Another 10 Minutes by CountryMouse (revised)


Another 10 Minutes by CountryMouse

Christy was getting a little tipsy, laughing a little louder than she should and at stupid jokes she probably shouldn't. She swayed her hips from side to side lazily as she flirted with the boy standing next to her. For his part, the boy couldn't keep his eyes of her belly button as it shifted with her every movement.

She noticed this attention and giggled boys were so funny, you could never tell what got them going. She would call him on it without ever outright challenging him with quiet phrases like "Hey what are you looking at?" or "You could at least stare at my breasts when I talk to you."

Christy drew the eye of every guy in the room, she was tall and fair-skinned, with dark hair and a big toothy smile. Still damp from her swim earlier she stood near an outdoor heat lamp working her charms on any guy brave enough to approach her. She was still in her swimsuit a small blue and yellow deal with a delicate chain fastened around her flat belly. She wrapped a coverup around her waist that fell open a little giving the guys a nice view of her thigh.

Christy held the boy's gaze grinning cutely awaiting a coherent answer to her rhetorical question. In her alcohol haze she only half heard the indignant cry of her friend Lindy somewhere a**** the people. 

It was only when she briefly lost the boy's attention that she glance behind her to see what the commotion was about. Surprised Christy turned around, her smile faded as she stood face to face with the girl she had humiliated only a week before. 

She was bigger than Amy and had been in a few fights, mostly getting the drop on them and punching them in the belly till they threw up. Amy was different though, she never backed down from the popular kids. Christy tore every stitch of clothing off her and beat her until she was hacking, but she knew Amy was going to retaliate eventually.

Christy looked around for help biting her lip nervously. Following Amy were 2 of the punk's friends, girls known as her enforcers. Though not on any teams, the 2 brutes were known to be tough strong athletes.

Christy's heart sank. The enforcers were dragging Lindy between them, the tall whispey blonde struggling against their firm grip. Lindy was in a very tight, very short, dress that showed way too much leg. Her big blue eyes looked up at Christy pleading for help.

Without a word, Amy walked right up to Christy and punched her as hard as she could right in the stomach. The punch was solid folding Christy in half. She groaned, "awwph..." and dropped to her knees gasping for breath. 

"I'm not here to talk *****." Growled Amy her eyes looked sinister behind her heavy mascara. "Just to show what happens to people who mess with me."

Lindy looked on in terror, Amy nodded at the blonde. "Let's rip her clothes off."

“No!” Lindy cried out as the girls made her stand upright and held her head back roughly. Amy took her time, making sure everyone in the room was watching. She groped the blonde girl's breasts for a few moments, then hooked her fingers into the neckline of her dress. Amy waited a painfully long time as Lindy pleaded with her not to strip her.

Then, “rip!” Amy tore the dress down to its hem. There was stunned silence as the party-goers drank in the sight of Lindy's incredible body. She was famous around the school for having great legs, and it was well deserved. She was tall but couldn't have weighed much over 100 lbs. making her modest-sized ***** appear huge on her size 4 frame. Lindy squirmed and whimpered in humiliation.

Amy stated what everyone in the room was thinking. "Wow! Girls got a body on her doesn't she!" Her admiration was genuine. 

There was a WUMP sound as Amy stepped in and slammed her fist into the blonde’s gut. "OOOHHH!" Lindy collapsed, desperately holding onto her assailant.


For her part, Christy was still sprawled on the floor holding her gut as her best friend was being stripped naked. As Christy got up on her elbows and knees, she left her stomach wide open for a field goal. Amy stalked Christy as she crawled across the floor moaning. Then she got a running start and planted her foot up into the brunette's unprotected belly. Christy fell into the fetal position crying out, "OLPHHH!" 

Amy returned her attention to her blonde friend Lindy. “Oof! Oof! Oof!” three hard blows into her stomach made the girl's eyes cross. The girl was a rag doll, her eyes closed and her mouth open slack. Amy ordered her friends to straighten her out. Then asked the crowd if they thought Lindy was still wearing too much.

They answered a resounding “Yes!”

Lindy managed a weak, “Please don't...” As the little punk girl unhooked the bra and let it drop. Lindy screamed “No!” struggling against the 2 girls holding her. Free of the bra, her bare breasts bounced as she fought them futilely.  

With no more ceremony, Amy reached down to the triangle of Lindy's ******* and just ripped them right off her. And there she stood exposed completely. This blonde was every teenage boy's *********, and she now stood in front of her class with every inch of her tight little body exposed.

Amy had her goons parade the naked hottie around the room encouraging them to take pictures. Then she lost her elbow in the girl’s belly. Lindy released an "OOOUPH!" and collapsed further. Then they picked the blonde up and marched her to the edge of the pool. Lindy screamed and flailed as she was launched into the water. The tall blonde made a big splash as she belly-flopped. When she surfaced, she was coughing and sputtering, her short hair clinging to her the side of her head. 

Lindy swam to the edge of the pool and was met by the goon squad. Surprisingly they helped pull the girl out. But the kindness was short-lived as they took turns throwing punches into her gut before throwing her back into the pool.


Seeing her friend destroyed, Christy willed herself to stand and attempted to rush Amy. Amy sent an uppercut into Christy's flat belly that cut her in half. The brunette doubled over hugging her knees.

Amy pulled Christy to her feet. "Okay now we talk *****, your little friend has you to thank for her abuse tonight," Lindy screamed as she was tossed back into the water. Amy grinned wickedly, "This is for me." Amy torqued her fist into Christy's stomach again, getting a satisfying "Oof!" out of her.

"Okay Christy, now you do what I say, or I'm not going away." Christy nodded, terrified to suffer the humiliation her friend had.

Amy asked the crowd, “Do you want to see this ***** naked too?” The consensus was 'yes'.

"You heard them, give me your bra." Christy looked around her, there was no rescue in sight. She would have to expose herself to get out of this situation. Christy winced as she had to stretch her stomach as she reached back to release her bikini top. She fiddled with it for a moment before her bra fell loose, and her magnificent breasts were bared to everyone in the room.

"No keep your arms up stupid." Christy did so and braced herself knowing what was coming. Amy hit her belly harder than ever before, and Christy lurched forward eyes shut as she bellowed "HUUOOOPHH! Cough... cough..."

"Okay now the bottoms." Still coughing Christy did as she was told, pulling the strings on both sides till the ******* came loose and slid down her long legs.

Amy made her stand there for a few long minutes, arms at her side so that everyone present could get a good look at her. She and Lindy were the hottest seniors in school. Unlike her friend who was naturally skinny, Christy did a lot of sports to keep her rocking body. Anyone could tell by her slender muscular figure that her hard work paid off.

"Now don't fall *****." Amy grabbed Christy by the shoulder and began punching the girl over and over. Christy grunted with each blow to her beaten abdomen. Amy slowly herded her over to the poolside and shoved her in backward.

Christy cried "No!" as she sank under the water’s surface when she came back up her mascara was running and she was sobbing and coughing. Amy skipped over to another side where Lindy was trying to climb out and kicked her hard in the stomach. The blonde groaned and fell back into the water. 

After an eternity tormenting the 2 naked girls. Amy finally let them stumble out of the party.

February 19, 2022 10:57 PM