Enough of the Stories by Mark


Enough of the Stories by Mark

There's no way I could possibly forget that incident. You actually witnessed one of my favorite fantasy scenarios:

A young girl is alone in a parking lot and gets into an argument with another bigger and stronger girl. The young girl is wearing a white blouse that buttons down the front and a short skirt. You can see her bra and the profile of her fit body through the thin material.

The bigger girl turns to walk away, but the young girl thinks the argument isn't over and puts her hand on the bigger girl's shoulder, who instead of arguing turns and sucker punches the young girl hard in the gut. GUUUUHHHH!!!

The young girl drops to her knees in shock and pain, bent over and clutching her stomach with both arms, now unable to argue or yell. The bigger girl, seeing the coast is clear, grabs the gasping young girl by the blouse, yanks her to her feet, and throws her back against a car.

The bigger girl, who is an experienced fighter and likes to see the body of the girl she is about to beat up, rips the young girl's blouse open, sending buttons flying in all directions, and pulls the blouse down from her shoulders, trapping the young girl's arms at her sides.

The young girl's torso is exposed except for her bra, which the bigger girl grabs between the cups and pushes, bending the young girl back over the fender of the car, stretching out her young, firm, flat belly. The young girl tries kicking to free herself.

OOOFFFFFF!!! The bigger girl's hard uppercut to the young girl's upper belly stops the kicking and jackknifes her body up, only to be shoved back again. The bigger girl holds her bra with her left hand and repeatedly slugs her in the gut as hard as she can with her right.

UHHHHHFF!OOOOFF!!GUUUUFFF!! The young girl's defenseless body heaves and convulses with each successive blow, her once-firm upper belly beaten into submission by the bigger girl's barrage of uppercuts, each fist driving ever deeper into the poor young girl's guts with the unyielding car fender offering no escape.

After 15 or 20 gut-busters, the bigger girl lets go of her bra, sending her back and head plopping onto the hood of the car. But the bigger girl isn't done with her just yet. She pulls the semi-conscious young girl's skirt down low on her hips, revealing her flat, but now soft lower belly and positions her so her back and head are resting on the hood of the car and her legs are hanging off the side.

The bigger girl steps up and delivers a series of left-right combinations down into the young girl's battered guts with devastating effect, much to the delight of the bigger girl. She liked beating up other girls, especially pretty smart-mouthed ones and with no one around, she was going treat this girl's belly as if it were silly-putty, ready to be molded by her fists.

The young girl was almost out now, her young tender belly growling and convulsing in response to the bigger girl's 2-fisted attack, her body jerking wildly as the blows drove into her, each slug sculpting a deep dent in a different part of her gut. Her young belly would eject the hard fist with a spasm, only to be met by another, and another, perhaps 40 in all, until the bigger girl finally tired of beating her up.

Then she got in her car and drove away as the younger girl slid limply off the car and flopped to the ground.

February 20, 2022 7:02 AM