Halloween Stripped-Tacular! by X-Writer


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Halloween Stripped-Tacular! by X-Writer

“Super Hot Chick – to the rescue!” Jessie joked, tossing both hands up into the air.

Click! – and the photograph was taken, immediately, on a digital camera: 19-year-old Jessie McDonald, dressed as Super Hot Chick and looking like 70% of a match for the super-heroine, struck a model-like pose for the still shot. The costume was perfect – homemade, cheap. A blonde wig. A little bit of makeup, including red lipstick and red, blushing cheeks. A small white shirt. A small black skirt. The initials SC written over the white shirt – homemade, with markers.

“Halloween is awesome,” she remarked.

Her friend, Natalie Greatrack, was dressed as a nurse. A white dress clung tightly to her body. Her ***** looked especially big, being pushed together by the dress. Her white hat had a red + sign on it, and in her hands she held a stethoscope, completing a perfect nurse costume.

Leila Lopez was a cheerleader. (By the way, the names of characters in this story mean nothing. No character in this story is based on any actual people, just so you know.)

The other Leila Lopez, who happened to have the exact same name as her friend, was dressed as a fairy, wearing a white dress, a tiara in her hair, and a plastic white wand in her hand.

Sheri and Cheri were respectively an angel, dressed in white, and a devil, dressed in red. Sheri had two white wings growing out of her back and Cheri had two red horns growing out of her head. Very ****.

But perhaps the most convincing costume here tonight was Alice Snowman's witch costume. All of her skin was dark green – even her hands and arms. She wore a black pointed hat, with a green stripe around it, and a black dress that went down to the ground. She held an old broomstick in her right hand. The superhero, nurse, cheerleader, fairy, angel, and devil-girl all had to admit that, as hard as they had all worked on their costumes, the witch was clearly the most elaborate, the most convincing. Hell, it looked so real that, for a second, they could almost forget it was a costume!

“Hey, good costume, Alice!” Leila (the cheerleader) remarked. “You look like a real witch!”

“Thanks. I get that a lot,” the witch replied. “Except I'm not Alice!”

“Ha ha! Good one.” The cheerleader walked on, humming a tune.

“Oh, but I do mean what I say when I say that I am a real witch! Since the 17th century, I have hidden right in plain sight, living in seclusion amongst you miserable mortals. I laugh at the way you people have no idea that magic forces exist everywhere across God's planet – what kind of power comes from sorcery!”

“Okay. All right. All right,” the cheerleader remarked, trying to put an end to it. This was getting a little bit annoying by now. Still, she had to admit, the witch had a great costume.

“Do you really think I sound like your friend Alice?” the witch asked.

Wait a minute. That was true. The witch's voice sounded nothing like Alice's anymore.

“Oh . . . well, then, you're changing your voice,” the cheerleader said. “Hmmm . . . you're pretty good at that. But don't do that too long. It's gonna hurt your throat. All right, Alice, let's just go and –”

“What do you mean?” Alice asked – the real Alice. Her friends looked behind them to find Alice, dressed in a pretty convincing witch costume, standing a dozen feet away from the rest of the group, admiring the trees by the sidewalk opposite of them.

There were two witches – the one who looked convincing, and Alice, whose costume was obviously bought at a Halloween store. Her hands were still visibly white, and so were parts of her face, on the side. Her broom looked clean, smooth, and solid, like a broom recently bought in a store, while the other witch had a used one that looked as if it actually was a couple of hundred years old.

“Wait a minute! Who ARE you?” the nurse asked the better-looking witch. “Jamie? Jaleria Poller?”

“Who am I? I am the one in charge, that's who!!” the witch yelled. “You know nothing, you stupid cretin! Let me just show you what I mean.”

“You stay away from us,” the cheerleader said angrily. “Who are you, anyway?”

The witch cackled loudly. She raised her right hand, and suddenly there seemed to be a spark of orange and yellow energy emanating from the hand, like the kind that came from a fire.

“Hix, hox, hex . . . let's make you undress!” the witch yelled at the cheerleader. The orange and yellow glow of energy flashed purple for a split-second, several times across the span of three seconds. Then it happened: the cheerleader's top began to slowly lift itself up, gradually exposing the ***** underneath! Soon, the top had lifted itself high enough to reveal everything!

“Down to the ground!” the witch commanded, and she quickly jerked her hand to the right, causing the cheerleader's top to fly right off her body and drag across the ground for 20 feet.

The cheerleader screamed. She shrieked. Her gigantic ***** were now bared! She covered up real quickly with her hands and blushed. Her top was so far-away now!

