Amy Stuck in an ENF Story (complete) by Jappio


A quick note about this story. I am heavy with some social satire on the world of ENF writing. I poke a lot of fun at the common themes, plots, and other common occurrences when it comes to the genre. I in no way mean offense. I merely am doing this for a few laughs. I myself being a writer fall into some of the cliche's I bring up in this story, so I'm making fun of myself essentially half the time. By themselves, a lot of this stuff I cover is stuff I love to read about, just that I think sometimes it needs to be done in a more original way sometime =P


Amy Stuck in an ENF Story Part 1 By Jappio

Melisa was a modest girl. Now in her senior year, she had gotten through most of high school being a bit shy. Although she was quite cute, she hid her beauty with conservative clothing.

“Hey wait a moment, what are you talking about?” Melisa said to the voice in the sky.

“Oh, I’m the writer of this story, Jappio. You are my character, Melisa.” Said I.

“Well what’s this crap about me being pretty but shy? Sounds cliché.” Melisa argued me.

“My story, I’ll write it as I like little girl.” I said. Obviously since I am the person writing it, I did have the power to control the whole thing. Actually thinking about it, her name isn’t Melisa, I think Amy will fit better.

“You can’t go changing my name! I don’t want to be Amy, I kind of liked Melisa!” Amy argued. “I said I don’t want to be Amy!”

Frankly, as the writer, I ignored her plea, as now her name was Amy. Now where was I…. Oh yeah!

Although Amy had been very shy, this only lead to one thing. Sexually she was repressed, and the allure of exposure always toyed in her mind.

“Stop it right there! What are you talking about? I do not have some weird exhibitionist kink. I mean I thought you said I was shy?” Amy argued again.

“This is how ENF stories work. The girl is some cute shy person who secretly enjoys exposure and embarrassing ****** and stuff.” I explained to the now blushing girl. She obviously was embarrassed I knew her secret.

“This isn’t fair you know. I didn’t even mean to blush. I can talk about untrue ****** things about me without embarrassment. Also I have no ENF secret. I don’t even know what ENF is!” Amy said in a flustered tone. “I am not flustered!”

“As far as I see it Amy, I am the writer, and what I say goes.” I told her. It was also silly of her to say what she said, she knew what ENF was, it stood for Embarrassed Naked Female. She knew also about this ****** kink, she after all had it.

“Great, now I suddenly know all this stuff about ENF. I better not have forgotten my chemical table for the test later today, just so your little perverted stuff could fit in my head!” She whined. Yet the ringing bell whisked her off to class, no more time to argue with me. “Real smooth Mr. Narrator, just avoid our argument by sending me off to class. I’ll get you yet!”

Her cute bottom wiggled as she walked in her tight fitting jeans. “Pervert” she mumbled as she walked along. Her sweater hugged her top, it also showed off a good amount of the shape of her lovely breast. “Again, you are a pervert. Stop bringing attention to those areas. I demand a little respect. Actually, I thought you said I was a shy girl, why would I be wearing this stuff?” Amy said with her annoying logic.

“I decided I wanted to describe your body well and put you in a hot outfit. I suppose I do need a reason.” That’s when Amy remembered. Although she blushed at the thought of being in those clothes, all her other clothes needed washing.

“Yes, because a shy girl would rather be extra revealing rather than just re-wearing something.” Amy said in a sarcastic tone.

Arriving in class, “Again, jumping the story to avoid our conversations when you’re losing!” She thought loudly to herself. “Great, you can read my mind too!”

“Also put thoughts in it too.” I gloated, her mind marveling at how powerful I really am.

Class was going along in an uninteresting way. Amy’s mind wandered to something a little naughtier. Her ******* weren’t too comfortable. The idea of being without them was begging to exciter her a little. She quickly made her way to the bathroom, and hiding in a stall, she took her pants down.

“Ok this is a little ridiculous now, wouldn’t you say?” Amy said, but to no avail. She couldn’t help herself. She was even brave enough to kick her pants of her feet, just making her feel more naked.

“Oh wait, your not going to…” Amy began to say as she brought her hands up to her stomach. She slowly moved her hands down to her *******. “You seriously aren’t going to say it. I mean I shouldn’t know about this, but because of you inserting all that ENF stuff, I know what you're going to say.” Amy’s hand couldn’t be stopped by her thoughts anymore. She felt out of control at this point, she wouldn’t rest till she did this. “That line is far to clichéd, I suggest you stop!” She then hooked her thumbs into her *******! “You are one lame writer! That line has to be the most common line in any story!”

We know Amy’s claim of me being lame was a lie, I mean I am an awesome writer! She now had her ******* pushed down her body. Her bottom popped out in back, jiggling just slightly. Her… Hmmm…

“What’s the hold up all of a sudden?” Amy asked ******* in mid-tug.

“I don’t know what your pubic hair should be like. If you're bare, it’s a little more **** and leaves you more vulnerable. However having some there is also cute, and would leave the future of the story to allow for a shaving scene.” I told my main character.

“I can’t believe you!” She said in a huff. However I had decided at this point. After her hesitation, “I didn’t hesitate, you couldn’t make up your mind!” she finally got the ******* pushed down and pooled around her feet “Another over-used line.” Her pubic hair now showed. She kept it neat, but her brown strands still showed quite well.

“God, why am I blushing, you didn’t even write that in!” said the cute girl who was now bottomless. Only her socks remained clad below the hem of sweater. “I can’t just stay here like this. I need to get dressed and back to class before I miss something important.” Yet something kept her where she was. She knew she wanted more right then. She knew she wanted to take more off. “Damn you!”

She pulled the bottom of her sweater up and off. She now had on her button up blouse. Not missing a beat she began to unbutton and remove it. Now with only the pink bra that matched the ******* earlier, did she stop to think. “Just get it over with, I know you’re going to make me do it, and I need to go back to class eventually.” Obvious now that she liked getting naked, she began to unfasten her bra. She even let out a groan showing that I was right about liking it. “That’s not why I groaned! It’s because you twisted my meaning!”

Ignoring that little exchange of ours, Amy’s bra now joined with the other clothes. In only her socks, Amy sat down on the toilet seat real quick. She had to gather her nerves. “No, I have to think of a way to convince you to stop with this little game of yours. Being a star of your ****** tale I can tell probably isn’t going to give me much free time to do school work and stuff.” She said with a sigh. However she couldn’t deny she liked this. Even now her ******* were pointing out hard. “Oh great. Now comes in that usual arousal that goes with the whole ENF thing. The story is no fun if the girl isn’t enjoying it, right?” said the smart-alecky girl.

Getting up, Amy had to do something. Sure she was nervous just being naked in the stall, only being exposed to the readers “That’s right, there are people who read this filth!” Amy seemed to have forgotten that she too reads this type of stuff. Amy fought back the urge to touch herself. “Ok, even if I’m trying to be rational about this, I’d probably still blush at you mentioning something like that!” She stood up and walked to the stall door. She gripped it tight, thinking if she dared.

