Summer Jobs Chapter 1 - The Dip'N Donut by Gao23


Good Girl Jenny loses her clothes in a donut shop.

For those not in the know, Jenny was a woman brought to the attention of the budding ENF community by her husband many years ago. Voluptuous but shy, gorgeous but clumsy, she's become a bit of a folk heroine in certain internet circles. She's been stripped out of more outfits than most women even own, always to her shock and embarrassment.

For those who love stats, Jenny is a statuesque 5'10", with DD breasts, a bubble ****, a trim waist, and long blond hair. She's well-intentioned, polite to a fault, a bit ditzy, and optimistic to the point of being naïve.


Chapter 1 - The Dip'N Donut by gao23

After an eventful sophomore year, Jenny was home from college in suburban New York. Desperate for a job, Jenny searched high and low, but the best she could find was a job as a cashier at a Dip'N Donut off the interstate.

When Mr. Kelly, the general manager took one look at the ***** young blonde, all smiles, and bubbly energy, he knew he had to hire her. He knew he didn't need any more cashiers; the joint was struggling to pay the bills as it was. But he also knew a hot young woman behind the register would inspire a certain loyalty a**** his clientele of truckers and commuters.

The Dip'N Donut uniform was simple; black Dickies slacks, a white and pink polo shirt, and a pink visor.

On Jenny's first day on the job, she dressed in the ladies' room with the polo shirt Mr. Kelly provided. Unfortunately, it was a size too small. The shirt didn't even reach the waistband of her pants and left her pale belly and belly button on continuous display.

The work slacks weren't helping either. Jenny picked them up for cheap at a local discount store, and they fit well enough in the dressing room, but it seems a trip through the wash shrank them a bit. It took a mighty effort just to button them, and they rode her peach-colored ******* up her tush and private spot relentlessly.

Jenny tied her hair into pigtails and inspected herself in the mirror. Despite the small shirt calling a bit too much attention to her well-developed chest, she thought she looked quite cute!

And the customers seemed to agree! By lunchtime, the Dip'N Donut had done more business than it usually did all day! Some men came back to the register two or three times, each visit sending Jenny reaching for napkins, bouncing to and fro, or bending over for more donuts.

Every time Jenny reached for the upper shelves, her shirt rode up, exposing her flat tummy, all the way up to her ribs. No matter how she tugged or pulled at the undersized shirt, it just could cover her modestly!

Every time she reached for the donuts on the bottom shelves (and they always seemed to want the donuts on the bottom shelf) she could either squat down, revealing the lacy trim of her *******, or give herself an intrusive wedgie. Or she could bend at the waist, not only making a lewd display of her behind, giving the occasional lucky gentleman a glimpse of her firm, youthful breasts, wrapped in her matching peach-colored bra.

Even though it was a sweltering June outside, Mr. Kelly kept the AC cranked. Her thin shirt and designer bra were ill-prepared to hide her taut *******.

Aside from Mr. Kelly, the only other employee was Jessica, a tiny, demure little thing. She was intimidated by Jenny's beauty but soon warmed to her good-natured charm.

Jessica was too short to refill the ice dispenser at the soda fountain and asked Jenny for assistance. It seemed simple enough; climb a few steps up the stepstool and dump a large bucket of ice into the hopper.

Jessica held the stepstool as Jenny climbed up, precariously balancing the bucket of sloshing ice. The entire dining room was silent, every eye on her, somehow anticipating what surely must come next.

Jenny hoisted the bucket up high and began to lose her balance! She wobbled and swayed, crying out in distress! Jessica grabbed Jenny by the thighs and squeezed, trying to steady the blonde...

"No no no! I-I'm TICKLISH! Eeek!" It was too late. Jessica's well-meaning gesture sent Jenny into spasms, dropping the bucket. Ice and meltwater washed over Jenny's body and she tumbled down on top of Jessica.

Jenny scrambled to her feet, mortified she may have hurt Jessica.

"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I'm such a klutz! Are you okay?"

Jessica pulled herself up, still dazed. "I'm okay. I shouldn't have—"

Jessica fell silent, mesmerized by the same spell now compelling every eyeball in the place; Jenny in a wet shirt. The wet material almost vanished, revealing every single detail and lacy frill of her bra. It was glued to her like a second skin, sucking right up under her round, defiant breasts, culminating in her rock-hard *******.

It was a long, delicious moment before Jenny relished what everyone was staring at. She cupped her breasts, squealing in humiliation, and ran for the ladies' room.

When Jenny emerged an hour later, she seemed more sheepish and embarrassed than when she ran in, for one simple fact; she was no longer wearing *******!

All that icy water ran right down her pants, soaking her undies completely. In the privacy of the locked back room, Jenny stripped off her pants and *******, giving her underwear a good wringing to help dry them faster.

