Elektra steals by pedroza

Elektra was running late as usual, walking quickly on her way to the gym.

She was a workout freak, keeping her rock hard body in top shape for her nightly performances as a stripper and pole dancer at the many downtown clubs.

Elektra was also a member of the White Riders Motorcycle club, which meant fighting other girls from time to time.

She had recently helped beat up an Asian girl in the park, an easy feat. That girl wasn't much more than a punching bag... she trained for much tougher opponents.

The class she was late for was a kickboxing class. She was confident that she could hold her own against any woman.

To save time she had already changed into her workout clothes... tight black workout pants and a very short, *********** and gray tank top.

The outfit left Electra's pale, ripped stomach in plain view for all to see.

A boy was running across the street toward her as she walked in front of an alley.

Suddenly he snatched her purse, running down the alley. "Goddammit!!" She yelled, chasing after him.

He took a right turn at a "T" at the end of the alley and kept running but that street was a dead end, surrounded by high chain link fences.

Elektra turned the corner and stopped, walking toward the kid with her fists clenched, deciding whether to beat the crap out of him, or get her purse back and let him go.

Suddenly, a low voice behind her said "Hello, Elektra"...

It was Tony, the owner of one of the clubs she performed at. With him were a couple of his thugs, Johnny and Jimmy..

"Hi,To..." Electra started to say before Tony cuts her off. "Shut up and listen. I know you stole from me. Nobody steals from me, you got it?"

"Look, Tony I..." she started again. "I told you to shut the **** up!" she said, moving closer to Elektra.

He poked her hard stomach and said, "I heard you get off on this ****. I got some boys here that are gonna get you off real good."

Elektra nervously looked down at the finger. Then she tried to get away.

She didn't get far. Jimmy grabbed her by her long dark hair, preventing her escape. So Elektra turned around and punched Jimmy in the mouth.

Her fist connected with Jimmy's jaw with a crack, surprising him more than anything. He still had a handful of hair but her hands were free.

But before she could do anything, two big arms grabbed her from behind, wrapping her up, her arms trapped at her sides.

Elektra started strugging like a wildcat and kicking, so Jimmy pulled down her workout pants so she couldn't kick.

When he yanked them to her ankles, it revealed a tiny black thong and an expanse of bulging, muscular stomach.

Johnny said "Nice", balled up his fist and slammed it into the center of Elektra's rock hard abs.

UFFF... the hard punch bounced off Elektra, but did bend her over a little, enough that Johnny was able to get her on the ground, face down.

Both men got on top of Elektra, but keeping her down was about as easy as trying to wrangle a gator.

When they finally got her arms behind her, Jimmy produced a big zip tie, which he used to bind Elektra's wrists.

He took off his belt, pulled Elektra's head up by the hair, put it around her neck and pulled up hard, choking her.

The belt wrapped tightly around Elektra's neck, making her gag and the hard backward pull lifted her chest off the ground.

Her face was starting to turn red when Johnny got off of her and walked around, facing Elektra.

Jimmy moved back until he was sitting on the back of Elektra's athletic thighs, then pulled harder on the belt.

Elektra would've screamed painfully but the belt prevented it. Her mouth was open as her torso was raised up off the ground.

Her back was sharply bent at a nearly 90 degree angle. Her defined abs were taut, but they still bulged toward Johnny.

UFFFFF... It was more than a bit of irony when Johnny kicked Elektra very hard, right in the center of her well conditiioned stomach.

Not long ago, Elektra had done the same to an Asian girl in the park, but now the tables were turned.

The kick dented the stripper's abs, expelling some of the limited air from Elektra's body.

He stepped back and punted her in the gut again, this one going a little deeper.

By this time Elektra was no longer struggling and after a couple more well placed kicks her skin started to get a bluish hue.

Johnny drove his big foot into the straining belly several more times until it was readily collapsing her sinewy midsection.

Jimmy let go of Elektra and she flopped face down onto the hard concrete. He pulled out a knife and cut the zip tie, freeing Elektra's arms.

But the two bruisers weren't about to let her go.

Nearby there was a concrete landing about 3" high and 6 feet square that led to the back door of a warehouse.

On the right side of that was a stairway that went up to a door on the 2nd floor.

The stairway had a railing made of 2" diameter steel tubing welded together and anchored to the concrete.

The railing had several vertical tubes, with 3 tubes connecting each one together.

The bottom one was a few inches off the ground, the top one about waist high and the last tube halfway between the top and bottom one.

Johnny and Jimmy dragged the strangled Elektra over to the landing and yanked off her top, exposing her perky, softball sized implanted ****.

Then they ripped off the thong, which didn't cover much anyway but left her open for what was next.

Jimmy's belt was still around Elektra's neck, so he undid his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. He was a well-built and fully erect man.

They bent Elektra over and put her head through the railing between the top and second rail, then straightened her up with the small of her back against the top rail.

Elektra's color had returned and she was becoming aware of her situation, her aching belly letting her know that it had been kicked in.

But by this time it was too late. Johnny pulled Elektra's arms back over the top rail and locked them up with his own. Her chest was stretched tightly, her rubber ***** pointing off sideways.

Elektra was trapped, her legs behind the railing, her torso in front and her arms locked up behind.

She was stood up with her belly bowing out toward Jimmy, who was cracking his knuckles.

Johnny entered her from behind and began banging her forcefully, his powerful body slamming into Elektra's tight ass, her thighs up against the rail.

While Johnny was giving it to Elektra, Jimmy launched a series of brutal uppercuts into her navel slit.

OHHHHHHH... OHHH... OHHH... UHHH... UHHH... GUHHHFF.... Elektra's abs had recovered somewhat and resisted the punches, but she weakened quickly.

The 6th power punch from Jimmy broke her, her failing abs allowing his fist to rearrange her intestines. Her resistance decayed rapidly after that.

Jimmy drove his big hands into every part of her convex and formerly tough but now softened up midsection, bashing in her cut abdomen and finding the depths of her stomach.

Jimmy, Johnny and Elektra all grunted from the extreme effort they were expending, but Elektra was also moaning between belly slugs.

Finally, her head dropped down and she orgasmed explosively, her entire body trembling in a tremor of ecstasy. "I guess it's true", said Johnny to Jimmy.

When Johnny let go of her, she slumped over, her body draped over the center tube, which sank into her beaten stomach.

Johnny and Jimmy traded places and repeated the gut bashing and ass screwing, with Elektra coming twice more before passing out.

The men dragged Elektra's incognizant body out into the alley and Tony walked over holding the thong.

He slipped it onto her and got out a dollar bill, which he tucked into the waistband and the three men walked away.

March 19, 2022 1:11 PM