Cold Shower (part 2) by NerveExplosion


Sequel to Love and Basketball by NerveExplosion

Cold Shower (part 2) by NerveExplosion

A week had passed since the brutal beating at the basketball courts and things were only getting worst for Jules. She had made a couple of friends he felt pity for her after seeing the beating she took at the hands of Roxy. Jules had continued to flaunt her body but she tried to stay as far away from Roxy as possible and she took much easier on the other inmates on the basketball courts. Another thing she had picked up since that day was smoking. Though she tried to hide it, ever since it happened she had been constantly watching her back hoping Roxy wouldn't be there, and smoking seemed to calm her down.

One day while she was smoking with some of her new friends Roxy walked right up to her with Jules noticing and then snatched the cigarette right out of her mouth. She took a long drag then muttered, "Anyone who gets these has to give me and my crew our share, that includes you, beauty queen." And with that, she threw what was left of the cig on the floor and stomped it out. Robin, Jules' cellmate who had been sitting with her whispered, "You know, you don't have to take her ****, I know plenty of people that are tired of Roxy's crap. Mabey we can get a little something going on ourselves if ya know what I mean..."

"I...I don't know about all that Robin", replied Jules' "I still can't eat right and it's been a week. If.....I agree to do this, we gotta get her by surprise and we gotta have numbers. Otherwise, count me out."

To which Robin replied, "ok, look, I'll go talk to some of the other girls and get back to you tonight."

It was lights out before Jules saw Robin again. After the guards had made their first pass Robin rolled over the edge of the bed next to the wall. There was just enough space between the wall and the bed for her to be able to see eye to eye with Jules. "Jules...tomorrow we are gonna jump her next to the showers, bring your cigarette box, we'll be collecting some for us tomorrow."

The next day Jules met with Robin, Tasha, and Jessica in the hall closet to the showers. Tasha spoke first, "Don't worry about any guards interrupting, I shacked up with 2 of em last night so the coast will be clear for at least a half-hour. As soon as Roxy comes by here for the cigs I said I would give her, we jump her." Everyone agreed to the plan and awaited the arrival of Roxy.

Finally, after a short wait footsteps could be heard coming their way. Jules, Jessica, and Robin ran around the corner while Tasha waited for Roxy. After a short greeting Tasha handed over the cigs, then Robin and Jessica leaped out from around the corner and pounced on Roxy. Jessica decked her in the face twice while Tasha grabbed her from behind and pushed her into the showers. "COME ON JULES!!"

Jules came out from behind the corner last and saw just as the other girls made it into the showers. Jules opened the door and walked right into a right hand from Tasha. "What the..." she managed to gasp out before "OOOOUUUGGHH!!!" Roxy launched a vicious right hand into the pit of her stomach, driving past her abs and knocking all the air out of her. Jules collapsed to her knees clutching her stomach with one hand while holding herself up with the other. " me alone.." Jules' pleaded, but her request fell on deaf ears. "Tasha, Jessica pick her up! I'm not done yet."

Tasha grabbed Jules' left arm while Jessica approached to get her right one. The left Jules with just enough time to recover and she easily wrenched her arm back from Tasha's grip. From her knees, she a hard blow to Tasha's crotch and got up before Jessica got there. Jules lunged at Jessica and launched a right and a left, blooding Jessica's lips and sending her stumbling back. Before Jules could finish her off though Roxy bum rushed her from the side, sending them both to the ground with Roxy on top. She flipped Jules over and straddled her waist, then sent a flurry of punches at Jules' face. She tried to defend herself as best she could but a lot of the blows were still getting through. Finally, after about 5 landed punches Jules's struggle became weaker and weaker so Roxy decided to change tactics. She got off of Jules and kicked her in the ribs twice before sending a hard right boot to the back of the head. With Jules out of it, Roxy had a chance to attend to her helpers Jessica and Tasha.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" Jules woke up to the sound of her guts being ground to mush, as Roxy's knees seemed to drive all the way to her backbone before stopping. Jules jackknifed almost to a sitting position dropping limply back to the ground, her body spasming from shock. Roxy got off, relieving the unbelievable pressure for a moment before jumping up and again crashing down knees first onto Jules' stomach. Again Jules folded around her tormentor's knees before dropping limply to the ground. Roxy again got up and stared at her broken victim. She was still just laying there, to weak to do much more than twitch while trying to fill herself with oxygen. "Strip her", Roxy yelled to her cohorts, "I want to see what I'm punching." Jules didn't resist while Tasha and Jessica stripped her down to her bra and *******. Tasha then hoisted her up in a full nelson and held her under one of the showerheads.

The cold water brought some life back into Jules who tried again now to escape but Tasha's grip was too tight. She walked her out from under the shower and closer to the middle of the shower. Even though all she had been through she was still beautiful. Her lower lip was starting to swell and she was bleeding from her nose, while also having rapidly bruising marks on her thin, toned stomach. "Robin tells me you were plotting to get rid of me, I'll let you in on a little secret you keep this up and you'll end up dead."

Once again the onslaught began, first a right and a left to her obliques followed by an uppercut to the pit of her stomach. "You haven't been eating much since last time have you?" UUGGH!! OOOOF! Two more punches dug deep into her guts while Tasha let go. Jules' body melted like softened ice cream as her face slid down to rest against Roxy's legs.

She let Jules rest for only a moment before reaching up to lift her body by just her hair, the girl dangling from her outstretched arm. At the same time, she smashed her fist into her stomach, doubling the girl in half. She struck again and again, each powerful blow folding Jules up like she was a bag of feathers.

The final blow threw Jules backward to smash into the wall a few feet behind her. Dashing forward Roxy grabbed Jules and lifted her from the ground, slashing forward with her powerful thigh to smash her knee up against the girl's lower abdomen, the force of the blow crushing the younger girl up against the wall. A flurry of powerful blows from Roxy's fists followed until She finally doubled over and slid limply down to the ground, retching violently.

Roxy stared down at the girl for a moment as she kneeled in front of her, her tangled black hair falling forward into the water, her long legs tangled up in themselves. The girl was still retching from the blows to her stomach when Roxy slashed forward with her foot. Her first kick straightened Jules up and slammed her back up against the wall again, the back of her head smashing against the wall yet again. The following kicks worked their way up her stomach and chest then finally under her chin. Finally Jules crumpled to her side unconscious.

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