Bikinis Yanked Off by X-Writer


Copyright© 2012 by X-Writer. All rights reserved.

Bikinis Yanked Off by X-Writer

It was another day at the beach; one of the millions. The sky was clear and bright blue. The sun was shining brightly, with not too many clouds to block its light. The water in the ocean was blue, and constantly moving from the wind.

On the sand of the beach, many girls were walking around in two-piece bikinis. Some were holding surfboards. Some were wearing t-shirts over their bikini tops. Some were not.

One girl suddenly had her white t-shirt torn open, revealing her naked ***** underneath. “What the ****!!” she yelled.

One man stood in place, hiding behind a gazebo in the sand, aiming a powerful weapon – the Clothes Blaster – at the woman from 15 meters away. One press of a red button had blasted her t-shirt in two. The weapon was designed to cut cloths and fabrics, without piercing or damaging human skin.

So he pressed it again. Now her bikini bottoms were snapped undone. A second later, they fell to the sandy ground, revealing everything underneath.

“What the Hell!!” she yelled again. She covered everything up with her hands, but her clothes were damaged beyond repair. Still naked, she ran away, all the way to her towel on the sandy ground. She grabbed the towel and held it up in the air, wrapping herself up with it immediately.

Soon, wearing the towel around herself, she threw out the torn-up t-shirt and bikini bottoms. At least she had the towel on now.

Until it was blasted apart by the Clothes Blaster, which left it ****tered as a tangled ball of yarn all across the sand. She screamed more curse words as, once again, she was left completely naked.

Another girl walked by, wearing a two-piece black bikini laced with a pink outline. The Clothes Blaster was fired up again. Her bikini top seemed to be yanked right off her body by invisible, but lethal, forces. Soon, her giant ***** were out in the open, with the top having flown across the sandy ground, disconnected and ripped off her body. But the Clothes Blaster was fired up yet again. Now her bikini bottoms began to come undone, the knots in the strings disconnecting themselves. Soon, her bottoms flew a few feet away from her, on the ground. She ran at it again, but one more dose of the machine left it a wrecked ball of tangled threads just as she was about to grasp it with her hands. Now, standing up again, she was fully naked.

Soon, she found a spare change of clothes over her towel, a small t-shirt, and jean shorts. So she covered up her ***** with the small t-shirt and her crotch with the jean shorts. Until both items were obliterated by the Clothes Blaster, which was fired up yet again. Soon, even that cover was gone.

She grabbed the towel, wrapping it around herself. But the towel was blasted apart, and it fell to the sandy ground.

Now two women were naked at the beach!! Two more girls walked by just then, wearing a pink bikini and an orange bikini. They walked on until they passed the two naked women.

“Whores!” the girl in pink yelled. “Naked at the beach! Shame on you!”

But then the girl in pink was stripped naked, too, with her pink bikini top suddenly lifted up above her head, and her bottoms forced to the side to reveal her *****, before the whole thing came unraveled.

“Here. Take my bikini top,” the girl in orange said bravely. She undid her own bikini top strings, and yanked her own top off, holding it up in the air. So the Clothes Blaster blasted the top right out of her hands, and into the ocean, where it soon existed no more. Then her bikini bottoms were blasted to make her suddenly naked, all in one second.

“I have learned a grave lesson about wisdom and judgment,” the girl who had been wearing pink before remarked.

So the Clothes Blaster continued to fire away. One girl got her lavender dress eaten away, as though by a fire. Soon, all that was being worn was a lacy set of bra and ******* underneath. But the Clothes Blaster ate through those items, too, to leave the girl stripped completely naked.

Another girl was wearing a one-piece swimsuit. When the Clothes Blaster was fired at her stomach, one circular hole opened up in the cloth. The hole spread in all directions, as though bacteria, or something like it, were eating away at the fabric. Soon enough, the cloth had dissolved enough to expose everything from the front, with only the girl's neck, shoulders, and upper legs covered. Soon enough, though, what little remained of the one-piece swimsuit fell off from the back, then continued to disintegrate into nothing.

Another girl walked by wearing a green two-piece bikini. The Clothes Blaster fired away at this girl, causing both the top and bottoms to peel away from her body at the same time. Soon, she was naked, covering up desperately, both cheeks blushing in embarrassment.

One girl was just standing up from the water. Her top was blasted off her body in a second, exposing her ***** bare. Then her bottoms were yanked off her body by the force of the Clothes Blaster. She looked around, then screamed, and covered up quickly. Many people flashed instant cameras to take her picture, in the few moments of the humiliating situation.

Nearby, a girl was starting to put a dress on over her bikini. So the Clothes Blaster forced her dress to turn into dust, starting at the bottom and working its way up. Then, her bikini top and bottom came undone in the same manner. Next to her, the girl's friend, also wearing a dress over a bikini, suffered the same fate of having her dress stripped off, followed by her bikini top, then her bottoms.

One girl was walking her dog down the sand. So she was stripped from a distance, with her top, then her bottoms, falling off her body to the ground. Just then, her dog started running as fast as he possibly could, forcing her to follow, leaving behind her bikini. Although she pulled on the leash, against the dog's movements, it forced her to run through a crowd of people, now stripped naked and unable to put her clothes back on.

So the Clothes Blaster was fired one more time, on one more victim, then on a second, and a third, and a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth. The weapon was capable of blasting bikinis right off a girl's body or dissolving them to dust. Its potential for stripping girls at the beach totally naked was nearly limitless.

“Y'know, this would make a really great video game,” the man said to himself, aiming and firing the Clothes Blaster. And so his business at the beach went on. For what looked like no reason at all, girls were getting their bikini tops and bottoms . . . yanked off.

The End

Copyright© 2012 by X-Writer. All rights reserved.

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