Gerard Emerton Must Die! (2) by CountryMouse


Gerard Emerton Must Die! by CountryMouse

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Ana Chadbourne’s entrance caused a wave of upset throughout the room. It wasn’t just her stunning appearance, though indeed Ana and her four sisters Levan, Iris, Ivy, and Primrose were said to be a**** the loveliest young women in the county. 

Tonight, Ana wore a dark navy blue blouse with a ruffled collar, a velvet bow, and button accents down the front. The sleeves were loose and flowing with fitted cuffs. The matching skirt was ankle length, high-waisted with a drawstring that pulled the skirt tightly around Ana’s slim waist. It was a popular walking skirt that didn’t require a hoop or petticoat for comfort. Though they were not the wealthiest family, Mother made sure the Chadbourne girls were well schooled and current with fashion. Any of the young women would be a catch for a worthy suitor. 

No, what cause a stir was not Ana Chadbourne’s eye-catching figure or the riding boots she wore that stood out in contrast to her fashionable garb. What caught everyone’s attention was the ivory-handled wheel lock pistol she carried outstretched before as she walked through the room.

There was a collective gasp as the young ingenue entered, but no one was surprised by her destination. In the corner of the ballroom, a handsome young soldier entertained a harem of lovely unmarried women. The man was square-jawed, with a prominent aquiline nose and adam’s apple. His hair and mustache were glossy black and a little longer than regulations permitted, but he got away with it. Gerard Emerton got away with everything.

Gerard had been courting Ana for months. The man could convince an Irishman to stop drinking. Despite his reputation, Ana fell for his charms. He promised he would propose marriage, but he was being transferred to the Russian front for three years and would not see her while he was gone. If he could just give him something precious to her to seal the promise. Ana was convinced of their unbridled lust for each other and gave Gerard her maidenhood.

Eight times.

After an admittedly unforgettable weekend of sin, Gerard left for Russia, promising to propose when he returned to the country. At least that was what Ana believed until she heard that he was not in the north but in Paris courting another young woman. Until Gerard married her, or her honor was restored through a duel, Ana lived a life of shame. No man would want her to marry. Her father was determined to challenge Gerard himself, but he was old and in no shape to do so. Besides, Ana didn’t see why she couldn’t kill Gerard with her own hands.  

“Gerard Emerton!” Ana shouted as she leveled the 16-inch, 54 gauge barrel of her father’s pistol. She aimed for the bridge of the man’s nose. Directly between those brilliant blue eyes that had made her swoon. “Gerard! We will have a reckoning!”

With those words, Ana fired.


As soon as he recognized Ana, Gerard Emerton ducked behind the piano. The pistol round flew wild and shattered an expensive vase. A clap of thunder erupted in the ballroom along with a bright flash and a cloud of gunsmoke. The wheellock pistol was heavy in Ana’s hands and she had trouble lifting it. Ana barely weighed nine-stone so the recoil caused her to stumble back a few steps before falling on her rear. 

Once Gerard was sure he hadn’t been hit he stood up and straightened his dress uniform. He gave that smile that he had gotten so much mileage with and offered his hand to help the girl to her feet. “I say, Ana Chadbourne! Is that you?”

Ana slapped Gerard’s hand away angrily and stood up by herself. Gerard withdrew his olive branch, his smile unwavering “What are you doing in Paris?”

“Oh no, you don’t! You Cad!” Ana spat angrily. She waved away a hired guard who tried to check on her, noticing the sabre hanging around the man’s waist

“You aren’t going to talk you’re way out of this. Fight me like a man!”

Somehow Gerard’s smile grew even wider “What?”

Ana reached for the guard’s belt and pulled the sword from his belt. She held it in front of her with practiced confidence, though this weapon was also too heavy for her. “Gerard Emerton, I issue a challenge!”

The young woman’s high-boned cheeks turned red with anger as several men in from the party laughed. “Duel me? Ridiculous!”

Ana swung the blade back and forth to prevent him from coming closer to her. “Afraid a mere woman will best you?”

“Even if you were a man it wouldn’t be fair,” Gerard spoke the truth, he was a seasoned fencer even before he joined the service. Only a fool, or a scorned woman, would challenge him to a sword fight. 

“Coward! En Guarde!” screamed Ana. Forgetting years of her own fencing practice she swung wide. 

There was a flash of metal as Gerard drew his own sabre and countered her attack with one smooth motion. For a moment, there was doubt on Ana’s face, she was impressed at how fast the man moved. Her jilted anger overtook her fear quickly and she lunged again.

Gerard Emerton had rarely faced such a ferocious opponent. Ferocious and clumsy. He easily knocked away the small woman’s boisterous thrusts and swings. Laughing at her enraged cries. It was her untamed energy that kept him out in the country trying to seduce her for so long. Quite an experience when Ana’s unruly temper was taken into the bedroom. 

Gerard was so distracted by Ana’s bearing he hadn’t noticed that she had forced him back against the wall. “I yield Ana, what say we stop this silliness and renew our friendship?”

