Elektra vs Sonya I by pedroza

Sonya was driving fast on her way to the club. She had just gotten some texts from a couple of her friends that said that Elektra was there.

She had heard a rumor that Elektra had seduced her boyfriend. Elektra was one of her gym friends... Sonya and her boyfriend had partied with her many times.

Sometimes Elektra's White Rider motorcycle friends were also partying, so Sonya was also friends with many of them.

She was already going to go to a different club, so she was dressed for it.

Sonya was wearing a tight long sleeve black spandex shirt that went up to her neck and cut off just under her *****.

She had a matching tight black skirt, the waistband tight over her navel. Her ultra fit belly was uncovered, a perfect 6-pack exposed.

Her now former boyfriend had already fessed up, so now she was going to physically confront Elektra.

Sonya was met at the club entrance by her friends who took her to where Elektra was sitting with a couple of her friends.

She was also wearing a belly baring black top. Her hard, bulging abs stuck out above the waistline of a pair of black pants.

Elektra got up when her saw Sonya coming, looking angry.

"What the ****, *****?" said Sonya, getting in Elektra's face. "You been ******* my man?"

"It's not my fault that you're not enough woman for him," said Elektra, getting right back in Sonya's face. "What you gonna do about it anyway?"

"I'm gonna kick your ass, that's what!" said Sonya. Elektra chuckled and said "Well, I can call the Riders and arrange for you to try to do that."

"Fine, let's do it right now!" replied Sonya.

Elektra made a call, talking animatedly."When they call back, it's on, *****." said said to Sonya.

Sonya and her friends sat down at a nearby table. Both women began to remove their jewelry, they didn't want it lost or destroyed.

About a half hour later, Elektra's phone rang. When she hung up, she got up and walked over to Sonya's table.

Sonya also got up and the girls stood nose to nose, their ***** almost touching,

Elektra said "Parking garage across the street, 5th floor. Let's go." Both entourages left the club and went across the street to the garage.

When they got to the 5th floor, there were no cars except at the far corner, which was lit up. All of the cars were down on the lower levels.

When they got over there, there were five vehicles parked in a semi-circle with their lights on facing the corner of the garage, which was all cinder block walls.

The vehicles and walls formed a wedge shaped "ring", like a quarter of a pie. The two girls and one man wearing a White Riders vest stepped into the ring.

"These two have agreed to settle their differences by the White Riders code.

First, Anything goes except for eye gouging. No weapons of any kind. The Riders will punish any violation on the spot.

Second, Tying up your opponent by any means is allowed.

Third, The fight is over when when the winner decides it's over. Do you understand?"

The girls shook their heads up and down, then Sonya added, "We dance for a living, so no punches to the face. We don't want our faces messed up."

Elektra agreed, so the Rider said "Ok".

Then they went to the opposite corners of the ring.

As they did, handcuffs, belts, zip ties and other things that could be used for binding were thrown into the ring along with a couple of big ******** dildos.

Not wanting to give the other girl any advantage, both girls began to strip, first removing their shoes, then their clothes and finally their bras.

The gathered crowd was abuzz in anticipation as they waited for these two physical specimens to go at it.

Elektra was the bigger and more muscular of the two women, while Sonya was more athletic and cut.

Both women had firm breasts, Sonya's were bigger. Elektra only wore a tiny black thong, Sonya a pair of lacy black *******.

One of these **** bodies was going to leave the garage in a severely beaten state.

The two girls began to circle each other, with Elektra stalking Sonya with her dukes up while Sonya bounced on her toes. looking for an opening.

She soon got one, jabbing Elektra in the right **** with her left hand then following up with a hook to her belly.

The **** shot hurt, but Elektra's abs were tightened and she ignored the body shot, tying up with Sonya and shoving her back into the wall.

As they struggled in the clench, Sonya drove a bony knee up into Elektra's unsuspecting gut.

UHHHFF... the knee impacted Elektra's ab wall, making her bend over and release her left hand.

Elektra's released the the clench, covering up and moving back. But she didn't cover up completely.

With lightning speed, Sonya thrust out her right leg, connecting solidly with Elektra's upper belly.

OOOFFF... the hard kick dented her midsection, the force of it sending her sprawling onto her ass.

