Charlie's Heaven by Peter


Charlie's Heaven written by Peter

Charlie had just turned 30 and he sold his internet startup for $10,000,000 cash. He had never had much luck with girls and had spent his entire life in computer labs in high school and at CalTech. He had always fantasized about having the money to have any girl he wanted, any way he wanted and now, with all this cash, he decided to go play. He wasn't bad looking, just a little geeky - all of his shirts had pocket protectors sown in.

To find out where to go and how to go about trying out his fantasies, he went to the net and learned that South Florida was full of strip clubs and young girls looking for a fast buck. To impress the girls and establish himself as a dude, he bought a new Jag convertible and leased a very private house in Boca and a 45 ft. power boat.

He started hanging out in the clubs and spreading some cash around and soon all kinds of girls were coming on to him. He took a few of them to his house and to the boat and screwed them the traditional way. After 20 or 30 girls, he decided he really wanted to try his really ***** fantasies.

He began looking for the right girl - she had to be weak, really need the money and be submissive. After a couple of weeks, he met Kerry, even though she was only 18, she had been fired from 2 strip clubs for getting stoned in the clubs. Charlie met her in the parking lot of the FoxGlove. She was sitting on the curb, stoned and crying. She had just been fired again. She's come to Florida to run away from being in trouble at home. Kerry was actually quite cute. She had curly black hair, bright blue eyes, a turned up button nose and freckles. Her skin was fair and was still pale from growing up in Minnesota - no Florida tan yet. Kerry was 5' tall and weighed 95 lbs. She was 32B - 22 - 31 and trim, although she was far from athletic. The most exercise she got was from dancing. Her belly was soft, with a slight bulge just at the belly button

As Kerry sat on the curb crying, Charlie went over to her and starting talking to her. Kerry told him that if she didn't get $200 right away, the motel would throw her out and she would be homeless. She had nowhere to go. Charlie made his move. He told Kerry that if she would go with him and let him do whatever he wanted, he would give her $500 and if she was really good, he'd double it. He flashed a wad of bills so Kerry could see the cash. Kerry bit and got into Charlie's Jag.

They drove to the Marina where Charlie kept the boat and got on. Kerry had images of cash in her head and this made her totally h----. She kept rubbing Charlie's crotch whenever she could and Charlie kept slipping his hands inside Kerry's halter top and inside her jeans shorts.

They got onto the boat and Charlie backed it out of the slip and headed down the river to a secluded cove where he knew that nobody would hear or see them. After he set the anchor, Charlie told Kerry to go below to the main state room and wait for him. He'd put a couple of joints and some quaaludes on the pillow. Kerry saw them, popped a pill and lit up a joint. Charlie knew he'd get to play his fantasy.

He went to the state room and stripped. Kerry walked toward him and stepped out of her shorts, showing a trimmed bush. Charlie untied Kerry's halter and, with his right hand, rubbed her left breast and then felt across her belly. The belly was soft and smooth. No muscles, just baby fat covering weakness. Charlie kissed Kerry, took her left hand and pulled it around her back with his left. He dropped his kiss to Kerry's neck, just to the right and used his shoulder to press Kerry's right shoulder against the wall. Kerry was breathing softly and Charlie could see her breasts and belly moving softly. He cocked his right fist and, just as Kerry let out a soft breath, slammed her in the belly, just on the belly button, with a sharp driving upward blow.

Kerry was stunned and instantly in pain. Her shoulders hunched forward and she let out an OOOOOF! Her knees went weak and she fell forward. Charlie held her by her left breast as she fell to the floor of the cabin gasping, doubled over, with her palms pressed hard against her belly. Because of the gut slug, the lude and the pot, Kerry was woosy and out of it. Charlie picked her up and leaned her against the wall, where she held her belly, still gasping for breath. Charlie moved Kerry's hands away from her belly and told her to put them over her eyes. Kerry obeyed, afraid that Charlie would hit her face. Kerry stood there, now ****, as Charlie admired her wonderful youthful body and soft belly. Charlie pulled his fist and arm back and, with all the force he could muster, drove his fist hard into Kerry's belly, again on the belly button, but just a little above. As the blow hit, Kerry let out an OOOOOF and a groan of real The blow pinned Kerry against the wall and she doubled over his fist, grabbing her belly and his arm. She fell forward, again holding her belly with both hands, palms flat against her agony - trying to hold it in. Charlie was harder than he'd ever been and he rolled Kerry onto her back, mounted her and came almost immediately after he got inside her. Kerry passed out and Charlie took her to bed where they both slept a while.

When Kerry woke up, rubbing her sore belly, she did not know what to do. Charlie saw her wake up, went to his wallet and gave her $1,000 cash.

Although the belly punching had hurt, Kerry knew she'd found someone who'd keep her from starving and, to be truthful, the belly blows and made her h---- too. She liked the feeling of being overpowered. She told Charlie to do it again, and he did, for days. When they finally got back to the dock, Kerry made a deal with Charlie that he could gut punch her that way whenever her wanted and she'd help get him more girls and take pictures of the belly punching for him. Charlie was in heaven.

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