Brandee's Belly Bruising by navel fan


Brandee's Belly Bruising by navel fan

This is a story about a girl named Brandee. Now Brandee was a professional belly dancer. She did belly grams and worked small clubs and was very good and very ****. She's 28, 5'5" tall and 130 pounds, 38-26-38, has long auburn hair and dark brown eyes, as I said, very ****. She was always very proud of her abdomen and the shape it was in from belly dancing. She could do things with her belly you wouldn't believe! Well, anyway, several years ago she heard about something called "belly punching," some kind of fighting contest and she became very interested in it. She was very much into her belly, not just from dancing, but as a ****** turn-on also, and since she liked to use her belly so much, and it was in good shape, she thought she could take a punch well and finally located a fight in her town and entered.

It was a small, sort of underground club, and she won her very first match by a TKO. She fought a local favorite, a girl named Sherry who was considerably bigger than Brandee, but her gut wasn't in the shape that Brandee's was and finally, after four rounds she could not answer the bell, the last punch Brandee delivered to her lower abdomen, just at the bell, was just too much for Sherry and her stomach hurt too badly to continue.

Brandee was pretty proud of herself after a win like that. Oh sure, her belly was a little sore, Sherry's gut was weak but not her arms, she could punch pretty good and Brandee took some good shots in the belly, but nothing her belly couldn't handle. After a hot bath and a good belly massage, she'd be as good as new and ready to belly dance the next night. She was thinking of this as she walked to her car in the parking lot behind the club. She was wearing a tank top and cut-off Levis, slung low showing almost all of her abdomen, over her fighting costume, a black satin bikini. All in all, she was feeling very good about herself. That feeling was not to last very long.

Unknown to Brandee, Sherry was not only a big fan favorite but also a big favorite of many of the guys who frequented the club, let's just say she was very friendly if you know what I mean! A couple of them, including her self-proclaimed boyfriend, Steve, was pretty upset about the fight. Not that they were concerned about Sherry's belly being seriously injured, but that they wouldn't be getting any for at least a week and they were pissed! As Brandee walked between two big F150 pickup trucks Sherry's boyfriend Steve suddenly appeared in front of her and rammed her right in the lower abdomen with the barrel of a baseball bat, very, very hard. As I said, Brandee's abdomen was very strong, but not expecting anything it was totally relaxed, and of course, it was already quite beaten up by Sherry, so it was a little more susceptible. It was much harder than any of Sherry's punches and he buried it deep in Brandee's belly, causing her to go, "Ouuuuuuufffff!"

She doubled over and grabbed the bat with both hands and fell to her knees, coughing and gagging. Two more men grabbed her from behind and Steve pushed the bat even further into her aching belly as the others held her from behind.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwww!" Brandee cried, "my stomach!"

The two men behind her lifted her up as Steve removed the bat from her belly and they dragged her into a gangway out of sight and Steve said to her, "Okay *****, you had to ruin Sherry's gut for us. She won't be able to **** us for over a week at least, so now we're going to ruin your gut for you!" Her mind was a blur, her stomach felt terrible and she was trapped, she didn't know what to do. She was scared. Suddenly Steve swung the bat like Mark McGuire, connecting with Brandee's belly just above the belly button. "THWACK" went the bat as it struck her tender belly flesh. "Ooooooooooooooh!" She wailed, then moaned, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my stomach!"

Her belly was filled with agonizing pain, the most she'd ever felt and she dropped to her knees again. The men picked her up and carried her to their car, throwing her roughly on the back floorboard, her stomach landing with a thud right on the hump.

"Ouuuuffff!" she went as she hit the floor. "Okay *****, you think you got a bad belly, we'll show you it's bad all right: how bad it can hurt that is! Ha! Ha!"

They all started laughing...

Brandee didn't know how long they drove as she passed out when her stomach hit the hump in the floorboard, it hurt so badly. The pain in her belly is what finally brought her around again though as they bounced along a rough road she was bouncing up and down on the hump and it was hurting her stomach seriously, she felt as if she were going to puke soon. Not only was the pressure from the hump hurting her stomach, it felt as if it were on fire where the bat struck it. She knew she was going to have a severe bruise there. She tried to roll over to get a glimpse of her belly, to see if she could see any damage but when she moved the two men pressed down on her back with their feet, shoving the hump deeper into her aching belly. "Uuuuuullllllkkkkkk!" she went as she felt her guts being re-arranged inside her abdomen. She could barely stop herself from vomiting. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh" was all she could manage to get out, her belly was killing her now, she was praying they'd stop soon, no matter what they had planned for her, it couldn't feel worse than this. So she thought!

