Had Enough by unknown


Had Enough by unknown

Usually, she was tolerable but sometimes she went overboard. We were at the fair away from people where animals are kept and she began running her mouth. We would sneak beer and get away from the adults sometimes. She was wearing a button blouse with a jean skirt. I wanted to embarrass her and hurt her at the same time.

Every chance I could as we struggled I tugged her skirt up so the boys could see her purple bikini *******. I also was able to rip her shirt open to expose her ***** but unfortunately, my shirt was opened as well. Luckily I was wearing jeans so nobody saw my undies and my bra stayed intact. We are both in high school. Several times I pinned her on her back, jerked her skirt up, and got her bra pulled up over her chest to allow all the boys a view of her. I also scored some solid belly blows while she was on her back.

The boys yelled and encouraged more skin, she begged me to stop but I was mad and it was on. Besides if she could have she would have done me the same way. I took several belly and chest hits but my adrenalin was pumping and I was mad. She didn't like that but the boys cheered and laughed.

To totally embarrass her I pushed her against a cattle trailer and hooked her arms on the pipe. This left her with her whole chest/belly showing then I was also able to unsnap her skirt and allow it to drop to her ankles. Now not only could everyone see her belly and her boobies but her ******* were also exposed. This made her just freeze and stand there.

Not wasting any time I quickly began punching her in her belly. Two boys encouraged me to hit her on her belly button so I did. Then I dared them to do it. Shockingly they jumped at the chance. One boy secured her arms behind her then the other punched her four times in her belly button then he took her ******* off. The other boy scored five hits to her belly then they left.

She was beaten up more than what I intended but she shouldn't have run her mouth so much. Sometimes a person reaps what they sow. I hadn't realized that her 12 yr. old sister came up and was going to report us. Some other girls grabbed her arms and punched her in her belly until she promised not to say anything.

April 5, 2022 6:05 PM