“Shouldn’t goose bumps be covering my skin by now?” Amy was right. She couldn’t help but notice that her body began to be covered by goose bumps, or should I call them goose pimples? “Does it really matter?” She said. Obviously in a hurry, she wanted to embrace the risk of being naked outside of the stall. Who knew if anyone was waiting for her. “Regardless, I know your sending me out there anyways!”

Taking her steps out, she was soon exposed to the whole room. Luckily for her, no one was there to witness her. “Know you, it won’t be long till someone sees me in this silly story. Also before you even say it, I’m going to go look at myself in a mirror.” The girl in her heightened senses must have had picked up future seeing as a skill, because she looked herself over in the mirror at the sinks. “I don’t have to see the future to be able to guess what you’re going to do."

Her reflection showed a cute naked girl. She was now bare from her head down to the tips of her socks. Her skin was, “smooth” the girl interrupted. Her ******* were, “hard” the annoying girl interrupted again. Her breast were “firm”, her muscles “toned from swimming”, her legs “long and ****.”

“STOP THAT!” I shouted to the girl giggling, the one not taking my wonderful tale seriously.

“Sorry, but it’s just all too obvious is all.”

Obviously she needed to learn just how serious and exciting this story can be. She also was going to learn why she shouldn’t mock a genius writer like myself. Her eyes fixated on the door in the room. This whole time she only feared it as a potential entrance for people to catch her. Now the thought flooded her mind that it could be also a potential exit! She walked over to the door, and held on tight to the handle.

“If I compliment you for that surprisingly well written part about the entrance/exit thing, would you not have me go naked streaking in my school yet?” The girl pleaded with me.

Having second thoughts, she turned around, and headed back to the stall. “Oh thank heavens.” She sighed. She then opened the door to the stall, bent down, and removed her socks from her toes. Her head toned and she stared at the door. “Spoke too soon I guess.” She signed, realizing her fate.

Amy’s feet slapped against the tile floor, “Oh come one, could you at least go back to being a little more original.” The unwise girl complained. Now she was set on not returning to her clothes till she was out that door at least once. “Me and my big mouth,” she complained.

She was incredibly nervous. She was again holding the handle to the door. She didn’t know at all if anyone might be out there. She brought her free arm up to cross it over her breast. Even with no guarantee of a person being there, she couldn’t help but cover up still. “Here I was expecting the full classic pose first,” were the last words from the girl before she left the bathroom.

Out in the hall, her naked head popped out, followed by her whole body. No one was around at the time, everyone in class now. Amy now quickly placed her other hand between her legs, completing that pose she oh so loved to read about. To think she was doing it now out of pure instinct. “Instinct my ass, you’re making me do it! So could we please go back inside? I don’t want this ending up where someone sees me, blackmails me, and then I’m on some desk in a room, ************ to the class as their slave!“

“I was considering that for the plot actually. It would be quite fun. I bet you’d love it too. You’d be plenty wet before that entire performance.” I explained.

“I’d only like it because you’d write it in. Heck, in those kind of stories I usually doubt that the girls truly enjoy those type of scenarios, their always crying or something. Also I’m sure you’d do it just like the other writers, ignore the chances of a teacher stopping it; ignore the chance that a normal, well-natured person would stop it; and,” before the rude girl could continue to criticize my line of fiction writing, someone suddenly turned the corner down the hall. Busy with a nose in a book, they had yet to see our naked heroine.

“Ok, if you have me slip back inside before they see me, I’ll try to be a little nicer.” The girl bargained. Figuring I could always just go back and change this part of the story, Amy did indeed slip her way back into the bathroom.

“Now that I think about, I’ve been a little too accepting of this. How many times now have you gone back to change the past scenes already?” she asked.

“Oh seven or so times already. Originally when you walked out of the stall, you still had a shirt and ******* on. You weren’t the nicest though and I did a few edits and your attitude is better now.” I warned her. She obviously was going to be at this point a little nicer to me.

Having to get back to class, Amy quickly dressed. She made sure to hide her ******* in her backpack, along with her sweater and bra. She really wanted to push herself today. “Yes, because sudden personality changes like this are totally common.” She said.

“It’s all because of repression.” I argued.

“Cause no one has ever used that defense.” Amy said rolling her eyes. Before this argument could continue, she was again sitting in class. She was all too aware though of her state of undress now. Her bare bottom in direct contact with the seat she was sitting on due to her short skirt, “Wait a second. I was wearing jeans earlier!” Amy said to herself as she realized she was merely fantasizing. She couldn’t help but picture herself in a short skirt and no ******* in class. “Smooth cover pal, don't tell me later you're going to throw in a dream sequence as an excuse to do some crazy over the top scene,” she thought to herself.

Her jeans were sagging in a back a bit. A gap let a cool breeze from the air conditioned remind her of her lack of *******. The cold room didn’t help her hide her bra-less state either. Her ******* “pressed against her shirt, like diamonds or something, right?” Obviously the rude girl liked interrupting, almost as much as she did this risky game of hers. She wanted more exposure. “Already ahead of you. I can guess what’s next.” She thought as she reached down to her shirt, undoing two buttons. Now the shirt was open above her breast, cleavage beginning to show.

Luckily before she got too carried away, class ended and it was time for lunch. “Thank goodness. At least you do know how to keep a story slowed down.”

On her way out of class, her friend… “Quick, give me the name of one of your friends.” I asked Amy.

“Well I suppose if I can at least have a say for once, let’s go with ‘Katie’” Amy told me.

Katie approached Amy as they were leaving from class. “Wow girl, what’s gotten into you? What’s with the outfit?” Katie said looking over the blushing Amy.

“Oh nothing. Just wearing it.” Amy said, regretting a little her choice of outfit.

“No way! You went to the bathroom, took off your sweater, and I know I saw you unbutton those buttons from your shirt!” Katie said in a quiet, but excited whisper.

“Dear god, I think I know what you’re doing.” Amy thought to herself. “I know exactly what you writers do when you get two girls into a story, especially when they are friends.” Before Amy could even begin to try and ruin my plot twist with Katie, Amy had to stop and think in general about her friend.

The two had always been so close since younger grades. Although Katie wasn’t quiet as shy as Amy, the two still were insuperable at times. Katie always tried to push Amy a little, and Amy would occasionally give in.

“Uh, that was just… umm… it was hot.” Amy tried to reason.

“No way. You might try to hide it, but that shirt is just betraying you. Either it’s cold, or there is something more to this.” Katie said, starting to grin. She had been referring to the pumps in the shirt where her ******* were.

“I suppose with you writing, there is no way to trick her.” Amy thought to herself

“You might as well get it over with and just start telling her. The faster it happens, the faster I get this story finished.” Obviously that’s all it took from me to convince Amy to pull Katie into the privacy of the bathroom to explain some stuff. “Make this good.


Part 2

By Jappio

“Having me do your work for you?” she thought. “Ok Katie. You have to promise to keep this a secret.” Amy said, her friend nodding in agreement. “Well, you see.”

“On with it.” I whispered.

“No need to whisper, she can’t hear you.” Amy responded to me out loud.

“Huh?” Katie asked, getting a bit lost.

“Oh not talking to you, sorry.” Amy tried covering. “Not going to edit that one out I take it?” Amy asked silently this time.

