Girl gets Belly Punched by Observer


Girl gets Belly Punched by Observer

I'm out with my family the other night having dinner at a restaurant and we're sitting by the window. I notice a couple who seem to be arguing. They were younger and the girl was slight but was being very aggressive with the guy - pushing and shoving him and getting in his face. I watched the whole thing. My kids are too small to see out the window and my wife wasn't paying attention and I doubt she could see anything anyway from her seat. It was obvious the guy was trying not to get rough with her and kept backing up and blocking her arms, then she spits on him and he lost it.

He gave her a left-right-left combo punch in the stomach that jerked her little body pushing her **** up and back while her head jerked back and forth with each uppercut punch. Then she went down holding her punched guts and writing in pain. The guy just left. I watched her lay there in pain for more than 15 minutes before she was able to struggle to her feet and stagger to the building and lean against the wall and use her cell phone.

She stood there hunched over still hugging her guts for another 20-30 minutes til a car pulled up and she staggered to it, still hunched over and cradling her belly, A girl got out and helped her into the back seat where she quickly collapsed over on her side still in pain nearly an hour after she was punched in the stomach. Just 3 punches.

Needless to say, I had trouble eating my food and my wife kept asking me things and noticed I was not paying attention. I just told her I had things on my mind. And I did - seeing a young woman get punched in the stomach! A rare treat!

April 5, 2022 6:35 AM