Beating Up The Belly Dancer by ArthurP


It's been a while since I wrote but after the fight at my Halloween party it was time to tell you all about it, I had a party Saturday night and it was great everyone had a good time well almost everyone. There was this girl there named Maria she came dressed as an exotic belly dancer she was 5'7 and 130 and has the belly and **** for that outfit, she was a friend of someone there, this other girl named Brenda was a tall brunette about 5'10 and around 185 and she dressed as an inmate in an orange jumpsuit and she looked like the type if you fought her in prison she'd kick your ass.

Brenda had a friend there named Jackie and she was 5'6 and about 130 and she dressed as a prison guard I guess Jackie and Brenda were a couple if you know what I mean. I overheard Brenda and Jackie planning to jump Maria after the party ended I guess they were pissed because Maria was kind of the center of attention. Anyway, the party ended around 4 am and my wife drove her sisters home because they had way too much to drink,as everyone was leaving I watched Maria leave and then watched Jackie and Brenda follow her outside.

So I decided to follow them and see what happens as Maria was walking to her truck Brenda stepped in front of her and they started to argue and as they argued Jackie stood behind Maria, Maria slapped Brenda in the face and without warning Jackie grabbed Maria's arms pulling them back and at the same time, Brenda kicked Maria in her **** belly doubling her up.

Brenda pulled up Maria and Jackie got Maria in a full nelson and Brenda started punching Maria in the stomach, she hit her about ten times until both ladies grabbed Maria and held her against her truck with her arms stretched over her head and both ladies began slamming punch after punch into Maria's **** belly. The more Maria cursed them the harder they punched her in the stomach, Jackie then ripped off Maria's top exposing a beautiful set of **** that became their next target. Brenda squeezed Maria's **** as Jackie slammed punch after punch into her stomach, I counted about twenty hard low belly punches until they stopped hitting her and let her fall to the ground.

As Maria lay there each woman gave her one last hard kick in the stomach and they left laughing.I walked over and helped Maria up asking if she was ok she said yes and got into her truck and drove off, I still don't know who invited them but I'm glad they did I was sorry Maria got beat up but also enjoyed watching every single punch. It was a party I'll never forget

July 11, 2023 11:53 PM