“Not a chance. This is an embarrassed female story after all.” I reasoned back to her.

Continuing on with her discussion with her friend, “Well you see. I’ve been reading some stories. Well just that there are some themes I’ve liked a lot. I read stuff like girls being naked in public, or in some way forced to go naked. Even stories about girls being exposed and embarrassed. Stuff written by certain dirty minded writers,”

“Uncalled for,” I said.

“But yeah, the thoughts of those stories have just been getting to me.” Amy said finally. Katie the whole time had this look of curiosity on her face. For a moment she thought, then smiled.

“Ok I get it. It’s sort of an exhibitionist thing. You like being seen naked and junk, or at least want to.” Katie reasoned.

“Yes, by chance Katie somehow already knows stuff about ENF and exhibitionism to come up with that theory. I mean the chances sound low, but hey, as long as it means the two of us eventually ending up-” Amy didn’t have time to end her thought, as I wouldn’t let her.

“Tell you what. I’ll keep your little kink a secret, but you have to let me help you out with it!” Katie said grinning broadly.

“No, you don’t have to do anything. It’s really nothing.” Amy begged for a moment, not wanting someone to get involved.

“Hey, I wouldn’t let a friend down. Now let’s go get something to eat.” Katie said as the two exited the bathroom. Amy was nervous at what Katie had meant. Suddenly her little adventure was probably going to take a new turn.

A new turn it did take too. As the two were walking down the hall, Katie suddenly had taken a step behind Amy. Before Amy could notice, Katie had her hands in the waistband of her pants. “What are you?” Amy said to Katie, or was she saying it to me? Oh well, regardless Katie only smirked as she pulled the pants down to the ground.

“Oh my god!” Amy shouted as she looked around to see the few sparse people still in the hall now looking at her. She was frozen stiff in fear. “If I were in any control, I wouldn’t have loudly gasped like that. I also would be pulling my pants up by now.” She thought to me, but of course she could only stand and stare blankly. “Fine sorry, just let me cover already.” The embarrassment was amazing for her.

“Oh Amy, I didn’t realize you didn’t have ******* on!” Katie said, probably a little loudly. Katie had only planned on showing off her friend’s *******. Amy finally moved her hands down, both between her legs, cupping her *****. Blushing profoundly, she didn’t know what to do. “Let me guess though. Under my hands, although I am thoroughly embarrassed, I also find that I’m actually a little bit wet?”

“See, told you liked this stuff.” I mocked her. She resigned to her fate and eventually got the wit to pull up her pants. She had her bottom on show for such a long time, and even her lips a bit too for so long she just wished the earth would eat her she was so embarrassed.

“Cliché line after cliché’ line. I want to know where the originality in this story comes in.” Amy complained. However soon she was at lunch with Katie, finding a quiet table to just enjoy each others company. At first Amy couldn’t even look Katie in the eye; Katie was tactfully quiet at first.

“So, I’m sorry about the thing in the hall before, but from what I can tell, you must have loved it.” Katie said in a hushed voice.

“Oh umm, it’s OK what you did, but I didn’t…” Amy said as her sentence trailed off.

“You can’t lie to me. Look at those ******* of yours. I bet the whole thing has been on your mind since.” Katie said.

Knowing she couldn’t keep it a secret, “Because you would just make me tell it anyways.” Amy knew she had to come clean to her friend. “I’ve never felt anything more thrilling.”

“Undo another button.” Katie said as she looked around real quick.

“What?” Amy said in confusion.

“Undo another button on your shirt. In fact two more.” Katie said as she again was smiling in her own evil way. “You know you want to.”

“Oh the progressional unbuttoning of a blouse, such an overused way of exposing a girl.” Amy thought to herself as she did as Katie asked, although hesitantly. “Hesitantly is a bit too common too.” Amy’s breasts were now barely contained in the shirt. Her ******* begged to pop out, her aerolas on the edge of the shirt. That was all after one button too. Amy was smart and took the next button off from the bottom.

“Of if you’re going to cheat, 2 more buttons.” Katie said giggling. Amy only followed as Katie said. Amy didn’t want to back down now and disappoint her friend. She couldn’t help but also love the feeling of something so risky. Two more buttons were undone and her shirt hung on from two middle buttons.

“What do we have here? Is little Amy giving in to a more flirty side?” said the girl who suddenly sat down next to the two girls. The girl’s name was…

“Let me do it since I know exactly what it’s probably about. This girl is Brianne, and she is one of those bitchy high school hot girls. She is for no apparent reason really antagonistic towards me. She feigns being friendly to just get in close to me and mock me in some way. Soon she will be the source for much humiliation to me.”

Amy was right in her summary. “You should probably actually think about writing you know. You’d probably be able to write one heck of a story.” I complimented her, knowing though she wouldn’t enjoy the suggestion.

“So, what’s the occasion? Decided you’ve been enough of a tease and just want to get in some guys pants as fast as possible before graduation?” Brianne joked with an annoying laugh. “Not even wearing a bra, allowing for easy access, huh?”

Amy only blushed to the girls comments. She didn’t know what to say.

“Oh, Amy here is just trying something out.” Katie said in her semi-defense.

“What, being a ****?” Brianne said with another laugh.

“Actually I have a sincere request. The word **** is a tad strong and unfair if you ask me. I know I don’t have much say in what little perverted story you write, but I’d prefer if you weren’t too demeaning. Some of the readers probably won’t want to feel bad for me after all.” Amy reasoned.

“Good point I guess actually. I’ll tone it down in that department.” I assured her.

“So, little shy Amy feels like showing off a little. I can see it’s having quite the effect on you.” Brianne said extending a finger to lightly brush against Amy’s hard *******. Amy gasped at the touch and bounced back a bit. Her breast bobbled and threatened to pop out. Brianne though still went to flick the other ******. Katie only smiled as she watched poor Amy getting teased like this.

“Yep, look at just little ole me being randomly submissive to this girl. Yep, just sitting here let anyone who happens to look to see this display. Of course why worry about anyone stares, not like a teacher would notice this happening.” The cheeky girl thought to herself.

Amy was saved by the bell eventually as lunch was suddenly over. “We’ll talk later about your new choice of dress Amy.” Brianne said wandering off. Katie could only smile as the two got up.

“I have to get going too. Meet after school at my car. We can hang out and talk about stuff.” Amy said before bursting out in a bit of a giggle. “Also don’t do anything too crazy.” She said as she left Amy by herself with her thoughts.

“I hardly count having your absurd narrations going through my head as being alone.” Now two people knew slightly about her want to be naked. She worried about what her friend Katie was going to help her with and even more afraid of what Brianne had planned. The only thing though that made her not feel horrible about it all was the arousal she was going through. The shirt she had on that was barely hiding her breast, and the roughness of her jeans on her bare bottom reminded her about her lack of *******. The slight ****** play from before she also had to admit she liked. “Shutting me up by turning me on, huh?”

I’d say classes continued on for normal for Amy, but they really didn’t. Her lack of clothing kept her on edge. She at one point even considered running to the bathroom to relieve herself, but she didn’t dare do so. “Oh god, you’re going to keep me on edge for like half this story, aren’t you? The usual perpetually aroused girl, right?” Amy guessed, fearing that it would be true.

