Ann by pedroza (R)

Quitting time on Friday was finally here.

A group from work was going to go out for drinks and Ann Lee had been looking forward to it for days.

Excited that a hot co-worker named Joe that she wanted to be with was going, she planned to make her move.

The drinks were flowing freely and everyone was laughing and getting a little loud.

Soon there was a seat open next to Joe... Ann saw her opportunity and took it. Another drink and she starting moving a little closer.

Joe didn't move away.

Finally she was right next to Joe. She touched his knee with hers... he still didn't move away.

A few more drinks and everyone was really feeling good. Ann slid her hand onto Joe's thigh.

Joe put his hand on hers, then whispered "Let's go outside" in her ear.

Ann couldn't get out of there fast enough and Joe followed her out to her car.

She pressed her **** against it and leaned back as he moved close and kissed her.

As she leaned and wrapped her arms around his neck, the sweater she was wearing rode up, revealing a sliver of pale skin.

Joe put his hand on her stomach.

This really turned Ann on. She grabbed Joe's hand and pressed it into her soft tummy, sighing from the pleasure the pressure brought.

Joe put his arm around Ann's lower back and pulled her toward him, which made Ann arch a bit and made his hand sink farther into her relaxed belly.

Ann sighed even louder and whispered "Let's go to my place".

They barely had the door to Ann's place closed before Joe had her up against the wall, kissing her passionately and pulling up her sweater again.

This time Joe took the initiative, poking her finger into Ann's belly button. Ann, who had her arms over Joe's shoulders, sucked in her navel and whispered "harder".

Joe poked farther into her and Ann again said "harder".

Ann pushed her belly into the finger but that wasn't really what she wanted.

She took her hand and balled up Joe's hand, grabbed his wrist and jerked it into her concave midsection. "Ahhhh".

Ann moaned as her relaxed body absorbed Joe's fist.

Joe was a bit surprised by this... he'd never punched a girl before but he also felt excitement as his knuckles sank into Ann.

He also got the message and lightly punched his co-worker's stomach. The punch banged Ann's ass into the wall with another "Ahhhh".

Then she arched her back toward Joe and said "harder" once again.

He obliged, hitting her harder right above the navel, banging Ann's ass into the wall again and bending her over.

Ann arched toward him again, sucking in her pale belly and saying "harder" one more time.

Joe slugged Ann much harder, this time a couple of inches above her belly button.

Her back hit the wall hard and the fist plowed into her gut followed by a "Uhhhhh".

Ann was thin but she had no muscle tone, and Joe's punch easily collapsed her weak abs.

She bent over again and moved her hand up to her stomach, but she was smiling. "Don't go away" Ann whispered to Joe.

Ann went into her bedroom but quickly returned wearing only a bra and *******.

She made sure she kept her fully exposed stomach tight to made it look as hot as possible to Joe.

She also brought a handful of restraints and did a little belly dance as Joe quickly disrobed.

After she led him over to her sofa, which had a wide armrest. Ann laid on the arm of the sofa, put her arms up over her head and said "tie me up".

He took the ankle restraints and bound Ann's legs to the legs of the sofa, then bound her wrists together.

She had brought a rope, so he got a broom from Ann's kitchen and put it under the other end of the sofa.

Joe tied one end of the rope to Ann's wrist restraint and put the other around the broomstick.

When he pulled hard on the rope, the broom stopped against the sofa's legs.

Once Joe tied the knot, Ann was bent back and stretched out tight with her arms in front of her face.

He walked around to the other end and stroked Ann's stomach.

Her body was bent around the arm at an angle that pulled her smooth belly taut and very concave above her navel and board flat below.

Ann's ribcage which was sticking way out and plainly visible, her hipbones poking out as well.

Her navel moved up and down a little as she breathed rapidly in anticipation of what was to come.

Joe started to pull down Ann's ******* but before he could start she said "Wait... I want you to beat up my stomach first."

Ann rested her head on the sofa's cushion, bending her back even more.

Then she took a deep breath and softly said "punch my stomach in."

This new experience was getting Joe off as well. This outstretched belly was calling to him.