This gave Ana pause, but the answer was clearly on her face. “I give no quarter sir! This ends when Gerard Emerton no longer draws breath!”

Up till this moment the whole spectacle had brought amusement, but there was a gasp a**** the partygoers as Ana’s sword finally found its target at the center of Gerard’s chest.


Gerard’s practiced reflexes saved his life. Ana’s aim was true and she would have skewered him like a pig had Gerard failed to parry. Instead, he expertly caught the lady’s blade with his own and threw it sideways.

Still, the sword was dangerously close to his flesh, cutting a large swath through his uniform jacket. Gerard examined the coat to see it could be salvaged, she had cut through the outer coat and through his white button-up shirt. He could see his well-defined abdominal muscles underneath. He resolved that the garment was hopeless and finished removing it. 

There was another, mostly feminine, gasp a**** the crowd. Gerard pulled apart his jacket and shirt, tossing it aside, baring his broad manly chest. The only thing he liked more than the ladies was doing his daily calisthenics. Push-ups and sit-ups were like a religion for Gerard. Lifting heavy weights was his morning breakfast. He had a runner’s physique, a trim v-shaped torso with impressive muscle tone. His arms were thick with the defined deltoids and biceps of a strongman. He made the effort to groom himself of excess hair so that he didn’t look like an ape.

Gerard stood confidently, hands on his hips. The people of the Edwardian Era were far too prudish for his taste. He caught Ana’s eye and saw that she was blushing. He had taken every opportunity to be around her with his shirt off, and when they were together she got particularly excited when she was touching his muscles.

There were murmurs through the crowd: 

“Oh dear!” said Mrs. Watersworth.

“Scandalous!” said a Mr. Kestle.

“What a fine cut of beef!” said Mr. Allen not addressing the table spread.


Gerard flashed a wolfish grin as Ms. Littlefield fainted nearby.


Ana recovered her composure and pushed her attack. He took her more seriously now, allowing her to get that close could be dangerous. She came at him again and again, and over and over Gerard brushed her offense aside effortlessly. The more her attacks failed the more frustrated Ana grew, the more wreckless her fighting became. 

Ana forgot all about technique and was swinging wildly at this man she hated so much. Gerard deftly caught her by the wrist as she brought her sword down. He used the flat of his own sword to deliver a swift but harmless smack to the girl’s belly. 

“Oof!” Ana grunted raising her arms up as she bent forward winded. She stumbled over to lean against the piano and catch her breath. Her neatly arranged hair was coming loose and falling about her face in small twirls. 

“That man is nothing but a brute!” cried Mrs. Treloar.

“I think that’s enough of that my dear Ana.” Gerard proclaimed. He strutted confidently keeping his sword in front of him while Ana recovered. “You have no chance against me girl. Now let’s get you a drink and…”

“You *******!” Ana screamed holding her sabre in both hands. She hurled herself at Gerard, spinning as though she wielded a broadsword and not a rapier. At the height of her descent, Gerard danced a step back and sliced downward at Ana’s navy blue gown.


“Shrip!” Ana’s eyes went wide as she heard a clean, sharp, tearing sound. It was followed by the unmistakable feeling of cold air passing into her skirt. Ana looked down to see that Gerard’s blade had cleaved the left side of her skirt, leaving a long slit all the way up to her waistline. 

“Oh my word!” said Mr. Lobb with admiration. The elderly man got a clear view as the skirt split open revealing Ana’s lovely, voluptuous, and maddening naked thigh. 

“My dress! How could you?” Ana stared daggers at her former lover, desperately trying to turn the skirt to veil her luminous bare skin. 

Gerard held his hands up defensively, “You ruined my favorite shirt!”

Ana abandoned her efforts at modesty and renewed her attack. Gerard held his ground, using his manly strength to push the girl back with each parry. He found himself distracted by the delightful flashes of supple inner thigh that were exposed as the angry girl moved about. 

He saw more of those lithe, slender limbs as she moved forward. The room was not of indefinite size, however, so he made a game of alternately giving her ground and going on the offensive. “Your legs are still magnificent my love.” Gerard praised.

“I beg your pardon?” Ana spat.

“Truly.” Gerard stated as he faked a riposte, “I consider myself an expert on the subject of women’s limbs.”

“Why don’t you concentrate on the fight?” Ana argued.

“I know that muscle is considered unwashed peasant-fair.” Gerard continued as he offhandedly defended Ana’s attack. “You have a small degree of well-developed peasant muscle but not so much that your legs don't appear wonderfully long!”

“I ask you to stop talking about my legs and fight me, sir!” Ana screeched. She drove forward with renewed aggression. Gerard calmly stepped aside so that Ana lost her balance and tripped past him. 

Always the Cad, Gerard took the opportunity to bring down the flat of his blade against the young woman’s firm rump. 

“Whap!” The report made as metal hit soft flesh resounded through the ballroom, other rooms in the large house, and could even be heard by the footmen smoking pipes as they waited with the horses outside. 