“Now become naked as a hound!” the green-skinned woman went on. She cackled loudly again. Then she moved her hand one more time and caused the cheerleader's skirt to flip upward. Now her yellow ******* were seen.

The skirt flip had been hot, for one brief moment, but now the witch pulled the bottom of the skirt up and made it stay frozen where it was. Then she made the backside of the skirt lift itself up equally. Soon, she jerked the skirt upward so fast, and so suddenly, that the whole thing pulled itself over the cheerleader's head, while, at the same time, parts of the sleeves were severed so that the whole thing could be easily pulled away.

Now she was down to wearing one article of clothing alone: pink *******. She screamed again, keeping covered up.

“DAMN!” a man dressed as a zombie said, snapping a picture of the ENF moment.

“Your *******, I did not do. Well, now they will become see-through!” the witch commanded, and then it was done: they were halfway clear. This made it very easy to see the cheerleader's ************. She shrieked, then turned around, hiding her ***** from view yet in the process revealing a clear sight of her ass.

“How could this get any worse??” the cheerleader yelled.

But it did get worse – a lot worse. The witch moved her hand again. Now a nearby tree – the one with no leaves left on it – leaned downward to the ground, its branches moving around as though blown by severe winds, yet also like human hands moving about. The tree's branches wrapped themselves around the undressed cheerleader's wrists!

She screamed a little more. Soon, she was trapped – both her wrists were being kept above her head, tied to the tree's branches, by nothing more than the tree itself! Was the tree alive? Or did the witch simply have the power to manipulate ordinary trees through magic?

Either way, now she was ******* and only wearing her ******* – the ones that were see-through. She could do nothing to cover up.

But the witch had a little bit more work to do. Using her right hand, once again glowing with orange and yellow energy, she pulled down those pretty pink *******, inch by inch, until she had gotten them down to the naked cheerleader's knees. Then, she made them simply disappear into dust.

Everybody took a second to see the sight again. A naked cheerleader, no outfit at all, ******* naked to a tree. Nobody knew what to say. Nobody seemed to move at all.

“Huh huh huh! Huh! Huh huh!” the camera-holding zombie guy said, snapping another picture.

“Oh, shut up, you!” the witch yelled. “Explode – please do!” The witch waved her hand again to make the zombie guy explode into pieces.

“You're next!” the witch yelled to the nurse. “Not to die, but maybe soon you'll wish you were! Ahhhh ha ha ha ha haaa!!”

“Me? What do you want?”

“For you to be naked,” the witch replied, and with a snap! of her fingers, the pretty white nurse's dress began to dissolve into dust, which fell off her now-undressed body. “See? You can't fake it.”

“Oh, come on! That time, when you rhymed, the second half of the rhyme wasn't even part of the initial spell!”

Then she looked down at her body and screamed. The white dress was gone! Somehow, in all the commotion, she had managed to completely miss this event! Her face felt like it was being pulled toward the street – not from a curse, but from anxiety, fear.

She was now wearing only her white bra, *******, and the hat on her head, with the red + sign on it!

“Here you go,” the witch said, throwing a bucket of water at the nurse. The bucket stopped before it hit the nurse, suspended perfectly in place five feet above the ground, and it remained frozen for a second before it turned upside down and soaked the nurse's chest in water. Soon, her white bra became transparent. The water trickled down her legs as the witch ran away from the nurse, an action the other girls found odd.

Of course, the witch made the hand gestures necessary to simply undo the nurse's wet bra from the back and to make it unravel and peel itself off her body. Then the witch made the bra leap to the ground and fly away, like a dollar bill attached to a string.

“You can't do this!” the nurse screamed.

So the witch simply ripped the ******* off her body, instantly baring her private parts. The naked nurse was wearing only a single article of clothing at this point – the hat on her head.

The witch was using more magic to make the nurse's ***** twice their usual size. Previously, it had taken special work with the dress to make them appear larger. Now the nurse would never have to worry about that anymore. Still, she could probably never fit into her usual bras again.

The witch caused a second tree to reach itself over to the nurse, to trap her in a ******* trap of tree branches. With her hands held high above her head, everybody could see her *****, now twice the size they were before. Just to be fair, the witch caused the naked cheerleader's ***** to expand as well. Both girls continued to thrash about, but the tree branches just had too good of a grip!

“Stop, you fiend!!” yelled Jessie still dressed as Super Hot Chick. She stood with her hands on her hips, ready to fight the evil-doer.

“Here!” the witch yelled. “You want to be a superhero? Then suffer her same fate!” The witch caused the Super Hot Chick costume to undo itself, until, eventually, her own clothes were used to tie up her wrists together at her waist.

