Amusement Park Punches by r3294


Amusement Park Punches by r3294

Amy was a beautiful 21-year-old college girl. She was a natural beauty - part Japanese and part Latina. Although she was slender and 5'7", she had gained some additional weight during her college years and never lost it. She felt fortunate that most of it had ended up on the lower part of her belly since she never really showed off anything that low. But the temperatures were 95 plus, and her friend Angelica had decided to drag her to the amusement park. So, Amy found her favorite halter top, pulled the sleeves down over her shoulders, and took off with Angelica for a fun Monday of skipping classes.

Angelica was physically what Amy always dreamed she'd become but never wanted to do any sit-ups to get there. Angelica was a cute blonde, shorter but had a tighter physique than her friend. She could wear anything. She wore a similar outfit but had hip-hugger jeans that showed off her solid stomach and piercing Amy wore a high-rise set of denim shorts that she preferred because she could simply tighten her belt a little and relax her tummy. This made her stomach bulge over the top of her belt, but it was a gentle curve that was still convex until her belt squeezed her in. Angelica had always told her she'd look good with a piercing but Amy felt showing off her navel would mean that her little potbelly would stick out.

Once at the park, the two girls enjoyed themselves to no end. Amy kept reminding Angelica about eating too much of the junk food between her own stuffed mouthfuls. She takes a few gulps of her soda to wash it down before telling Angelica more. All the while, Amy's stomach had begun to swell from the soft drinks. Angelica always liked to brag about how she'd never get the tummy.

"You've got an iron cage holding everything in," Amy would always say. She felt pretty slender when she saw some of the other girls in the amusement park. She couldn't figure out what kind of mirrors they were using.

Unknown to them were two 13-year-old delinquents who had been suspended from a local middle school - and were at the park looking for something to do. They had pickpocketed a few people and had been able to pay their way, but they ran out of money and were thinking about the roller-coaster ride when they saw Amy carelessly tying her hair into a ponytail, purse dangling to the side. The plan was simple. Go up, poke the brunette in her back or kick her behind her knees so she'd lose her balance and be an easier mark for stealing the purse. The other boy would wait in

the crowd and the two would be off before anyone could stop the purse snatcher.

With a dozen or so people and couples between them and trouble, the two girls decided to find a bench to sit on and wait. Both had taken roller-coaster rides on full stomachs, and Amy felt that having the soda would prevent her from getting motion sickness. It always seemed to work. She belched loudly, hoping someone would hear and get a rise out of seeing a cute girl burping like a rude guy.

"There's a bench," Angelica nodded towards a place to sit down. Angelica started to reach into her purse to find sunscreen, when Amy felt a shove from behind and let out a short frightened yelp. Angelica turned around in time to see a punkish looking kid trying to do hold onto Amy, who had begun to twist out of his grasp. He was grabbing at her purse, but she had pulled it to her side away from him. His eyes caught Angelica's, and she immediately thought he was pretty stupid for screwing around with two girls who separately, could probably do him some damage.

In the process of reaching for the purse, the boy's shoved the palm of his hand into Amy's tender stomach. Combined with her twisting motion, his hand pressed right past her unprepared abdominal muscles that she never used. Amy felt her stomach contents churning and now only cared about protecting her delicate and vulnerable belly. She tried to release the purse as a distraction, but he seemed to be more focused on her soft belly.

She tried to **** in her stomach, but all the commotion and his knuckles pressed into her gut an inch above her navel had made her feel nauseous, and when she felt queasy, she'd usually stick out her stomach to ease the churning. All this happened in the space of a few seconds. Amy outweighed the boy by a good 15 lbs and he couldn't hold her weight up and lost his grip. She stumbled forward, one hand pressed tightly over her stomach, the other dragging the purse in the grass.

Angelica charged at the boy who couldn't get away in that instant. She caught up with him, started to tackle him from behind, but he threw his elbow back as hard as he could. Angelica's forward motion combined with the force of the elbow, made her workouts seem useless in that second, and she quickly thought about the irony of puking her guts out in a fight before Amy did. She'd always wondered how Amy never seemed to be concerned about that.

Angelica's knees folded involuntarily, and she sank to the grass. At first, she doubled over, but no position could relieve her of that sensation of having been elbowed. She arched her back, thrusting her softened stomach forward. The boy looked at the two girls and was stunned at how quickly both had gone down when he was simply trying to steal a purse. He reached down and yanked her purse and started rummaging through the contents.

Amy's stomach throbbed mercilessly, but she felt she didn't have to throw up now. The initial scare was over, and she figured she could take care of the situation. She just had to make sure he didn't get a lucky belly blow. She started to ease herself off the grass and see if Angelica was okay when she was hit from behind by the other boy.

He glanced off her, trying to still get to the purse. The jolt made Amy taste bile and part of her digested lunch. Her head began to swim, but she swung back and hit the boy squarely on the nose. He yelled in surprised agony as she began to try to crawl away from the scene. He was still holding on to her belt loop right above her navel, and he recovered enough to realize that his finger was only slightly above her navel. Amy realized this but not before she felt his finger pull hard on her navel. The odd sensation made her relax her belly. He pulled his hand away, made a quick fist, and pushed it hard into Amy's belly. It wasn't a hard punch, and he had no angle. He thought the punch would keep her from moving away and that he could grab the purse and take off.

His friend reached down to try to grab the purse again. The boy on the ground pushed his balled-up fist into Amy's bloating stomach again. Amy released the purse involuntarily as her stomach twisted. She lay down on her side and involuntarily arched her back, pushing out her stomach. She wanted to make herself double over, but she was retching hard, unable to stop her reflexes from making her force her entire lunch up and all over her tormentors. Angelica had recovered enough to see Amy's cheeks flush pale and then a torrent of her stomach's contents sprayed across the short distance to the boy who had last punched her.

The two boys ran off, one with Amy's lunch all over his shoes. Amy finally could double over, and she did so, gingerly. "Did they hurt you badly?" asked Angelica, her tear-stained cheeks flush.

Amy just looked up at her and glared. Security came over and asked some questions, and Amy referred them to some kids who might still be wearing her lunch if they were still in the park.

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