Fond Memories of a Freaky Chick by Pedroza


Fond Memories of a Freaky Chick by Pedroza

This is a true story that happened many years ago.

I played coed softball and there was a ******* the team that was a friend of my sister's. I had heard rumors that she "liked it rough" but I never thought I'd find out firsthand.

After the games, the team would always go and have some drinks, and after more than a few we were feeling pretty good. We just happened to be leaving at the same time so we walked to her car together. When we got there she leaned up against the car and out of the blue told me she'd been working out, doing a lot of situps. Then she lifted up her shirt and said "I bet I can take a punch".

Now it was still light out and we were out in the middle of a parking lot. I knew if she couldn't take a punch I'd end up explaining it to the cops so I told her that if I punched her she'd be downed.

She said "ok" but I wasn't letting this opportunity pass. I leaned up against the car with my right side against it, put my arm around her, and pulled her left side up against me. She let go of her shirt and said "What are you doing?".

I said, "I want to see how hard you are". I was between her and the door of the bar so no one could see what I was up to.

Then I put my left fist (I'm a lefty) on her belly and slid her shirt back up until it was a few inches above her belly button. She didn't try to stop me and I could feel her start to tighten up. She wasn't a big girl, probably 5'4", 115 lbs, nice flat stomach. I figured I could win a test of wills and started pushing my fist into her tummy. Now she tightened up, resisting and I pushed a lot harder. I guess this went on for about 30 seconds or so. I could feel her body start straining and I knew she was about to go, so I gave one really big push.

Just like that, her abs gave way and my fist sank into her. I kept it in her and jabbed at her belly a few times, she let out a little "ugh" with each jab. When I was done I said "You lose. Maybe you need to work out more." I'll never forget that smile she gave me when she told me I should give her a private workout.

So we went to my place and that's when this showed me that "liking it rough" wasn't just a rumor. She grabbed some big pillows off my couch and we went into the bedroom. She put the pillows on the bed and off came the clothes. This girl was flat-chested, but she had a real tight ass and body. She asked me if I had any neckties... as a matter of fact, I did. She got on the bed with her back on the pillows, threw up her arms, and said "Tie me up". After her wrists were tied to the headboard she threw her head back and told me it was time for her workout.

The pillows made her back arch a little so that her belly was up high and tight. She was a skinny girl so she had a little slit of a belly button and you could see her abs all stretched out like that. Needless to say, I went through a few condoms banging and punching this chick. It turned out she could take a punch after all and if I didn't give it to her hard enough she let me know it. She was a screamer, too... real loud when I'd give that cute little belly button a good one.

When we finished had a nice red little stomach. Don't know if she got any bruises out of it (she might've... I slugged her pretty hard a couple of times) because I never got to see that belly again. Turned out it was a one time thing, but what a thing

April 5, 2022 6:35 PM