Soon it was Amy’s last period of the day, gym. She wasn’t sure how she was going to change for the class without any underwear on. All the other girls probably would think something if they saw her get fully naked. She did the only thing she could think of, hide in the bathroom till they all left.

Going through gym in just a t-shirt and shorts was something new for Amy too. She couldn’t help but notice the loose cotton material around her bottom. She felt so vulnerable with that small layer of clothing being the only thing covering her lips, which only seemed to grow wetter and wetter throughout the day. Her breast swaying below her top unsupported also gave her a similar free but vulnerable feel. She was afraid others might notice, but she felt she didn’t have a choice. She just couldn’t convince herself to put her underwear on for the rest of the day, it was a personal challenge.

“You are awfully quiet.” I said to her as the students were doing a bit of wrap up stretching.

“Bland stories like this don’t deserve comments,” Amy rudely thought. Of course now as she bent forward stretching, she heard some giggling from behind her. A group of boys and girls in her class now noticed that half her **** had slipped out of her puny shorts. Tugging up her shorts, Amy could only blush. She also mentally snarled and said some bad words to me, but I won’t repeat those as I find them biased.

Back in the lockeroom, Amy almost made the mistake of changing amongst everyone. She had her hands in the waistband of her shorts when she realized again she had nothing on underneath. She quickly scurried into the restroom to wait for the girls to leave. She hoped it wouldn’t be too long so everyone could go off home.

In the bathroom, Amy was left to only her thoughts. The day so far had been so much for her. She had done so much. Not so much to match some of her crazier fantasies or stories she read, but enough to get a good taste for it all. All day she had been aroused since she had made that stop in the bathroom earlier. “Just keep talking about my arousal. That’s a good substitute for story, right?” Amy again said in that irritating and unattractive sarcastic tone of hers. She was lucky for her cute appearance and her role in this story. Had she neither, no one would want to read about her. “I doubt that many people will be reading it anyways. I mean stories like this are dime a dozen. Nothing is going to interest anyone that much.”

The silence in the locker room broke Amy out of her rude mindset. She peeked her head out of the door to verify. Seeing no one around, she knew she could get changed again.

Of course as her shorts were being pulled down, she paused before putting her pants on. She thought about how the original idea and purpose of the locker room was to shower and that supposedly girls were supposed to get fully naked. Yet in this day and age, it seemed people only got down to their underwear during normal school gym. During swimming time, towels were worn to hide naked bodies even. Next Amy took off her shirt before putting on her pants, breaking up her usual routine.

“Actually I’m surprised. I figured with your whole ‘shy’ routine you’d have thrown in that I never change around the other girls. That I always wait and dawdle to change.” Amy remarked. She probably was just beginning to see how original I can be. "More of a laps of judgment I'd guess."

Sitting on the bench and pulling her socks off, Amy was fully naked for the second time that day at school. This time she was in a room that just moment ago had at least 15 other girls her age. She imagined herself being like this with them around, all of them able to gaze over her body. It took all of her will to keep her hands at her sides instead of between her legs.

She then thought about the showers. She never heard a rule they were off limits. She could probably use them without getting in any kind of trouble. She got up from her bench and walked over. She played with the knobs till a blast of cold water made her jump. A little more knob playing, “If you were a decent writer, I’d assume the knob playing thing to be foreshadowing,” the water soon grew to a more tolerable temperature, and Amy was now letting herself relax.

All the day’s excitement was bubbling up, and she couldn’t think of a reason to not to give in. She first lay a hand over one of her breast. Tweaking a hard ****** she sighed in pleasure. Doing the same to the other side, Amy was losing herself now. “Oh I get it. My clothes are being stolen right now.” Right or wrong, Mary still continued to do as she was. Her own little world was enveloping her. "I'm going to be doing this as I don't notice the new visitor the room. They'll approach and startle me before I can climax." She traced a hand down her chest, over her flat stomach, and through her pubic hair. Spacing her stance out, her hand was met with a different kind of wetness. Her lips were puffed out, begging to be touched.

Her ensuing moans were interrupted by the sound of shoes against the tile floor. “What do we have here? Cleaning up?” came the voice behind her. Amy instantly froze. Who showed up after hours, and who had caught her in her embarrassing act?!

“Brianne I can only assume,” Amy luckily guessed. Indeed a hand reached over to turn the water off and turn Amy around. Brianne stood standing staring at the shocked naked girl. Her dripping body all offered for her eyes.


Amy Stuck in an ENF Story

Part 3

By Jappio

“What were you doing in here all by yourself?” Brianne asked with an evil smile. She looked up and down at Amy’s body. Amy finally made a move to cover herself up.

“Don’t even write where my hands are, everyone knows how I’m posed,” she thought. “Oh, well just today in gym I needed a bit of a shower afterwords, that’s all,” Amy tried explaining.

“Oh yes, and I’m sure a few certain areas were getting just an extra special bit of notice,” Brianne guessed. She had probably noticed the hard ******* and puffy lips. Most probably would have no doubt.

“Oh um, no nothing like…” Amy tried to stutter out. She was so embarrassed right now. Yet at the same time she found this embarrassment also horribly exciting. She didn’t know if she could continue to stand there with her hand where it was without doing something she might regret.

“So why are you covering up, I thought you wanted to start showing off or something?” Brianne questioned. Amy could only stand and curl her toes in embarrassment. She desperately wished she could be wearing clothes like her tormentor. She felt so silly being naked in front of a fully clothed person.

Tugging though woke Amy from her hypnotic like state. Brianne was pulling Amy’s arms away. “What are you doing?” Amy asked.

“You wanted to show off girl, and I just want to see. You have nothing to hide really. I’ve already seen you a bit, and it’s just us girls.” Amy didn’t move at first, she was much too shy to. “Do it, or I’ll drag you out into the hall and show you off to others."

“Oh yes, because I’ll believe a threat like that. She would get so incredibly busted for something like that! I mean pulling a girl naked into the halls is something I wouldn’t get in trouble for, and she would be suspended easily.” Amy wasn’t about to act logically though. She was just going to drop her arms in defeat, blushing as Brianne got to look all she wanted.

“Legs wider.” She commanded. Amy didn’t do anything at first, but a stern look from Brianne got her to shuffle her feet a little apart.

“Let me guess, wider still?” Amy asked herself. She was right, because Brianne did ask for that. “I assume you want to now write my feet are shoulder width apart. I also assume it’s still not enough.” Amy thought as she shifted her feet even farther apart without having to be told. She continued blushing, thinking about the view she was giving.

“Hands behind your head.” Brianne ordered.

“Giving the all common pushed out chest look. Oh my, look at me blush as my pointy ******* and wet lips are there for Brianne’s view,” she thought in a sarcastic tone as she put her hands behind her head. She did blush, and Brianne was able to look at the pointy ******* and wet *****. Amy shouldn’t be joking. She knew that she was quite exposed and truly embarrassed. Yet her snarky attitude I suppose wasn’t going to let me see that part of her.

