Belly Fight Club by Charlie

Kelly's body ached and every part of her was sore as she lay face down on the gym mat. She summoned up every ounce of strength that she could, and picked herself up, her knees wobbling as she stood against the wall again, hands over her head. Her whole body glistened with sweat, and blood trickled down her strong but swollen abs. She said to her puncher "hit me again, harder this time...."

Kelly's night started like so many other nights at her gym. She was incredibly athletic, about 5'5" 130 lbs and very strong. She had recently taken up mma training, and on her first day discovered that she had an obsession with being punched. She loved it. She loved the rush of pain, loved the fact that she could push herself to be tough enough to take it. She would come home and see her black eyes and cuts in the mirror and smile, knowing that she was tough and could take it, and that she still was the hottest girl in the gym for it.

She especially loved one thing about all: being punched in her belly. She had a thick, strong belly, with the faintest outline of a 6 pack. With every practice, she asked her trainer to punch her belly more and more, and she became obsessed with the feeling to the point where she no longer would defend herself. She would well up with a warm, satisfied feeling as she tensed for each punch, and smiled the next day as she iced her bruised belly. Tonight though, was different.

She had circulated rumors through the gym that tonight, she would stay late and offer a prize too good to pass up: $100 to the person who could make her submit from punches to the abs. Plus, the winner would be lucky enough to do out on a date with her afterwards. With her athletic strong body, stunning blue eyes, and attractive blonde hair, this was a no-brainer.

It was the end of the night and she was ready. She walked into a room designed for mma, with a padded floor and a cage. Ten guys stood there, ready to compete. She smiled, and said "I'm so ready for you guys, thanks for trying to break me" and she removed her warm ups and stripped to nothing but a strappy white sports bra and *********** booty shorts. She decided that since this was something other than typical mma, she might as well show off.

The first puncher stepped up, and began working her over with some medium strength punches right to her belly button... Ooof ahhhh yesss ahhhhh oooo. She grunted as she took them, and she slowly but surely began to turn red. But her gorgeous blue eyes stated straight ahead, practically smiling as she urged him to punch on. Finally, after 60 punches, he gave up, and she took a moment to stretch. Her ribs pronounced as she reached over her head, her reddened abs stretched long. She smiled, next please. The next one went together with the third, as they took hold of her body and stretched her over the first guys knee. "Ooh this is different" she said. And the second guy reached down and pummeled her straight to the solar plexus. Ughhhhhh she moaned as she tensed and went limp. C'mon give me another. He pummeled again and again, her stretched abs vulnerable and unable to flex, ughhhh ahhhhh! Ow!!!!!! Gahhhhh!!! She moaned but still said c'mon I know you can do better than that! She lost count 30, 40, 50 punches to her outstretched abs, her stomach burning, on fire. She looked down as a cut had opened above her navel, and her swollen belly had begun to bleed. Even through it all, she smiled at the toughness of her body. Finally, they gave up, and she collapsed to the floor....

And now she stood, ready for the next one, hoping it wouldn't be the last. "Hit me again, harder this time" and he did. The puncher, a strong 6'2" 250 lb boxer, laid into her, punching her ribs, her kidneys, and her now soft abs. Ohhhhh ugh! Yes! Yes! C'mon ! Ohhhhh pleaseeeee ohhhh she grabbed the cage with her fingers, as her legs gave out, the fire in her abs burning so hard. She refused to go down. Her belly swollen, bloody, her faced flushed, her chest glistening with sweat, and her face pained but smiling. Finally, he punched her solar plexus with a big uppercut, she screamed and fell to the ground. She gasped... You win honey.

He backed off, and started to help her up, her ragdoll body weakened and in pain. But she said "now here's your bonus, climb on top of me and finish me off" she lay flat, arms over her head, extended. He straddled her, and began to punch....

March 19, 2022 1:16 PM