Dana Written by unknown


Dana Written by unknown

Dana was the kind of girl everyone liked, she was smart, ****, petite with a great body, and very rich. more than anything in the world this 23-year-old redhead wanted a singing career. She had a great voice, wonderful presence, and knew how to play a man just right in order to get what she wanted.

Then there was Chrissy. Chrissy and Dana had been rivals since high school. Chrissy also wanted to be a singer, she also had a great voice, perhaps even a bit better than Dana's. But Chrissy was a bit too tall and lank, and although not ugly, did not have the drop-dead looks, money, or charm which Dana possessed. Chrissy was also dating Steve, whose family owned a small but influential recording studio, and because of this Chrissy was sure she would make it big by playing her cards right.

Well, one night Chrissy and Steve had just taken a table at the local bar where many college-age and under thirties hung out when who should walk in but Dana. She was wearing a long red skirt slit to her thigh and a small black glittering bra top, her shapely and gorgeous stomach shown off to perfection. Upon seeing Chrissy and Steve she made her way over to their table and took a seat across from Steve.

Steve couldn't take his eyes off of her. "Hi, Steve, I just came back from a great audition, I think the band wants me." Dana slyly stated glancing over to Chrissy who was already steaming. Dana elegantly pulled out a clove cigarette from her case lit it and exhaled erotically in Steve's direction. as the evening went on it was evident to Chrissy that she had not only lost her boyfriend but any chance of a recording contract as well.

After about an hour Dana had run out of cigarettes and excused herself to go next door to the tobacco shop. Not long after Chrissy told Steve she was going to the bathroom. instead, she ducked outside into the ally near the bar to wait for Dana. 11 years of hatred came to a head that night. soon Dana came out of the tobacco shop lighting her cigarette.

Chrissy, disguising her voice called from the alley, "have a light?" Dana barely turns the corner when she felt a sharp fist hit her chin, knocking her forward into the alley.

"Hey, Bitch. not so high and mighty now are you?" Chrissy said as she stood over Dana who was slowly getting to her feet." that was just a playful punch. you won't be getting up when I'm done with you.

The moment Dana rose to her feet Chrissy cocked her fist back swiftly and with all the strength she could muster rammed her heavy fist upward into Dana's unprepared stomach.

OOOOUUUGFH! The blow went deep into her with such force she buckled forward landing face forward in Chrissy's arms.

"let's see what kind of song this makes you sing sweetie!" Chrissy cocked back her fist again and with more force than she ever used before delivered another nauseating punch deep into Dana's already sickened stomach

"HUUUUUGGGPPPHHH!" The sound was even louder than before. "I think you are singing a bit off-key tonight Dana!"

Chrissy let Dana drop to the pavement coughing, gasping, and in total agony. but the reprieve did not last long Chrissy then grabbed her by her long wavy red hair and with all her might kicked her heavy doc martin boot into Dana's navel.

OOOOOPPPMHH! Dana could feel her dinner rise to her throat as the boot went inward and upward with the force of a cannonball. She somehow managed to keep herself from vomiting...for the time being, no sooner had the kick landed but Dana felt herself being lifted up and flung hard against the ally wall. Following quickly upon that Chrissy moved toward her with such force clasping both hands together and swinging them as if she held a baseball bat.

She never felt so strong before the double-fisted blow landed destructively hard into poor Dana's upper stomach HMMMMPPPPHHHHHHHHHH!

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