“This must turn you on a lot. I bet you probably want me to drag you out there anyways.” Brianne mocked as she crouched down a little. She put her face only a few inches from Brianne’s sensitive and exposed ***. The feel of Brianne's breath hitting her sensitive **** was enough to tell Amy just how close she was.

“I wonder if this is when the lesbian twist comes in. Then again I thought it was going to be Katie, so maybe not yet.” Amy thought, but she would be proved to be wrong, as Brianne got up and started to walk away.

“I have to go somewhere. We’ll talk soon probably. I can’t wait to see you wearing nothing but that blush soon.” Brianne said before leaving site. Again alone, Amy was left to her thoughts.

“Skip the reflection and claims of arousal; let’s get to the point where I find my clothes are missing.”

Just as Amy must have apparently hoped for, her clothes were indeed gone. All that remained was her phone and a note. The note basically said that her stuff would be returned later and to have fun walking out of school like that.

“Of course because I was dumb enough to not use a towel in the shower, and because of bad writing, not a bit of cover is laying around the locker room, right?” All too right, Amy was left with nothing to cover with. Suddenly the stories of girls forced to walk home naked flooded her mind. Of course because of the fun kill she could be, she didn’t bother ************. She just went straight to call Katie for help.

“Now just openly putting me down in your writing? Something tells me I am getting to you. Here I thought all you writers adored us naked girls. Then again I guess you are the type to happily humiliate and change our lives for no reason too.”

“Amy, is that you? Who you talking to?” Katie asked over the phone.

“Bastard. I originally was keeping that in my head.” Amy thought to me. However she had a phone call to talk in now. “Oh, no one. Listen I really need your help.”

“With what? Where are you?” Katie asked, sounding concerned.

“That awful Brianne stole my clothes, now I’m stuck in the locker room with nothing to wear. I need you to get me clothes or something.”

“Oh that sounds perfect actually. Tell you what; I’ll drive up to the side of the school. No one should be there now and you can just run out to my car.”

“Oh no, please, just come in and bring me some clothes if you could.” Amy pleaded.

“Nope. I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to help you with your little kink. Trust me, you can pull of the short run to the car. You’ll love it.” Amy didn’t get another chance to say anything. The phone was hung up, and Amy was resigned to her fate.

“Only because you’re making me. I also like how my own best friend didn’t like take me seriously or anything.” Amy pondered. Yet she needed to shift gears into prepping herself to her soon to be public naked walk to the car. She had only dreamed of something like this, now she was about to do it. Her anticipation and fear were running wild at this point.

“Well, I’ve waited long enough. Let me go quick poke my bare head and shoulder out that door.” Amy said out loud. Indeed outside Katie was watching the door and saw Amy’s bare shoulders and head poke out the door. “My long wet hair flowing down, a look of worry on my face?” At this point, I figured I might as well just stay quiet and let Amy write the rest. Release it as a first person experience. “No thanks Jappio, you can write the rest. I wouldn't want to be attributed to writing something like this.”

Seeing no one around quite at that moment, Amy began her first naked run outside. Although a short distance, Amy was in another world. She could feel “the warm sun on her back and the gentle breeze between her legs.” Melissa should begin to learn to keep her mouth shut, “My name is Amy I thought?” Amy should begin to keep her mouth shut, because she should be more concerned for her public ******.

Running in a hunched position, Amy could swear she was running a mile. She couldn’t believe just how naked she felt outside. Yet luckily and unluckily, her running came to an end as she scampered inside the passenger seat of Katie’s car.

“Unbelievable girl. You really did it!” Katie said with glee as the naked girl sunk in the seat. She held her hands over herself to try and hide something. Her close friend Katie ever rarely saw her in underwear, much less fully naked. Not to mention, Amy was worried about someone seeing into the car. Katie put the car in motion though and they were now leaving the school.

“So did you love it or what?” Katie asked, appearing far more excited than Amy.

“I’m guessing you want me to deny my pleasure in all this right now?”Amy asked me, however I’m sure she knew the answer. “No. It was really humiliating. Brianne took my clothes and made me pose for her. Not to mention I’m now sitting in a car naked!” Amy said with some distress in her voice.

Amy was afraid as she passed cars and people on the side of the road. She wasn’t sure if they could see in. Every stop light seemed like hell for her. She worried every time a larger vehicle passed, possibly being able to see in!

“Oh I know. Let’s go to a fast food place. I bet they would love to serve us in the drive through.” Katie said looking over to Amy.

“I warn you. This might be a bit too fast of a development. To be exposed so soon like that is asking too much of my character.” Amy tried reasoning with me.

The worried face Amy was showing only made Katie laugh, “Don’t worry, I wasn’t about to do that. Let’s quick get to my house. I think I have the perfect idea for today.” She said. The ride wasn’t much longer, and Amy again had to muster the courage for another naked run.

“Can’t you get me something to wear first; I don’t want your neighbors seeing me.” Amy begged, hiding in the car as Katie was getting out.

“Nonsense. If you really are into this stuff, you’re going to want to do this. I’ll be heading inside. Meet me there when you’re ready.” Katie was now already half way to the door. Amy could only manage to get a foot out, frozen in fear.

Yet Amy couldn’t help but keep herself just waiting. She shifted and moved to leave the car. She shivered at the pleasure she felt when she felt her skin unstuck from the leather seats. Her whole body soon left the car and she was for the second time that day making a naked public run.

Amy didn’t even look to see if anyone could see. She just quickly barged into Katie’s house, shutting the door fast, and resting her back to it as she sat on the floor, breathing a sigh of relief. Were she not in her friend’s house, her hand would have been much busier.

“There you are slow poke. Quick, come in my room.” Katie said from up the stairs. Amy got up and went to Katie’s room, who was happily awaiting her.

“So I totally got a sick idea. I have just the outfit planned for a little run to the mall, but first we have to do something I know you’ll just love.” She said as she held up a razor.

“Well, just as you planned I suppose. How will you convince my character into accepting this I wonder?” Amy thought to herself. “What’s your idea?” Amy asked worryingly, feigning ignorance of course. She stood shaking, covering her ****** in front of her friend.

“Oh, well I know that girls like you love the vulnerability, inability to hide their ******. So I was thinking I’d make it all the more sensual for you. Go sit on the edge of my bed.” Amy did so, crossing her legs and putting a hand on each of her breast. Katie then produced some shaving cream. “We’re going to get rid of that bush of yours.

“You’re going to what?” Amy asked in shock.

“Don’t lie to me. If you read the type of stories you do, then you know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ve thought about doing it before.” Katie was right, but Amy didn’t want to admit it. “Now just lay back and spread your legs. Be sure to not move though, wouldn’t want me cutting anything.”

“Oh I don’t know Katie. I mean I don’t know if I want anyone seeing me all smooth down there. I don’t even think I want you to see so close…” Amy admitted, biting her lip in thought.

“Oh come on, just us girls. I really want to help you Amy. Please, do it for me?” Katie asked. With the puppy dog eyes she was showing, Amy couldn’t really refuse. She also couldn’t say much but nod. She laid back and spread her legs partially, closing her eyes.