Finally, the car came to a halt. They parked it and the two men in the back seat, she never did learn their names, picked her up and removed her from the car. "Ahhhhhh" she sighed as the severe pressure was removed from her aching stomach, what a relief she thought. As she tried to straighten up she received another severe blow to her abdomen, this time with the barrel of the bat being driven into her guts very, very low, just at the top of her low slung Levis. "Unnnnnnnngggggggghhhhhhhh!" she grunted out loud as she doubled over in agony. Her belly had just begun to relax and feel better from the agonizing road trip and now it felt like her guts were being ripped from her belly. It hurt so badly!

"Ohhhhhhhh...Owwwwwwww....Mmmmmmmmmm"...she was moaning as they drug her along the driveway and up some stairs into a house. She had no idea where they were and at that moment didn't really care, she just wanted the pain in her belly to stop. She hadn't even realized until now that they had apparently blindfolded her while she was passed out in the car. This not only prevented her from seeing where they had taken her, but also from knowing when the next blow to her abdomen might occur. She was scared. She had fallen to her knees with the force of the blow to her abdomen and was now on the floor in the house rocking back and forth on her knees, arms wrapped around her belly, coughing and gasping for breath.

They lifted her up by her arms and took her into another area of the house, a different room she guessed, where they placed her back up against a wall, raised her arms high over her head, and began shackling her wrists. She cried out, "Noooooo" and began to struggle against the men when she felt a hard punch to her belly, just above her navel this time, knocking the wind out of her and sending searing pain throughout her upper abdomen.

"Huuuuuunnnnnnhhhhh" she huffed as the air was forced from her lungs. Her legs went weak and she fell, being stopped by the shackles around her wrists, nearly yanking her shoulders out of joint. "Aiiiiieeeee!" she screamed in pain. "please...please..stop! Why are you...doing me?" "We already told you *****" Steve said to her, "now shut up or we'll really give you something to moan about. Oh hell, we'll do that anyway, right boys?" The others quickly agreed and they all laughed hard.

Brandee hung there, belly wracked with pain. Wave after wave of cramps would rise and fall inside her abdomen, one after another, causing her to grimace and bite her lip to keep from crying out in pain. The men quickly stripped her down to her fighting costume, the tiny bikini that showed her figure off so well. She was breathing hard and her stomach was heaving in and out, shining from the sweat in the poor lighting in the house, but the men were enjoying it immensely. She couldn't see it of course but her belly had a very bad welt across it at her waistline where the bat struck her, and it was fast turning a deep purple color.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, God...what do you guys want...I'll do...any..thing you want. Go ahead..F_ _ _ me if that's what you...want.go on, f_ _ _ me! I'll (Owwwwwwww she said as a wave of cramps welled up in her guts) replace Sherry if you want..but please, please, don't hurt my stomach anymore! (Sob) it hurts soooo bad...pulleeze, no...more!" "Oh c'mon now Ms. Bellydancer, oh you with the top-notch stomach! Don't tell us that your belly hurts now, that's just not possible for the 'Belly Queen' is it?" Again they all began laughing at her. Then each man took a punch at her, all hitting her in the same exact area, the lower abdomen. "Oooooooowooooooowwwwwwwhhhhhhh!" she wailed, "Omygod..omygod! My belly!


Suddenly she felt the vomit rising from her stomach. Her insides were turning over and she knew she couldn't stop it this time. She heaved, wave after wave of vomit spewed forth from inside her pulverized stomach. It splattered the men and they went wild and started punching her time after time in her ever-weakening belly. She could feel her insides being crushed by each consecutive heavy blow to her abdomen. Her guts were rumbling violently inside her bruised and beaten belly. She could no longer use her stomach muscles at all for protection, she was limp and at their mercy. Powerless to stop the onslaught to her insides. Her abdomen was hurt worse than it had ever been in her life. Tears were streaming down her face, her face twisted from the agonizing pain in her belly. Brandee was scared, very scared.

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