From Russia with Glove by Spidercrawlus


From Russia with Glove by Spidercrawlus

Elena paused, took a deep breath, and adjusted her denim jacket, pulling it tighter around her. She told herself not to be nervous for the hundredth time and walked through the doors of the worn, older warehouse-looking building. She was immediately greeted by Spence, the man she had spoken with on the phone. "You must be Elena," he said with the enthusiasm of a used car salesman as he shook her hand. "Yes, nice to meet you," she forced out in her thick accent.

She had been in New York for only a month and desperately needed money. Immigrating from her native Russia, Elena hit the big city hoping to sign on with a top modeling agency. She was a dead-ringer for her countrywoman Anna Kournikova, only taller and even prettier. She got into the country on a tourist visa, and since she hadn't gotten on with an agency yet, her funds were running dry. Without a work permit, she couldn't get a job and refused to become a stripper like so many other beautiful wannabe models who couldn't work a regular job. So she answered the ad in the Russian language newspaper that said cash was paid to fitness models for a video shoot that required no ******. Exactly what she needed. The ad said to wear something that revealed your physique, so she wore a pair of tight denim shorts, knee-high black leather boots, and her denim jacket over a cut-off tank top. She looked great, at 5'8" and 125 lbs., with a fit body and flat stomach with just the faintest outline of a six-pack.

Spence took her into the office and explained to her what he was looking for. His company was making non-**** cat-fight videos, and he emphasized how realistic they should be. He calmed her fears by telling her there was only light contact, and that sound effects were edited in later. He would pay her $500 cash in advance for a no more than one-hour shoot.

Elena was ecstatic and agreed, thinking of that desperately needed cash. Spence took her down the hall and introduced her to the two girls who would be in the video with her. Elena tried to relax more as she shook hands with the girls, who appeared friendly enough. Rochelle was a short, somewhat muscular but attractive Latina, and Nina was a bit taller, with short, dark hair and an incredible body.

Spence explained to the girls what the premise would be, and they would improv their lines from there. Elena would walk in, and the two girls would accuse her of hitting on Nina's boyfriend and then issue her a mock beating. Spence told Elena to just have fun like it was a play fight and to react like she thought she would if it were real.

The cameraman was ready in the large part of the warehouse that was made up to look like the inside of an apartment. Elena was to walk through the door, and the other girls would jump her. She tried not to laugh, as this whole idea seemed silly to her, but to each his own she thought as she looked at the five crisp one hundred dollar bills Spence had already given her. She put the money in the pocket of her shorts, cleared her mind, and when Spence yelled "action" she walked through the door. Nina closed the door behind her, giving her a shove into the center of the room.

"You like going after somebody else's man, *****?" Rochelle barked as she faked a slap across her face.

Elena jerked her head to the side as if she had been struck, and yelled back "I don't know what you are talking about." Nina snuck up behind her and pulled her arms behind her back, and Rochelle gave her a light punch to the middle of her stomach. Elena tried to fake injury, making a faint "oouff" sound and bending forward a little. She was having an easy time with this, and couldn't believe how nervous she had been in the beginning.

Spence saw she was over her jitters and gave a barely noticeable hand signal to Nina, who then nodded to Rochelle. Nina pulled Elena's arms tighter behind her, and the beautiful Russian straightened her body, her arms uncomfortably twisted behind her. Before she could sense anything was changing, Rochelle buried a hard left hook deep into her gut, right above her belly button. "OOOUUUUFFFFGGGG!!!"

No more playtime, as this grunt was real. Elena felt a sudden surge of emptiness inside of her, as the fist pressed deep into her flat stomach and pushed forward. This was definitely not part of the deal, but she was helpless to do anything about it. Spence leaned forward in his chair, loving the action he saw. Rochelle slapped Elena hard across the cheek, then hit her with a three-punch combination to the body. A straight right on the navel, a left hook to the ribs, and another right, an uppercut to her bare, lower stomach.

"UUNNNGGHHH, ULLLGGHHHHH, OOOUUUGGHHH!!!!!!" Elena's legs gave way as her torso convulsed, muscle spasms from the blows and her body naturally trying to refill itself with air. Tears streamed down her face as the pain overtook her, pounding and throbbing from deep within.

"This is what happens to sluts who steal other women's men," Nina snarled as Rochelle exploded on her again, four vicious punches painted a red and purple trail from the low-cut waistband of her shorts to where her top came down, right at her solar plexus. Her head was dizzy from hyperventilating, and she had several dry heaves as she was sickened from the abuse to her midsection.

Rochelle gazed at her target with a mission in her eye. She focused on the trail of blonde hairs on her stomach that seemed fluorescent against their reddening backdrop. They worked their way down, forming a circle around her navel, and that's where she delivered a ferocious pounding.

Elena grunted in agony, each time with less air as the Latina's fists hammered deep into her belly button. She felt like her body wanted to puke, pee, and crap, all at the same time, but fortunately, she didn't have anything in her to come out, just weakening screams of agony. Spence gave another signal to Nina, who winked at Rochelle. Nina pulled Elena's head up by the hair, giving Rochelle a clean shot to the chin, knocking her out.

"Cut! Beautiful, ladies!" Spence jumped out of his chair, screaming with excitement. This was going to be the hottest tape yet. "Okay, stuff another hundred in her pocket and dump her on the other side of town, then meet me back here." What a racket they had, advertising in foreign language newspapers, knowing there would be an endless supply of desperate victims who couldn't report the crimes, risking deportation.

Elena came to in a dirty alley just outside of Greenwich Village. Her head was throbbing, and her hands immediately grabbed her aching belly. She lay in the alley, moaning as she hugged her pounding torso, as the events that had transpired ran fuzzily through her mind. A young couple heard her and rushed to her aid. "Oh, honey, we need to get you to a hospital. What happened?"

Elena paused and tried to speak, but knew she couldn't explain. "I...I..was..mugged...." she said weakly as she rolled onto her back, her bruised torso rhythmically flexing with her shallow, painful breaths. The kind couple took her to the hospital as she protested against calling the police, saying it would just be a waste of time and at least she wasn't killed.

She had learned a painful lesson in capitalism, there was no such thing as easy money.

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