“You could just skip this scene. Not like people can’t go read it in any other story.” However, Amy’s wish to block this out wasn’t about to happen. Soon the shaving cream was being lathered between her legs. Katie was getting a front row seat to Amy’s most private of areas. Katie then got her razor ready. Pushing Amy’s legs wider, Amy began to shave away Amy’s pubic hair.

“Let me guess. Since there’s a sharp metal object down there, I of course can’t choose to hide anything from Katie, who can most likely clearly see and smell my arousal?” Amy asked, but since she thought she was so smart, I'm sure she was just asking to try and bother me. Her blush was almost glowing. It even spread down her neck and over her chest. Katie would occasionally glance up and smile sweetly at Amy. This of course would only make Amy blush more.

“Now a little rinse.” She explained as suddenly Amy jumped a bit when the cold water hit. She wasn’t expecting that. “Lastly let me rub a bit of this lotion in.” Katie explained, apply some to her hand. Amy was again at Katie’s mercy. Amy couldn’t believe it. She was sitting naked on her friend’s bed, as that very friend was now sensually rubbing something in her bare private area. She had never thought-

“Here, let me just finish that train of thought for you,” Amy offered me. “Oh my god. My best friend is touching me in such a sensitive spot. I can’t believe it. I never even considered that I might like woman. I never thought that something like this could feel so good. Oh god, could Katie be into girls?” Amy recited in her head, but in a mocking monotone voice probably trying to again poke fun at my creative genius. Of course even though she was telling herself this wasn’t exciting, she couldn’t help but pant and let out moans as Katie finished up. Amy even almost wished she hadn't stopped.

Due to the evil smile on Katie’s face, she probably knew how much her friend wanted just a little more touching. However she got up and backed up to inspect her work. “I love it! Get up and look in the mirror.”

Katie slowly got up. She gasped though when she saw her own reflection. Now between her legs nothing was hidden. The hair gone, the skin was smooth and moist, some from the water and lotion, some from her. She slowly slid a hand there to feel her newly shaven ***. She couldn’t believe just how smooth it felt. It also took a lot of her will power to not let her hand wander too much. She so desperately wanted a bit of release, but her shyness couldn’t let her in front of her friend. “Not yet at least I take it.” Amy assumed. “Oh my Katie. I don’t know about this. Doesn’t this make me look like a little girl?” Amy asked allowed.

“Oh no, I think it looks totally ****. Also just think how vulnerable it will feel! Imagine if you were like this when I pantsed you the hall” Katie explained. Amy had to admit to herself that the extra level of exposure was rapidly adding a new thrill to her exposure. She also blushed at Katie's explained scenario. Images flooded her mind of her standing exposed, but totally shaven while on view of those people in the hall.

“Now I’ll get you your clothes, and then we’re out of here.” Katie explained as she rummaged through the closet.

“While she does that, explain to me a little plot hole before.” Amy asked of me.

“What do you mean plot hole? I wouldn’t fall to such a foully as that,” I explained.

“Then how is it she shaved me bare on her bed? Wouldn’t a normal person do it in like a shower, where it won’t just make a mess?” the obnoxious girl pointed out.

“Look, people reading won’t really notice that little point. It’s no big deal. I can cut a few corners.”


Amy Stuck in an ENF Story

Part 4

By Jappio

Katie returned with a dress in hand. Amy was happy to get her naked body finally covered. As she was adjusting it, she ran into a new problem. “A little small, wouldn’t you say?” Amy asked unsure of the new outfit. Unlike the normal things she would wear, this dress didn’t come very low. She would have thought her ***** was on show if she hadn’t the mirror to look in. “I suppose it was only a matter of time till you got me into a dress or skirt with this type of length,” Amy thought to herself.

“Oh but it’s perfect for the stuff you want to try. I mean it beats those frumpy pants you always wear.” Katie explained as she circled her friend, looking her up and down.

“Oh, but what if I have to bend or lift my arms at all. Everything will be on show down there!” Amy noted. “I said it for you, before you even had to bother putting such a description in anyways,” Amy snarled in her head.

“Maybe not, they might be too busy looking at these,” Katie teased as she flicked a ****** through the material. Amy was shocked to see that her ******* were poking out through the material, in fact she could almost see through it as she stood in the bright sun light coming through the window.

“Ha! Didn’t guess that detail, now did you?” I gloated.

“I figured stating the obvious wasn’t necessary,” Amy retorted.

“Now it’s time to go out though.” Katie interrupted. Amy didn’t know what to say, so she hesitantly followed Katie out of the house and into the car, quite aware of her lack of clothing.

“Darn it. I just realized. I’d love to write in some stockings for you. Some frills would be quite nice. Also would be nice to have you in an office scene. A good naked at work thing would be fun.” I rambled on to the blushing Amy riding in the car.

“What’s stopping you? You haven’t held back from the rest of your overly common plot ideas so far.”

“The problem is little lady, you yourself are a little lady. You’re still in high school.” I reasoned with her.

“Go figure that would be your reasoning. Logic before never seemed to stop you from using some stupid ideas.” Amy’s insults were cut off though by the loud sound of a horn nearby. It would seem that Katie had pulled up next to a semi. Its driver had a large grin as he store down at Amy. Amy hadn’t been used to her new dress. It was so short that, as she was sitting, it had ridden up and the trucker now got quite the intimate look. Her newly shaven pubic area was already on show to a stranger. “I never really understood how in stories there is always a driver who happens to see. I mean just how many people honestly just stare into every car as if looking for exposed woman?”

Amy closed her legs quickly as Katie laughed. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist.” She said between breaths. As they drove away, Katie couldn’t help but notice Amy pout at her. “Don’t be mad. I know you had to have loved that. Spread your legs and lift that skirt a little. I’ll even promise to not try and drive right next to people.” Amy didn’t move at all at first. “Oh please Amy. I just want to help you. Just think of it yourself. Won’t that be fun to be so very naked right there in the car, to be so very exposed?”

Amy this time did think about it. She couldn’t resist the urge it would seem. She felt so embarrassed as she did it, but she did spread her legs farther apart. With her hands on the hem of her dress, she tugged it up to her belly button. She had shut her eyes, too afraid to even look at herself or out the windows. The constant vibration of the car, the sound of the freeway, and her friends snickering were almost too much for her.

“About to mention the overwhelming arousal soon I am guessing?” Amy predicted. Of course she knew her body well, and that was the result of the exposure. She was losing herself in her own world until she felt a hand on her exposed stomach. Katie had reached over and now had a hand sort of pushing under the hem of the dress. She pushed the garment higher and higher. Amy was too mesmerized to do anything. She watched as the dress went farther and farther from her exposed ***. She would look back between her exposed skin and down to her newly ************ she hadn’t yet gotten use to seeing.

The touch almost tickled, Amy shifted in her seat some. She shifted farther further, her **** resting on the edge of the seat. The dress and Katie’s hand now were right under Amy’s breast. Amy was holding her breath. She wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but she could almost sense it. She shivered when the hand brushed against the bottom side of her *****. She then felt the hand move higher and higher. The dress was almost on the edge of showing her *******. It was almost as if the hard ******* were stuck in the cloth, preventing it from pulling up she thought.

