Cowgirl's Stomach Destruction by D-Rock


Cowgirl's Stomach Destruction by D-Rock

She was the rancher's daughter. Just about 18. Pretty hot. About 5'2" 105 lbs. Young curvy and wide-set hips - wide due to an incredibly wide pelvis. Slim thighs and a slightly rounded and deliciously pouting lower abdomen and tapering up from her perfectly feminine hips to a small waist and flat yet soft stomach and smallish breast. Long raven black hair and the face of a make-up model.

She was always hanging around the ranch hands with her tight cowgirl blouses and too short suede or leather skirts, the kind with the single large pleat in the front, and her cowgirl boots. Yes, she was a tease, always bending way over showing her *****-covered assets stretching and pushing her **** little stomach out while arching her back, always in front of the guys. I was one of those guys.

One day I had had enough of her games. I'd kept a billy club in my locker. I got it out and followed her into the barn. It was just before chow so I knew no one else was around. She was petting one of the horses as I eased up behind her. I surprised her and when she turned around to face me I rammed the smooth rounded tip of the club up into the pit of her soft stomach as hard as I could.

Hhhhuuuullllgggghhhhh she grunted hard and doubled over with her stomach impaled on the club. She clutched it with both hands and looked up at me as I kept the club up her delicate little stomach organ. She had a beautiful look of surprise and extreme stomach pain on her face.

I snarled "Always the little tease, aren't you?" She just grimaced as I then pulled the club out of her traumatized stomach and she fell to her knees and folded her arms across her stomach and folded in half full at the hips pushing her firm **** up and causing her suede skirt to ride up exposing pink satin *******. It was a sight to behold.

But I wanted more of her stomach so I seized her petite frame up by her hair with one hand and as she reach up to her hair I rammed the club up her stomach again, up above the navel jamming it up under her rib cage forcing the pit of her stomach organ up against her lungs "UUUuuuunnnnnnngggghhhh!" The deep guttural stomach grunt forced its way up thru her tightening throat. I pulled the club from her injured stomach and she fell again this time on her side with hands clutching her stomach and knees raised up again exposing herself.

Then she rolled onto her back and arched it pushing her wounded stomach up as she raised her knees up as she once again was exposed, only now she wasn't doing it to tease. I pulled her up by her hair again and backed her against a wall and with one hand I pulled her stomach clutching hands away from her hurting guts and pinned them over her head and drove the tip of the club into her perfectly pouting and rounded abdomen about an inch below her navel. I assaulted the delicate area again and again and again never letting her recover in the least and the throaty, breathy grunts forced thru her nostrils blasted into my chest as I drove the club harder and deeper into her soft guts with each menacing thrust.

"Uuuunnngghhh, HHhhhuuummmmph, Hhhhhmmmmpf, Nnnnngghhh, Uuuulllllgghh, nnnnnghhh, nnngh, ungh, unh", I was actually going for her spine! After about eight of these she had no more breath in her to retch out and I ceased drilling her guts and I let her fall to the ground to her knees and double full over at the hips and push that firm **** up again. I let her suffer this way while as I chewed her out about her teasing and why she was paying for it thru her stomach right now.

As she began to get her breath back she looked up and begged "Please, I can't take any more in the stomach!",

"My stomach can't take anymore!",

"Please no more in the stomach!" But I wanted more as I pulled her up once again by the hair and refocused my aim back to the stomach organ, up above the navel where it lives and where it hurts the most when a little tease gets something hard rammed up there. I wanted her to feel the tip of the club go up thru the pit of her stomach organ, stuffing it up thru her esophagus and up to the back of her throat! And with one super double-handed thrust of the club up her stomach, she grunted so hard from way deep in her tortured guts that I thought sure her stomach organ was going to come up and out after it. It didn't but what must have been mucus and stomach acid did, hitting me in the chest.

I pushed hard up her stomach as I wanted her to suffer more stomach pain. I pushed and twisted the club up into her stomach as she clutched the length of it with both her little hands and hunched over its tip with her stomach impaled on it as I lifted her little frame up onto her toes as she puked up more stomach juice and shoved it up her further until her feet were off the ground and she brought her knees up heaving, retching grunting and grimacing throwing her head back and suffering greatly in the stomach until I could hold her up no longer and let go of the club and her and the club came down together, her still clutching it as the end of it hit the ground first pushing the tip of it further up her completely destroyed stomach organ forced by gravity and her own weight.

Though she had no breath left in her, this forced some kind of animalistic sound out of her guts as she teetered there a few seconds stomach impaled on the club and then falling over on her side still clutching the club. She then finally let it go so she could use her cradling arms to try to comfort and hold her ruined stomach rolling again to her back then finally ending up on her knees bent fully at the hips with her forehead on the ground and **** way, way up giving me a full view of that **** clad in those pink satin *******.

She gasped and wheezed and groaned and gulped pockets of air only to have her diaphragm lock her lungs and trap the air. To get more she had to concentrate and release the diaphragm and let go of the pocket air first. She struggled thru this over and over all the while suffering unbelievable stomach pain totally unable to straighten up. I truly enjoyed the view she gave me from behind and as much as I would have loved to have stayed and gazed at it a lot longer I knew I'd better be getting out of there. I left her doubled-over form and headed to the big house for chow. She was seldom seen around the ranch hands after that and when she was there was no teasing or exhibitions. It took a little more than a week before I even saw her again.

I often wondered how long she stayed doubled over in that barn and if anyone else saw her like that? How long before she could breathe normally again and be able to straighten up? How long before the stomach pain went fully away and how long did the stomach bruises last? I wonder.

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