“Ow!” The girl hopped a foot into the air giving up her sword to put her hands on her tender backside. She was certain the skin was red beneath her undergarments. Unknown to the party-goers this rude act had meaning between Ana and Gerard, during their weekend they had played at spanking each other. “You course loggerhead!”

”All this play has made me break a sweat.” Ana scrambled to retrieve her weapon but met the tip of Gerard’s blade on her chin instead. He guided her to stand up and put her back against the wall. “Enough is enough. Change into a new dress and join the party or go home Ana.” 

“Never.” Ana protested. “I’m going to kill you.”

Gerard smiled accepting a glass of refreshing water from one of the servers, “Let me rephrase my offer. Go home of your own will, or I will cut this lovely dress from your lovely body, and you will go home naked.”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Ana looked panicked, she knew Gerard would do it, but she remained stubborn “I will not yield, I will die an old spinster unless my honor is restored.”

“That’s my girl! I was hoping you wouldn’t give up,” Gerard said pleased. “So how should I carry on? I’m very tempted to cut away the remainder of your skirt.”

Ana glared at Gerard in smoldering anger. He traced the length of her shapely bare leg, threatening to cut even further up her side. Then he brought the tip of the blade up to the bow on the front of her blouse, lingering at her small yet pert bosom. 

“Then again,” he continued non-plussed, “I recall that your breasts are as spectacular as your calves. Which would you prefer my girl?”

Ana raised her chin defiantly, “All that you do will come back on you ten-fold either by me or God. Do what you will then, sir.”





“Have it your way then girl.” Gerard snatched her right hand with his and raised it up and over her head guiding her into a twirl. Then he snapped her back towards him and caught her by the waist then dipping her low to the ground. The motion broke loose her hair so that it cascaded ringlets of her mane onto the carpet beneath her. Her weight was nothing to the man as he pulled her back up to her feet drawing her against his chest. 

Ana’s breath was quick as she gazed up at him. He could see that her cheeks were flushed again, though her mood was something different than anger this time. “Gerard I… ”

Before she could finish talking Gerard spun her away from him delivering another solid smack to her rear end with the flat side of his sabre. “Whap!”

Ana let out a small squeal and lost her footing in a graceless pirouette. As the girl stumbled around Gerard’s blade whirled like lighting, cutting another long gash in her velvety blue gown from hip to ankle, laying bare her right thigh. “Eek!”

Ana continued to spin on her small feet. Another cut from Gerard separated the back of the girl’s skirt from the rest of the gown just below Ana’s hips. The cloth floated away unmasking the young woman’s splendid round derriere, covered only by a small piece of cloth, and nicely developed calves. “Eek!”

Ana managed to steady herself, just to witness Gerard’s blade slice off the last piece of her skirt. The fine blue cloth fell lightly away from her hips so that Ana’s smooth, seemingly endless legs could be fully admired.

“Eek!” For a moment the ingenue stood still, arms up, unable to fathom her circumstance. She looked to where her skirt should be and saw only her riding boots. Then she looked around the room at the gawking party-goers who each fixed her lean, long legs with a salacious leer.

Ana got her wits about her, pulling the top of her dress down over her thighs and squeezing her knees together. She deeply regretted wearing the modern French-style undergarment that she had purchased when she entered the city the day before. The ******* only just covered the essentials, leaving no cloth between her bottom and her riding boots. A cool solution to hot weather, but quite embarrassing were the woman to lose the skirt unexpectedly.

Even worse, Ana was feeling a chill. 

“Oh she is quite a vision, isn’t she?” said Mrs. Booth. “Our Hilde would have no trouble finding suitors if she wore underpants like those.”

“What county does this girl hail from I wonder?” exclaimed Mr. Boucher, “If all the girls have legs like those I would consider moving there.”

“A gentleman does not speak of women in such a manner Mr. Boucher!” chastised Mrs. Wellard, “You should apologize to Ms. Chadbourne when she’s finished with this business.”

“No Edna, You walk around on a pair of ham hocks”, said Mr. Wellard. “You should apologize to me!”

Ana stuck her chest out and put her hands on her hips. “You consider yourselves members of polite society? Are you so ******** repressed that you cheer this scoundrel for a glimpse of skin? 

“You should be ashamed!” Ana continued to scold the crowd. “This man is the villain! I issued a legitimate challenge and he laughs at etiquette. Were I man, he would be called a coward!”

“You snuck up on me and shot at me!” Gerard corrected.

“Shut up Gerard! Arrrg!” she was not in the mood for a sound argument.

“Do you yield?” Gerard tried.

Ana was close to her sword, she wedged a boot under the basket hilt and kicked it up into her hand. “Never!”



Then Ana turned and ran for the back door. 

“Consarn it!” Ana swore as Gerard caught her near the egress, snagging the shoulder of her gown to pin her face-first against the wall. She tried to pull free but the sword had harrowed in deep, and she could feel the blouse ripping as she fought against it. 

She stopped struggling when it came to her attention that she had lost track of her opponent. “Gerard? What are you doing?”