The caress of her friend was also driving her nuts a bit. The touch was so intimate, and they were just driving around in public. She couldn’t believe it really. So much was going through her head. Her body reacted on its own as her legs spread a little farther, almost like an invitation.

The shirt finally passed her breast. Katie silently whispered to Amy to take the rest off herself. Amy gasped, but did as she asked, too mesmerized to argue anymore. Amy was now again naked in Katie’s car, but this time she essentially did it herself. Not to mention she wasn’t really hiding and more so was laid out for all to see.

“You are awfully quiet actually. Finally being entertained by the story I am weaving?” I asked Amy.

Amy faked a yawn in her head, “Oh my, you’re still writing. I hadn’t noticed, I was taking a bit of a nap. I assume whatever I missed didn’t matter.”

Amy’s lies were quite hollow though. In her exposed state, legs spread, hands at her sides, you could easily see these events were affecting her. Her ******* were so hard they could cut diamonds. Her ***** was so wet it was practically flowing. Amy of course piped in with a, “Those lines are quite overdone too.”

“Oh my god girl. You look so cute right now with that blush. You’re so exposed too. I mean I can see everything. You also must love all of this a lot.” Katie said with a lot of excitement, almost not able to keep her eyes on the road long enough. Amy only blushed at her friends remarks. She went to cover her breast and ***** with her hands. “No don’t, let yourself stay on show. Keep your hands on the arm rests.” Katie suggested. Amy did so, but was trembling as she did.

They pulled off the freeway soon, and were going through town. Amy watched the many cars go by. If Amy had at least a moment of privacy from her friend, or all the potential cars that could look in, her hand would have been very busy by now. When they stopped at the stop sign, Amy had to clutch the arm rests as hard as she could to keep from covering up. She wanted the trip to end so soon. She couldn’t believe she was so naked out there.

“Just lengthening the story by continually pointing out she is naked. I realize the readers like that whole concept, however I can tell you’re probably just adding it to continually lengthen the whole thing.”

I decided to ignore her comment and ask, "I think after this I'll have to do one of those Lacy or Cutie stories. Those are pretty popular, right?"

"Yes, because following the trends will get you tons of author cred. Also I swear if you call my ***** a 'kitty cat’ or something as forcefully cutesy, I'll lose even more respect for you somehow,” She retorted.

“Now, now. You should know better than to use words like ‘*****’. Remember, you’re supposed to be pure and shy. You’re not supposed to like to refer to your nether regions in such a blunt way.” I reminded her.

They arrived at the mall shortly. The people walking about were too much, and Amy had to cover again while trying to sink low. Finding a spot, Katie got out and tried to let Amy out. Amy didn’t move right away, but with a little tugging she was now squatting naked next to the car and covering the best she could.

“Actually thinking about it, the whole ‘squatting naked by a car’ thing is actually fairly common in stories. Not as obvious as thumbs in the waistband, but I think I’ve read a good few number of times.” She observed. She then looked up to her friend and begged, “Oh please give me the dress. I can’t be here naked.”

“Ok, but maybe later you can do a little adventuring naked in here. Pretend you can’t find your car. I wonder what people would think of a naked, lost, cute girl like you.” Katie teased as she handed the dress back. Amy put it on as quickly as she could. She was relieved she was covered but dreaded how little it did.

Walking through the parking lot gave Amy a chance to get use to the fact that no matter how much she tugged, the skirt never got much better. Seeing her reflection in the glass doors as they entered gave her chills. These chills only intensified as she felt the air conditioning breeze go up her skirt, reminding her of her lack of underwear. Amy sighed after I read that. Apparently she was being picky again.

“Ok, I know you have more to this mall. How about we just say, ‘The two girls went about the mall. They had a good time, but Katie was constantly teasing Amy, keeping her on edge. However when they had a break in the bathroom, Katie revealed her cunning plan.’” Amy offered.

What she said.

“Ok, now’s the time we’ve been waiting for. I have the perfect plan to get you a little exposure, but you won’t be able to get in trouble.” Amy could only nod in understanding as she waited to hear more. “We’ll go out near the fountain. I suddenly freak out like you stole my boyfriend or something. Then I’ll push you into the water. In that kind of dress, the water is sure to have an effect. Then we meet back here.”

“OMG! I can’t believe you think I could do that!” Amy shouted. “I can’t believe you think I’d use ‘OMG’ in a sentence,” Amy thought loudly.

“You can do it Amy. Imagine what it will be like. No one can be mad at you; I’ll be the one to push you in. You’ll get your chance to live out a real embarrassing moment like that with no consequences.” Katie was already pulling Amy out of the bathroom. Amy didn’t put up a fight, she didn’t even know if she wanted to.

Out in front of the fountain, Amy wasn’t about to let herself back out. She didn’t want to let herself or Katie down. She just stood, fake talking with Katie until the moment would happen. The anticipation was killing her.

“How could you sleep with him you *****?!” Katie suddenly shouted. Amy didn’t need to act startled since she was. “Don’t even lie about it! I thought we were friends!”

Knowing what was coming, Amy was ready as she felt Katie’s hands press against her chest. She flew back and made sure to lands safely using her hands. The cold rush of water over her though wasn’t something she was ready for fully. She was positively soaked in mere moments.

“In coming run of the mill description coming,” Amy couldn’t help thinking to herself.


Amy Stuck in an ENF Story

Part 5

By Jappio

As she lay in the water, lying back, held up by her hands, she was watched by everyone around. Her legs were spread, eyes shut to keep the water out and to recover from the shock, and her dress was drenched. It clung tightly to her body like a second skin. Her breasts were clearly seen through it, and the drop and cling kept the hem up around her waist like a belt. The whole crowd around got to see her as if she were naked.

As if the daze she was in wasn’t giving the crowd ample time to peak, her sudden shock sealed the deal. She saw all the many eyes, looked at her body and she couldn’t help but stare too without doing anything. She couldn’t believe just how exposed she was, and to how many people. The fact that it was all turning her on was baffling enough to leave her speechless.

The first sound from the crowd though allowed Amy to think straight finally. She stood and tried to cover up her shame. Her skirt required two pulls to cover herself, one in the front and one in the back. Her hands cupped over her chest to cover her pointy *******. She hoped to god that people would think that was because of the water. She then began to make her run to bathrooms.

“Lying out for everyone Jappio says,” she thinks as she pushes past the initial crowd. “Dress like a second skin Jappio says,” she thinks as hears the water drip from her body to the floor. “Legs wide for all to see!” she thinks even more angrily now as she almost slips and bumps into a very surprised woman. “Too dazed to move or get out of the way of site!” the hem of her dress not resting low enough to cover anymore, again bunched around her waist as she walked. “EVEN TURNED ON AT EVERY MOMENT OF IT!” By now she was tugging the skirt down in front, breast pressed tightly into the material and showing, bottom sticking out in back.

She arrived in the bathroom. Still huffing and puffing over something insignificant. “I can’t believe you call that nothing. I don’t know if I could imagine a more regular and uninspired set of paragraphs.”

“Look, just deal with it, ok? I mean you’re out of there now. Relax a bit.” I try to coax her into being a bit more mellow.