Jessie was completely naked now. She had never before imagined she would be so naked in front of people – let alone stuck in place, unable to move, unable to cover herself up. Her ***** was perfectly visible next to her hands. Yet, somehow, she got the feeling that things would actually get worse in a second.

“Go trick-or-treating. Go door to door. NOW!!” the witch screamed, waving her hand around. Then she let go of all three girls, allowing them to get back down onto the ground.

The witch watched as all three girls reluctantly walked across the street, covering themselves with both hands as best as they could. Soon, they arrived at the driveway of one house. There came a long moment of silence and hesitation as they pondered what to do.

“Go ahead. Knock!” the witch yelled.

Jessie sighed. Then she knocked on the door.

There came another moment of silence. A moment of uncertainty.

There came the sound of muffled yelling. Possibly some arguing.

There came the sound of footsteps – drawing closer!

Then the door swung open to reveal a man somewhere in his 30s. “Whoa!!” he yelled. “What?” He blinked a few times.

“Yeah! Heh heh! Pretty convincing costume, huh?” Jessie asked, blushing again. “Yep, I bet it looks like we really are naked. Well, trick or treat! Where's the candy?”

“Turn around,” the witch instructed her.

Jessie was hesitant. Then she did as ordered, and turned around to let the man at the door see her awesome ass. Then she turned around one more time, so that he would only see her ***** and *****. Soon, the other two girls did the same.

The man took his entire candy bowl and handed it all to the girls. “Here. Just reach in!” he said, holding it out, and they all reached in to take the candies, although nobody had any bags or pillowcases to put it into.

“You know what? You can just have the whole bowl!” he said, smiling. The girls smiled, too, trying to ignore his *****.

Eventually, the moment was over, and they walked on to the next house, dressed as three naked girls. The witch approached the angel and devil girls. “You three are just idiots in costumes!!” the witch yelled, and instantly the angel costume and the devil costume were torn off their two bodies and dragged across the ground, far away from their reach.

They sighed, accepting defeat. Now naked, they began collecting candy door-to-door, putting the candy into the bowl the man had given them. One nice touch that the witch provided was a halo of yellow light – a genuine, actual halo – over the angel's head, and authentic-looking red horns over the devil girl's head. Side-by-side, they were a naked angel and a naked devil, collecting candy door-to-door.

Once the man of the house opened the door and saw the two naked ladies, he went back in to flip on the bright white light outside, instantly removing their cover of darkness. Now they could definitely be seen by anyone passing by! The two different sets of girls were assigned to both sides of the streets in the neighborhood. So the trick-or-treating went on for a while. Every girl was simply naked. This had been a cruel trick played, the witch realized, though it would be a treat for the men who saw them.

“Hmmm. Now walk down the main roads, naked, for 15 minutes!” the witch yelled, pointing toward the roads where cars were driving down.

The naked girls were still scared. So they stayed naked and traveled together on a 15-minute walk. The witch stayed next to them the whole way through, the only one who was fully dressed.

“Hey! Witch!” a new voice yelled.

The witch looked. There she was – a young lady dressed as a fairy, standing tall, proud, and confident, hands on her hips.

The witch smirked. “Here you go,” she yelled, trying to strip the fairy naked.

But it didn't work.

“What?” the witch yelled. “Hmm. Well, no matter –”

“Got you!!” the fairy yelled, splashing the witch with water.

“AHHH!” the witch screamed. “I thought nobody would think to have water on this night! Lots of candy, lots of sugar . . . but nobody brings water . . .!”

The fairy had been gone for quite a while. She had been missing in action across all the night's action. But the reason for that was simple: it was pretty difficult to gather water to splash on the witch.

Now the wicked, green-skinned witch was melting.

The fairy girl was proud. She had saved everyone. So she gave the naked girls some very small towels to cover up with. Eventually, at home, they would shower and change into other clothes.

Then their souls were all stolen by a jack-o-lantern.

They all disappeared from sight, their souls stolen by the jack-o-lantern, imprisoned like a genie trapped in an oil lamp. Soon, nothing could be seen at all, except the pumpkin, with a face carved in it, sitting on the ground.

“Seriously? Seriously?” the naked nurse screamed.

She sighed, giving up.

Until some total jerk smashed the pumpkin, just trying to be mean, just accidentally freeing all the souls.

Jessie, the naked Super Hot Chick, breathed a sigh of relief. “That was insane,” she said, breathing exhaustively. “Insane! Nothing like that has ever happened before to us!”

She looked up at the sky – the sight of infinite space, with all its blackness and stars. Finally, her breathing was starting to slow down, although everybody was still essentially naked.

“What an incredible Halloween . . .”

The End

Copyright© 2011 by X-Writer. All rights reserved.

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