Elektra didn't know it, but Sonya had been taking martial arts and kickboxing classes for years and was a polished fighter, fast with both her hands and feet.

She pounced on Elektra, who was on her back on the floor. She covered up, her arms and knees up.

Sonya created an opening with her left hand and using her right, repeatedly slugged Elektra's left tit, causing her to howl.

Then Sonya managed to maneuver her lithe body, using it to push down Elektra's left leg, giving her another opening.

Sonya moved on from pounding on Elektra's tit and began punching her tightened abdomen.

The bony fists thwacked off Electra's muscular stomach, but Sonya persisted, rapidly pounding the hard belly.

Sonya delivered a much harder punch and felt her abs give a little as it struck her with a dull thud.

Then two more... the second a little deeper, causing her to grunt. Using her entire fit body, Sonya drilled a third straight down into Elektra's midsection, breaching it.

GUUUGGGFFF!!!... Sonya's fist embedded itself in Elektra's solar plexus, knocking the wind out of her, her arms moving down to her belly.

Before Sonya could punch her again, Elektra managed to gather her strength and arch her back, throwing Sonya off her.

The accumulation of blows and the last gut punch hurt Elektra, who got to her feet but was holding her violated stomach.

Sonya could sense that she had Elektra in trouble and attacked, blitzing her with a flurry of punches.

With Elektra's arm protecting her body, Sonya mashed her ***** with into her cheat with a left-right-left, sending the stripper reeling backward toward the cars.

When her hands came up, Sonya drove another kick straight into Elektra's gut, buckling it and knocking her into the front of the car, her ass slamming into the grille.

Up against the car, Elektra nowhere to go and Sonya punched her firm breasts again.

Then she nailed Elektra with a huge right uppercut in the stomach. GGGUUUHHHH... the brutal fist sank into her weakened abs, bending her over.

Sonya felt Elektra's body deflate from the last punch and moved in close, more willing to trade punches now that she was confident that Elektra wouldn't her able to hurt her.

Until now Elektra had no answer for her opponent's speed and skill but with Sonya finally in range, Elektra managed to punch her in the belly twice.

Protecting her face, Sonya had her 6-pack abs tight and Elektra's fists barely dented them.

Elektra grabbed Sonya around the waist, looking to wrestle her to the ground, but Sonya's hands were free.

She grabbed Elektra's ******* and twisted them hard. Elektra let out a high pitched screech and let go of Sonya's waist, the ***** twist causing her to lose focus for a moment.

With her body freed, Sonya stepped back and slugged a hard left-right combination into Elektra's unflexed stomach.

UUGGGHH... UUUUGGFF... Elektra slumped as Sonya's knuckles caved her abs and sank into her gut.

She tried to respond, jabbing several counterpunches into Sonya's navel, but she kept her abs tight, Elektra's punches only elicting a few small grunts from her.

Sonya responded, punching Elektra in the stomach twice very hard, t******* a couple of much louder grunts from her.

Then putting her hands on Elektra's shoulders again, Sonya launched her fit body at her, ripping an angular knee up the center of Elektra's midsection.

OOOOOOFFFFF... the skin on Elektra's belly wrinkled as the knee ripped up the line down in the middle of her stomach.

Sonya's powerful leg stopped when it reached Elektra's ribcage, mashing her organs into her diaphragm.

Elektra fell forward, her arms covering her ruptured abs. She went to her knees on the floor and puked up the drinks she had earlier.

With Elektra gagging on the floor, Sonya saw an opportunity and quickly grabbed a nearby zip tie and got it partly zipped.

She got on top of Elektra's back, grabbed an arm and put it in a painful hammer lock. Holding it down with her leg, she did the same with the other arm.

Then she got Elektra's wrists close enough together to slip the tie on them and zipped it up. Elektra's arms were now bound behind her back.

Sonya got off her, grabbed two handfuls of long black hair and got Elektra to her feet. Then she punched her in the stomach as hard as she could,

UUUFFF... Elektra tightened up, but her damaged abs were no match for the fist that plunged into her and she went down to a knee.

Sonya let go of her hair and clamped onto Elektra's breasts, then swung another knee into her gut.

OOOOFFF... Sonya's knee drove in Elektra's belly again, but she maintained her grip on the firm *****.