“Nothing of your concern love,” Gerard said somewhere behind her. Then she spotted him at the corner of her vision. Gerard had unbuckled his belt and bent it into a loop and made a few test swings. 

“No! I entreat you!” Ana pleaded, realizing what he had planned. She fought harder to lose herself, putting her unpinned hand behind her to protect her backside.

He took her by the wrist with a strong dominant grip and carefully moved her arm back up to her eye level. She was overcome by the masculine smell of sweat and spice she was forced to inhale when standing so close to the man. She didn’t want to smell pleasant masculine things while she was fighting with this man.

“Will you yield Ana?” he asked quietly into her ear. Ana Chadbourne rolled her eyes with annoyance. Gerard was using his bedroom voice on her. She was trying to stab him, and he was getting aroused by it. The girl also wondered to what degree she was really bothered by this. 

“No!” Ana said doing her best to sound disgusted, “To both proposals.” 

“Then,” Gerard said, sounding disappointed. He raised the belt high, “If one acts like a brat, one shall be treated like a brat.” 

“Don’t so it! Don’t do it!” Ana pleaded. The chiffon fabric of her blouse pulled and ripped as she flailed about.

“Whack! Whack! Whack!”

“Ah, Sard!” she cussed as he brought the belt down hard on her backside three times in quick succession. The tanning brought a tear to her eye. 

Before Gerard could spank her a fourth time Ana made a last-ditch attempt to free herself from her snare. She struggled and pulled against the fabric until she succeeded in tearing free of her own shirt, leaving a sleeve and half of the delicate blouse pinned to the wall. 

For a fleeting moment, the gathered crowd was teased with a peek at Ana’s youthful cleavage. Her breasts were pearl-white, abundant, and promising. 

Then Ana escaped through the door,


Ana had only moments till Gerard pursued her outdoors into the glasshouse where the garden was maintained. Ana was in a small viewing courtyard decorated with a centralized water fountain and stone benches. This area was reserved for individuals wishing to escape the dancing and partake in the dessert tables. The number of people had grown along with the excitement she had caused. 

Ana had known she was outmatched when she took this task upon herself. Yet there was no one else to fight for her honor. Until Gerard Emerton atoned for his behavior, her reputation was sullied and she would have no hope of marrying a good man. Or even a wealthy one. If she were to have any chance at beating Gerard, Ana needed to keep her temper and recall the lessons drilled into her as a child. Gerard was good at distracting his opponent, and if she was honest, Ana was particularly vulnerable to his blustering. 

“Curse me it’s cold out here!” She pulled down on her blouse as an impish breeze drifted across her vulnerable legs. 

She took stock of herself. There was nothing of her skirt from the hips down. She had lost one sleeve completely and half of her blouse was torn from the collar past her bustline so that her burgundy corset could be seen underneath. Her mass of hair tumbled in to fill in what the dress revealed, allowing tantalizing glimpses of cleavage between softly swelling mounds.

“He’s coming Ms. Chadbourne!” called one of the servant girls. Besides the door she had come through there was another portal leading to the next room. Otherwise, there was no obvious escape. “I’m rallying for you to win!”

“Apologies my dear.” crooned Gerard as he stepped out into the cold night. The strapping young man remained shirtless and nursed a half-filled glass of pellucid red liquid. “You have my full attention once again.”

“Did you stop to get a drink?” Ana was offended by the man’s irreverent sense of humor and was, though she refused to say so, further vexed that she found it so charming

The tips of Gerard’s laddish mustache perked up in a smile. “We do have all night.” 

Ana took a proper defensive stance transferring her weight to her front foot. Her back foot was relaxed behind her, a position that would only be comfortable without the restraint of her skirt. She raised her unclothed arm behind her for balance and held her sabre in a neutral position before her. 

“You want to continue? Really?” Gerard held his sword lazily before him keeping the Sherry glass in his other hand. 

A seasoned fencer would recognize that, while Ana’s poise was correct, though she rested too low in the stance. Gerard managed to be in the posture without appearing to be. “At some point, you will run out of clothing, and then the real fun will begin.”

Ana was experienced enough to see that Gerard was mocking her bearing by holding the drink in his off-hand similar to hers. They had fenced many times, which always turned to foreplay and then vigorous, sometimes marathon, **********.

She shook those thoughts loose, chiding herself for stirring about such things when she should be concentrating on the fight. Ana let out a rebel yell and lunged at Gerard, throwing her front leg forward in a powerful stab. Gerard parried as anticipated but her blade found still found its mark. This time slicing through the front of his black dress trousers. 

“I suppose I deserved that,” Gerard admitted.

“The least you deserve.” Ana scolded, “Striking me on the rear with such vigor, I am not a horse.”

“Oh! He has french underpants as well!” Mrs. Fulker exclaimed as Gerard’s slacks slid down to his ankles. Under his uniform, Gerard wore nothing but thin white pants made of the new innovative elastic materials available in Paris. 

