Elektra vs Sonya II (5) by Pedroza (R)


Elecktra vs Sonya II (5) by Pedroza (R)

Sonya laid flat on her back, handcuffed. She had stopped coughing, quickly recovering from being punched in her relaxed stomach by Elektra.

Elektra admired the perfect and largely unmarked 6-pack abdomen stretched out in front of her, awaiting retribution.

Elektra stomped on Sonya's midsection, but now she has steeled herself, letting out a series of small ufffs. It was going to take some work for Elektra to defeat Sonya's muscular belly. Elektra could punch Sonya much harder if she was upright, but she was at less than full strength herself due to the beating she received earlier. She didn't want to expend her energy holding up Sonya, so she came up with a plan.

There were five vehicles parked in the semicircle that created the quarter-pie shaped "ring":

Elektra picked up two belts that had been thrown into the ring. The hood of the Malibu was already propped open so she put one belt in the engine compartment and slammed the hood closed. This trapped the belt so only the ends were out. Elektra pulled on them... they didn't move.

Then she found a cross member under the car and put the belt around it, leaving the ends on the ground.

She walked back over to Sonya and grabbed her hair, dragging her over to the car. Despite her injured knee, Sonya struggled, fighting to stay away from the cars. She knew that Elektra would beat the crap out of her if she managed to get her up against one of them.

But Elektra was still pretty strong, so after a brief battle, Sonya was in front of the Malibu. It was still going to be a big struggle to get Sonya bound by the belts, so Elektra took the easier path, getting on top of her and choking her again. Sonya squirmed and tried to buck Elektra off her, but she kept her hands wrapped around Sonya's neck.

Then she put her knee into the center of Sonya's 6-pack, putting all of her weight on her angular kneecap. "You think you can fight me, *****?" taunted Elektra as Sonya's tensed abs tried to keep the knee out of her body.

"Go **** yourself," croaked Sonya as Elektra redoubled her efforts to choke her out.

"No, I think I'll **** you like I fucked your boyfriend," she responded.

A few moments later, the knee began to slowly sink into Sonya's abdomen.

"Having trouble, *****?" asked Elektra. "Eat me," responded Sonya softly.

"Maybe I'll do that, too," said Elektra. "But I'm gonna beat the **** out of you first."

Sonya's squirming gradually subsided... Elektra kept the pressure on and before long her knee was in her gut.

She ground the knee up and down the length of Sonya's fit stomach while continuing to strangle her.

Elektra quickly got off of Sonya, got down on one knee, and grabbed two big handfuls of hair, yanking her body up onto her leg.

She let Sonya's bound arms go under her leg, clamping her left hand back onto Sonya's neck and putting her right on her leg.

Then she pushed down hard with both arms, putting Sonya into a painful backbreaker, plus she was still getting choked.

Ahhhhh.... Sonya groaned through the choke as her body was bent. "Awww, your little back hurt?" said Elektra mockingly.

"Fuck off," said Sonya. "Did you say you want me to **** you up?" replied Elektra. "Okay!!" And then she punched her stretched out stomach.

"UUUFFF"... Sonya grunted as Elektra's fist thwacked into her tight abs. Elektra was done talking and began repeatedly slugging and elbowing Sonya's midsection.

The choking took its toll and Sonya's belly rapidly weakened. Before long, an elbow penetrated her muscular ab wall.

GUUHHHFFF... the pointy appendage knocked out much of the air that was left in Sonya's body.

Feeling her opponent's stomach give way, Elektra punched her harder, her knuckles now sinking into the taut belly.

Sonya head fell back and her resistance ebbed until her body finally went slack. Elektra let go of the choke, freeing up both hands to brutalize Sonya.

She clasped her hands together and drove a double axe handle into Sonya's slim, tractable midsection.

THUDDDD... the softened up belly shuddered as Elektra's clenched fists plunged into her, a belching sound expoding from deep inside her gut.

Elektra lambasted the dancer's abdomen, slamming her doubled up fists into the arched stomach over and over, forcing a symphony of gutteral tones from Sonya's core.

An especially hard slam and GUUHHH... GUHH... Elektra shoved Sonya off of her leg just as she began to vomit.

Elektra stood over the puking woman, who was laying on her side facing away from her.

She walked around and to Sonya's front side and said "Here, I'll help you out." And then she punted her in the gut, putting her flat on her back again.

Elektra put her foot on the suffering Sonya's belly, flexing her biceps for the crowd before stomping on her stomach again.

She walked over to Sonya's clothes, got her top and wiped her face with it. Then she dragged her by the hair back over to the Malibu.

This time Sonya didn't fight her. Elektra picked her up like a sack of potatoes and threw her on the hood of rhe car.

