Eye of the Tiger (part 1) written by Nerveexplosion


Eye of the Tiger (part 1) written by Nerveexplosion

When I was in middles school everyone thought that we would be going to the newly built Sumpter High school. Unfortunately that all changed in 8th grade. We were told that the county had been rezoned and that we would be going to Clarence High School instead of Sumpter.

This wouldn't have been a problem if Clarence wasn't so much older and in much worse condition than Sumpter was. For a long while, we were angry that we were being forced to go to a school against our will. High school was supposed to be one of the best times of your life and as far as we were concerned Clarence did not make ANYTHING a good part of your life. After a couple of years however, we grew to cherish our unloved stepchild status in the world. And it was Sumpter that we began to hate more and more for casting us out. It was during my Junior year in high school that all of our pent-up anger finally exploded.

While Sumpter was a much bigger school and competed in the tougher sports divisions we were good enough in basketball to play with the bigger schools, which made playing Sumpter a possibility that we couldn't wait to see.

During that junior year, we made it to the final four in the state basketball playoffs for the 3rd year in a row and knew that unless our star guard and player of the year Stanley Jackson was injured the Championship was ours to lose this year. As luck would have it, we would have to go through Sumpter to make it to the championship game.

It came down to a late foul that was called on us, the crowd screaming bloody murder as the free throw that sent our team home sank through the net. We had to watch in horror as Sumpter robbed us of our championship, first they robbed us of our school, now they robbed of us of glory in the one sport that we knew we were the best at. What happened next, no one could have ever predicted.

The first punch flew before the players had even left the court. It wasn't long before the players themselves were involved. There were only two security guards at the gym and all they were armed with was pepper spray. One was immediately jumped, his partner seeing this ran through the exits.

Even the cheerleaders were getting into it. Which is what drew Pedro Valesques' attention. While both schools had equally gorgeous cheerleaders it could be said that the majority of the people forced to go to Clarence were from "the wrong side of the tracks". So while their cheerleaders scratched and clawed, Clarence's punched.

Pedro made his way down the bleachers towards the court where there was a circle of 6 girls surrounding a Hispanic girl in a torn cheer leader's uniform. He recognized her immediately as Celeste Quinonez.

Celeste stood 5 9', tall for a Hispanic girl in our school. No other girl had a look quite like hers. She had an exotic beauty that came from having a Korean dad and Puertorican mom. She had a firm slim body, with perky, perfectly round breasts, and shapely legs toned from years of volleyball, and softball. She was also from "the wrong side of the tracks" but She had managed to get into Sumpter and that made the other girls hate her more than the preppy girls normally associated with Sumpter.

"How do you like it in Sumpter now preppy?" one of the girls taunted as she lunged towards her. She was rewarded with a sharp left hook to the chin that knocked her back out towards the edge of the circle. Though they had managed to rip the top of her uniform off leaving her in only her bra and skirt, which put her magnificent body on display, they couldn't do any real damage to her. Pedro watched a little while longer as two more girls tried with no success to get to her. One of them, Jessica, saw Pedro standing there watching them get their asses kicked and motioned him over.

She stood close to him, looked into his eyes, and grabbed his hand. She then guided it over her ample breasts, down her flat stomach, and towards the waistband of her skirt while whispering, "If you help us with this ***** I'm all yours."

It didn't take him long to get over the moral dilemma of hitting a girl. He had always wondered what it would be like to hit a girl, so he kissed Jessica deeply in the mouth, a resounding yes to her proposition.

While Jessica was working her magic another girl tried to attack Celeste with similar results. He knew that even though he hadn't talked to Celeste since middle school had been pretty close to her then, so she wouldn't suspect anything other than a knight in shining armor if he interfered. He pushed past the girls surrounding her, then turned around screaming for them to leave her alone.

She looked up at him gratefully as he put his arm around her bare shoulders and started walking around the edge of the circle when with lightning speed a man his size swung his right hand into the pit of her stomach.


Even though she knew how to fight from boxing with her brothers, she had never really taken a hard punch to her stomach before, much less when she was not expecting to be hit.

The other girls laughed at the look of surprise on Celeste's face as she was doubled over by the force of the blow. Pedro kept his hold on her shoulders to partially straighten her out before delivering another shot to her still recovering midsection.


This one back her up a couple of steps before she fell to her knees, clutching her stomach as she breathed in ragged gasps.

"Hold her Pedro," Julie called from the crowd, "We wanna get our hits in too."

He walked back towards Celeste who was now on her feet but still doubled over holding her stomach, trying to rub the pain away.

"Trust me, Celeste, it's better you don't resist, it'll be better taking punches from them than from me. "

Celeste straightened up and walked towards Pedro, he looked at her firm, ****, stomach which show faint signs of a six-pack and now had two red splotches where he had punched her, to him though, she had never looked better.

They all saw that she was obviously frightened, but no one saw her arm **** back a couple of inches before it flew forward with enough force to completely turn Pedro's head to the side. Before Pedro could even turn his head back to the front Celeste unloaded with another left hand followed by a right that sent Pedro staggering a few feet back. Celeste lunged forward putting all of her weight into a right cross that connected on the left side of Pedro's face, spinning his whole body down and to the right. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see her grimacing as she cupped her hand with her left and brought it towards her chest.

As soon as he saw that he could see the solution to his problem. It was becoming obvious that she was a better fighter than him all he had to do was stay conscious. He knew in a test of time his hard skull would outlast her soft hands.

Celeste had always been popular in school so she had never been in any fights other than the ones in the boxing ring, in which her hands were protected by boxing gloves. Her boxing skills were coming through for her but her hands weren't. With every punch she threw they were becoming more and more bruised, she knew that she had to end this fight soon'..

She waited for Pedro to swing at her again and easily ducked under his wild swing, returning the favor with a right of her own. Next, she stepped in close and rammed her knee into his stomach doubling him over before knocking him back on his heels with back-to-back uppercuts that knocked him back into the circle of Clarence cheerleaders.

The other girls couldn't believe what was happening, if Celeste was finishing Pedro off so easily, what could they possibly do to stop her. They pushed him back into Celeste who knocked him right back with two left hooks followed by a right cross. This time her own screams drowned out Pedro's grunts as one of her knuckles audibly cracked, making the pain in her hand almost unbearable.

Pedro wasn't doing any better, his left eye was nearly swollen shut, blood was pouring from the right nostril of a newly deformed nose, and the right side of his upper lip was busted and quickly swelling. He could barely stand and there was a buzzing in his ears but he could also clearly hear Celeste's own screams every time she punched him. Just a few more minutes, he thought to himself a few more minutes''.

Celeste struck with another right hand to the chin followed by two left hooks that left a new gash on his cheek. She nailed him with a hard right hand, his upper body driven down and to the left as he stumbled backward. Celeste ran towards him and using his har grabbed the back of his head and jumped up. Her knee smashed into his jaw knocking him back on his heels and setting him up for the kick to the gut that followed. Pedro grunted and fell to his knees.

If she was going to knock him out and get out of this mess now was the time to do it. She took a step back before charging forward and pounding her right hand into the left side of his face. She shrieked in agony as she felt the first two knuckles in her hand break on impact but followed through anyway. Pedro's head twisted violently to the left and she fell over in a heap, out cold.

Two of the girls that had been surrounding her left as soon as his body hit the ground, knowing better than to test her left hook. Still holding her destroyed hand with her nearly equally bruised left she began walking towards the gap made in the circle when she noticed that she couldn't move her foot. Suddenly an overwhelming feeling of dread passed over her.

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