Using them to repeatedly pull Elektra's body into her oncoming knee, Sonya mauled her vulnerable belly and ****.

When Sonya let go of Elektra after driving in a last knee, Elektra landed on her back, moaning as the pain in her stomach and ***** coursed through her body.

Sonya walked over to Elektra's side, and dropped another knee straight down into her unprotected belly and started grinding.

She got more on top of her, grabbing her tender ******* and twisting and pulling on them while digging in the knee, grating the middle of her abdomen.

Elektra howled and cried, but Sonya was enjoying torturing her, even letting go of a ****** and biting it.

They had never done anything, but there was always an underlying ****** attraction between the two. Now she was going to act on it.

She pulled off her ******* and sat on Elektra's face. "Eat my *****, *****", she ordered. When Elektra didn't immediately comply, Sonya slugged her in the stomach.

Elektra began licking her clitorus and Sonya started moaning, fondling her own *****. When Elektra paused for a second, Sonya punched her in the belly again.

MMMMFFFF... a muffed grunt came from beneath Sonya. She moaned louder, periodically punching Elektra's stomach in just for fun of it.

Finally, she climaxed explosively, her juices flowing off of Elektra's beaten face.

Sonya got up and picked up a giant ***** off the fioor. She strapped it on... this thing was huge, a foot long and a couple of inches in diameter.

Then she walked around to where Elektra's legs were and said "Spread your legs, *****". When Elektra didn't immediately comply, Sonya stomped on her stomach.

OOOFFF... OOOFFF... after a couple of hard stomps on Elektra's navel, her legs opened. Sonya reached down and ripped the black thong off her body.

Then she got down between Elektra's legs, inserted the huge member in her and rammed it in.

AHHHHH!! cried Elektra as the hard rubber ***** went painfully deep inside her. "Shut up!" said Sonya, punching her in the stomach.

AAAAHHHH!!! This punch really hurt because because Sonya hit the ***** when she slugged Elektra. When she didn't shut up, Sonya punched her in the stomach again.

Sonya went to town, going belly to belly and **** to **** on Elektra as she pumped the big strap-on into her.

Elektra couldn't help but get turned on when Sonya got down and dirty with her, as she found Sonya's fit body to be incredibly **** and secretly lusted after her.

After a few minutes Elektra orgasmed.

Sonya pulled out as Elektra's body tensed up, then punched her lower belly as her uterus contracted.

She got up off the floor and grabbed Elektra's hair, saying "Ok, fun's over!!" She pulled Elektra to her feet, parading her beaten body in front of the crowd.

"You see this pathetic *************? This is what happens to ******* that **** my man," she said and then drilled the center of Elektra's abdomen. 

THUD... GUUGGHHFF... Elektra's gut folded around the fist and started to go down, but Sonya had a good grip on her long black hair.

She paraded Elektra in front of another car and punched her in the stomach as hard as she could once again, with similar results.

When Sonya got to the last car, she shoved the staggering Elektra up against the cinder block wall, then drove a vicious kick straight into her midsection.

UUUGGGFFF... the kick caved Elektra's abs all across her belly just above her navel. She slid down the wall with Sonya's foot still embedded in her gut.

Sonya was tiring of holding up Elektra, so she slammed her into the grille of one of the cars back first. Then Sonya launched a full offensive onslaught.

A right to her left **** was followed by a hard left and right to the belly, a left to her right **** and another right to the belly.

The wilting Electra leaned back against the car, her muscled stomach bowing out toward Sonya.

The assembled crowd knew what was about to happen.

Last year a brawny man with an 8-pack challenged one of the Riders to a Rider's code fight and got beat up and handcuffed.

He got ab-punched so badly that he was rendered unconscious, spitting up blood as the biker kept on busting up his muscular midsection.

The crowd didn't know if Sonya could punch hard enough to do that, but if could happen if she kept using that knee.


Sonya laid into the unprotected stomach, sinking a barrage of fists into Elektra's wasted abs. She fell back on the hood of the car, her back arched.

Elektra had taken Sonya's man with her body, now she was going to take Elektra's body with her fists.

Sonya channeled all of her anger into Elektra's outstretched abdomen, getting in between her legs so she couldn't fall and bludgeoning Elektra's fit stomach,

She continuously sank full force punches into her belly bulge for over two minutes, the whithering assault completely destroying Elektra's midsection.

