Ann 2 (2) by Pedroza (R)


Ann 2 by Pedroza

Ann and Joe became a regular thing after the ******* session in her apartment. Today they were going on a picnic in the local park. Ann picked out one of the private areas. She wanted to fool around with Joe in public... but not too public.

To entice him, she wore a short sheer white top that buttoned up in the front and a white bra that was clearly visible through it. On the bottom were white ******* and a short blue skirt. The top stopped just below her ribcage and the skirt rode low on her hips, exposing her entire soft, concave belly.


It worked. They weren't at the park long before their hands were all over each other. Joe laid Ann back on the grass and ran his hand up and down her stomach... then punched her lightly.

"OOOOH", Ann moaned, sucking in her belly to better absorb Joe's punch.  


He was about to punch her again when she said "wait... I need to go to the bathroom before we start."

"I want you to punch my stomach in while we make love." The bathroom was about 100 yards down the path. "Be right back" she said.


Joe sat there waiting for about 15 minutes. Ann hadn't come back, so he decided to go look for her. As he approached the bathrooms, he could hear a commotion going on out back. He went around the corner just in time to hear a familiar sound... a fist drumming into a soft belly.


Ann was being held up, the big arms of a large biker chick locking her arms behind her. Three other biker chicks surrounded her. There were also three male bikers drinking beer and watching the women. Joe recognized their colors - they were White Riders, a white supremacist biker gang. And Ann was Asian.

Ann's head and hair hung down.

He had arrived just as another big biker chick was driving a punch deep into the center of Ann's stomach. Ann's knees buckled as her midsection folded around the big woman's fist, letting out a grunt as the hard punch entered her guts. The bikers were busy watching and didn't see Joe. He'd get a beatdown if he dared to intervene, so he hid behind a large bush. A wiry, hard-looking woman stepped up and lifted up Ann's head by the hair. She shouted a racial slur right in her face. She stepped back for a moment, then took a big step forward, winding up and drilling Ann square in the belly.

"UUUGGGHHH!!!" Ann's body shuddered as the sharp uppercut ripped up the center of Ann's concave stomach. The hard fist lodged itself up under her ribcage, the force of it briefly lifting Ann's body off the ground and into the big woman behind her. The big biker held her tight as Ann's back and ass banged into her.


Those weren't the first two punches Ann had taken. Her once creamy white belly was quite red and she wasn't struggling much. The bikers had obviously been taking turns beating her up for a while, Ann's skimpy outfit making her exposed stomach an obvious target. If anything, the lack of resistance encouraged the bikers, who relished the chance to pump their fists into a "foreigner".

And pump fists, they did. Another big biker chick stepped in front of Ann and said something to the biker who was holding her. The biker grabbed two big handfuls of hair and locked in a full nelson, leaning back. Ann's feet were now off the ground, her violated stomach sucking in deeper as her back arched. She hung there, too weak to kick.


Ann's body jerked as the big biker chick plunged her meaty hands into the soft, concave belly flesh repeatedly. This girl was strong and knew how to punch, sinking each one deep into Ann's guts. One impact would shake her entire midsection with a solid whump, immediately followed by the next and another whump. Half a dozen gut slugs later, Ann's stomach was badly hurting.

Still, in the big girl's clutches, Ann rolled her weak abs, coughing and gagging as she tried to catch a breath. The biker that was holding her up tossed her struggling body into the arms of the biker that had just punched her. She yanked Ann up, arching back her again. The big, strong girl picked up where the other biker left off.

She targeted Ann's navel slit, pistoning power punches into the infirm belly on either side of it. Caving one side and bulging out the other, she'd follow with another sloshing her guts back again. By this point, Ann's stomach was entirely unresisting and simply swallowed the alternating slugs, letting out a feeble "UHHHH" every time a fist penetrated her. 

After a long flurry of powerful gut busters, the biker dropped Ann to the ground. She immediately clutched her broken belly, rolling around on the ground.

As she suffered on the grass, the wiry girl talked to one of the other women, who nodded her head. The woman grabbed Ann's hair, dragging her across the lawn on her stomach.

Once Ann was un-balled, the big biker got down on one knee, then stepped over her back, planting a boot in the turf on the other side of her. Then she yanked Ann up, placed a big arm under her chin, and locked in a reverse headlock. Then she straightened up, bending Ann's body back over her leg. Ann began to flail her arms as she was harshly bent back into a "U". Her legs stuck straight out behind the big biker, kicking at the ground in distress, her ass and **** both facing up. Ann's ribs stuck way out and her midsection was stretched incredibly tight. That's right where the hard girl struck, running up and punting Ann's bowed out belly.

A loud thud echoed across the park followed by a muffled "MMFFFF".