She put the belt that was trapped under the hood of the car around Sonya's hips and cinched it up very tight.

Then Elektra put the belt that was on the ground around Sonya's legs. She was taking no chances and made sure that Sonya wasn't going to be able to kick her.

Elektra stood the unsteady woman up. Seeing that the belts were keeping her from falling as intended, she punched Sonya in the stomach as hard as she could.

GUUUUGGFFFF!!!... Elektra again targeted the spot in the center of Sonya's belly where her symmetrical 6-pack made a cross a couple of inches above her navel.

The abs caved where Elektra's fist impacted her slender midsection, which folded around the punch, bending her over until she was leaning against Elektra.

Elektra grabbed two big handfuls of tit and shoved Sonya off of her, her upper back laying on the hood of the car.

Her body was bent back again, her ribs sticking out above the curve of her concave stomach.

The time had come for payback. Feeling rejuvenated, Elektra pounded Sonya's defined abdomen with zeal.

She pistoned powerful blows into her arched, sucked in stomach for several minutes, decimating evey part of Sonya's midsection.

But she especially went after the abs that surrounded the cross in the center that she had targeted earlier, assailing them with countless punches.

By the time she finished, Sonya was oblivious to the punishment, her belly simply absorbing Elektra's fists, offering zero resistance.

Elektra released the belts and Sonya fell to the floor. But Elektra wasn't done with her.

She dragged Sonya's motionless body into the center of the ring and put her on her back.

Elektra was an ex-gymnast and when she stripped, she did all manner of athletic and gymnastic moves both on and off the pole.

She stood several feet away from Sonya facing her, placing a zip tie on the floor to mark where she was standing.

She jumped forward in a handstand, the did a full flip. Too far away... her feet landed right next to Sonya's body.

Elektra moved the zip tie about 18 inches closer to Sonya and repeated the move. This time she stuck the landing on Sonya's stomach.

GGGGGGUUUUGGGHHHHFFFF!!! Elektra's feet completely squashed Sonya's midsection into the concrete floor.

When Elektra jumped off her, Sonya's mashed body went into convulsions, the life just about crushed out of her.

Making sure that Sonya in the same spot, Elektra repeated the athletic move, sticking another perfect landing on Sonya's spasming abdomen.

GGGGUUGGGHHHHFFFF!!! Elektra's second flip had the same effect as the first, compacting the flat belly into the cold floor, her flesh squishing out from under her feet.

Sonya's devastated body immediately reacted by going into something resembling a seizure as soon as Elektra jumped off, so intense was the pain in her gut.

She didn't stay on her back this time, instead, she rolled over onto her side and tried to roll up in a ball, the fire in her stomach making her forget all about her knee.

Finally, she just passed out from the agony and had all of the air driven from her body.

Elektra dragged Sonya back over to the cars, this time placing her on her back in front of and parallel to the jacked up truck.

Satisfied that she had Sonya's body placed where she wanted it, Elektra climbed up onto the hood of the truck, facing the windshield.

She put her feet on the very front of the hood, her heels off it. Then, placing her hands right next to her feet, she did a perfect handstand.

Her body was straight up and down, feet together, her back now to the windshield, acquiring the target below her.

Then she pushed off the hood, bending at the waist, then straightening her body as it approached Sonya's unmoving belly.

OHHHHHHHHHH!!! There was quite a reaction from the crowd as Elektra stuck her third flawless landing, squarely into the center of Sonya's abdomen.

It was probably the most destructive single move any of them had ever seen in a fight.

The impact was so brutal that Sonya's upper body and legs lifted off the ground in response to the extreme crushing of her stomach.

When Elektra jumped off her again she just laid there.

Elektra walked over and picked up one of the giant dildos and strapped it on. "Gimme some water," she said to someone in the crowd.

She was given two bottles of ice-cold water which she poured on Sonya, stirring her, followed by weak moaning.

She spread Sonya's legs and put both arms behind her knees. Then Elektra pushed them up until her knees were along side her shoulders.

Elektra was nose to nose with Sonya when she inserted the huge rubber ***** inside her and started plunging it straight down into her.

Sonya's head lay on the concrete... as Elektra rapidly and harshly pumped her, a trickle of blood began flowing from the corner of Sonya's mouth.

Elektra kept driving the ******* over and over deep inside her as the blood continued to flow.

"Oh, I see you like this, don't you, *****?" said Elektra, her nose an inch away from Sonya's.

Sonya gathered the last of her strength and spit a vile combination of saliva, blood, and vomit right into Elektra's face.

Blinded by rage, Elektra immediately stopped ******* Sonya, got off her, and ripped off the *******. She put Sonya's injured leg on the bumper of the Caprice and stomped it.