Gerard puffed his chest out proudly as his trousers gathered by his feet. Though he worked harder sculpting his torso, his years as a calvary man had given him powerful legs as well. He raised his glass of Sherry ceremoniously.  

“A Toast!” Gerard announced to the party-goers. Everyone raised their glasses. “To Miss Ana Chadbourne’s marvelous bosom! Ample and mysterious..!”

“Be silent you rogue!” Ana demanded.

“...Smooth like rocks in a crick”...”


“...But pleasantly soft and unnaturally buoyant…”

“Knave!” Ana screamed, but she felt the urge to laugh. 

“...Capacious I would say as if mother earth had twin moons…!”

Ana shouted, “Blackguard!” holding back a giggle. 

“...A pair of incandescent celestial bodies…!”

“Hold your tongue you good for nothing!” 

“Together they are the eighth and ninth wonders of the world!”

“If you rub them… ” Now at the end of his speech, Gerard lifted his glass higher. Ana had to cover her mouth with her hand and turn away to suppress her smile. “A Jin will emerge and grant a man any wish they could ever have. Cheers everyone!”

“Pfft!” Ana gaffed as the crowd partook. Her giggle brought confused looks a**** the crowd. 

Ana quickly regained her scowl and attempted a wreckless fleche, leaping forward and running at Gerard with sword extended. Gerard simply stepped out of the way and caught Ana about the waist lifting her as though she were a child. 

“Put me down!” she said through charming squeals. 

“Now,” Gerard said in his bedroom voice. “We need to calm you down, you're ruining the party.” 

"Do you want more of the belt?" He shifted around to indicate the large untouched cake that was baked for the party. “Shall we get some dessert?”

“Or is it bath time?” he said shifting her towards the water fountain.


Mrs. Beerling approached Gerard with a milk pudding pie “Mr. Emerton, here is a good pie, to debase the lovely lady.”

Gerard took the pie overjoyed, “Why thank you, Mrs. Beerling, Chocolate is her favorite!”

Ana Chadbourne glowered at the woman. “You are a shame to your gender Mrs. Beerling! What about our fight to stand equal with men? Our right to vote? We are sisters! We should be allies! You should…” 

“Oh, do shut up child.” Mrs. Beerling grumbled placing a withered hand behind Ana’s neck and shoving the pretty girl’s face into the custard-filled dish. The elder woman grinned broadly up at Gerard “Oh that was exciting wasn’t it?”

“Mph!” Ana took the pie full in the face. Gerard gleefully rubbed her head into it further till she was on tottering on her toes and flailing her arms. When he took the dish away she spat out a mouthful and was gasping for breath. Ana cleared the pudding from her eyes and gave Gerard a condemning look. 

“Well?” Gerard inquired.

“Despite my current feelings towards its chef,” Ana stated equitably “The pudding itself is quite good though maybe a bit rich.”

“A fair scrutiny,” Gerard agreed dipping his hand deep into a cake made of red fruit and cream. He took a large glob of pastry and stuck it on top of his former lover’s disheveled hair, slicking it back for her. Then he continued brushing it onto her glowering face. “How does it compare to this Charlotte Russe?” 

“The bavarian cream is better than gelatin, but I don’t care for the cherries.” She said as Gerard threaded his fingers into the top rim of Ana’s red girdle. “They are an attractive fruit but not suited for baking. Personally, I would use raspberries to make the cake much more tart and flavorful… ”

“... Damnation!” Ana swore as Gerard jerked hard on her bodice. The immoderate garment tore open, revealing more of her opulent bosom and broadening her cleavage all the way to her soft belly. Then he used the red and white cream to the smooth skin between the swell of her breasts. 

“Everything I said about your bust was true. You still have the most enviable breasts, my dear.” Gerard admired. 

“Envy this!” Ana made her small fist into a ball and took a blind swing at Gerard, He saw the punch coming a mile away and ducked under it. She lost her footing and spun around. 

Gerard gave her tight rump a swift kick. This sent the girl staggering towards the untouched pink tower cake that was put out in the courtyard for guests. White frosting splattered as Ana crashed into the large dessert. She tumbled over the table it was displayed on then fell face first on top of the cake once it hit the floor.  

Ana rolled onto her back sitting with her knees together. She was wearing a colorful coat of pastry. Her hair, bosom, and long legs were layered with pink and white icing. 

Pouting, the girl spooned a mash of sugar paste out of the narrow vale between her young ample breasts. She managed to get up on one knee but lost her footing and plunged head-long back into the muddle of cake with a wet splat. 

“Bloody Nora!” Again, Ana set about removing the white glaze from her decolletage, cursing as her sleeve ripped down when she tugged on it. She attempted to put the tatters of her blouse in order but the more she grappled with the garment the more it came apart. Much to her reluctance, she wound up tearing the last bit of garment off completely and cast it aside.   

With her dress gone, Ana was reduced to her burgundy camisole. A sleeveless undergarment that left the ingenue’s arms bare and white. The ***** was cut high above thighs, just drawing more attention to Ana’s lean, athletic legs. The eyelets of the corset had been pulled apart threatening to spill out her ripe breasts as if she were a street worker.

