Another Volleyball Story by Unknown


Another Volleyball Story by Unknown

I also play college volleyball. Our coaches expect more than what some of us can give sometimes. They yell in our faces and really scare us, but they also have their favorites. Another girl and I weren't playing up to par for several weeks and the coach was getting frustrated. 

Jenny and I were in the showers after a game, and I believe now that we were set up. We were the only girls in there. I was coming out of the shower when I heard two of our coaches enter, yelling. This scared me so I hid behind some lockers. Jenny was wearing yellow bikini ******* as the coach jerked her arms behind her back.

 Uulllfmp she grunted from a hard belly punch. I could see her belly move with each breath as well as her grapefruit-sized breasts. She has a cute belly. Flat but a little on the soft side. I also think that the shape of her belly and her belly button is **** but I'm not into girls. 

Uummppff, uummffp, uughfff, uufff and uufff she grunted as she was punched below her navel. The coach said something to her then popped her in her left breast twice. Her breasts wiggled after each belly punch but flailed when struck.

 Uumfpf, uullfff, uullffmp, uugggg, uullffpp, uughmmlffp and uulllfmp she continued as coach's fist penetrated her round, innie belly button and the area around it. I could see Jen's lips trembling as her chest and belly quivered. Her legs were getting weak, and I could see her belly stretching. 

Uummpff, uummmfp, uullfff, uughllffmp and uulllfmp she again grunted as fists penetrated inches into her belly. Coach told her to tell Sara (me) that if she doesn't get her act together that she will be next. 

Needless to say, I was nervous, and this affected my playing. Three weeks later I was in the dressing room alone but didn't realize it. Totally ****, just barely leaving the shower coach and her assistant came in. My arms were pulled and held tight behind my back. I pleaded with a coach not to beat me up but she insisted I needed to be taught. 

Uullffmp,uullff,uummmmpp,uughmmffp and uughmmfp I grunted as my intestinal area was punched. They laughed at me then she drilled three fists into my right cantaloup-sized breast. I tried twisting away but my arms were secured behind me. 

Six rapid punches split my round, innie belly button open and I was too weak to resist. I just looked at the coach and murmured, punch me in my belly more and really hurt me just please don't break my ribs. 

She did just that. My belly was pummeled but luckily my ribs were spared. I'm not a fat girl but unfortunately, my belly is soft. Most punches were directed directly in and all around my belly button, but I think I was punched seven times in my lower belly and five more times in my abdomen. 

My belly would cave inward with each blow and I could feel my guts move. It embarrassed me when the coach made a comment that my breasts wiggled more than Jen's when my belly was punched. Coach also said that I need to trim up because of how my belly quivered as she pulled her fist out of my gut. To make matters worse as my legs began giving out she kneed me between my legs more than once. So, see, you’re not the only one that has had her belly worked over.

February 19, 2022 7:16 AM