Girlfriend Fights Best Friends Girl by nonethanx66


Girlfriend fights best friends Girl by nonethanx66

I was about 17 or so when I first realized that I was into Girls fighting, thanx to my best friend Mark. Mark was really into girls fighting, and even better, into getting them to fight.

One summer we both had good-looking girlfriends that were also friends, so we all hung out together constantly. Marks girl was named Cheryl and mine was Anne. Cheryl was around 5'4 and 145lbs with long dirty blond hair, a little chunky, but good-looking.

My girl was about 5'2 and 100lbs with long strawberry blond hair and pretty blue eyes. Anne had the perfect body, small breasts, but perfect! she had a tiny little stomach with nice curves that made her look extra ****. Anne was a little dippy and loved to have fun.

Cheryl was a showboater constantly looking for attention. We used to hang out at a local pond all the time and Mark would always talk them into wrestling, It was great for us and the girls were always up for it. Cheryl always put on a show and would sometimes get too aggressive and go too far.

Every time she would do something that was over the top, she would scream and yell, sometimes right in Anne's face.

The day I found out I liked belly punching.

Cheryl had Anne on the ground beaten and winded. I saw Anne dazed from being choked by the stronger girl. Anne looked so hot in her leopard bikini with her hair stuck to her face with sweat. Her stomach was heaving as she was trying to catch her breath.

I don't know why, but I yelled out " Punch her in the stomach" and just like that, the whole world stopped!

Cheryl looked at me for what seemed like a long time then slammed her fist into the already beaten girl's stomach.

I heard the splash from her punching the sweaty belly and I saw her stomach fold up around the bigger girl's fist as she buried it deep into Anne.

At first, Anne couldn't speak.

Anne let out a loud sigh and tears started running down her face. She curled up in a tight ball clutching her stomach.

Cheryl, looking for more attention, grabbed Anne's arms and pulled them over her head, and straightened her out on the ground.

She then looked at me and blew me a kiss as she moved on top of her sobbing victim, lifted her right leg, and slammed it right into the center of Anne's stomach!

That was it, she was beaten! A crying, moaning soaking wet mess!

Cheryl did a victory pose with her arms up in the air making the muscle pose and planted her foot in the fallen girl's stomach and proclaimed herself the winner.

I was stunned, that was the hottest thing I have ever seen, but I had to be compassionate to my girlfriend who had just got beaten and humiliated by another girl for the entertainment of her boyfriend. As I carried her to the car, Cheryl said "good fight" and Anne replied " This Isn't over *****! Anne could never just keep her mouth shut.

On the way home, she asked me who yelled out Punch her in the stomach You or Mark?

I just looked at her and said, Sorry!!!!!

February 21, 2022 5:51 AM