Ana used the sweet frosting plastered to her hair to slick it back. Ever determined, she picked her sword up from a**** the ruined cake and used it to pull herself up to a precarious stand. 

“Here girl,” Gerard said offering his hand to assist her out of the puddle of cake. She didn’t trust him but she had little choice. Ana made it to safety and immediately tried pushing her savior into the maelstrom of frosting. 

“See how you like it… oof!” 

Gerard sighed pulling the slight roughly into his lap so that her tummy landed heavily on his knee. Ana moaned a little as the wind was taken out of her sails.

“Didn’t anyone think it would be a good idea to curb your animal instincts by brute force?” 

“Well, it’s too bad the responsibility had to be reserved for me.” Everyone saw the back of her camisole had an acute V shape that left her round buttocks mostly exposed. 

“No need to take it upon yourself.” Ana tried as Gerard brought his hand up, ready to deliver her punishment. 


”How old are you now Ana?” Gerard asked affably.

“Well, since we were to be married once I turned twenty-one, I suppose I’m twenty-two now aren’t I?” the girl spat with contemptuous fire. Then her striking blue eyes widened when she realized her faux pas. It was one of those times when her fast, venomous turned out to be self-defeating. “Oh no! I’m eighteen, no sixteen!”

“Oh, my beloved, are you going to hate me after this.” the man affirmed, “You may want to bite down on something.”

“The days that I do anything you say are long over Mr. Emerton!” Ana growled. Be as it may she jammed two fingers into her mouth as Gerard brought his iron fist down on her bare posterior. 

“Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!”  

“Mmm!” Ana couldn’t help but let out a muted howl as Gerard harshly lit up her cheeks. The coltish woman’s lissome young body thrashed about like fish.

“Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!”

“Mmm!” Ana fought energetically, tossing her hair and kicking her shapely legs. She was biting down too hard on her fingers and had to remove them before her teeth broke skin.

“Mr. Emerton?” The beating stopped for a brief moment while Gerard gave his attention to the woman speaking to him. “Here is a good stick, to beat the lovely lady!”

“Thanks!” laughed Gerard.

“Nobody likes you, Mrs. Beerling!” Ana bellowed, “Everyone thinks you are a nag! I’ve heard them talk…”

“Ahh..!” Ana was cut off as Gerard renewed his punishment. It was painful when he was using his hand, but the switch was keen and unsparing. The girl screamed unabated, windmilling her bare limbs as he whipped her bottom mercilessly. “Gerard! Ow! When I get through this humiliation, Ow! You will rue the day you met me! Ow! Ow! Ow!”

“You’ve been trying to pin me down for a year, I’ll rue it if I don’t teach you a lesson and you just show up at the next party with a ten-pound cannon.”

"Oh! Stop it!” she cried vivaciously tossing and twisting her curvy figure against him. Her movement was eliciting a specific physical reaction from Gerard that she couldn’t disregard. “Ow! Do you keep your pipe in your underpants?”

“You know that I don’t,” Gerard said with a sly wink. “Has your ass always been this hard? My hand hurts.”

“Ooh! Ow! I guess I got something from those years of ballet. Ouch!”

For the final three tannings, the party-goers helped Gerard count down. “... twenty-one! twenty-two! And one to grow on! Happy Birthday!”

Gerard set the callow young ******* her feet. Ana promptly began pounding on his muscular chest with her small fists with all her might. 

“You brute! You savage! How dare you abuse me like some common doxy!” Ana’s bombardment did no harm to him, and Gerard just laughed as he fought her off. He managed to catch her by both wrists. Ana saw by his grin that Gerard intended more mischief and changed her tune. “No!”

The broad-shouldered man walked calmly towards Ana, who cowered away from him looking for a way out. There were two doors leading into the house, but they were blocked by the crowd, who were all thoroughly amused by her continuing embarrassment. 

The object was to escape from Gerard so she wasn’t going forward. He was blocking her escape and herding her towards the large rock fountain leading to the garden. “Gerard no, not the pond!”


Ana may as well have been a gazelle caught in a hunter’s sights.

She had marched into the party that evening concealing her father’s pistol beneath a fine blue gown. Her intent was to kill her former fiance who had taken her virtue. She had enjoyed that part immensely, but then he reneged on their wedding. 

She had missed with the single-round pistol, and in the ensuing fight, Gerard had kindly divested her of her dress. First cutting away her skirt, then destroying the blouse. She had been stripped to her figure-hugging girdle-******* and riding boots. The corset had been strained to the point that a rigid gust of wind threatened to liberate her breasts of their confinement.

“I love cakes,” Gerard moved suddenly, catching the petite woman about the waist. He hoisted her small body over his shoulder and strode over to the pond. “but I prefer to eat them instead of throwing girls into it. That’s terribly messy. I would much prefer to dump you on the fountain. Girls do such pretty things in the water.”

“No! It’s too cold out!” Her struggles were too much stress for the corset. The whalebone ribbing broke and snapped away so that Ana’s breasts jounced loose. 

