Eye of the Tiger (part 2) by Nerveexplosion


Eye of the Tiger (part 2) by Nerveexplosion

Two of the girls that had been surrounding her left as soon as his body hit the ground, knowing better than to test her left hook. Still holding her destroyed hand with her nearly equally bruised left she began walking towards the gap made in the circle when she noticed that she couldn't move her foot. Suddenly an overwhelming feeling of dread passed over her. There is no way she thought to herself while turning around to see Pedro, still on his side, clutching her ankle. She tried to kick her foot away from him but his grip was too strong, she looked down at his face again only to see that through the mask of blood Pedro was smiling. Still holding her ankle Pedro got to all fours, then slowly moved a hand to her hip for support as he rose to his feet, laughing in earnest now. Celeste just continued to stare in disbelief, she had given Pedro the beating of his life just a few minutes ago, and now he was asking for more?

She knew she couldn't punch with her right hand so she shoved him and swung with her left instead. Pedro's head turned to the side but he was staring straight at her again in seconds, there was no strength behind the punch. Pedro looked on as she clasped her hands together and looked down, trying to hide the look of pain on her face. In that instant, Pedro knew he was in the clear.

He lunged forward and wrapped his fingers around her neck. She grabbed his wrist trying to pull his hand away from her throat with no success. He pushed past the cheerleaders, who took off after him, then with his other hand took hold of her hair and slammed her into the wall. Dazed by the blow Celeste could do nothing as he slammed her back into the wall a few more times before putting his weight against her chest with his forearm to hold her there. She tried to hit him again but Pedro simply shook off the blow, in the condition her hands were in she was doing more damage to herself than to Pedro. So she went back to clawing at his arms and face, Pedro backed off a foot or two and hit her right in the jaw.

Her eyes glazed over for a second before she recovered and slumped back against the wall. Her arms fell to her side and she started to hear a buzzing in her ears just as he cracked another punch on the tip of her chin, again slamming the back of her head into the wall. He then reared back and brought his right hand into her guts. He felt her stomach muscles collapse under his fist. She doubled over his arm as the breath poured out of her lips. He then straightened her out grabbed her by the neck and slammed another jackhammer fist into her stomach.

He hit her over and over again, trying to turn her stomach into jelly. She tried to tighten her abs but her stomach muscles broke down with each new blast, and it was getting harder and harder to breathe with him choking and punching her at the same time. She tried grabbing his arm again but if anything his grip on her throat tightened and drove more punches into her.


He could see his fist going further and further into her with each blow, by the 5th one her arms fell to her side as her knees buckled. Her legs felt like jello and she would have collapsed if not for the hand wrapped around her throat. He let go of her throat and put both hands on her shoulders, Celeste gasped for air relieved that he had finally let go of her throat but her relief was short-lived.

He sent a knee that slammed into her an inch below the navel and drove up to her solar plexus, driving what little air she had breathed in our of her in a choking gasp. Her body lurched forward, bending around his knee before he grabbed her hair and straightened her up again. "Not so tough now are a *****." Then he hit her in the stomach so hard that it lifted her off the ground.


He felt her breath on his face as it exploded out of her mouth and then watched as she went limp and hung from his fist, arms dangling lifelessly. He pulled his fist out a little and rammed it further into her, extracting a small gasp from Celeste every time. Finally, he stopped allowing her to fall first to her knees before falling flat on her face. Even if Celeste's hands weren't broken she wouldn't be able to fight back now, her eyes were shut and all she could think about was trying to get some air. She wrapped her arms around her waist and curled into a ball, trying to will the pain away.

"You girls still want me to hold her?" Pedro asked the remaining girls who all nodded. He motioned them over and then whispered into Jessica's ear, "It's gonna cost you a lot more than a night with you to make up for what that **** did to my face, you and me, we're gonna be having fun all summer, and I want the rest of these skanks to come with you tonight."

"Anything you want Pedro, anything you want."

With that Pedro turned around a kicked Celeste in the small of the back as hard as she could. She screamed and arched back, her hands now going to the pain in her back leaving her stomach wide open for the girls who had gathered around her. One took the opportunity to punt her right on the belly button. Celeste's sweat-soaked body skidded across the floor a few inches right into Pedro, who again kicked her in the back. This went on until Celeste's reactions had died down to a few involuntary twitches, all the fight had been sapped out of her.

Pedro leaned over and picked her up by the arms, "She won't be going anywhere." Celeste hung from his grip, head dangling downwards, her eyes narrow slits, nearly unconscious. Celeste's hair clung to her face and a small trickle of drool hung from her slack mouth as her breathing came in the form of ragged pants that shook her whole body. "Ready when you are," Pedro called out to the group.'

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