At the Fish Fry by Unknown


At the Fish Fry by Unknown

I was helping my friend serve drinks at a fish fry. The party was inside and out so it was hard keeping up with everyone. This one group of guys was giving us a hard time all evening. My friend went to bring them a round of beer but never came back.

I go and see what is happening. They have her behind a tent with her arms held behind her back. Uullff,uummppff and uuggggff she grunts after being punched in her belly. Her whole belly caved inward, so I knew these were hard punches. Besides her eyes almost bugged out of her head.

I jumped at these guys and a fist disintegrated my stomach. I flew backward doubled over. The next thing I knew is my arms are grabbed and jerked back. Were both standing motionless with our arms behind us?

My friend's belly is outlined under her T-shirt and visible with each breath. Some guy is staring at her while another pats my belly and says, Get ready. At least seven times my friend is punched. I remember seeing her facial expressions each time his fist sinks into her belly. It was mesmerizing. The way her belly caved in then burst out.

Myself, I'm not sure how many times I was punched. It felt as if my insides were being squished each time his fist crushed my belly. I believe guys aim for the belly, so no visible bruises are left.

If we had been punched in the face then someone would have seen our black eyes, bloody mouths or worse have a broken nose. When a girl is worked over in her belly only, she knows. Anyway, they left as soon as they finished roughing us up. 

February 19, 2022 7:27 AM