Unfortunately, all that wringing stretched her ******* out. When Jenny slipped her ******* back on, they just slid down her legs, plopping on the cold floor. All she could do was slide on her work pants and stuff her ******* into her back pocket.

Thin protection though they may have been, Jenny's ******* stopped her tight pants from riding up too far. Now, with nothing but her bare flesh against the tight pants, they squirmed and squeezed into her most private places. The mirror confirmed her fear; she was sporting a shameless *********.

At long last, Jenny emerged from the bathroom, arms demurely crossed over her impressive chest and perky *******. She was dismayed to see many of the same customers were still here, waiting for her encore.

Shameful over her vulgar display, she begged Mr. Kelly to let her work drive-thru instead. He reluctantly agreed, her big blue eyes impossible to deny.

Drive-thru was easy enough. The only tricky part was actually handing the customers their purchases. The larger trucks that came through forced Jenny to reach way up high on her tippy toes. Her clingy shirt rode up with every reach, displaying her tummy and the small of her back.

Her pants continued to ride up and slip deeper and deeper into her. It was making her all fidgety and antsy. She was shaving trouble focusing on anything but that constant pressure and rubbing.

Jenny glanced around... Jessica was busy with customers upfront. Mr. Kelly was busy in the stock room. No one in the drive-thru... this was her chance.

She thrust her right hand down the front of her pants and tried to push her fly and inseam out of her naughty place. It was moist down there... surely just water leftover from the ice accident?

The relief from the pressure was instant and gratifying. Jenny pulled her hand free—and heard a distinct "pop". She just blew the button off the front of her pants!

The pants yawned open, holding only by the friction of the zipper. Jenny's heart jumped in her throat at the sight of her own neatly trimmed blond muff peeking out into the daylight.

Her mind raced... "what do I do? What do I do?!"

DING! Someone pulled into the drive-thru. Jenny took the order in a state of shock. Luckily it wasn't one of those trucks. Just a little Mini Cooper.

Jenny carefully gathered the order, keeping her tush facing towards the front and the dining room. Four coffees, one decaf, two creams, three sugars...

Jenny leaned out the drive-thru window with four coffees in a cardboard rack. The customer was an older woman, more interested in her cell phone call than accepting the coffees. Plus she pulled in too far from the window.

Jenny leaned out further and further... She could feel her pants slide down just a little. She was anxiously wondering if her **** crack was starting to show, when--

Her sneaker slipped on the tile floor! Jenny fell forward, her legs flying up into the air! It was only by spreading her legs that she stopped herself from falling out the window completely.

Jenny clutched at the coffees, somehow not dropping them. She was dangling upside down, half out the window, struggling to not fall.

With all the wiggling and struggling her shirt was falling down, exposing her peach bra to the world. Unfortunately, that lacy bra wasn't made for extreme sports, and Jenny's plump breasts slipped out of their DD cups, resting on her chin. The only thing Jenny's poor polo shirt was covering now was her beet-red face.

"Don't worry! I got you!" It was Jessica! The smaller girl grabbed Jenny by her—by her waistband—and pulled!

"No! No no no!" It was too late! Jessica tried to pull Jenny back inside, but inside, shucked Jenny's black pants all the way to her ankles!

Jenny's bare behind and neatly manicured bush were on display, front and center, and in the drive-thru window. The customer was mortified. Passing traffic screeched to a halt. The only thing moving was Jenny's quivering **** and thighs and she struggled to right herself.

"Oh my god! Jenny, where's your underwear!?"

"I-I.. in my pocket. Help meeee!"

Jessica's face was mere inches from Jenny's exposed, pristine ***. Shocked by the weirdness of the predicament, she had no choice but to grab Jenny by her toned naked thighs and pull her back with all her might. Jenny was slowly wiggled her way inside...

Until her bra snagged on the window. Her polo shirt still draped over her head, Jenny had no idea what was happening, not until she felt the tug on her bra and the SNAP as it gave way.

Jenny's full perfect breast exploded out of the lacy bra, trembling and jiggling and she struggled to stand up. She had been stripped completely and utterly **** from her ankles to her neck Every person in the place drank in the sublime form of her goddess-like physique, and the tingling humiliation and her accidental exposure.

Jenny, at last, handed over the coffee to Jessica and attempted to flee the Dip'n Donuts. The flawless flesh of her breasts and buttocks trembled and danced with her mincing steps, her ankles still tangled in her pants.

Fumbling, she tugged down her polo shirt and broken bra and hiked back up her work pants. As much as they would allow. And she dashed away from her stunned audience.

Jessica looked down, realizing she was clutching something—a small wad of satin fabric. Jenny's *******, from her back pocket.

Face flushed and body shaking, Jenny fled to the sanctuary of her car, never looking back. Once again, she had managed to completely humiliate herself in public. For all her modesty and chastity, she had gone and paraded herself, revealed her most private places in spite of herself.

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