“Oh they are marvelous!” admired Ms. Chenoweth, a woman of similar age to Ana, “I wonder what she does to give them such an agreeable shape?”

“I wager it’s that french underwear that helps keep them buoyant.” Ms. Stickles answered. Though she always spoke about things she knew nothing about.

“Please stop! Don’t do it! Ahhh!” Gerard reached the rock fountain and hurled the brat into the water. 

“Sploosh!” The ingenue plunged into the cold murky pond water, sinking under entirely. Frosting wicked off of her skin as she submerged befouling the liquid further. 

Ana broke the surface of the bitingly cold water with her eyes closed giving rise to a tremendous splash. She gasped for breath throwing back her head so that her mass of hair flipped backward, flinging water droplets in an arc over herself.

Then she was evading Gerard who stood in the water thigh-deep reaching a hand towards her. Ana tried to bob down under the water but Gerard pitched his arm beneath the surface and got his hand on her ruined bodice.  

“Damn it! Eek! No!” He man-handled her surviving scrap of clothing, savagely hauling on the nylon material till it started to give. After a few cold-blooded yanks, Gerard tore the bodice wholly from her petite little body.

“Riip!” Ana let out a girlish squeak. At last, the young lass was out of layers and shivered bare-breasted in the evening cold. She was a slender, sylphlike girl who stood a bit short of the ideal 165cm. Ana had an appealing figure that gave her a tiny effigy and long, bewitching legs.

Her waist was wafer-thin so that a grown man could easily wrap a whole arm around her. When Gerard would run his hand across her tummy he had said it was like lightly carved marble. Wrapped in the lean, willowy muscle that recessed as one traveled below her bosom. With a colorful midriff-baring costume Ana would fit right in with those provocative Turkish belly-dancing girls.

Her breasts were, on the whole, usual in size. Having just enough measure to cup a man’s hand around. Now unbridled by the tight-fitting bodice they relaxed into even cones that bounced lightly as Ana’s chest heaved up and down. The orbs were pleasantly wide-set, with the ******* pointing east and west, leaving a narrow valley of smooth flawless skin between them. 

Ana was too mortified to move. Few people besides her mother had seen her naked, and fewer had seen her as a beautiful young woman. Now, her mysteries were revealed for all of polite society to enjoy, in the cruelest fashion, and it was the best show they had ever seen. No one in Europe was going to forget the night Ana Chadbourne had been robbed of every stitch of her clothing and paraded **** before everybody.

“Oh, but she is quite the nubile young thing isn’t she?” declared Mrs. Chapman.

“Quite the bonny lass I’d say!” proclaimed Mr. Hallam exaggerating an Irish accent. 

“That's it, we’re moving!” Laughed Mr. Boucher.

Mrs. Booth sighed, “With nymphs like Ms. Chadbourne walking amongst us to beguile all the good men, our Hilde is destined to become a spinster isn’t she?”

The girl lingered in the pond for a long time, wearing nothing but her own skin. Mouth agape and wide-eyed, incredulous as to what had happened to her. Being naked and sopping wet in front of dozens of her elders was so far from the picture of herself standing triumphantly over Gerard’s corpse that she had imagined.


 Soon Ana remembered that nothing covered her superb breasts. She threw her arms over her chest and screamed “Eeeeee!”.

The girl sought refuge behind the only thing near her, Gerard. She darted behind him wrapping her arms around his shoulders. But then Gerard had an arm around her waist and was pulling her into a hard brazen kiss. 

“Mph!” At first, Ana took the kiss stiffly, but he just bent her over his arm till she was swooning with his taste, clinging to him for balance as he plundered her mouth with no regard for her well-being.

Then she hooked an elbow around his neck drawing him down. Devouring him and forgetting about the foreplay she had just endured. Greedily taking what she wanted. It was all she could do not to mount him right there and go for the endurance race.

“Why do you never kiss me like that Mr. Wellard?” asked Mrs. Wellard. 

“I’ll kiss you like that when you look like that!” Replied Mr. Wellard.

Ana and Gerard remained entangled this way as the party-goers gave them a round of applause. In due course, Gerard knew he wouldn’t be able to stop himself and gently pushed Ana off of him. 

“Half the people in the world are women,” He said through labored breath, “why does it have to be you that stirs me I wonder?” 

He spoke what was true in heart. He had been with many women. Blonde, Brunette, Red, short tall, European, African, even an American once on a particularly drunk night. Of his many conquests, Ana was the one that he felt a small amount of guilt over leaving. She was not just some bird-wit with a nice derriere. She was a modern woman with strong opinions on politics, an avid reader, an intense chess player, with a brilliant lively mind. In an age where most girls were only taught matters of fashion and the household, Ana could argue her thoughts better than almost every man he knew. 

He’d left Ana behind nearly a year before, keeping track of her whereabouts so that he could attend parties on the other side of the country. In his time away, she was all he could think of. He had enjoyed their conversations almost more than taking her little body to task, and after his tutelage, she had become a ferocious, impassioned lover as well. This is why, more than any man, he feared Ana Chadbourne.