Ann immediately wrapped her arms around her deflated abdomen but not for long. The other two biker chicks each grabbed an arm, so now Ann's chest was pulled as taut as well.

THUDDD!!! The girl kicked Ann in the stomach again, the tight grip of the girls rendering her immobile and forcing her compliant abs to absorb the strike.

She stepped back and thundered one more running boot into the outstretched gut, the shockwave jiggling Ann's ass and *****. The girls released her and Ann gasped and writhed on the lush green grass.

Joe is still hiding behind the bush, knowing that any attempt at intervention would result in him getting beaten to a pulp. To his chagrin, watching Ann get beaten up and dominated by these biker chicks has also made him rock hard. He continued to watch as two of the biker dudes walk over to Ann. One's got a roll of duct tape and the other picked up Ann like a sack of potatoes.

The is a long bench nearby, just a wide board with three leg posts cemented into the ground. The biker threw Ann's body down across the center of the bench, back first. They taped Ann's wrists and legs ankles so that she's hogtied around the center post, bent back into an "O", sucked in abs facing the sky.

Her head is upside down and her hair brushes the ground.

The men rip Ann's clothes off her body, top, and skirt first, then the bra and *******. One biker spreads her legs and mounts her, ramming his manhood into her vigorously.

Ann squirms, vainly trying to get loose. The other biker grabs her hair, his erect ***** right in front of her face. Ann keeps her mouth shut, a big mistake.

The biker stands up, then drills one, two, three fists straight down into Ann's stomach, which conformed instantly to the knuckles that crushed her guts into the unforgiving bench. Ann's body goes in spasm from the multiple violations inflicted upon her. The biker returns to his previous position and Ann takes down the engorged member.

While this is going on, the other biker dude is sitting under an adjacent pavilion, getting a show. The wiry biker chick has taken off her pants and unbuttoned her shirt, revealing a thin but muscular little body. She's wearing a black thong and no bra, her implanted ***** extra perky. Her long, fit torso features a lean belly with chiseled abs and obliques and slender, sinewy legs. There are round poles holding up the roof of the pavilion. She's performing a dance for him... you can tell that she's experienced at it.

The other two bikers have finished inside of Ann, so the biker/stripper leads the biker dude over to her. She takes off the thong and plops her firm round ass down on Ann's belly, squishing it into the bench. The biker dude spreads both girls' legs... he takes Ann first and the stripper starts grinding her **** into Ann's abdomen. She arches her back, arms on the biker's broad shoulders. Then he punches the stripper in the stomach with a twack.

The punch barely dents the stripper's abs and she arches and grinds again as the biker bangs away at Ann.

He punches her again, harder. She bends at the waist this time but quickly straightens back up. So he puts his arm around her back, his big hand on the small of her back.

She locks her arms and arches even more so that he can use her body to continue to pump Ann.

The big biker pulls on the stripper with one hand and starts pummeling her belly with the other, a blow landing on every stroke. The stripper closes her eyes and begins to moan, getting off on getting her ripped stomach repeatedly punched. She grinds even harder on Ann, who suffers greatly as her guts are crushed. Her belly slopes sharply down from the jutting ribcage behind the stripper's tight round ****.

Finally, a punch penetrates the fit girl's ab wall, eliciting a grunt from her. This really arouses her and she decides it's her turn. The biker pulls out of Ann and takes the stripper, who goes to town on him. As they violently hump, she bounces up and down on Ann's stomach. Now both girls are making "UHHHH" noises, one from getting screwed hard and the other from getting her midsection repeatedly mashed flatter than flat.

The biker finishes and the stripper finally get up off of Ann. But she's not done... she lays on top of Ann, belly to belly, and starts grinding again.

She moves down a little and gyrates with her midsection on Ann's pubic bone. The stripper begins pleasuring herself, relaxing her ab wall and allowing Ann's pelvis to move her intestines around. After a few minutes of this, the stripper orgasms explosively.

While grinding on Ann, the stripper notices something... Ann's breathing is picking up. Even after getting raped and bludgeoned, Ann gets off from the feeling of this fit woman's stomach rubbing on her ****** and her own belly. So the flexible stripper resumes the belly-to-belly grind, arching her back to better push her tight abs into Ann's soft stomach. She contorts her body, reaching between her legs to pleasure Ann.

It doesn't take long before Ann has her own ******. When she starts coming, the stripper quickly gets off of her and drives her bony fists into Ann's flat lower belly. Ann's juices run down her legs, the sharp jabs squirting them out as they squished her female organs.

The stripper gets dressed as bikers unbind Ann and shove her battered body off the bench, then get on their bikes and drive off.

Once they're gone, Joe finally comes out and calls 911, holding the beaten girl in his arms while repeatedly saying "I'm so sorry."

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