“I feel a little better now that the line of clichés is all behind us for a moment.” Her moment of piece was interrupted by Katie though showing herself.

“That was fantastic!” Katie said as giddy as she could be

“How could you do that? Look at me!” Amy said in a fluster. Even now she didn’t look all that presentable. Still wet and showing practically everything.

“Those ******* are far too pointy for you to tell me you didn’t love that. I’ll bet your ***** is also two kinds of wet right now too.” Katie said. Amy had nothing to rebuttal that point. “I have one last thing for you to do today. I want you to come meet me at the car. I will be waiting. One last run then we can go somewhere else.”

Katie was soon gone, leaving Amy to a short time alone. Before Amy could prepare herself, some girls came walking in, gasping at Amy’s appearance. Not feeling able to stand there any long, Amy ran out without thought.

“How much of this stuff do you have left? I mean another run through the mall? You’re now just copying what you just did!” Amy wondered to herself as she again was pushing through crowds, trying so hard but failing to cover herself properly. She was scared at the fact that a bunch of these people now wouldn’t have been people to see her get pushed in the fountain. They could think so many different things.

The crowds weren’t nice either. She could see faces of shock and amusement. The guys all looked on in lust. Some of the girls looked on in disgust, but others also seemed amused. “Look at this story. Like those lines you’ve seen in every other story? If so, then you’ll love this remix of those assorted ideas thrown together here!” Amy mocked in a fake infomercial-esque tone.

As she was pushing through she could also not help but notice the caress of strangers. One might pass it off as an accident, yet the occasions slap or pinch of her bottom or breasts made her know that some were quite on purpose. “It just never ends with you, does it? I mean do you really think just random strangers would risk this. I mean even if I’m naked, that’s still molestation! There is after all a crowd of people too! I mean the only person stupider would be the type to write it as if it were possibility!”

As Amy was thinking more mean thoughts, the edge of her garment caught the edge of a standee. The garment pulled, but Amy was moving too fast to stop. The garment instantly tore at its seams. The fabric suddenly catapulted in the other direction, managing to snag on a sign up above a shops doorway, out of reach. “The chances of that are so incredibly impossible! I mean it’s such a cop out. I mean a girl getting stripped like that is so cartoony and unlikely!”

Amy was faced to see her bad luck though. Almost as if a powerful, intelligent, and good looking karmic force had made it happen, the girl was left naked in the crowded mall now. She screeched as she was now seen fully naked except her shoes and socks in front of so many people.

She made sure at this point to run with a purpose. She didn’t bother with covering, she wanted to get out. She tried to block out the situation in her mind, just reminded herself to get away. She was luckily able to make it to the doors of the mall and outside without any trouble from anyone.

Scurrying naked past the parked cars, Amy had to try and get back to her friend’s. Her heart was racing, and she was even aroused. She had just suffered so much embarrassment, but at the same time was experiencing one of the biggest thrills of her life.

“I actually just realized something. I could have used that paragraph I just wrote at the beginning of the story. That way the reader would read that first, then the rest could have been the explanation back up to this point.” I thought out loud.

“That kind of trick is used by people who want to give the illusion of clever writing.” Amy had no time for more of her rude inner thoughts. She was too busy darting behind cars to avoid being caught. Soon though she arrived at her friend’s car. Now all she had to do was wait for her.

Sitting their, “spelling error, it should be ‘there’,” Amy butted in. Sitting there, Amy had what felt like a moment to herself. Normal cars going by probably wouldn’t see her. She replayed the events of the day in her head. “’She replayed the events of the day in her head?’ You must have like an encyclopedia of over used lines or something.”

Soon her hand nestled on one of her thighs. She found some wetness, and knew what her body had been asking for awhile now. She couldn’t help herself at this point. “Here we go now, a general description of me ************. You could either begin to go into how the ****** crashed over me, like a wave or some form of simile. You could also just have me get within a close range of climaxing, and have me interrupted somehow.”

As annoying as it is to admit, Amy was right. While her hand was busy at work, a curious girl by the name of Brianne happened to follow the sound of some moans. She soon discovered Amy, lost in her own world, naked and ************ in the parking lot. She couldn’t help but give a little cough to get Amy’s attention.

Amy acknowledged Brianne and stood up quickly. She wanted to stutter out something to say, but she was much too breathless.

There Amy now stood in shock. She barely had time to bring her hands up to, “again, I must say don’t bother. Everyone knows how I will attempt to cover myself.” She couldn’t believe what she was just caught doing, and by Brianne no less, and where! Then she noticed in Brianne’s hand was a phone, no doubt able to take pictures.

“Well, looks like you and I will have a lot of fun. Of course if you don’t want these pictures sent out to your parents and friends, you might want to do as I say.” Brianne warned.

“You leach; I didn’t think you would snoop to blackmail!” Amy whined to me.

“I needed a good twist. This sounded like a good one.” I reasoned.

“It’s overly done. Not to mention we all know how this type of thing goes. She rules my life, continually getting more and more blackmail material on me. I mean I’m smart enough to know not to buy into this.”

“Oh, but your character can have one of those revelations that she on some level likes being controlled.”

“Defend it all you like, it’s over done and not the most believable set up. I can’t wait till she suddenly starts using her vast resources to start pulling the most random of strings.” Amy had other matters to attend to at this time. She couldn’t believe the trouble she was in now. She didn’t know what to do either. Yet seeing no choice, she had to accept.

“Ok, I’ll do as you ask, now please, I need to get out of here before I’m caught.” Amy begged Brianne.

“Excellent, get in the car, we’re going on a trip somewhere.” And with that, the two drove off, Amy quite afraid of what was to come next.

To Be Continued

“Wait, what? You’re just going to end it there?” Amy asked in confusion.

“Well yes, I’ve lost a bit of interest in this story. Don’t worry; I’ll assure everyone that I plan to come back to it one day.” I told her.

“Or you might never return, leaving just another unfinished story lying around. Shouldn’t you like finish a story before even posting it?”

“Don’t worry. If I don’t come back to this, maybe another writer will come along and continue this for me.”

“A bland as heck story like this? I doubt it.”

“You just never could try and be nice? Well I hope if someone does come along and continue, you’ll be a bit nicer to them. They might not be as forgiving as me. Till then, enjoy this time to yourself as people read about your exploits. Maybe after some time if I do come back, I’ll be able to brag about all the nice comments I’m bound to get.” At this time, I, Jappio, went back to proofread my story. I then posted it, and began to await my responses.

Alone now, Amy had her thoughts to herself. “Man, maybe I was a bit too harsh… I do sort of wish he had continued. I will admit thinking back over the whole thing and the events… well I do admit that I sort of liked all of it, and wish he were still around so he could write in that my hands could attend to some unfinished business, or bring in Katie or Brianne to help me relieve a bit of…” Amy thought while blushing.

“Oh wait, you’re still here, aren’t you!?” She asked blushing deeper.

“Heheh,” I chuckled, the blushing naked girl covering herself so cutely with one hand over her breast, and one hand between her legs. Maybe her story wasn’t going to end, but I’ll probably just keep the rest to my own mind.

The End

April 5, 2022 10:51 PM