Sonya grabbed Elektra by the shoulders, lifting her off the hood of the car and lining up the the center of her body for a salvo of knees.

Elektra was just moments away from an ab-busting that would almost certainly put her in the hospital for an extended stay.

In desperation, Elektra trust out her left leg. Sonya had knee issues and sometimes wore a brace on her right knee... it had all of her weight on it.

Elektra's foot connected solidly with it and it bent severely the wrong way. Sonya went down in a heap in excruciating pain, holding the knee.

At the same time, a battered Elektra slid down the front of the car to the ground.

Sonya tried to get up but went right back down. The searing pain was like someone sticking a hot knife in her knee, making it impossible to put any weight on it

She yelled "Fight's over", declaring herself the winner to the Riders. Elektra, laying there with her arms wrapped around her injured midsection, said "No" weakly.

The Riders were having none of this attempted stoppage. Almost ten minutes went by before Elektra was finally able to get up.

Sonya had also managed to get up, albeit only on one leg. Knowing she couldn't really move, Elektra circled, still bound, looking to kick Sonya's damaged leg.

Sonya's fists were free, so she was looking to punch Elektra, who was clearly still badly hurt. Elektra found the mark first, lightly clipping Sonya's leg with a kick.

That's all it took and Sonya shrieked in pain, dropping to the floor again.

All of the cars were old and had metal bumpers, so while Sonya was down Elektra found a sharp edge on one of them and rubbed the zip tie against it.

It was slow going and Sonya was back on her feet, limping toward Elektra. But instead of fighting Sonya, she simply avoided her, going to a car on the other side of the ring.

She found a sharp edge on that car's bumper and went back to work on the zip tie. Then... snap. Elektra was free.

Sonya was almost over to her again, but this time Elektra acted like she was still bound. When Sonya got close enough, she attacked.

Elektra dove at Sonya's legs, rolling into them as a piercing howl echoed across the garage. Sonya went down again in agony, laying face down on the floor.

Elektra got on Sonya's back, grabbed her hair and pulled her head up, slid a strong arm under her chin and locked in a choke hold.

Then she got her powerful legs around Sonya's waist, locked them together and began squeezing her muscular midsection with all she had.

Sonya flailed as Elektra constricted her belly and cut off her air, trying vainly to elbow her in the gut.

The two struggled on the floor for a couple of minutes, then Sonya began fading. As she faded, her abs slowly gave way and Elektra's legs sank into them.

After awhile longer, Sonya's body went limp. Elektra released her left arm which keeping her right on the neck and punched Sonya's right tit hard several times.

Seeing no reaction, Elektra was convinced that Sonya wasn't faking. There was a handcuff nearby, so she snatched it.

She snapped the cuff on her left wrist, then, putting her knees on Sonya's back, grabbed her right arm and cuffed it.

Elektra rolled off Sonya and laid flat on her back, exhausted, breathing heavily and rubbing her aching stomach. Then she got up and sat on the bumper of one of the cars.

With Sonya locked up, Elektra took her time, rolling and massaging of her belly, which was all red and starting to bruise. "Goddammit," she said, looking at her battered belly.

Elektra examined her belly and after determining that she was miraculously not seriously injured, she set out to take revenge on Sonya.

She grabbed Sonya's hair and got her up to her knees. Then she punted Sonya's relaxed stomach, hard.

UUUUGGGFFF... the pain of getting kicked in the gut and from her injured knee awoke Sonya, but she was still in a haze from being choked out.

Then Elektra yanked Sonya up and drove a huge punch into her stomach.

OOOOFFFF... Sonya's symmetrical 6-pack made a perfect cross hair two inches above her navel and Elektra busted her right there.

Her abs wrinkled around Elektra's knuckles as they drove in her unprepared belly and bent her over. When she let go of Sonya's hair, she fell to the floor, coughing.

Elektra kicked Sonya in the shoulder so that she laid flat on her back, admiring the perfect and largely unmarked 6-pack abdomen stretched out in front of her.

Then she looked at what Sonya did to her own badly bruised belly and fumed... She was gonna her get revenge on this *****'s stomach and no one was going to stop her.

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