First Time by Cool


First Time by Cool

It happened over the holiday weekend. Jordan is 5'7" and Brenda is 5'9" tall. Jordan charged first and punched Brenda twice in her belly.

Uullfmp,uullff we heard as she doubled over. Jordan looked away for a second allowing Brenda to come back.

Uughllffp,uullff,uugh,uummfff and uughllff Jordan grunted as she folded over Brenda's shoulder. Jordan's bare belly was punished as she knelt doubled over gasping for air. Suddenly she was able to trip Brenda and then painfully kick her in her belly four times.

Uullffmp,uullfff,uughllffmp and uullff Brenda grunted as she rolled in the sand. Her visible belly heaved as she lay on her back breathing deeply. Jordan wasn't paying attention allowing Brenda to charge her and pin her against the rear fender of a pickup truck.

Uughmmpp,uullffmp,uughllfffmp uuullfff and uullfff she grunted as Brenda continued to sink her fist into Jordan's bare and unprotected belly.

I witnessed Jordan's belly button disappear behind her fist at least five times. Jordan's eyes were rolling at times and her belly rapidly moved in and out. Suddenly it was as if she knew she was beaten. She stretched her arms across the fender and stood motionless. Her defenseless bruised belly was at the mercy of Brenda's fist.

Uullffmp,uullffpp,uullfffmp and uullffmp she continued to grunt as her body rocked against the pickup. Jordan's lips trembled, and her belly and chest quivered as Brenda delivered many hard punches to her soft belly. Slowly she slid down the fender, dropped to her knees, and clutched her hurting stomach.

I ain't never seen a girl fight and it was cool to be this close.

April 5, 2022 2:46 PM