Girl Counselor Gets Belly Beat by AliasWise


Girl Counselor Gets Belly Beat by AliasWise

I do maintenance work for a teen outreach center in Southern Cal. Last week I worked a satellite house for rehabbing girls. One of the counselors that was working that afternoon was a cute 20yr old intern from the local college named Kara that only worked one or two days a week. I could tell her good looks were not winning her any friends from the students.

This particular house was one of the better, calmer ones, well usually. This particular afternoon I was upstairs replacing this rolling closet door, and one of the "students" KC, was this Mexican ex-gang girl, about 16, who had been shot and had a learning disability, always liked to help me with my projects, and the head counselors said it was good for her so she usually did. Right, when I was attempting to hang this overhead rolling track I lost my grip and the thing came clattering down. This brought Kara up the stairs. She said she wanted to help. Kara is taller than me at 5 8', and KC is about 5'5. I had Kara hold the track so I could drill it in. Kara was wearing one of those shirts that barely reach the top of her jeans so that when she reached up, her belly was showing. She knew it too, cause she sucked her stomach in, she was already thin, but this made it so her entire stomach was concave, her oversize jeans slid down to her hip bones. I couldn't tear my eyes away!

I could not believe a girl that blond could have a tan that brown on her belly, I drank in her lightly defined muscles, her oblong innie navel with a little gold stud, and the golden blond fuzz that highlighted her belly. I snapped out of it, then began to drill the guide holes for the track, every few seconds I glanced at her exposed belly, by now I was on my way to full mast.

I happened to glance at KC. I was startled to find her face in a frown, her eyes fixed on Kara's stomach. I could feel the tension. Man! I hurried and the track was up. I told Kara that she could go and I thought I was out of trouble. Kara began to leave and she turned to ask if I needed any more help from a "tall" person to call her as she re-did her ponytail and her shirt again came up, this time right next to KC.

Without warning, KC's fist plowed right into Kara's bare stomach, right on her extended belly button. Kara let a wrenching "guuuuaakkkff" and doubled-over.

My jaw dropped! KC yanked up so hard on the blonde's ponytail I thought her hair would be scalped, Kara instinctively grabbed at her head her spine was now arched back and her stomach was completely open, with a red blotch forming over her navel. I started across the room but kicked my toolbox and went down to a knee as KC's fist slammed into the area between Kara's belly button and jeans.

"guuuuaaaa" Kara's knees turned to mush as she collapsed in a heap, cradling her stomach.

Again KC grabbed Kara's blond hair and the girl stupidly reached up again, offering her extended midriff to the Mexican girl's fist. Kara seemed drunk with belly pain as KC roughly pushed her up against the wall.

She fired 2 more punches into the cute blonde's belly. Kara's arms just hung at her sides! Each punch brought a sharp whimper from her mouth but she unknowingly would straighten back up, her shirt framing a perfect 2-inch gap around her belly button for KC's little fist. I watched Kara's belly convulse in pain, her thin stomach muscles looked great while she wore her belly shirts, but now were completely turned to a soft wall as KC was wrist deep, grinding her knuckles into Kara's organs.

I finally grabbed KC in a bear hug and called for the other counselor. It was 10 minutes before Kara could walk. It could be 10 years before she stretches in public again.

February 20, 2022 12:57 AM