A loud crack echoed across the garage as Sonya's leg snapped, followed by a blood-curdling scream. Sonya rolled onto her stomach in excruciating pain.

When she lifted her head off the concrete, Elektra punted it, instantly knocking out Sonya, a pool of blood spreading under her face.

Elektra was about to stomp her head when someone grabbed her hair, pulling her away.

It was one of the Riders and several others jumped into the ring while several others carried Sonya out.

The fighters had agreed that no one would be hit in the face. When she kicked Sonya in the head, she violated the Rider's Code.

The Riders put Sonya in a car and took her to the hospital, dropping her body off at the emergency entrance and driving off.

Despite having a broken leg, a hyperextended knee, and internal injuries, Sonya would say nothing about what happened to her. She knew better than to rat on a Rider.

Back at the garage, the Riders wrestled Elektra to the ground. She was about to find out what happens to Code violators the hard way.

Several Riders held the struggling Elektra down on the floor face down. They pulled her arms behind her and cuffed her wrists together.

They took a belt, lifted her upper body off the ground by the hair and placed it under Elektra's breasts, then let go of her hair.

The Riders wrapped the belt around her body and arms and cinched the belt up very tight.

Then they fished two zip ties under her armpits, wrapped them around the belt, and zipped them up.

There was now no way the belt could slide up her body... it was trapped under her armpits and *****.

The bikers picked up the kicking and cursing Elektra off the floor and carried her over to the big truck in the center of the semicircle.

When she kicked a big biker dude in the leg, he hauled off and slugged her in the gut.

GUUUHHHHHFFF... Elektra's abs were no match for the biker's powerful punch and it winded her instantly, sending her into a coughing fit.

The truck had a massive tube and steel mesh bumper on it.

A couple of Riders climbed up on the bumper, each taking a zip tie with them. Other Riders handed Elektra's bound body up to them.

They held the belt that was wrapped behind her up to the small "U" shaped tube at the top of the bumper and zip-tied the belt to it.

When they let go of Elektra, her back was hard up against the mesh in the center of the bumper above where it protruded into a "V" shape.

She was leaned back, the small of her back curving around the tube at the farthest forward point of the bumper.

Her tight, round ass was right in front of the Chevy bowtie logo, her legs dangling.

The Riders slapped a cuff on each of Elektra's ankles, locking the other end onto the suspension cross member above the red shock absorbers.

Elektra was now bound to the big bumper, her bruised up belly arching out toward the biker chicks that lined up in front of her.

Her navel slit was chest high on the first big biker chick, a perfect height for punching. She patted Elektra's abs, they slugged her in the stomach.

UUUHHFFF... the hard-punching biker's knuckles bounced off Elektra's tender belly, the pain evident on her face.

She continued pumping her fists into the stretched-out abdomen, shivering her body as Elektra strained to keep it tight.

But her belly was already weakened and it didn't take many before a straight punch broke though, sinking into her.

GUUHHHFF... GUUHHHFF...UUHHHF...UUHHHF...The last four of the ten punches the biker threw found her gut.

From now on, Elektra's midsection was meat for the Rider chicks to tenderize.

There were nine more women in the line and each took their turn, drilling the stripper's helpless belly with ten hard punches.

At first, Elektra screamed in pain and begged the next biker for mercy, but by the time half of the women had their shot at Elektra, her head was hanging down.

The last four biker chicks punched in an unresponsive stomach.

There were a couple of them that suspected that Elektra might have also seduced their men.

The suspicious woman slugged Elektra's body extra hard, thudding stiff blows into her compliant abs, looking not only to punish her but hurt her.

The penalized stripper's battered stomach swelled, gradually becoming distended and protruding toward the next fist that would drive it back in.

By the time the last biker chick finished with her, the nearly comatose Elektra's once-tight midsection was dark red, sagging, and puffy.

The was still one more biker left... the huge biker that had beaten the brawny man's 8-pack abs to a pulp last year.

He hated code breakers and was going to get a piece of this one... he couldn't care less if they were male or female.

OHHHH... the assembled crowd gasped as he thundered a massive blow deep into the inflamed belly, the reddened flesh surrounding his big fist.

He bludgeoned the flaccid stomach and before long Elektra suffered the same fate as the muscular man.

Something ruptured inside her and she spits blood between her ***** as each punch plunged into her broken guts, the red liquid running down her belly.

After turning Elektra's body into a bloody mess, the Riders cut her down, unbound her, and threw her into a car. They did the same with her as with Sonya, dumping her in front of the emergency room.

And just like Sonya, Elektra kept silent despite having significant abdominal injuries. She also knew better than to rat on the Riders.

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