To have this girl, he'll have to give her what she wants, but now he wants it too.

Joe doesn't disappoint... he drills his fist straight into her slit of a bellybutton.

"UFFFFFHHH"... the punch drives Ann's back into the armrest cushion which isn't very thick and her navel quickly swallows the blow.

Ann was barely flexed but her soft stomach wouldn't have slowed it down much anyway.

Her legs tense and her body tries to bend as her belly caves, but their the restraints do their job, her guts parting as the punch sinks in deep.

Another immediately follows with a loud thud and deep grunt from both Ann and Joe, sending Ann's weak belly flesh rippling away.

He hammers her arched but flaccid stomach, using both hands to methodically drive one straight punch after another into the center of her midsection.

A wellspring of pain grew deep inside Ann, but it was also her pleasure and it began to arouse her.

"Punch my belly" she gasped in a brief moment before Joe punched her stomach in again.

Joe hears her and obeys. He takes his left hand and pushes down hard on Ann's right shoulder, her bound and immobile legs forcing her back to bend even more.

She strains against the ******* to no avail and her smooth but reddened stomach ***** in even more.

Joe is almost laying on her bent torso but his right arm is free.

MMMFFF!! He swings an uppercut into Ann's tensed abs, which are no match for it... his fist busts her upper belly and he can feel the breath rush out of her.

For added effect he uses the punch imbedded in her body to push himself up off of her.

Ann's skin wrinkled around the grinding fist that sent a new wave of pain pulsing through her.

This only made Ann's ******* get wetter and Joe saw that she was clearly getting off on getting her stomach beaten in.

He grabbed a handful of bra and pushed down, releasing Ann's ***** and bending her back as far as she would go.

Then he gave her another, the force of the blow lifing him off her again and causing Ann's to mouth gape wide open.

No time for Ann to talk now... Joe pounded the girl's compliant body over and over, her guts sloshing and ***** jiggling as he kept driving his full weight as far into the pit of her stomach as it would go.

Ann's ribcage and sternum stuck out even farther as her crushing of her belly stretched the skin around them.

Only weak grunts were coming out of her now but she gathered enough strength to say to Joe "Do whatever you want."

She expected him to simply take her, but he did much more than that.

Joe undid her bra and cast it aside. Because Ann's ankles were bound he couldn't take off her ******* so he simply ripped them off her body.

Then he grabbed Ann's ******* and twisted.

Ann squealed from the twist, but she was quickly silenced with a uhhhhmmf by a slug in the gut.

Joe pulled and twisted her tender ******* again... another squeal, another slug, another uhhhmmf.

He repeated this over and over but soon Ann was squealing on purpose to get Joe to give her a hard punch in the stomach.

The pleasure she was getting from Joe pounding her belly far outweighed the pain of the breast torture.

One more punch to the faint line down the center of her belly crumpled her midsection, stretching her slit of a navel upward and sliding her guts into her lower belly bulging it out.

Her fantasy and Joe's fantasy were now one but Joe was going to take it to another level. He was going to punch Ann's naked body into oblivion.

Using Ann's navel slit for a bulls-eye, he began bludgeoning the center of her abdomen at a frenzied pace, burying punch after punch into the pit of her already battered stomach.

Offering no resistance, the violence of Joe's extreme assault had her body jerking and quivering like a rag doll.

They danced a dance of destruction to the dull t******* beat and the grunts from Joe's effort and Ann's body, the busted up stomach around her targeted belly button a pliant receptacle for his fists.

Sweat flew off of their glistening bodies with every impact.

Ann closed her eyes and let herself absorb the agony and ecstasy of his punches.

Joe could see that she was close to passing out, so he stopped and asked Ann "Now?" "Now..." she replied, her voice tailing off.

They made love as Joe continued to punch her all over her pillow of a stomach until her body finally went completely limp.

When Ann awoke, she was untied and laying on the sofa. Her belly was all black and blue and it and her back hurt like hell.

But it was what she wanted. And next to her was a note with a phone number and a message:

"Call me and we'll do it again. Joe." Ann smiled as she thought about the next time.

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