly....

I circle her a few times.... us both feinting with our long left arms.... gloves popping together as we block each other’s tentative left jabs.... I twist and feint with my right and I suddenly stepped in hard with my left foot and snapped her head back with my long lethal left jab! Popping her flush in the face TWICE! Her dark brown ponytail flying and swishing from side to side as her head snaps back! My teeth gritting so tight, almost feeling them wanting to shatter as I watch her eyes blink several times and begin to tear up...her face contorting as she quickly rights herself after stepping back a step and quickly counters my steps with her own! Her own left glove snapping out from her shoulder and hitting me flush in the mouth hard! My dark hair flying back! My eyes seeing brief intense flashes! Shaking my head from side to side and blinking a few times from the sting and the pain!....immediately tasting the blood between my lips and the trickle over my cut lower one...seeing her own nose now bleeding from a nostril. We both keep our gloves up as we circle each other slowly.... in fairly close proximity.... gloves almost touching...perspiration beginning to streak down our heaving chests and backs...our pony tails wet and matted as they dangle down along the curvature of our spines...our small hard biceps rounding up with our cocked arms. 

I drop my left shoulder as I step into her quickly...her right glove whizzing over my head as she telegraphed an overhand right! I drop down and drive my left glove HARD right at the waistband of her yoga pants below her navel!!...Twisting it as it smacks hard into her wet muscled abs…my glove hitting those taut muscled abs with a loud smack against her wet skin! Hearing her grunt and gasp as the air left her lungs and flowed over her sensual full lips! Twisting my body back to the right in one fluid movement as I begin to straighten my tall frame up...uncoiling my right arm! Right shoulder muscles releasing! Whistling my right glove hard across her chin! Her head twisting to the side violently as my glove drives across her chin! Watching her stagger then drop to her knees! Shaking her head! Gloves on her thighs.... as a faint red trickle begin to appear from the corner of her mouth.


Perspiration adds almost a glow against my skin as I step back from delivering the solid 1-2 combo, stepping out of her range, crouching carefully, protecting my stomach forearms up. I try and hold in my excitement but I can feel myself doing a “happy dance” on my toes and I know I might have gone too far when I look over at Joe. He is making a motion to me with his right hand, running it horizontally across his throat in a “slit throat” fashion and I realize he is motioning for me to cool it! OH GOD! I take a few deep breaths and leave my feet planted on the ring canvas, biting down on my mouthpiece and waiting.

I watch as she looks up and glares…those dark eyes burning a hole through mine and at that moment I felt like I was looking into some force unknown to me…


The bell sounded to end the round and she quickly got to her feet and stepped back to her corner, plopping on her stool, her anger obvious as she pounded her gloves on her thighs, letting out a scream in frustration. I went back and sat on my stool, wincing at the pain from my cut lips, the taste of blood still fresh on my lips. Joe came over and kneeled in front of me, wiping my lips and placing his hands on my shoulders, looking in my eyes.

“Where the FUCK did that come from?”

“You were AMAZING!”

I tried to manage a smile at him and winced.

“You’re not the one with the SPLIT LIP DAMMIT!!”

He laughed and wiped my lips again, then held the plastic bottle of water up and placed the tube between my lips as I let them part and he squeezed some in my wanting mouth. God that tasted good! I didn’t realize how much I needed that!

He rubbed my shoulders and placed his hand under my chin and lifted it up, looking in my eyes again and speaking.

“Stay out away from her just like you have! Use that left, move your feet, make her work!” “OK?” “NOW GO GET HER!”

I looked at him and muttered “Easy for you to say”


The bell ringing for round 2 echoed through my head as I slowly got up, biting down on my mouth piece, seeing her tall athletic frame get up from her stool as we moved to the center of the ring and we began our almost ritualistic dance. Circling each other at arms length, left gloves pawing, jabbing, gloves popping together, the sounds of our feet shuffling on the ring canvas and out gasps of breath the only sounds audible.

I saw what I thought was an opening and unloaded my left jab from my shoulder when like a blur she dropped down lower in her crouch, her right coming up, deflecting my left SO EASILY!

Then it happened…. all I remember is feeling the air leaving my lungs as her left PLOWED into my abs just below my breasts!! My gloves came down and her right drove like a hammer across my chin!!! My body twisted to the side with the blow and I staggered a few steps and fell to my knees, then to all fours as all I saw were lights, flashes, a kaleidoscope of colors as my head hung between my arms. The only sounds I heard was Joe counting out loud, listening to the slow count in my spinning, throbbing head.


Shoving myself to my knees with all my strength but my legs not wanting to uncoil under me…..


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