The ingenue took a quick look down at herself, blushing deeply. She wore nothing but her riding boots and a few droplets of water. “Needs be you annihilate my clothes utterly? Could you not have left me some fiber of modesty?”

“Now Ana, I can’t have you chasing me all about Europe you will run out of dresses and I will have to start replacing your wardrobe myself. You had to be taught a lesson.”

 “Before I surrender I should like to hear your terms.” he continued, “I gather your father would like your dowry back?”

“No.” said Ana, then corrected herself, “Well yes he would! You really are a ne’er do well Mr. Emerton…”

“…but no those are not my terms.”

Gerard raised a carefully groomed eyebrow. “Then you really mean to kill me?”

“Don’t be silly Mr. Emerton,” Ana’s smile lit up her face, she pointed at his head, making a hand gesture that mimicked firing a gun. “I absolutely meant to kill you. Bang!” 

“Then, Ana Chadbourne.” Gerard squared his shoulders and locked his sapphire blue eyes with hers. He wanted to kiss her again. “What do you want?”

“I do love nothing in the world so well as you, Mr. Emerton. Is that not strange?” Ana said borrowing from the Bard.

“No more than reason,” Gerard said getting the line wrong. 

“I ask only the life you promised me while we lay together those many nights.”

“You make an offer? Wouldn’t you rather just be my mistress? I could find a rich old widow and…” 

“Ha!” Ana tried to land a punch to his smug face but Gerard ducked under it and caught her before she plummeted into the water again. 

“So be it!” Gerard said aloud, “I yield, but only out of pity!”


Ana put one boot up on the lip of the fountain and began unlacing it. Gerard dodged a dainty boot thrown at his head, “What the devil are you doing now woman?”

“No one shall say Ana Chadbourne is not a completionist Mr. Emerton.” the girl stated matter-of-factly. “If I am to attend this party in the skin God gave me, I shall do it thoroughly.”

“My girl!” Gerard had a wide, proud smile. He leaned down pulling down his pants, revealing his manhood, and stood shamelessly exposed next to his more bashful fiance. 

“Now you stay in front,” Ana commanded peering out from behind the larger man. They climbed out of the fountain and Ana herded Gerard back towards the mess of cake and frosting on the ground. Neither wore anything but a few beads of fountain water. “I can feel Mr. Boucher’s eyes on my bum.”

“It’s good to know that Mr. Boucher still has a healthy libido at his age.” Gerard deduced, “He’s quite wealthy. Perhaps you should marry him?”

“Ew! He’s sixty! Though maybe I could keep you as a mistress?”

“Mistress? Have it your way. I say, George?” Gerard started to walk faster leaving the naked young woman behind. Ana let out a yelp and leaped onto the man’s back wrapping her legs around his waist.

When the couple reached it, Ana used the remnants of the cake to fashion briefs and a brassiere for herself. She started to do the same for Gerard but he waved her away. “It’s nothing these ladies haven’t seen.”

Ana laughed at that, then took the man’s hand in hers and lifted it triumphantly. “We’re getting married!”

They lingered at the party a little while longer. Moving slowly through the crowd to accept congratulations from all the party-goers. Everyone was expected at the wedding, and to a person, they all accepted, as long as a similar show was promised.

Then the couple, laughing, and eager to continue their evening together in private. Ran off, naked, into the night…


…3 months later. 

Ana counted the spiraling bas-relief plates that plated the Vendone Column as she sipped from a glass of gold Ratafia. She enjoyed the cool air of Paris as it flowed over her naked alabaster skin. She couldn’t remember the last time she had worn any clothes. She and Gerard had imprisoned themselves in the honeymoon suite of the Hotel Westminster at 13 Rue de la Paix weeks ago. Months? They had over a year of time together to make up for after all.

The door rang with a fresh bottle and her breakfast. Feeling mischievous, Ana answered it naked. “Oh, the coffee smells delicious! Did Mr. Emerton tip you yet? We’re to be married you know.”

“I um…” the red-cheeked young man stammered, he did his best to maintain eye contact as he fished a letter out of his jacket and handed it to her. It was from Gerard. 

“Well there you are anyway,” Ana said handing the boy a generous handful of Francs. “Be patient, a handsome young man like you will have a flock of lady admirers soon enough.”

Ana danced an old remembered ballet routine as she moved across the room to the reading desk. She sat and applied the letter opener to her note. Gerard was out making travel arrangements for the next leg of their journey. It must be urgent for him to send a post when he was to be gone for just a few hours.

Ana’s sunny mood darkened as she read the note from her husband-to-be. “Beloved I regret…”

“… Called away to India…”

“…Hope you can forgive me…”

Ana crushed the paper angrily in her hands and ran out the door. The unfortunate bellhop was just rescuing the stairs.”You there, boy!”

“Y… yes Miss” he answered nervously. She was still naked.

Ana roared angrily. “I’m going to need a gun!”

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